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  1. Hey all! I'm still feeling super non-challengey, and I really enjoyed my non-challenge last time around - I needed the break! I'm also sick, so that's not helping. But I also feel like it's time to start doing the things again even if I don't feel like it. Rest is good, but quitting is not! I've been noticing that I just have no energy for things lately, and I don't know why? I'm objectively not doing anything much different. The areas where I'm succeeding are where I have things like Crossfit or Japanese class with outer accountability, but my ability to drive my free time effectively is...weakening? I used to do workouts on my own 3x/week, run weekly, go to aikido 1-2 times/week, walk almost daily, AND do yoga or other stretching work several times a week! So this challenge is going to be all about energy management! 1. Health & Fitness I've got Cfit + some extra pushup/pullup work under control! So I'll keep doing those things but they won't be goals. Un-challenge-related, I'd like to add dip strength training into that extra work too. A) I need to pay more attention to mobility. I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I'm doing more mobility work, in any form. Every morning, I'd like to do a basic 4 minute sequence of forward fold stretches that usually helps me loosen up my hamstrings. I'm feeling stiffer than EVER and the basic 4 minute routine is a really good way to start building momentum to fix that. I'd like to keep working through Yoga With Adrienne's 30 day challenge videos once I'm not sick anymore. Once I've done them all, my plan is to start exploring classes at the nearby studio again. IDEALLY I'll finish the 18 videos I still have to do during this challenge. That's 5, 5, 4, 4 videos assuming I don't feel better in time to do any this week. C) I need to start paying attention to sugar again. To start, limit dessert foods to once/day and have at least one day a week with no desserts at all. For every no sugar day, I can put a few dollars into savings towards anything I want to spend it on. If I miss the no sugar day in a given week, I have to take those dollars back out. 2. Learning My eventual goal is to build a habit of spending 5 hours/week on learning (1 hour/weekday) BUT to start I just want to spend ANY amount of time every week day on learning. Japanese class honestly might be taking up 5 hours/week anyway, but I want to be deliberate about this and make it a goal anyway. The learning can be anything, not just Japanese. One thing I need to do still is find a swim instructor. I asked my cfit coach but she said I should just check with nearby rec centers directly, so I'll do that. 3. Energy Management There are a few things I need to experiment with here to feel more energetic during the day: The main time I have to spend outdoors on weekdays is after 4pm when I finish work, BUT between Japanese and Crossfit I'm already booked during that time on 4/5 days. It's important to my well being to be able to go sit outside (weather allowing) or go on a long walk or do SOMETHING out of the apartment, so I want to experiment with moving Cfit to the morning 1-2 days/week. Bedtime is another possible factor. I used to do an offline@9 goal where I'd sign off electronics and 9 and just read or do other things like that if I wasn't actually ready for bed. I'm not sure 9 is the right time anymore, but I'd like to experiment with it more. ESPECIALLY if I'm waking up early for Cfit. OR I could try to get that outdoor time early in the day...wake up and go on a walk first thing, or use my lunch break to walk like I used to. I haven't been successful with that since I started working from home, so morning cfit is probably more realistic though. Reduce screen time overall and do pretty much ANYTHING else...although this will be hard since I'm playing through Kingdom Hearts 3 right now. I'll focus on doing the learning/outdoor time first (adding) instead of subtracting the screen time, but reduced screen time is the goal. It's not really a SMART goal yet, so....I'll pick one thing to try each day and try it. If I do the thing, it counts. 4. Adventure I need to get out in the world more - even once a week is fine. Lots of stuff can count for this, but tagging along with my boyfriend to things he initiates doesn't count. Meetups, social outings, etc. Anything new for the learning goal - trying a class, going to a new place, etc. Trying something new (e.g. I've never had a massage before and I've been meaning to try one!) Visiting interesting places in DC or around town 5. General To Dos: Continue dealing with dentist stuff until resolved (tooth pain, then wisdom teeth removal) Make and go to a doc appointment to consult about vertigo issues Do taxes (gather docs, decide who to file with, do the thing) Clean out my Google Inbox inbox before they get rid of the service in March and force me to switch back to Gmail
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