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Found 2 results

  1. I actually respawned last Tuesday, but I have been wandering around trying to find my base ever since then. I just didn't realize what I was doing until I got the respawn email today. From Steve. Then I was like, whoa. There's the base - I see it! *running toward base, waving* So anyway, last Tuesday my good dear friend said that she needed to cut down on social media time to force herself to deal with her real life. And I was like, hell yes, let's do this. I have got sucked into a bunch of worthwhile groups and discussions on facebook. They are great - I love my reading groups especially. B
  2. I am a wonderful, fantastic, mess of a human being. I'm 27 and I already have on hell of a life story to tell, and I only plan to add more as time goes on. I have overcame, changed, and had to come to terms with my method of understanding the world that was left unchallenged for most of my life. My grad work has pushed me further into trying to understand myself, my priorities, what I consider a well lived-life, and how well I'm doing at living up to my expectations. The wonderful community here at NF, and the wisdom you all share have helped me in this process, where as a lot of others in my
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