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  1. This thread is first and foremost for reading. We love books here, of course we do, that kind of comes with the territory. But more importantly, we love to read, and that is what this challenge thread is about. We have a small number of rules that we respectfully insist that everyone who joins this thread do their best to follow: First of all, Rule Zero: Anyone who wants to join, can join at any time during the year. There is no enrollment end date, and no reading minimums of any kind. Now for the rest of the rules: Any reading counts as reading. This means we are not required to read books. Any reading material is acceptable reading material, including but not limited to graphic novels, blogs, poetry, philosophical treatises, newspaper articles, periodicals, sheet music, and anything else anyone can think of. All reading counts as reading. Audio books count as reading. If this rule isn't self-explanatory to you, please see Rule #1. (And if that doesn't make sense either that's fine - audiobooks still count as reading.) Everyone reads at their own pace and level. Reading goals are personal, and while we freely give and take inspiration from each other, we don't compare our goals to each other. This isn't a competition. Everyone reads for their own reasons, and every reason for reading is valid. Again, take inspiration from others, but don't compare yourself to anyone. There are as many reasons for reading as there are readers, and just as many reading goals, and that is exactly the way it should be. Enjoy the reading challenges and have fun with them! This is the most important rule, that no one should ever feel pressured to compromise on. If keeping up with your reading challenge causes more stress than it relieves, do what you need to do to restore that balance to where the reading challenge is a haven again. And that is it. Please tag fellow readers as you come across them in your travels across the greater NF community, and never forget to honor Rule #5. Online Bookstores: https://www.thriftbooks.com/ - An online thrift store for books, new and used. https://bookshop.org/ - Online bookstore that works with independent local bookstores all over the world. A portion of the proceeds go to support a local bookstore of your choice. https://www.booksandcranniesva.com/ - An independent bookstore. Based in Virginia, US, but ships to anywhere. https://www.betterworldbooks.com/ - Seller of used and discounted books. For every book sold, they will donate a book to a literacy initiative/nonprofit in need. Reading Resources: https://www.goodreads.com/ - A community site for reading. Track your reading, create wish lists, read and post reviews, and connect with other readers. Some of the regulars in this thread are active there as well. Open Library - Exactly what it sounds like: A non-profit, open source, digital public library, whose ultimate goal is to make all the published works of humankind available to everyone in the world. https://thepalaceproject.org/ - Unfortunately appears to be US-only. If anyone is able to make it work in other countries, please let us know! Anyway, this app uses your zip code to give you a list of all books that have been banned where you live, and lets you borrow them and read them in the app.
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