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  1. I celebrate my 57th birthday during this challenge and I have been doing a lot of thinking about my goals and plans in light of that. That has included not only a review of the past year, but a longer look back over the course of my life thus far. About a year ago, I attended a startup weekend that sent my career in new directions and I have started my own company since. In the meantime, I spent a couple of challenges working to get "fire fit" again, but struggled with injuries and did not achieve my goal of attending Wildfire Academy this past spring. That kind of took the wind out of
  2. Those of you that cheer me on already know I got a Harley during the last challenge So I figured a Mad Max theme would be great this go around. Fury Road is not for the weak, and neither is my challenge this go around. Let's Ride... Task 1: Prepare for War - The road is a dangerous place, one must be prepared to fight for what is yours in order to survive - Crossfit/Stronglifts/Weights 3 times a week. Grading A: 3 times a week, B: 2 times a week, F: 1 time or less. Task 2 - Embrace the Heat - The environment is not a nice place, stay hydrated and get used to it. Drink a mini
  3. Hey guys, my name is Jeremy and this will be challenge number two for me. Starting a tad late but I'm already well on my way towards my goal. In my first challenge, my main goal was to obtain what I considered a healthy lifestyle and while I'm still implementing new changes to my eating and fitness habits I've made a LOT of progress. My main goal for this challenge now that I have what I feel to be a good foundation is STRENGTH. I've been a musician since high school but lifting and moving gear has always left me extremely exhausted. Being the bass player I have some of the heaviest equipmen
  4. In keeping with my LOTR theme, I am heading over the Pass of Cirith Ungol, across the Plateau of Gorgoroth, and up the slopes of Mt Doom. The "journey" theme appeals to me, as I will once again spend a third of this challenge on the road. In real life, I'm conquering the schiznit of muscle tightness+patellofemoral pain syndrome (runner's knee... although from what my foam roller tells me it might be my IT band), 2 weeks travelling for work, 1 week trip to Peru. To get through it, I'm stripping away the excess and travelling light for this trip. My goals are minimalist: write one senten
  5. Hello everyone! I've received the NF emails for some time now, and I finally decided to get on the forums today and take my first 6-week challenge! I chose to be a Ranger You can see my challenge quest and goals here. I've never been a member of a forum before, so this is a completely new experience for me. Go easy on me! - Katie
  6. I've been steadily increasing my squats over the last year and yesterday I hit 130lbs, 3 sets of 8, which was a longtime goal. Very, very stoked. Whhhoooooooot!
  7. Ah yes, a brand shiny new challenge smack in the middle of summer. BRING IT. Welcome friends and fellow rebels! As with any Shaarawy Style Challenge, through 2015 I’m theming each one with something that is nerdy as well as near and dear to my heart - something that lies at the core of my personal geekdom. I’ve done things like Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, and recently Harry Potter, but I’m stoked to jump into a challenge featuring perhaps my favorite cyberpunk movie trilogy ever... I adore The Matrix. Neo-era Keanu Reeves is my Personal Dreamboat . The visual style and ef
  8. For right now, this is a placeholder for the Challenge. It's Bye Week Challenge time right now! I confess, I could read/watch The Two Towers and only follow the journey of the Three Hunters across Rohan. Not that Frodo and Sam aren't important, of course. I just love the idea of running across Rohan. That's right, I'm headed to Edoras. I have a lot going on at the moment, and indeed throughout the challenge. A half marathon on July 12, my sister's wedding at the end of June, the fitness challenge that my gym launched last week (and will run though the length of the challenge), and tr
  9. Reflections at the Two Year Mark Last challenge held a lot of NF milestones for me: One year soda free, 100 days of SISU, and my second Nerdthday. I've spent quite a bit of time reflecting on what I've accomplished so far and where I want to go next on my Epic Quest. From that, I have identified a number of things that I want to address and distilled a few lessons from the last two years that I want to emphasize in this challenge. The "wisdom of experience" is gained from being too stupid/stubborn/impatient/arrogant to listen to good advice! What I know now - from such experience - is that I
  10. So I've been thinking a lot about how I never think before I eat. Or rather, I never think about what I'm going to put into my mouth and how it will affect me. As a gamer, I'm aware of the idea of incremental progress. You gain your experience points, you slowly improve in your skills, you gradually master your attack rotation for your frikkin' Frost mage. Or, you know. Whatever. >.> The point is that food works the same way, with the added attraction of negative progress. Some foods are clearly good for humans. Some foods are clearly not good for humans. There's a lot of gray area
  11. Introduction: I’m a 36 year old fat bloke, I have always been the bigger chap (apart from primary school when I was 4/5 years old and I was sent to the doctor as they thought I was malnourished…boy did I get them back!), this helped when playing American Football (O & D linesmen, it was a very small team at the time)but not much good for anything else. After I joined my current employer (8 years ago) I became quite sedentary and I ballooned even more. I have over the years started loads of things to change this but I always ended up falling off the wagon (and hasn’t exactly gone as
  12. I'm trying to figure out what workout plan to do for the upcoming 6-week challenge. I am already doing Starting Strength every Mon/Wed/Fri each week, and for now, it seems to leave me wanting to do more after I've finished the sets. I want to continue working on my strength training, but I also want something to do on off-days or alongside SS to burn calories, and maybe stretch my muscles in a good way. The beginner bodyweight circuit suggested by Steve seems to give me a good workout and only requires dumbbells. It actually left my legs more sore than SS, so far (I'm 280 lbs and have just f
  13. First thing first thanks for reading. It really helps to have accountability. Second challenge here at the Rebellion so I figure I should do a better job of it. I didn't do as well as I wanted on the last one and I didn't workout at all in the weeks in between so I'm not where I want to be right now. I'm going to be working out either more or less depending on how it goes. First goal. 2 strength training workouts per week. 3 STR Second goal. 2 cardio workouts per week. 3 STA 1 DEX Third goal. 2 martial arts training sessions per week. 1 STR 1 STA 3 DEX Life goal. Practice guitar 1 hour per w
  14. So the last challenge fizzled and died like a wet firework. Trying to report it all in a fan-fic style was crazy ambitious and I regretted it after a couple of days. A shame really as I managed most of the things I set out to do, I sorted out my finances and now my savings are looking rather healthy, I eat breakfast everyday, I do my brain training and find time for myself during the day. But that doesn't matter now. That was then. Refreshed, renewed, restart button pressed And onwards to victory! The main reason I started all of this was to get better at roller derby. 2014 was an inc
  15. I am Rurik, and this is my tale. As all the last reserves of my strength had left me, I collapsed into a heap on my hands and knees. My chest heaved for air but the very act of breathing left a raw burning in my lungs. Only through gargantuan effort could I focus on blinking my eyes to dispel the spots that still marred my vision. After a moment the fire roaring in my breast began to dissipate and I could feel my body beginning to recover from its exertions. While I focused on breathing, the slow and arduous task of forcing sweltering air in and out of my battered body, gradually I becam
  16. Hello everyone I'm Jake. I'm about to turn 22 next month. The reason I'm wanting to do this, is because currently I'm not happy with the shape that I'm in currently. A lot of my family has struggled with weight gain all of their life's and I don't want too as well. In the past 3-4 months I've gained like 10 pounds putting me at 205. I'm either 5'11 or 6'0 I haven't checked. Just want to get into better shape, my current job is doing door to door surveys outside, so the walking is good but I've been at this for a while now and I just keep putting on the pounds. IM ready to join the rebellio
  17. Last week Monday was the last time I worked out at all. I ran 2.9 miles. I have kicked my sleep schedule since then and I need to get back on track. Tomorrow's simple goal is to be up at 5 a.m. to get sleeping right again. So first, my daily reading and then bed.
  18. Hi. Going to give myself some challenges to do because I'm getting restless waiting for the next 6 week challenge but its too far gone and I don't want to start so late. So I'm going to do my own '10 day challenge'. I'll give myself a few of the attribute points for it but I won't level up and it won't be much. I'm just itching to get started. So yeah here are mine. This will last 10 days until the next challenge. Quest 1: Drink roughly x3 500 ml bottles of water a day A. Successfully managed on 9-10 days (+2 con) B. Successfully managed on 7-8 days (+1 con) C. Successfully managed on 6 day
  19. Hi all, I joined the Rebellion to help take control of my health and do it the smart way. I've being trying unsuccessfully for years to stay fit and keep my weight under control. I've had some successes, but they have all later been undone by complacency and it is time to put an end to it! I plan to use these 6 week challenges to give me specific goals and timelines for achieving them, help me level-up my willpower and increase my strength. Main Quest: Reduce body-fat and fit into a US womens size 8. Goals for this challenge: 1) I will work out 3 days per week for 30 minutes 2) I will
  20. I’m out of excuses. When I started here, I was an enthusiastic amateur who had just decided to maybe give this fitness thing a try because otherwise I was going to die. I might be hyperbolizing there, but I assure you that it’s not by much. In my time at NF, I’ve gone from “clueless†to “aware of being clueless but getting quite good at coming up with the right answers about fitness.†It’s an important transition that has left me with no excuses. I planned to get from my previous weight (459 at the time) to 400 pounds in a year, by the end of October and my next birthday. I a
  21. A little about me | My name is Ramona, I am 21 years old and this is my first challenge. I am from Germany and my english is not the best, sorry about that (if you find any mistakes please correct me!). I love work outs like weight lifting, running and mma as much as I love chocolate. I want to form good habits and routines. Main Quest | to be in the best shape of my life (this includes doing at least one pull-up, a handstand and a split) and to have 18% BF Quest1 | 3x running & 3x weight lifting per week. Measurement | A= altogether 36x | B= 27x | C= 18x | D= 9x Points | A= +3 STR, +1
  22. Unraveling the secrets of others to find the self.... stats: Male Height: 6' Weight: 199 (this can change weekly) bf%: 14%(checked with calipers yesterday) 1.FLEX: not that type of flex. I’m not very flexible. Like, NOT AT ALL. And after following Shaarawy last challenge, found myself inspired by her “in the name of flexibilityâ€. My excuse for not stretching or something is that I’m very short on time. So, my goal this challenge is to find either an entry level yoga dvd, chart, something and do it at least 10-15mins of stretching at least 2 times a week. I don’t care if theyâ€
  23. Sovellis woke with a blinding headache, cursing the sun, festivals, wine, himself, and pretty much everything else. Now that the festival week was over, he felt he could use a holiday from his holiday. Perhaps he had gotten a little too carried away during the festivities. Heh, well his father was fond of reminding him that he never did anything half way, for good or ill. He should probably get up. Maybe. Eventually. Then there was the decision between throwing up, having breakfast, or both. He began a fresh round of cursing when he heard a sharp tapping sound at his window. What could be mak
  24. So I have essentially breezed through my last two challenges. I don't know if I would say they were easy, but they were definitely doable and I knew I would probably come out with mostly A's on the other side when I was putting them together. I do, however, feel like I have made some serious progress. I'm on a 48 day yoga streak, am lifting a barbell pretty easily, and making better nutrition decisions overall. I am starting to see some real changes in my body. My habits are becoming much more habit like, as in I just do them as part of my routine, and much less like I have to constantly remin
  25. April 6 I saw the forums were up as I was writing my wrapup of last challenge. I was dithering over whether I was going to keep SISUing, but when I saw that the first day of the new challenge was the last day of my one full year of NO SODA, I took it as a sign. Heck, yeah! I want to see if I can hit 99 days straight and make it all the way to my second NF birthday. Time to woman up, Shadow LIon. Let's see what you're made of! April 9 I'm using the "between challenges" week to test a slight increase in my SISU quotas, and so far it is working, despite a crazy, crazy schedule. Two webs
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