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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! Taking February off was WWEEee --- eeerrdddd! It was necessary, but very strange for me. A quick history -- Terinatum has been gaining momentum with NF since February 2013. She has always felt welcomed here on the forums and is quite happy to come back to the folds of the NF family. She has spent the last 14 months on the injured bench and it has taken a toll on her physically and emotionally. Before she was trail running and working up to a 5k on asphalt (best was 2.4 miles), drinking water like a fish, getting junk for out of her life (lost 96 pounds), cooking for herself (
  2. We just had a challenge, now to see if I can keep up the progress Maintenance for Life: Swim 4-5 days per week 0%0% Drylands 3 days per week 0%0% Keep eating veggies (at least two cups per day) 0%0% Keep swapping tea for soda & Keep life latte free 0%0% New Stuff: Level up at life: Save Money, Save Calories -- Make Dinner Every Night 0%0% Level up my Diet: Choose Fruit Over Sweets 0%0% Life + Diet Bonus: Save Money, Complain Less -- Make Your Own Coffee and Tea 0%0% Level up my Fitness: Introduce Yoga 2 d
  3. Just shooting straight with myself and anyone who cares to follow. I'm starting late, but I'm starting. I'm angry and upset, not at a certain friend who busted my chops, not even at the calling to the carpet that was mostly on the mark, but at the fact that it's true and I've let it get to this point. I've been doing "enough" for a challenge to get a challenge done and pass, but I haven't been challenging myself since a couple of failures back for one reason or another. I can talk a good talk, but if I don't really stick with what I'm saying, what's the point? Yes, we're not perfect thi
  4. Hey fellow rebels. I've been super mega busy lately, things should calm down Wednesday but for now I'm just going to get this challenge up. So last challenge was a rousing success for me. Things were totally freaking unbelievably insane from travelling nonstop for work and some other things. INSANE I TELL YOU. But I used my training program to stay focused and grounded during stressful times. I also think I actually really started my health journey last challenge, even though I've been trying (and moderately succeeding) to do these challenges for over 6 months now. I learne
  5. ☙ Preface ⧠In a desk, in an office, there lived a Halfling. She didn't live there all the time - sometimes she socialized and gardened and took walks - but enough of her day was spent there that she forgot that there was a whole world beyond those four walls and instead lived vicariously through Pinterest and other such Palantíri. This particular Halfling was acquainted with an Adventurer guild from the Nerd Fitness Rebellion. Twice she had even joined on an adventure: the first time she took a few wrong turns and dropped out halfway through (the record of which has been purged from
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