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Found 8 results

  1. Ms. Moro's favorite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So, it seems fitting that I do: I am basically keeping the goals I had made last challenge: Goals for this challenge - Wear my CPAP mask for at least 30 minutes a night - Get eight hours of sleep - Do the Ranger Workout six days a week - Meditate every day - Post to NF every day - Yoga 3 times a week - Get more than 232 points this time. Some day, I hope to be this cool: Avoid the "Bunnies": Things will be really unse
  2. Tiki Death flu is no fun: But I will try again. I managed to do NF Water A this evening, and will keep re-building... Irrelevant trivia: I had a Six-million dollar lunch box as a kid. As soon as possible, I lost it so I could get a Star Wars lunchbox... Details of challenge below:
  3. Hello Everybody - Back for another challenge. I chose to step out last challenge because of the big project I had at work. To make a long story short - I had to do in 11 days a project that took me six weeks last time. I got it done, but it wasn't pretty. I also spent the next few weeks recovery. I did some yoga, and some walking but that's about it. So, this challenge is about rebuilding the good habits I had going before the project. Details are below the fold:
  4. Jon Firestar, Superhero Part 1: Secret Origins I’ve said previously that the uber state is to look and perform like a superhero. Well unless you happen to be born Superman the only way to reach that state is through hard work and discipline! Every superhero has a their secret origin story. The tale of how they became so awesome. This is the start of my own road to awesomeness Discipline I need to continue to lose weight, and change my body composition. I need to keep giving my body the things it needs during this time so that I can maintain th
  5. Moros

    Moros Goes to 11

    Hello Everyone - it's my 11th challenge: Last challenge was an improvement in terms of doing, but I was pretty lousy about posting. I'd like to both this time. The challenge itself is similar, but I'm adding Bodyweight exercises back in. It seems to work better if I organize my stuff by time of day: I'm also going to make this challenge more fun, but I have a few days to organize my fun
  6. (No, it's not a typo). Cool/Funny Pictures will be added for everyone's amusement later. So, I am doing a bit of a respawn - I've been exercising, and working on my food plan with my NF assassin wife, but not been able to put a good challenge together. That's going to change. One of my major obstacles is my feet - I have a lot of pain. I do have Plantar Fasciitis, and I wear good orthotics for that, but I also have had a lot of pain while teaching and standing on my metatarsals. This makes it really hard to exercise, due to pain. Now, with the summer here for me,
  7. So I have to confess I was having a bit of a hard time with things. It just seemed like one thing after another for a few months there. And my coping mechanisms left something to be desired. I wasn't happy with the choices I was making, but I just could not. Stop. Making. Them. Which was just making things worse. Vicious cycle. Exacerbated by continually failing challenge goals. So I took a break. Things have been going better lately though. And I've got my head back on straight. And I'm ready for another challenge! I've been working out, eating great. My house is... maintaining a baseline of
  8. Ok, my last few challenges have not gone well: The main reasons for this were: I moved across the country, and had to consolidate things from four different spaces into one apartment.My foot pain has been pretty bad - like cry like a small boy painMy job is like a energy drain - it's an unhappy place, and it takes an enormous amount of my energy. It makes it hard to do a lot.But, after some deep reflection, I have two thoughts:I have been a moron - I am trying to fight too many enemies at the same time. I need to re-build up my NF exercises more slowly, and nail them down before going
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