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  1. Okay so my last challenge got derailed with my kids getting sick. I hung in there however and scraped by with a few points. This challenge will be a continuation from the previous one with some slight variations. Goal One: Gardening - Stamina I still need to maintain and grow my garden. Late spring means lots of mowing, I also want to ramp up my vegie garden so it can produce more food for my family. I hope to get at least an hour per day in the garden. Excluding watering. I have roses flowering in the rose garden that we can't see because of the weeds. I need to clean that up. The lawn is getting out of hand and in some places is well over a foot in height. Scoring: HIT: 5-7+ hours/week +3pts BLOCK: 2-5 hours/week +2pts DODGE: 1-2 hours/week +1pt MISS: 0-1 hours/week 0pts Goal Two: Morning stretches - Dexterity One of the parts that I struggled with in setting up my routines in the last challenge was doing my stretches in the morning. this will be the key focus of this challenge. I want to focus on stretches as i am suffering from stiff and sore muscles and joints. If I don't get on top of my stretching I will be in real trouble. Scoring: HIT: 5-7 sessions/week +3pts BLOCK: 3-5 sessions/week +2pts DODGE: 1-2 sessions/week +1pt MISS: 0-1 sessions/week 0pts Goal Three: Strength training - Strength With the realisation that I hate walking up and back I have decided to refocus on my strength training which has lagged somewhat. I want to rebuild my strength up to what it was a year ago. Then exceed it. I will allow a bit of flexibility here, with three workouts that will challenge and build my strength. First the trusty NF Basic BodyWeight Workout [bBWW], this has been a mainstay of my time at NF and has always helped me and it works. Second a combo sledgehammer kettlebell workout, because they are cool and I love swinging both around. Third a Hiit Burpee routine, because burpees. The important thing here is to get three strength training sessions in per week, any combination of the three options I have listed. Scoring: HIT: 3 sessions/week +3pts BLOCK: 2 sessions/week +2pts DODGE: 1 sessions/week +1pt MISS: 0 sessions/week 0pts Goal Four: Getting on top of stuff - Stamina, Charisma, Wisdom Our home has sort of fallen apart because of illnesses and stuff happening. Time to start getting things back in order. For me that means my shed. In Australia a man in not a man without his shed. How he sets it up and what he does in it is not so important, it is his domain, retreat, den, cave, and right now mine looks like a rubbish dump. Considering I have a small altar out there makes things even worse. How can i Honour my Gods, Ancestors and the Land Spirits in a dump? Fecking disgusting and an embarrassment. Also general housework, Bec does by far the lion's share in keeping the house clean, I want to step up my game here and do some more around the house. Like gardening this will be a time spent doing stuff goal. Exclusions are cooking and laundry as I already do the majority of the work here. Scoring: HIT: 5-7+ hours/week +3pts BLOCK: 2-5 hours/week +2pts DODGE: 1-2 hours/week +1pt MISS: 0-1 hours/week 0pts I will award the points for each goal with my weekly wrap up, then divide the total by 6 to reach my score for the entire challenge. I have three leftover points which I will give myself for various bits and pieces during the challenge. At the end of this challenge I will have been with NF for two years. I actually joined up midway through the november challenge in 2013. I think I will need to do a review for my time with NF, the highs and lows and the wobbly bits inbetween. Something to ponder over.
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