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  1. He lay the map out on the table, relief washing over him. It had taken him over a month to locate this map and now that he saw it he knew that it had been worth the effort. It wasn't some cheap map without any detail. Whoever had made this map had slaved over the minor details making it almost feel alive in his hands. There was a possibility there was more to this map than the naked eye could see. Looking at the map he knew he wasn't quite ready for this journey. The green mountains had many legends. He had heard mention of zombies, trolls, as well as some that spoke of trails that chan
  2. Change is definitely in the air. The hubs and I have been on a bit of a cleaning/reorganizing/decorating spree lately, which has been great - the bathroom has been de-molded and painting, we're getting rid of excess furniture, and making our home more functional/beautiful (it's a rental, and sometimes it's hard to justify that, but we've been here for two years now, and plan to stay for a couple more.) I also chopped off my hair, and got new glasses. Oh, and we got a new pet - a bearded dragon. Anyways, things are feeling quite different overall. And I want to keep this train a ch
  3. I am Rurik, and this is my tale. Main Quest is to participate in a Mud Hero run at the end of July, and that will be the end of Act I and the first boss battle of 2015. Starting weight: 201.5 lbs. Goal: 190 lbs by Challenge end or near enough to suffice. Goal/Quest 1: Foraging to Survive, Part III: "Nature provides me all the nourishment I could ever require... I need only seek it out, and master it." (+3 CON) Eat Paleo 85% minimum.Enter the world of meal preparation; prepare at minimum one meal per day in advance.Goal/Quest 2: "I found myself among the Barbarian tribes of the North,
  4. It's not generally in my nature to boast, brag, or woot about my own accomplishments, but this one I'm pretty pumped about. During today's warmup for the WOD I jumped on the rope and bashed out my first rope climb, and then during the WOD I went and banged out another three more for the workout itself. Even though I'm still sick and under the weather, it's a good day! (Disclaimer: that's Rich Froning Jr... not me.)
  5. I'm both completely new to forums and Nerd Fitness, so bear with me. I hope I'm doing this right. Challenge Quest It just so happens that this challenge ends just 4 days before my 5-year college reunion weekend, and I've already set a goal in my head to lose 15 lbs by then. So, my quest for this 6-week challenge is to be down to 163 lbs from 178 lbs by May 28, if not by May 24. Here are my stats: Weight: 178 lbsHeight: 5'7"Waist: 34"Hips: 42.5"Chest: 39"Right bicep: 13"Left bicep: 13.5"Right thigh: 24"Left thigh: 23"I'll update this thread with a weigh-in and weekly recap every Monday, and
  6. 04/16/15 Having completed my first quest after arriving in town, I've decided to apply to the Ranger's Guild. I believe they will be able to guide me in the future as our interests and talents are more aligned than others' in the community. They've given me a list of tasks to complete over the next couple of fortnights, and I will do my best not to fail. I intend to keep up with my current duties and strive to complete this new quest as well. -Malakir Here we go. Challenge two, and the first with the Rangers! Main Quest: Regain strength, endurance, and flexibility after spinal surgery
  7. BRHemp

    OUCH, that hurt

    I am a newbie, wannabe Ranger. But have been doing a lot. I work in Federal Law enforcement running around in the desert and mountains. I also am a CrossFit LV1 and LV 2 coach with 5 other certs. Why do I hurt? Well...last night I did the "Prison Workout" with a twist. You do 25 burpees, jog 25 yards then do 24 burpees and so on down to 1. The twist is that I added 10 sit ups per round. It comes out to 350 burpees and 250 sit-ups in just under 40 minutes (for me anyway) I had some athletes beat me by a few minutes and a few athletes take up to 55 minutes. Either way, it hurt. Durin
  8. PERFECT TIMING! A new challenge appears! I'm going to K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid). My 6 week challenge will be.......TO STRENGTH TRAIN 3 TIMES A WEEK FOR THE NEXT 6 WEEKS! *fanfare*
  9. Introduction: I’m a 30 something fat bloke, I have always been the bigger chap (apart from primary school when I was 4/5 years old and I was sent to the doctor as they thought I was malnourished…boy did I get them back!) but after I joined my current employer (8 years ago) I became quite sedentary and I ballooned. I have over the years started loads of things to change this but I always ended up falling off the wagon, so joining in here I hope will help me find the inspiration and support of others. One of the best habits is to surround yourself with people who have the same goal as youâ€
  10. For anyone who checked in on my Recruit Challenge last time around, this will look like more of the same. Fortunately I made some excellent progress and am merely aiming to strengthen the foundation I established last Challenge, and toughen up my standards there. The starting area wasn't enough for my grit and tenacity and now I'm entering a new zone to test my strength and prowess! As it stands now my Main Quest is to participate in a Mud Hero run at the end of July, and that will be the end of Act I and the first boss battle of 2015. Starting weight: Approx 217lbs. Although not a spec
  11. This: I've been contemplating this challenge, this year, this life, for quite some time now and this is the direction I want to go. In this case, music trumps language. There is a lot I can't put into words, but... The interweaving of the instruments and the various themes is how I want the various facets of my life to play together and support and harmonize with one another. The overall calmness, as the melody moves through various states of resolution and moods, is how I want to approach the uncertainties in my life right now. I hear definite echoes of what I am writing about in mor
  12. LET'S GO So the last challenge went well. In fact, it went damn near perfect. It kept me motivated and moving but this time I'm training with certain goals in mind. I'm focused and ready to break through this plateau and make some progress. 10K Training. +2 DEX, +2 STA Complete two Zombies, Run! missions a week.Increase run distance by approx. 10% each week.Focus T25. +1 DEX, +2 STR Complete 6 workouts each week.Weigh in and take measurements once a week.Track Cals/Macros. +3 CON, +1 WIS Track all intake.Stay within calorie and macro-nutrient goals.Language, Mr. +2 WIS, +2 CHA Cut back on
  13. SO THERE I WAS. Late. It's how I roll. Hi! As is becoming depressingly common on these, my semi-regular fitness challenges, I realized that I had managed to slide back into some of my old, bad habits. I haven't lost any ground, weight-wise, but I sure-hell haven't gained any. Ground, I mean, not weight. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. My point is that I'm right on the edge of gaining weight through inactivity again, so it's time to kick myself in the butt. Last challenge cycle reminded me of the importance of coming here regularly, posting regularly, and keeping up with people and myself to make sur
  14. Avast. So it's come to my attention that sticking with something works better when you have some sort of accountability. Well, the deal is that I have a weight-loss goal. My birthday is in late October; in 2014 I weighed 459 pounds (208.5 kg). My current goal is to try to get to 400 pounds by the time my birthday rolls around again in 2015. I hit a bit of a stall over the holidays, got a little boost from the first NF challenge cycle of 2015, and have decided to get super srs during the second challenge cycle (Feb 23rd). I'm going to start by doing the Whole30 diet (plus dairy) for the six-wee
  15. Original posting, includes links re: "sisu." I still have a very, very full work schedule and I am coming off a bit of a slump last challenge, but I'm diving right into the first challenge of 2015. I need to. This community has helped me keep my dream and goal of returning to fighting fires again alive, despite setbacks and injuries and doubts. My Main Quest for much of last year was to attend the Arizona Wildfire Academy and recertify as a wildland firefighter this coming spring. The fact is, I'm not physically or financially ready for that yet. Part of my slump was due to my disappointm
  16. "A famous explorer once said that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. I'd finally set out to make my mark, to find adventure. But instead adventure found me. In our darkest moments, when life flashes before us, we find something. Something that keeps us going. Something that pushes us. When all seemed lost, I found a truth. And I knew what I must become." Hi guys! First official challenge on the forum, though a long-time reader & Rebel! Some big life events in 2014 set up some MASSIVE changes for me that are kicking off 2015. I'm subletting my apartment, leaving my o
  17. Aeshnidae Flips the Bird at Being Sick Intro: This is my third challenge as a Ranger and fourth challenge overall. I’ve been going to the gym for a long time (at least 3 days per week) and I was about 7 months into a heavy lifting program when I got slammed by bronchitis and then pneumonia, all of which exacerbated my fibromyalgia and has left me super fatigued. Main Quest: To get back into fighting shape after being so sick, without pushing myself too hard and relapsing. Mission 1: Improve sleep quality/decrease feelings of fatigue, or at least create a list that I can take to my d
  18. Avast. Arr. So here I be, rockin' ye like a hurricane. In the recent past my attendance at the forums here has been spotty. I have no excuse, nor any coherent reasoning behind this. Part of my challenge last time was daily attendance, and I got here about 80% or so. Never be satisfied with anything less than absolute perfection! ...said no sane person ever. Still, I think that I can do better! This challenge is another step toward that goal, my fellow beings. Challenge the First: Nothing but water. No soda/pop/Coke/whatever, no tea, no milk, no orange juice, no (horror of horrors) grape
  19. 2014 was an odd sort of year. I did quite a bit of start/stopping on here. Did well on my maiden challenge, and then tried starting another a few times, but dropped off. Which I’m not going to beat myself up about. I still kept working out a bit, but I could have done with the accountability. The good news is that, while the early challenges petered out because life was tough, the last one petered out because life was brilliant. I fell in love. Simple as that. I met the person I aim to spend my life with, and everything else fell by the wayside. I make no apology for that. I’m incredibly
  20. Two weeks is a long time without a challenge! To quote from my first goal: I have a new goal this time around: get ready for the Ragnar Trail North Cascades in September! I've prepped for long runs before (marathon, half marathons), but nothing like this before. Bring it on! In the meantime, I need to improve my overall fitness and get ready for my work's summer summer meetings in Quebec City. 1. Get fighting fit - Crossfit! It's been the core of my fitness for the past year or two, and after a month or two off I'm bringing it back online. I've joined the box just down the
  21. So, I failed the last challenge. On week four my girlfriend got very sick , then on week five I got sick, then on week six, while still ill, uni assignments starting to come due. Yay. The goal was to put on three kgs of lean mass. I went from 65kg to 65.8kg--apparently I STILL wasn't eating enough--and back down to 63.5kg at the height of my illness. Since then I've struggled back up to 65.5kg so I'm starting this challenge 0.5kg ahead of last time. The goal this time is still to put on three kgs of lean mass. My subgoals are: Exercise six times a week -- 29/36 = +1 str (80%) Eat f
  22. Hey Rangers, My name is Tim. This is my first 6-week challenge ever. It seems like a pretty cool thing. I have quite a few goals, so this will be smaller versions of those. A little about me: I am an I.T. guy for a call center and as of this month I am also a college student again. I am taking a programming class and will slowly but surely be getting my degree while working full time and getting healthy. I have a lot of leveling up to do. Back at the beginning of December, I decided to change my lifestyle and lose weight. I have gout and during a flare-up in June, tipped the sca
  23. so last challenge didn't go as planned. but it wasn't horrible. I'm going to stick with my goals from last challenge, as I never really did complete them. I am just going to go about it in a different way. A lot of tracking and even having goals is sometimes too much pressure. But I bet I only say that because I just feel like I have no willpower, hence no good warm fuzzy self worth feelings, which are probably the root of most of the issues here. Everything makes me feel like this: So, this challenge, my goals will be wishful goals, but I don't get to add another piece on, until i've r
  24. The quest: N7 Training Havock style This is my first challenge as a Ranger, and I'm really looking forward to it. I have participated in several challenges in the past, and although I finish I always forget to keep logging my progress after a while. Or just get self-consious about the progress I'm making, which is just ridiculous and no way for a N7 Marine to act. I got my bantha poodoo together last year but have been lacking in the logging/keeping track of progress department. This challenge is my way of working on that. Oh and obviously I love Mass Effect... Fitness Goals: 1.
  25. JoeBlend – Lv 2 Simian RangerMain Quest:I will unlock my simian beast mode, dropping fat, gaining muscle, doing things I've never done before, and taking tangible steps toward a career in the IT world. Training Quests: 1. I will strength train three days per week, following Jason Blaha's ICF 3x5 strength/bodybuildingprogram. Reward: STR+2, STA+2 A: 16+ days B: 14-15 days C: 12-13 days D: 10-11 days 2. 3 days a week, on non-strength days, I will walk or run at least 2 miles beyond my usual 0.8 mile walk to and from the Dudes' school. Reward: STA+3, DEX+2 A: 16+ days B: 14-15 days
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