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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome friends to Challenge Three!! Although we have two weeks til the challenge starts, I'm excited to get on track with this one because I have a theme that will (hopefully) keep my mind centered, focused, and structured for two challenges. Now, introducing the source of my motivations: That right friends, I am using the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline as the focus for the next two challenges. For the uninitiated, Ready Player One is the story about a contest to find a Easter Egg within a virtual "internet" game with the prize of control of the company and the vast riches of the owner in a future where energy is shaky, the economy is crumbling, and this virtual game is real life for most. The book is FULL of 80s references, which gets me at my core. Plus, the audiobook reading by Wil Wheaton is phenomenal. To begin this challenge, I will be focusing on the first part of the first line of the contest's declaration which reads: Three hidden keys open three secret gates Wherein the errant will be tested for worthy traits And those with the skill to survive these straits Will reach The End where the prize awaits In the novel, three keys, one of copper, jade, and crystal, are hidden within the virtual world of the OASIS that will open three gates to get to the end of the contest. In the book after finding a key, you look for the same colored gate but for the sake of the goals and the activities in the book at the time, I'm splitting my challenge into finding the keys first, then the gates. I've thought long and hard about this and it should work perfectly. Goal One: Running for the Copper Key My journey towards the Copper Key is very much like the protagonist's, Wade Watts. The first key is found in a location that is accessible to everyone in the OASIS unlike other places that require lots of skill or money to reach. I think of this like my discovery of Nerd Fitness, something accessible to everyone, no matter where you're from or what you have. Since Wade had to run to the location of the Copper Key, then so shall I. 1A. Cardio, specifically walking and/or running, 3x per week, 30 20 min minimum (or, at my current speed, about 3K 2K) (18 total) 1B. Prepare for and/or sign up to do a 5K race (C25K program) Goal Two: Working towards the Jade Key With Challenge Two, I feel like I stalled out a little bit, kind of like what happens in the book during the quest for the Jade Key. Wade goes at least 6 months (like the last 6 weeks) without much progress to show for his efforts. During that time though he does realize that there are things that he needs to work on unless he wants to end up not finding the egg. Two of those things happen to be exercising and eating better. Doesn't sound like a bad idea! 2A. Bodyweight Workouts 3x per week (18 total) 2B. 7 Healthier Meals per week (42 total) Sidebar: My definition of Healthier Meals will include anything homemade. Looking to limit/avoid fast food plus try to train my brain to actually eat breakfast every morning. EDIT: No more than 4 meals can come from the same course. So I can't cheat and make 7 healthier breakfasts. I need to get ALL the meals healthier! Goal Three: Discovering the Crystal Key Near the end of the novel, the protagonist has a low moment. Things seem bleak and doesn't see much of a solution (similar to my feelings near the end of my second challenge). It takes the spirit and resolve of one of his comrades to remind him that there is something to fight for, something to keep going after. My feelings towards these next two challenges is remembering that I would probably not be as committed to my goals without the support and help of those around me. 3. Become more vocal in the NF community Sidebar: This goal is still kind of a work in progress. Mostly working with Mental Health or Mind, Body, Spirit So, without further ado, let the hunt for the Three Hidden Keys BEGIN!!
  2. I only joined the site a week or so ago but I'm here to stay and make a change. Main Quest: Make working out a habit and lose some inches. I have gone through periods of intense workout and periods of intense slothfulness. What I really want to do is make healthy eating and working out a habit, which I think is totally doable in 6 weeks. If I'm doing this right then I will lose some inches and help me fit into my favorite clothes again. A. 5 Days a Week B. 4 Days a Week C. 3 Days a Week D. 2 Days a Week E. 1 Day a Week F. Fell off the wagon and did nothing Side Quest #1: Go to bed around 10pm each night. This is going to help me get my butt out of bed in the morning to hit the gym. Also, hopefully, I will no longer sleep through my alarm. A. Go to Bed at 10pm B. Hit the sack at 11pm C. Fall into bed around midnight D. Sleep through all alarms F. Pulled an all nighter Side Quest #2: Make a shift in thinking about food I am a food addict and I have to start thinking about food differently. When I look at foods that aren't good for me I need to stop and think about if it is worth it to eat it. Does chocolate cake really make me happy? Am I going to be better for eating it? How am I going to feel tomorrow both physically and mentally? A. Eat strict Paleo B. Scarfed some carbs, but healthier ones, like fruit and whole wheat C. Sagged some straight up sugar, like a cookie D. Ate sugar every week at least once. F. Eating healthy? What is that? Side Quest #3: Be able to do 5 full range push-ups I have never been able to do a push-up in my entire life. I want to be able to and now I have the motivation. Life Side Quest: Sort out my finances by creating a plan and paying down debt. Motivation: I have struggled with weight for my entire adult life. I want to be able to wear a dress and not stress about my legs any more.
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