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  1. As of today, I have 348 days to get down to 200lbs. Progress: 4/75lbs Quest: Lose 5lbs (268lbs) 1. Track calories 5 times per week 2. 90 additional minutes of movement per week 3. A productive thing per day 4. Work on painting once a week Specific productive tasks
  2. Yay, another secret challenge! I'm trying something completely fucking different than I've ever done here, and I have no idea how it's going to work out. Honestly I could even be 100% successful and still hate it at the end. But I can't share anything about it or the shiny appeal of it will go away and I'll just bail on it like I do everything else. I do have to take my starting stats on day 1, which is going to suck balls. I probably should have planned this out sooner than the night before. So since I'm not officially reporting anything until the end of the challenge this thread is here in an attempt to keep me engaged and not hiding in a blanket fort for five weeks. We'll see how that goes.
  3. The title kind of says it all. I've spent a LOT of time on the boards and many challenges "babystepping" my way to a better me in life. I've made a lot of progress, but I'm really hanging on a couple of things healthwise that I simply can't keep a handle on. And that is fixing my sleep schedule and going out for walks. Part of the not going out for walks recently is it's too frickin' hot to go out and walk except in the morning - and my circadian rhythm just doesn't work with that at ALL. I've seriously considered starting 100% supporting west coast customers because the thought of starting work at 11a rather than 9a is very appealing - but I'd still not get up early enough to walk LOL. Now that it's cooled off, I'm going to try to do a couple of walks throughout the day, weather permitting. But I'm STILL also going to try nailing an 11p bed time (when my body thinks it really should be more like 1a - ugh). It wouldn't be so bad if I could survive on 6 hours of sleep - but alas - I cannot. A bit of background about me for the new folks - I'm an Old School Geek. I'm on the older side for this forum (closing in on 50) but I've been in IT since there was an IT (if you count getting into computers in HS - where it was very much NOT a "thing" with the dino's roaming around LOL). Up until COVID, I was a traveling consultant - now 100% at home. This year I moved to the dark side - helping the software company I work for make sales rather than just implement - and I'm the most surprised I like it over here on the dark side LOL. We also moved OUT of Atlanta, GA up to TN - still city adjacent but SO MUCH less traffic and city stuff that was driving me nuts. Hubby and I are in an apartment (ugh!) still looking for the perfect property to build our homestead (we are self proclaimed Hi-Tech Rednecks) because we want to live off the land a bit (within reason y'all, we are not going "off grid" *shudder*). Hubby's little business has been on life support during the lock downs as it relies on events and we've been setting up the new warehouse space (slowly) hoping things will get re-started - and it looks like that is about to happen - so that means more work for me as well as I handle logistics\paperwork\payroll (when there's, like work - we hire contractors for events) and if his business picks up, I do more. There's the POTENTIAL for it to take off, meaning I could leave my "day" job - but we're not "counting" on it. I'm just ready for it to pay for itself (although we might - MIGHT have something in the works that will literally pay the rent - WOO HOO).
  4. Hello, I'm Sarah! I just started a blog titled, "salads, stretching & sensibility," to help me take a more kind and (hopefully) sustainable approach to healthier eating and fitness habits. Starting this blog inspired me to come to Nerd Fitness to encourage more, but kind, accountability towards my goals. My main goal with all of this is to kindly observe and document my commitment to eat salads and stretch on a consistent basis. I say consistent because it's gentle language that doesn't make me feel like I'm pressuring myself to strictly have a salad or stretch on a daily basis. I want to build my habits right, not fast, because 'fast' often leads to self sabotage for me. I've also been reminded of the times when taking care of my health was second nature, thanks to my past involvement in high school sports. So with that community spirit in mind, it only made sense to partake in this five week challenge. I'm looking forward to getting to know this community more (heard great things about it years ago) and hopefully making life-long friends! 🥗🙆‍♀️💚 W.L.K. Sarah
  5. Hey, nerds, I'm back again for this challenge. Hopefully I'll be a little more present this time around. Anyway, the main goal this challenge is to learn to cook for myself. I've tried to learn in the past, but then work would go nuts (as it always does) and cooking (and pretty much any healthy foods) would fall by the wayside. I want to try to break that cycle if I can, plus I've been working on rearranging other things in my schedule so I can try to focus more on cooking. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, goals: Cooking: - Find/pick a recipe each week - Get the ingredients - Cook once a week (Sunday will be my main cooking day for right now) And that's really it for the main goals. Seems simple enough, but again, we'll see. And I'll still keep track of my other goals too, cooking is just the main focus this challenge. Other goals: - Workout 15-20 minutes per day - Write 30 minutes per day - Research 30 minutes per day - Revise 1 hour per day - Read 30 minutes per day - Clean 1 thing per day - Do something social once a week I think that's it. Happy challenge, nerds.
  6. Hello! I'm back again again again again BUT here i am! I don't have a lot of crazy goals, for now I've got two things for this month. GOAL NUMBER ONE Just stay in my daily calorie goal GOAL NUMBER TWO Do some intermitten fasting also NUMBER THREE(this ones a surprise) Drink a lot of lot of water. sorry this isn't themed or anything i wanted to get this done before work and so here's this! Let's goooooooooo
  7. The world is depending upon me! Or, really, my world is depending upon me. Why isn't stretching a habit by now?? And rolling? I feel better in all the ways when I do it. But nope. Even last time when it was on my fancy schmancy daily to-do list it was not treated with the love and attention it deserves for all that it does for me. This time that changes! I hope. I have a short and simple list of three things goals; body, brains, and batcave. Body! Stretch quickly after each fitness session and stretch/roll 4 days per week in the evening minimum. Brains! Select a task each night for the next day that involves advancing my skills in some way. Currently the necessary scope is in learning these newfangled sewing machines.... excuse me, sewing computers, and advancing my craft skills in crochet, knit, and sewing. Batcave! MrC and I have possibly ironed out a sharing of household cleaning tasks. I had him pick the things he dislikes least, and I'll get the rest. I have to do mine. Ideally I will tackle 4 short (10-20 minute) sessions per week will complete my portion when combined with the agreed upon rules of 1. don't leave a room empty-handed and 2. 5 minutes of just picking up at the end of the day. It's just the two of us and two animals, so hopefully this is reasonable. But really, when it comes right down to it, this is all about the stretching habit.
  8. So uh...life's been kicking my butt. Ya know that saying about not being able to pour from an empty cup? My cup has turned into a vampire. Amidst everything I've had going on, which has been and continues to be, a LOT, I have let taking care of myself fall to the bottom of the priority list. I do things to help me be healthy when (if) I have time and energy left over after everything else. It's taken me a lot of failing, especially lately, to realize why I have been stuck and failing to stick with anything I try. I have so much stuff I want to do/need to do, and I've barely been treading water on the need to dos because I have no energy. I have no energy because I've been sleeping and eating like crap, and sitting on my butt all the time. I'm pretty booked through Halloween, so I'm not going to start for "real" until November 1st, but here's the plan. -In bed by 11. 10:30 would be better, but 11 will do for now. -Eat a fruit or vegetable and some protein with every meal. Bonus points if it's not takeout, and french fries or onion rings do not count. -Drink at least 8 cups of water and no more than 2 cups of coffee a day. -Do the November Blogilates calendar. Every day. Schedule that shit on the calendar if needed. Edit: every day I'm not going to derby practice. I know doing both will be too much for right now, and there wasn't any derby when I wrote this, but now it's starting on the 1st! Super convenient, right? 🙂 That feels like a lot, but I don't think it really is. It seems pretty bare minimum for taking care of myself, but I have not been doing anything close to that. Time to fix that. In the meantime, I have Halloween costumes to finish before Friday, and several Halloween events to go to, and delicious new ice cream treats in the freezer calling my name. Did you know Ohio schedules trick or treating? Like, each city publishes the hours you can go trick or treating, with some cities not "observing" trick or treating. This place is weird!
  9. Every time I fail a Nerd Fitness challenge, it's because I've forgotten about it in the happy chaos that is my life. So, time to fix that! 😂 Goal #1 - Find a tracking method : I have bought an Arc planner and a hole punch so I make my own sheets. I will be experimenting with various bullet journaling layouts, both for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly tracking, but with a focus on finding an easy habit tracker that will nudge me to remember my daily goals. Goal #2 - Go Doggie Walking! : I have a working car now and the weather is decent, so time to make sure I get Bucket out to the park! Unfortunately the park opens and closes with the sun, so I may have to check in with work and see if they are okay with my taking a long lunch in order to make it work on the weekdays. 🤔 But at the minimum I want to take him out at least once on the weekend. Goal #3 - ALL THE STAIRS : My knees do not love the stairs... and the only way they will get better is if I practice. The basement and second floor also need cleaning/decluttering, so I figure I'll make a goal to do at least one 'extra' set of stairs a day. Sidequests: - I need to go through all my clothes and donate things I no longer need or that no longer fit. I'm to the point where I have to buy new jeans and working remotely means I don't need a full set of 'work' clothes... so lots of things to donate to Goodwill! 😁 - NaNoWriMo prep and NaNoWriMo : write ALL the words! (Actually this goal is more 'go to ALL the virtual write-ins!' and me being more social) 🐇📚 - It looks like work is going to be less work for the near future, so I need to sit down and plan out things to code/learn on my own. My development team is losing members, so in theory there will be more work for me to do, but if not-- time to hit the books! 💻 - Poke around at coming up with some sort of 'these things need to be cleaned every X days' layout for the various areas of the house. I'm very haphazard right now and it would be nice to be a little more organized about it. - Focus on making more art/writing so I can hit my goal of breaking even this year with the creative microbusiness! 📚🎨 - Continue to work on hasing out my 2022 plans (and future NF goals!)
  10. Hey guys! I thought I might start with a whole story; but my creativity is spent and I got alot on my plate. Lets see depending on what you know; i might have alot to tell you or very little. As I've written elsewhere on NF; since leaving NF 1.5years ago- Art has become a very serious passion for me. i've vowed to get good as fast as possible but to stay on the trek and not burn out. You may remember that I love Big hard inspiring endurance challenges and I've tackled a 100mile hike and a 26mile run. well surely they pale to the momental challenge of trying to make money with one's art; no matter how good you strive to be at it. So I'll be honest; for a long time I was sure I was not longer a rebel. concerned with art; I've maintained a very low mileage running program with no impressive fitness or health goals beyond keeping what I've earned in the last few years of those bigger endurance challenges. but... frankly... I've missed you. I 've tried discord, posted a bit on the social media- none of it is quite what you find here, a tight community of encouragement. for those that don't know. ARt is Hard ! very hard! I've spent time learning to draw a recognizable picture of micheal jackson and then dived into paintings of sunsets. I've done beautiful women in colored pencil and tried a dragon . its all really REALLY hard; and trying to improvement the accuracy and likeness of something is a painful road of failure and persistence. towards the top of the summer I started increasingly to feel that I had art good enough to share and perhaps sell. I've got deep issues (and frankly future insecurity) at work- so there's motivation to slowly work towards a job of passion , rather then the dull monotonous slog my current job seems to be. but the price is getting up in the middle of the early morning- and getting some cool idea only to mostly ruin in on the canvas before the start of the day. and do the same thing tomorrrow and the day after that. there's no other path towards getting good at this, I fear. As we start this challenge the first formal steps of starting an art business in on the horizon. I have 2 painted priced to sell downtown and I intend to pay the sales tax as a new business. if they don't sell soon (which is likely); I might delay this as long as the beginning of 2022 for tax purposes. but No later than that. hopefully you'll forgive a challenge thats not so fitness oriented. fitness is still important to me; but ART has become my passion and I must continue if its to become any answer to my dreary job....
  11. Hi all! Long time no see . Over the past few months, I've been pretty good in keeping my life on track, but without NF it was a bit lonely. I've basically stopped climbing because two big & social hobbies are too much right now (I also play the clarinet in an orchestra), but instead I've started following along Sydney Cummings on youtube. I've been hiking and biking, and some other exercisy things. My main goal this challenge is to keep my life as it is now, with plenty of exercise and more social time here . Goals: 1. Exercise 60 minutes per day, preferrably something with Sydney Cummings and yoga, but anything goes 2. Post here at least 3 times per week Simple, yes?
  12. Hey fellow rebels, I am Casbin a former member of the Rebel Subforum. While I am not exatcly new around here I haven't been on for a few years but kept missing the Community around here. You know how it goes, priorities need to be set and my path had me occupied with another angle. I will do a proper introduction and layout for the challenge later on but let's get down to business first. The title says it all, I wasn't expecting for a new Challenge to start tomorrow but let's roll with it. As said already I am enroute to a reboot which is why this intervall is taged as a lifestyle-challenge. Why prep a reboot you may ask? Do Not Procrastinate - get on with it. Thing is, I have no effing clue were I am at or headed. It is time to take a look at the Journey of the past few years, count my blessings and clean up my turf. Or to put it nerdier terms. I am wrapping up an entire Campaigne right now, loads of things have happended and have grown and sharpened my PC. Rather then jumping head first into the next Adventure, I will review the spoils, refurbish the Fortress and move on to a new Campagne. Now you have been warned, my goals for this Frame will be fast and loose for subjective goals are hard to quantivy. A proper Framework is already in the making but I wanted to put this out there before I can chicken out of it and let you know that this might be a bit far out compared to the predefined Layout. If you are good with that, be my guest and I will accomodate you to the best of my abilities; if it's not your cup of tea, no hard feelings, we all take this endevour to the best ofour abilities. See you soon, there is more stuff to be done before Icanget the ball rolling Casbin
  13. I know it is not an obligation to do challenges, but despite my failure to keep up tracking and reporting, I WANT to be accountable for these things. And so I try again. Tai Chi - minimum three times per week I'm doing well with exercise, but I am intrigued by this practice as martial art that I can perform. As someone who didn't know I had a body until a few years ago, it is a way to maintain and strengthen that connection. One day I can imagine taking a class, but for now I practice by video or app. 3s - Big 3 and 3 Gratitudes Even when I'm not feeling as rudderless as I am now, my life is pretty free flowing. Not always good, as making the bed can end up feeling like the only thing I accomplished on my to do list. Step #1: create a to do list! And as much as I take time to breathe each day, I don't always take time to appreciate, be grateful. Read professionally and for leisure daily It's such an important part of my life, but often gets short-shrift. NF Check-in - share and/or comment 3 times per week minimum I am a loner by nature, but I don't always want to be. NF is a community, and I'm grateful when I discover someone is checking up on me. So I need to report in more often, and affirm others in their journey. NF is a community, and I want to be in community - not just dipping my toe in occasionally.
  14. I have spent hours looking at my challenge to build. I have spent probably close to a couple of hours staring at a blank word doc. I sit here and I hate where I am, I hate feeling like I am on the wrong path. But the problem is, where I am currently at, at least mentally and emotionally, is that I this will never end and I won’t be able to get out of what I am working on. For those new here, I am in a bad place. I have a job that is high stress and atm high drama. I am a mom to 2 Agents of Chaos, and married to Hubby who is working a weird shift but does whatever he can to help. I am caregiver to my mom who in theory lives alone but she hasn't really been completely independent since my dad died 2 years ago. She is not always the nicest of people, especially to her daughter. My depression is acting up as is my anxiety of never getting out of here. Being with mom so much means she is actively pushing buttons and telling me I am not good enough, or what I am doing is wrong. Mom had surgery 9 days ago and is not recovering well. She gets a “walk” maybe once a day where she laps the house twice. The dr originally told us 5-7 days before she would be independent again. I am wondering if she will be at all or if this is my new normal until we can get her the “hip surgery” that better put her into rehab after. If not, I am going to give up entirely. The hardest part of the new challenge, is a number of things in my Life and Family stuff were either outside only or no longer apply. This section is the place where I work on my relationships and the things that are the things I want to do and who I want to be. The problem is, I can’t see anything that I can change. I don’t see any way to improve myself when I can never not be here. I am currently here like 530-6 AM to 9-10 PM. I have only been in the office 2 days, and I am not really home at all. When I get home, it’s generally eat and go to bed so I can be up at 430 to get back Mom’s on time. So how can I work on being who I want to be if I am always here? Anything I do here to better myself is met with mocking, but I see what the path she has taken lead to. I don’t want to not be able to walk at 65 and need a hip replacement, bad knees and back from being overweight, and while she has lost the weight, she lost all muscle mass so now she is weak as well So I am going to try and do things. I picked a few new Life and family goals. Being here, having this in my face all day, I keep fearing that I am walking the same path as her. Especially since I have been here, I haven’t been walking. I have snacked more since what else is there to do. I haven’t had water in days and my caffeine intake is through the roof. I find myself acting or thinking like her, and I fear it. So one thing I want to start doing is either looking for one thing a day that I am doing differently so I won’t go down that path, so I don’t sound like her, be friendless like her, or end up where she is. Another thing I am going to try and do is to start trying to think about those big long term goals I use to have, like doing a 10 K or a Spartan. Things I lost sight of a long time ago. Things I have been hearing that I am too fat, too old or I am going to be where she is so why think I could ever do that. Time to start thinking about who I want to be and if I get limitations, fine, but how do I want to handle things like arthritis in my knees. I can ignore it and let it get worse, or I can face it head on and see what if anything I can do to minimize it. I wish I could say that this will be all happy and uplifting and I got this. But I would be lying. Its going to be rough, I am going to be upset as I try to process and deal with what I have in front of me. I don’t know when I will get out of this pit. I just know, I need to wait till something that I have no control over changes. Okay, so challenge wise, I need something I can work towards. So Boxes it will be. I have a bare minimum, but really, I want to do much more than that. But for now, I am going to work on doing that bare minimum and if I ever do get out of here and back into more of my normal life, I can always do more, but for now, its about something. Goal Value Description Strength 1 Calf raises 1 Squats 17 1 Wall Sit (sec) 1 Side kicks Do 2 1 Leg lifts 2 1 Reverse sit ups 1 Sit ups 1 Knee to Elbows 1 Raised Arm Circles 1 Torso Twists 1 Bicep Extenstions 1 Table plank 1 Bicep Curls with Weights (3 lb) 1 Backward Leg Raises 1 Step ups 1 Side Lunges 1 Desk Push Ups Flexibility 1 Wrist Extension Stretch 1 Wrist Flexion Stretch 21 1 Upward dog/Child pose 1 Meditating Groot 1 Lord of the Dance Yoga (ankle above head) 1 Lower back stretch (One leg across body) 1 Chair Pose 1 Butterfly 1 Tricep Stretch 1 Wall Stand 1 Bridge 1 Calf stretch Do 2 1 Ballet Toe Touch 1 Cresent Moon pose 2.00 1 Sitting Fix/Shoulder Stretch 1 Warrior 1 1 Ankle Circles 1 Warrior 3 (Eagle bird thing) 1 Quad Stretch 1 Side Stretch 1 Forward Bend Life and Family 1 Floss in morning 1 NF status update 1 NF reply one other thread 1 Take Morning Vitamins 1 Find one way I am not like mom 1 Brush Yappy dog 1 Think of one thing that could be changed/who I want to be 1 Check Dad's email 31 1 Spend time with Agents 1 Japanese practice with Youngest Agent 1 Start thinking on Christmas 1 Only play game on phone one time a day at home 1 Text/Talk to one Choosen family member a day 1 Relax my shoulders 1 Read a book 1 Soak up the sun 1 Plan 1 Nightly downtime 1 Be in bed by 10:30 1 Put lotion on legs 1 Check ordering account 1 Floss after work Do 7 1 Floss before bed 1 Walk across beam once a day 1 Water 1 inside plant 1 Take Bloodpressure 1 Do one "Get that done already" jobs 7 1 One good thing 1 Check Yappy Dogs night water bowl 1 Give Agent K9 5 minutes playtime 1 Play with Cats Fight Chaos 1 Pennisula/Island Clean all these daily 1 Table / Half wall 14 1 Desk 1 Computer room ottoman 1 Bathroom up 1 Clean off file cabinet Do 3 1 Bathroom down 3 1 Clean off door to basement 1 Grandpa's table 1 Clean off Stairs and landing 1 Clean off tall dresser 1 Clean off nightstands 1 Clean off Dresser 1 Counter over dishwasher At least 5 minutes per room (at least one) 1 Garage 1 Dust one surface 1 Computer room 13 1 Basement 1 Random organizing project Do 2 1 Pick up one furtumbleweed a day 1 Empty out car daily 1 Clean our bathtub 1 Organize or purge one thing at Moms 1 Wash window or mirror 2 1 Clean 2 papers out of paper organizer 1 File 1 thing a day 1 Purge 1 thing a day Walking 1 Walk 10000 steps 8 1 Walk 15 minutes a day 1 Walk 10 minutes at lunch 1 Walk 5 minutes after dinner 1 Walk 5 minutes in morning do 2 1 Take Agent K9 for a walk 2 1 7 hours with 250 steps 1 Walk to Mordor Fuel 1 No eating after dinner 17 1 No stupid sugar 1 Track breakfast 1 Track Second breakfast do 3 1 Track Elevensies 1 Track lunch 1 Track Dinner 1 Track Supper 1 Eat A Salad 1 Take Probiotic 3 1 < 4 bottles of tea 1 Eat Dates Daily 1 Eat dried Apricots 1 Eat Breakfast 1 Eat Lunch 1 60 oz of water 1 Record sugar in G Total Points Possible 121 Did I complete 5 minutes in room Total points for day 21.00
  15. So, it basically goes like this. I stop checking the forums for whatever reason. Then I stop tracking what I’m doing. Then I stop doing them. And that’s not what I want. I want to get stronger. I want to like my body better. I want my life to be more than work. So, time to do some improvements. The first step is, what do I want? And I just did that. Next, how to get there? Well, it looks that the #1 thing is to not disappear from the forums. Okay, when are good times to be here? There’s during my lunch break at work. Maybe when I wake up? I’m less likely to do it during the day or before bed. I had been doing it during my commute. But that was eating my very limited data. So not doing that. Get stronger is pretty simple and straightforward. I have a kettlebell workout. I just need to do it. Liking my body better is a lot more complicated. But I have been doing washing my face as a goal for a bit. And that does help. Now, work/life balance… that’s where things get complicated. Because I don’t have a set schedule. Well, I do know my schedule for the next couple months. But the thing is, I’m essentially also on-call. If someone gets sick or has an emergency or asks for time off, I’m the first one that gets asked to come in. And upper management would rather overwork their workers than hire more people or create more positions. From what I’ve heard, they’re even okay with a lot of people getting overtime. Because they have a nice profit margin with the current set up. All of that to say, I am asked, but if I say no, there basically isn’t anyone else. And I like the people who run the locations where I do get called into. And I know they are already overworked enough without being short staffed. And that they are both looking around for new jobs seriously because of how they are being overworked. And on top of all that, I need the money. I’m finally getting to a point where I’m not behind on rent and important bills. Though one thing that I’m enjoying doing now is streaming games on Twitch during my free time. Focusing on doing it just for fun. There’s definitely anxiety around it. Cause I’m very awkward and I stutter and say words wrong sometimes. (I’m not using a camera.) But it gets a little easier each time.
  16. Here we have it. I turn 48 on November 2nd. We have Halloween (My youngest doesn't care), and then my Birthday. My Dad's is on the 8th, but he is in another state. November 19th is the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl! Thanksgiving is on the 25th of November here in the USA. All the things! During this challenge, it looks like my wife will be going in for surgery as well. She is getting the gastric bypass. She did have some other surgery years ago, but it didn't seem like they did much. There is also a stomach hernia they are removing. She'll be in the hospital for 2 to 3 days. Plus covid stuff, we probably won't be able to visit. We had planned to travel to my Sister-in-law's place for Thanksgiving, but who knows now. Lots in the air to get sorted. A side note, my wife will have to go on a liquid diet asap. Two weeks before surgery. Then 2 after surgery. She moves to soft foods after that. We have been starting to prepare, but this did just pop up suddenly. I don't think she will go in on surgery on my birthday, but will probably be going in on the 16th. We she was first trying to get things going, I toyed with the idea of doing the liquid diet with her. For support, but I would probably drop some quick pounds haha. Most likely, I won't be eating this way. So, it's not a challenge if there isn't lots of stuff in the air haha. I'm still going to attempt some goals. Hopefully, nothing gets too overwhelming. I can always adjust if I need. Time to build off of my previous challenge. Goal #1 - Make sure I get my rest Last week of challenge was a bit rough for sleep, and I haven't been super consistent this week as well. My goal is to get back to what I was doing. It just helps to give me the best chance at a successful day. Off to read at 10:30 PM. Then off to bed at 11:30 PM. In the morning, I need to wake up, and get ready. I usually give myself a little room for off to read, and off to bed. Going 1 point for each thing. 3 points per day, 21 points for the week. Goal #2 - Control food intake with tracking This will be the continuation from last challenge. Track each day in Cronometer, and don't go over calorie limits. This time I am going to be more strict. Like if I say 2500 is the limit, then 2501 is a fail. 2500 is pretty close to where I should be at. I think even 2300 might be better. First things first though, lets see if I can get a week of under 2500 calories. 2 points for tracking, 3 points for hitting calorie numbers each day. 35 points each week. Goal #3 - Walking with a side of workouts I got out and walked quite a bit last challenge. Much more then I had previously. I did max out at 20 minutes, but I can do more. Though, I don't want to just make it a time of moving. I might go on longer walks to play Pokemon Go. Then I don't have to worry if a stop to battle a raid or something. There also might be times to just do a warm up before actually working out. Yes, I said workouts. I want to start getting stronger again. The long time from now goal of doing a pull up is still there. Might as well start working on it again. I see this goal getting the most adjustments over the challenge. Hopefully, all in increasing things Week 0, I need to find, and finalize what I plan to do for workouts. I have my old workout spreadsheet I can pull from. My complex has a gym. Not the greatest thing ever. Lots of dumbells at least, and one machine that can do lots of different exercises. Also plenty of cardio stuff there. It's starting to get colder, and a few sprinkles of rain have been starting up. Week 1 I want to walk 5,000 steps each day. I also want to workout 3 times a week with one being in the gym. Workouts can be as low as 1 set of something this week. I mainly want to get myself doing the things, and start building it back up. If I do more, great! 3 points per day reaching step goal. 5 point for each workout done. 36 points each week. Goal #4 - Time to get through my cards and comics Part of a previous challenge, was getting things out of storage. We did get all the stuff out, and now I have boxes and boxes of cards. I also have comics too. The comics I need to organizes, and get bags and boards on the ones that are not done. All my sports cards need to be gone though. My Brother stole a ton of stuff from me back in the day. I need to see what I might have left. I know a lot of them are straight garbage cards. Like zero value. The problem for now, is they are taking up a lot of space. I need to sort out ones I will keep for now, then get rid of all the rest. It's just time consuming to go though some of them. I have a bit, but not nearly enough. I'll go with needing to go through 2 big boxes a week, or equal of the small sizes. 8 points a week Week total points: Week 1 (10/24 - 10/30) - 0/100 Week 2 (10/31 - 11/06) - 0/100 Week 3 (11/07 - 11/13) - 0/100 Week 4 (11/14 - 11/20) - 0/100 Week 5 (11/21 - 11/27) - 0/100 Challenge total points - 0/500 Measurements - Start / Finish (coming day 1) Chest - Waist - Bicep (L) - Bicep (R) - Thigh (L) - Thigh (R) - Weight - 364.1 lbs
  17. I'm just jumping right back into things. I've already got a bit of a thing going but I want to hone in on everything and just keep it moving. My real focus is habit, routine building, and consistency around a couple key areas. Goals 1. Do something active every single day. Walk the dog, do yoga, lift some weights. Doesn't really matter, just do something. 5 days out of 7 is success to me. Well, 7/7 would be ideal but I'm really working on going easy on myself. 6 months ago I was working out 0 days out of 7 and any improvement over that is a win for me. I found this harder when I was trying to schedule myself too strictly. Now I just do the thing as soon I have the time in the day and that's working really well. The big secret for me is just putting my workout clothes on. I just have to force myself to get dressed for the activity and by that time I'm invested and I'm not backing out. And it's pretty easy to convince myself to just put the shoes on when going for a walk sounds like too much. 2. Nail the sleep routine. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. I have discovered that sleep is the foundation on which everything else rests. Bad sleep for me means no workout, no healthy food, and bad moods. I really hate this on the weekend, but I have started to come around. I actually really like getting all my weekend errands done on Saturday morning and having the rest of the weekend to hang out and relax. It's a bit of a mindset shift and it is taking some time to adjust to but I am genuinely beginning to see the good in it. Noticing the benefits is a big motivator for me. I have a sleep book I've been taking tips from and that's super helpful. 3. Do the things my therapist tells me to do. Journal. Meditate. Read. I just keep forgetting. I want to set reminders on my phone but I haven't really figured out the time of day where this stuff works for me. So I want to spend a couple days experimenting and really trying to figure out where this makes sense on a daily basis and then keeping it up as a habit. I'm just grading everything out of 7 at the end of the week for the sake of simplicity.
  18. I read a book recently that said something about how eating well and exercising and all that for the purpose of not getting cancer or being sick etc. isn't a good thing because it comes from a place of fear and that just brings more negativity into everything. Or something like that. My eyes may have glazed over. But. I could use a little more positivity in my life. Instead of trying to change my habits so my medical issues go away, why not approach it as making changes to invite positive energy and healing instead? Does it sound hokey as hell? Absolutely. Am I going to try it anyway? Yep. Goals: 1. Walk a 2km loop every day to catch Pokémon. (subject to change) 2. Prepare two servings of food each day - could be two jars of overnight oats that just need milk added, a meal with leftovers for the next day, or even putting together some PB&J sammiches to toss in the fridge for a bad day. 3. Do two lessons of Duolingo every day. 4. Drink hot water with lemon every morning because it makes me feel nice and sparkly. Not new goals. Just a new approach. Fingers crossed.
  19. Look here for last challenge -> it pretty well describes what I am up against. The TLDR version, Life is hard. My mom needs a ton of care, and expects it with little regard for anything else and is not the nicest of people on a good day. Work is insane since its this time of year. Add in work drama that is “My perception” and I have almost no spoons left most days when it comes to lunch, but I can’t give in to the lack of spoons since too many people need me. I AM TIRED. I am overwhelmed more days than not, and I can’t just throw up my hands and hide in a blanket fort. It would only get worse instead of better. Most days, I Just want to curl up and hide, and it’s been getting worse. So I keep doing things for everyone else, but myself has been last so much I forget to care for me. I need some sort of control over my life. Control that is stripped from me more days that not. I need stability that is taken when I barely know what things will be like when I get off work. Mom has a ton of Dr Appointments this month that will GREATLY affect her moods. I also think there’s dementia starting in, so I cannot just walk away. It would only be worse later. One more fun thing. Starting in a few weeks, Hubby will be working 2nd shift for at least a month, maybe longer. This means all the things he is currently helping with will NOT be an option and I will become solo parent. Mom is aware but doesn’t seem to care. So I am back to working on boxes. I am trying to not give up and up in the wrong path because I took care of everyone else. I am trying to earn more energy by doing more. Mostly, I am trying to just feel like I have some control over something. But most days, I just need told I am not failing at all of this. I am not ruining my kids, I am not a sucky daughter (I get told that enough that I am a horrible daughter) and that It is going to be okay. So feel free to stick around if you have the spoons to hear all the negativity and my new attempts to remember the good. But know, there may be more failures here than wins. Big goal is to stop missing more than 1 or 2 days at a time and not miss weeks at a time. Boxes are below. I am not doing them all, just enough to feel like I am in control and more than just Mom’s caregiver and maybe JUST MAYBE working towards that person I want to be. Someone who will be able to care for themselves at 65. Goal Value Description Strength 1 Calf raises 1 Squats 17 1 Wall Sit (sec) 1 Side kicks Do 3 1 Leg lifts 3 1 Reverse sit ups 1 sit ups 1 Knee to Elbows 1 raised Arm circles 1 Torso Twists 1 Bicep extenstions 1 Table plank 1 Bicep curls with weights (3 lb) 1 Backward Leg Raises 1 Step ups 1 Side lunges 1 Desk push ups Flexibility 1 Wrist Extension Stretch 1 Wrist Flexion Stretch 21 1 Upward dog/Child pose 1 Meditating Groot 1 Lord of the dance Yoga (ankle above head) 1 Lower back stretch (One leg across body) 1 Chair Pose 1 Butterfly 1 Tricep stretch 1 wall stand 1 Bridge 1 Calf stretch Do 4 1 Ballet/toe Touch 1 Cresent Moon pose 4.00 1 Sitting Fix/Shoulder stretch 1 Warrior 1 1 Ankle Circles 1 Warrior 3 (Eagle bird thing) 1 Quad stretch 1 Side stretch 1 Forward bend Life and Family 1 Floss in morning 1 NF status update 1 NF reply one other thread 1 Take Calcium in AM 1 clean out elderberries 1 Brush Yappy dog 1 2 things for mom a day 1 Check Dad's email 31 1 Spend time with Agents 1 Pull weeds 1 Harvest garden 1 Walk garden once a day 1 Text/Talk to one family member a day (Chosen or Blood) 1 Water garden 1 Read a book 1 Soak up the sun 1 Plan 1 Nightly downtime 1 Be in bed by 10:30 1 Put lotion on legs 1 Check ordering account 1 Floss after work Do 7 1 Floss before bed 1 Walk across beam once a day 1 Water 1 inside plant 1 Take Bloodpressure 1 Sew on 1 badge for Eldest 7 1 One good thing 1 Check Yappy Dogs night water bowl 1 Give Agent K9 5 minutes playtime 1 Play with Cats Fight Chaos 1 Pennisula/Island Clean all these daily 1 Table / Half wall 14 1 Desk 1 Computer room ottoman 1 Bathroom up 1 Clean off file cabinet Do 3 1 Bathroom down 3 1 Clean off door to basement 1 Grandpa's table 1 Clean off Stairs and landing 1 Clean off tall dresser 1 Clean off nightstands 1 Clean off Dresser 1 Counter over dishwasher At least 5 minutes per room (at least one) 1 Garage 1 Dust one surface 1 Computer room 13 1 Basement 1 Random organizing project Do 2 1 Pick up one furtumbleweed a day 1 empty out car daily 1 clean our bathtub 1 Sort Produce on counter 1 Wash window or mirror 2 1 Clean 2 papers out of paper organizer 1 File 1 thing a day 1 Purge 1 thing a day Walking 1 Walk 10000 steps 8 1 Walk 15 minutes a day 1 Walk 10 minutes at lunch 1 Walk 5 minutes after dinner 1 Walk 5 minutes in morning do 2 1 Take Agent K9 for a walk 2 1 7 hours with 250 steps 1 Walk to Mordor Fuel 1 No eating after dinner 17 1 No stupid sugar 1 Track breakfast 1 Track Second breakfast do 4 1 Track Elevensies 1 Track lunch 1 Track Dinner 1 Track Supper 1 Eat A Salad 1 Take Probiotic 4 1 < 3 bottles of tea 1 Eat Dates Daily 1 Eat dried Apricots 1 Eat Breakfast 1 Eat Lunch 1 120 oz of water 1 Record sugar in G Total Points Possible 121 Did I complete 5 minutes in room Total points for day 25.00
  20. I'm excited to start another challenge and to be able to switch up my goals a little bit. I'll be keeping a few from the last challenge and adding a couple new ones. I've been toying with the idea of a themed challenge, but I think I'll keep that till next time. Time to make goals and hope I don't die trying to keep them. 😂 Goals for the challenge: Plants (P) As with the previous challenge, I will be tracking my plants and how often I take care of them. My goal with this is to keep my plants from dying. > Using an app to help track watering and when that needs to happen Reading (R) My goal will be to read a little bit every day and track what books I'm reading and see some progress. Audio books count! > *****I would like to FINISH reading the Silmarillion by the end of this challenge***** Water (W) As with previous challenges, I will continue tracking my water intake. I think that's about the only thing getting me close to enough water each day. (Which isn't good, I know, but it's a start.) > My goal is at least 71 oz per day (tracked with an app because my forgetful mind. lol) Writing (B) Seeing this GIF makes me wish I had a typewriter to do my writing on, but going through and doing my editing makes me glad that I'm writing on my computer instead. I'm currently in the editing stage of part of a book I started a while ago. (Mainly because I changed a scene and now have to go through and change everything I currently have, thankfully not much, in order for that scene to make sense.) After changing the scene I'll be able to go in and continue writing before doing my first official edit for the first draft. > Goal: To write or edit the book a little bit at least 3 times per week. Exercise (E) I was thinking about adding a goal to be more healthy with my food, but the stage of life I'm in right now doesn't much allow for that. 😕 So instead I get to keep my exercise goal again. My goal will be the same as it was last time: > To exercise every day. I'll continue to join in on the Daily Dare and add Pilates every other day (at least until I'm through the workout list I have for that. I'll find something to supplement that when the time comes.) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Looking forward to seeing how these next 5-6 weeks go and pretty much already ready for this week to be at its close.... lol > Will continue to do updates on the Sunday following a specific week. Unless I randomly decide to update more. lol
  21. Work. Workout. WTF. I am finally, thankfully, working again. But with that comes a lot of, well…. Everything. I don’t have a 9 to 5 sit at a desk job. It’s a standing, moving things, making food, and dealing with lots of people face to face job. With a seemingly constantly changing schedule. The unofficial goals of this challenge: don’t let anything burn down, don’t make anyone disappear, and don’t mouth off to the wrong people. The real goals: wash my face, have breakfast prepared, and update my dry erase wall calendar when something changes. Also to keep following September’s exercise plan. More details to come.
  22. Hey all, back again Seems like I just get in a mood, and bail on every challenge. I go and start pretty strong, then I'm suddenly it's just like my brain tags out. Then I end up just sitting there. With that, I'm going to still come back to try to fight it out. I even thought about just going with a one goal challenge to get the habits going. It's all going to be the same basic goals I normally have, I just need to get into the habit building. I want this challenge to be pretty fluid. My challenge goal is to get these established into being habits that I just do. I feel like I have setup it up to be very easy for me to do all of these things. As the challenge goes on, I hope to be able to add a little bit here or there if I need. Goal 1) Establish the sleep habit again. I feel like everything revolves around sleep. It's something I really need to get under control. It will matter for any exercise I do. It will matter for helping to make good mental decisions, including food choices. I've gotten back to too many 3am nights, getting up at 8:30, and staying lounging in bed to noon or later. My eventual goal. Reading at 10:30pm, bed at 11:30pm. Get up in the morning, and get moving. Friday nights, the wife and I catch up on our tv shows etc. It has gone into longer hours sometimes. I'll just deal with those when they happen. My goal will be to start off with going to bed at 11:30pm. Once I can at least do this, I can add back in reading and getting up right away. Hopefully, I can be at my goal before the end of the challenge. Week 2 addon - Get out of bed in the morning, asap. No more staying in bed for hours after I wake up. Week 3 addon - Get to reading at 10:30 pm 1 point per night. 7 for the week. Goal 2) Establish some exercise I have started bowling now, so at least there is something. I want to establish some exercise routine. Since the lockdown we all had, I just haven't been able to get something to stick. It will go well for a couple of days, then it all just goes away. I have gotten the code to our "gym" at our apartment complex. Nothing outstanding, but still, it has some things I can use too. Where I would like to be someday. Working out with weights 3 to 4 times a week. Also doing some walking/running again. Nothing major, but it would be nice to run multiple 5k distance a week again. I always have that eventual goal to get a pull up done, and then multiples Lots of that is far, far off for now. I need to focus it down. What can I do now, to help get me moving towards those goals? This goal is to walk. Everyday. Certainly, my brain say we can go right to walking 3 miles or more. I can't listen to that now. I did that before, and hurt myself haha. I get winded so fast now. All the extra weight, and lots of no movement currently. For now, my only goal here is to get out and walk for 5 minutes. Go get mail, or tale a loop around the complex. Whatever. Outside for 5 minutes, perfect. Going out to the store and walking around for 5 minutes, perfect. I don't care the activity, just as long as I am doing something. Eventually, I'll get the longer walks in, and playing Pokemon Go while I do it Week 2 addon - Get out for 10 minutes. More activity Week 3 addon - Get out for 15 minutes. Week 4 addon - Get out for 20 minutes. Any walking/workout activity for at least 5 minutes. 1 point each day. 7 points for the week. Goal 3) I need to establish some good eating habits I've done a few different things in the past. Keto worked well for me, I did whole 30 too. I've tracked what I ate without too many problems. I seem to go through phases where I just can't get something to work for me anymore. It's weird. I have been trying to incorporate better eating habits in recently. Lots of observations. Just I still sometimes just get overwhelmed with what I should do. I almost feel like having the structure of keto or whole 30 is what worked in my favor. Though, obviously not enough to still be doing that haha. I'm still working on trying to get in lower calorie/higher volume foods to help out. I'm starting to get myself eating more fruits and such. I'm going to work on tracking again. I'll switch back to myfitnesspal, just to have some bit of difference. I don't quite have a future vision yet for my eating habits. Obviously, I want to be able to eat the foods I like. work in progress for sure I suppose. Maybe eventually I'll work out to having more veggies or something. Or get back to food prep. Either way, for now, the goal is to simply track my food intake. MyFitnessPal shall be the app I use, but I will be flexible here. If I just even write it down, or take a picture, I'll accept it. I want this to just get me to be more aware of the foods I am eating again. Get back to seeing the portions I have. No real calorie goal, but for sure no 5000 calorie days haha. I'll check some sites to give myself a starting point, then adjust from there. Week 2 addon - Be below 3000 calories Week 3 addon - Be below 2500 calories Tracking food intake App/writing/picture. 1 point a day. 7 points each week. Goal 4) I need to stay active here. It's always more fun with friends, right? I don't want to go back to another challenge of checking in every day for a week, then suddenly decide I can't post because I had a fail day or something. That's really what gets me not posting. I keep the forum tabs open all the time. Sometimes I would just come and look around. I'd fully intend to post, but then just not do it. I don't want to say I have to post every day. At the very least though, I should post a few times a week. So my goal is to come and post at least 3 times a week. One post, 40 posts, it doesn't matter. I've also been an Ambassador for a really long time. I can recall the old days of messages with @Teros and others to divide up the threads, to make sure all people were at least welcomed in. This was before there was just rebels. The call has come out again from @Tanktimus the Encourager to help welcome others. I shall answer the call. I can recall my first time posting in the introduction forums. Just having someone reply to me was pretty cool. Especially, when I never expected anyone to even read it. I hope to help be that again for others. I don't want to overwhelm myself with too much there (did that in the past too ) I can for sure reach out to a few people though. Not one I would normally want to grade, but I want to make sure I stick with it. 7 points each week, posting at least 3 times each week. Challenge Point totals: Week 1 (09/12 to 09/18) - 26/28 - 92% Week 2 (09/19 to 09/25) - 25/28 - 89% Week 3 (09/26 to 10/02) - 22/28 - 78% Week 4 (10/03 to 10/09) - 23/28 - 82% Week 5 (10/10 to 10/16) - 17/28 - 60% Total challenge points - 113/140 - 80% Measurements Day 1 / Day 35 / Diff Weight - 370.2 lbs / 364.6 lbs / 5.5 lbs lost
  23. Tobbe Gets Ready for CNF So I, ehh, did a thing. I put down the deposit for Camp Nerd Fitness 😱 I'm super excited! 🙌 But I also realized I haven't fitnessed in like nine months (last challenge I did was Dec '20) 🙈 That changes now! People seem hesitant/scared/worried about signing up for camp because they're afraid they not nerdy enough. Or that they're not fit enough. Or they're afraid of going alone, or haven't traveled much. Or just generally that they won't fit in. They needed to use their 20 seconds of courage for those reasons. Personally I'm not worried about any of that. For me it's all about the cost of it all 💸 When I think about parting with all that money I feel slightly sick to my stomach 🤢 The deposit is refundable though, so I might still pull out. But either way, this feels like a great reason to start moving my body again! Since I've been away from all of this for so long I'm going to start off small and set goals that are physically easy for me. The challenging thing about the goals will be the time commitment and staying consistent. And not letting the goals take away any more of my sleep. I already don't sleep enough, but whenever I need to get more things done, sleep always seems to be the thing I don't prioritize enough 😴 Goals Keeping it simple by following the standard NF goalsetting guidelines "Pick 1-3 goals related to workouts, nutrition, and/or mindset to work on over the next 5 weeks." Workouts 20 minutes deliberate movement per day, any kind. Or 6000 steps. Nutrition Winter is coming. Which means it's time for vit D. Take vitamin D, Omega-3 and B12 daily. Mindset Meditate once a day. Relaxing, closing my eyes and taking a few deep breaths is enough. Doing anything more than that is neither better nor worse. And because I'm only human I'll give myself seven days in each of the categories that I'm allowed to skip (but never two in a row). Week 1 M T W T F S S 🚶‍♂️🏋️‍ 🌱💊 🧠🧘‍♂️
  24. https://i.gifer.com/X4x0. Firstly, it takes effort to stay up there. I've felt off balance for a bit. Lot's of changes and stuff. Can I get back to knowing what's what? Last time I felt like I was skipping along smoothly I had a solid plan. Thus, make a plan, and move on forward with baby steps. Goals: learning finish knitting a sweater (even if I'm not convinced I'll like the finished product) work on crochet sweater do knit vs crochet samples for work (also can I figure out how to adapt one pattern to other technique) study and become more comfortable with fancy sewing machines physical find a Darebee strength plan or adjust my own during this adapting phase run just to run stretch daily dare mental create a cleaning plan (get MrC involved with this) meditate/mindfulness use checklists again The most important thing will be getting the daily checklists set up. If I do 10 min/day of picking up and cleaning, I know I will feel better, but without that checklist I don't do it. Stretching needs constant reminders too. Why can't I just do the things without a list? Life's mysteries are mysterious. I will report back tomorrow when the daily list is done.
  25. So, historically I've been prone to leaping into Grand Plans that fail to get traction. I have a manic squirrel for a brain and am easily distracted by the shiny. (So. Much. Shiny!!) 1. Thus this first proper challenge back, I'm aiming to decide what my not-Grand goals are for 2022 and then play around with some plans on how best to track/achieve them. I have a pile of index cards with ideas and right now my main piles are: Health/Fitness, Art, Writing, Decluttering/Cleaning, Learning/Coding 2. Aim and bring up my 'I'm not thinking about it, it just happens' daily steps to a minimum of 2k a day through the Power Of Chores! (and decluttering). My current daily meanderings fluctuate from 1k-3k, so it shouldn't be that hard of a thing to manage. 3. Winnow off the Diet Coke so it's a 'migraine days only' sort of drink. To psych me up, here are all the things I've accomplished since I last did a NF challenge (many many moon ago): I got down to one Diet Coke a day (from 2-4 liters) and I drink a lot of water I've done a bunch of organizing of my art supplies so they are now in tupperware containers in the basement and easy to find I've lost 20-ish pounds, just by changing how I'm eating to something that's a better fit for how I like to eat (large meal in the middle of the day, less carbs) I did a lot of cleaning in the week off between jobs and I've done a good job maintaining that I picked up bullet journaling again in May and have been constantly experimenting to find things that work I've made crazy strides in fixing all the formatting issues with the blog and with adding images and summaries to the old Saturday Story Prompts posts! I've gotten a LOT better about marketing my art and ebooks and it looks like I may break even this year! (so the IRS won't hate me! 😅)
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