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Found 5 results

  1. Dear roundoff, This is a message from the future. You are going to be so freaking awesome, it's not even funny. Here's an idea: keep track of how you become more awesome so we can put it into our future museum of awesomeness. Love, the future. p.s. we still don't have hoverboards
  2. I've been away at the NF Academy, but the facebook group has gotten huge and hard to follow. There's also no good place for a battle log, so I'm back here for another try at the general forums. Hi, I'm Tamesis Greer, a ranger from the north who has been living in exile in other parts of the country. I've been working in a field I loved, and am now about to leave it due to burnout. My current job is too big for one person, and the things that drive me crazy will be present in most other jobs in this field, so I'm sadly giving it up. It was also an office job, which is not great for a ranger who prefers to spend at least part of the day being active outdoors. I just got approved for medical leave so I can heal up, and I'll be moving back north in the next couple months, with plans to start my own business and do some part- or full-time work on the side (hopefully in a bookstore). My health/fitness goals are: -To get my diet back under control (mostly paleo) -To establish a regular workout schedule. I will do SOMETHING every day -To get 8 hours of high quality sleep every night. I'm hoping the above, along with not working at my stressful job anymore, will help me lose the flab that's crept on with increasingly alarming speed and help me get my energy back. Life goals: -Get my business started -Get ready to move I'll be setting daily and weekly goals to keep myself on track. It's time for a new page and a new journey. Onward!
  3. HELLO WARRIORS!! Hi. The name's Joy, but I've been known to go by MW, Weaver, or Fy. I've been with NF for almost a year and have collected plenty of underpants (eeuw). I've challenged with the Adventurers multiple times with mixed results because I never really dedicated myself to making a change, or if I did, it was short-lived and didn't stick. I made the decision over the last couple days to commit myself to the Warriors because I did/do really enjoy lifting, so here I am! Current sitch in a nutshell: I'm 290ish lbs; 30 yrs old; career mom of 3 sons; married to an overweight (and seemingly content about it) man; in co-habitation with my in-laws w/ little to no control over family dinners; have paid access to a 24/7 gym w/ free-weight section. ------------------------------------------ EDIT: Challenge Goals HERE. ------------------------------------------ I haven't completely figured out my goals yet (I feel a post edit coming on...) but here's the general idea: 1) lift the heavy things consistently (Steve's Barbell Battalion 6wk plan of awesomesauce modified to use bent-over dumbbell rows instead of pull-ups) to get strong. Track my progress & post it. Record my 1-rep-max pre-challenge and post-challenge for my squat, deadlift & push-press. Embrace my inner Wookiee and get beastly-strong. 2) eat clean as much as possible to get lean & lose this fugly fat. (essentially, eat only veg & meat when I'm dining on my own [for breakfast and lunch] and minimize the damage at dinnertime when eating Ramona's dinners) I've got a lot of fat to lose... popping snickers from the boys' Halloween stash isn't going to get me there. >_< 3) simply put: shun processed sugar. Cut it out. Go through withdraws and get it out of my system. Period. Gotta tackle this addiction ferociously and kick it to the curb. My life depends on it. 4) I'm thinking a sleep goal? Ideas? REWARDS: 1) +3 STR, +1 STA, +1 CON 2) +3 INT, +1 WIS 3) +2 WIS, +1 CON & +1 STA 4) ??? Upon completion of this challenge, I will gain a level (yay!) AND I will give myself the OK to buy a pair of jeans. Motivation: My dad lost 50+ lbs by changing his diet and walking on a treadmill after he had a heart attack last year. He's 61. What in the heck is my excuse?! Just like he's being a good example to me, I need to start being a better example to MY kids... otherwise they'll end up like I am now. I will post measurements and starting references when I get them. Thanks for reading & best wishes on your challenge!
  4. Edit: Added my name to the title because I derped that rule. Whoops! It's my first time out and I'm really looking forward to stomping this challenge. Main Quest Get comfortably into my jeans the next size down. Specific goals: Continue strength program three days per week. Transition from rack pulls to full deadlifts. Ride 60 bike miles (total on cardio days across the six weeks). Life Quest Post to my blog at least once per week. Motivation I’m doing this to keep improving my life balance. The healthier I get, the more I accomplish and the happier I become. Plus, to be honest, I want to look like a badass. Grading Blog Post—1 or more = A. None = F. Strength Training—3 days = A. 2 days = B. 1 day = D. 0 days = F. Bike Rides—10 or more miles = A. 7-8 miles = B. 5-7 miles = C. 3-5 miles = D. 3 or less miles = F. Deadlifts—1 day Research, Attempts, or Successes = A. 0 days = F. (Edited in the grading and re-uploaded my motivation picture on 29 September.)
  5. Hello. I'm brand new to Nerdfitness but I've been lurking for a while and I really love the stats leveling thing. I'm a long time nerd, into science (esp. physics) and computers and robotics and other ridiculous things, and SO happy to find a fitness site that isn't full of mindless bro-droids that live in the gym. I think it will be fun to log my stuff here and have some accountability and structure, and thankfully I just got a new job as an engineer (making sure spacecraft survive cosmic radiation, thanks for asking ) where they have a weightroom on site! In terms of fitness goals, I've always been a tall, skinny dude (6'4" and ~140 lbs when I got married several years ago, same height with ~50 lbs of fat and maybe a bit of muscle added now) but I have really enjoyed strength training when I've done it in the past (haphazardly, and on machines ), and would love to see how strong and big I can get with a concerted effort. So now I'm about 3 weeks into Stronglifts, going well, and excited to get involved in my first challenge! So here goes: Main quest: Be strong like bull! Goals: 1. Continue stronglifts 5x5, working out 3 times a week (Str) A - no misses, B - 1-2 misses, C - 3-4 misses, F - 5+ misses 2. Pullups (Str/Dex) - Increase from 4 reps max to 8 A - 8 reps, B - 7 reps, C - 6 reps, D - 5 reps, F - 4 reps 3. Doctor and dentist (Con) - go to each of these before the end of the challenge A - Both, C - One, F - Neither Life quest: Work (Wis) - Get my report released early A - Sep 23rd or earlier, B - Sep 30 or earlier, C - Oct 7 or earlier, F - Oct 14th or later Anyhow, in the near future I'll put up my "why" and get some stats rolling, but I wanted to get my spot and get started on this challenge before any more time elapses. Now imma go to bed because everything I hear tells me sleep is important for building dat muscle.
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