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Found 6 results

  1. Hello world! I'm Riviera16. I'm 19, she/her, and have been homeschooled most of my life. I've been following NerdFitness for several years and am excited to finally be officially joining the community! I'm generally a pretty creative person, though my hobbies are pretty varied. I love writing, drawing (including comics), 3D computer animation (though I've only done a little), fashion/costume design, and doing stage combat (how actors in movies do fight scenes), just to name a few. If I had three wishes, they would be 1) world peace and an end to suffering, 2) magic powers that let
  2. Hi, I'm Phil, and I've been lurking on/off for a few years. I used to use the dull and uninspired username of pgnoon, but I got bored. I set myself the target of completing one 'new' 4 week challenge, and getting to the 150 post limit set for changing username. I've done both. As a massive Terry Pratchett fan (particularly the Discworld books), I've settled on my new moniker. BLACKBOARD MONITOR. Like Death in the novels, BLACKBOARD MONITOR SPEAKS IN CAPITALS, AND WITHOUT SPEECH MARKS. MY WORDS TRANSCEND THE SOUNDWAVE/EAR RELATIONSHIP, AND TRAVEL STRAIGHT INTO YOUR BRAIN. I won't always
  3. Hello All! I'm very motivated to have joined Nerd Fitness finally. I read a few articles a while back, got really impressed, a little motivated and then really tired and totally lazy... but, I'm back! and for real this time - even paid a fee and everything. A bit about me: My name is Beth; I am 33 in November; I am an American living in Australia, and I am a SAHM with a soon to be 4 yo and triplets that just turned two. I am currently 87.9 kg on Day 1, with some fused vertebrae from a car accident ages ago and some military service, and a deep seated need to do this right this time, despi
  4. I guess I'll start here, hello everyone, my name is Knichtus. Do not let the masculine name fool you as it always does I am female (however I feel more comfortable with a male persona so he or she is fine though i really prefer he ) *cough* Anyhow. I am right now a student at University of Texas at Dallas (just turned 18 actually), my goal is to become a Design Engineer, double majoring in Engineering and Arts and Technology (yes i know, this is gonna take me like 8 years, I know.) However I strong with the one thing that every Monster Hunter needs: self-esteem. Monster hunter is my favori
  5. Hi, everyone. I'm excited about joining the Rebellion (that sounds so cool). A little (or more) about me: From a very young age (let's go back to 1978), I remember wanting nothing more than to save the world from pain, suffering, and injustice. My dad and I had two special clubs we created. One was the Peace Club. That was awesome. Our charter said that we would never turn anyone away so long as he or she had an honest and good heart, even if letting them in meant we had to forgive them for something first. Anybody could join. Our vision statement was something along the lines of "The purs
  6. Hello! I'm a wife and a first time mom. I have a beautiful daughter who brings me so much joy .... and drives me kinda crazy... on a daily basis. Honestly I'm blessed to be able to stay home with her most of the time, but I work also. I work 2 or 3 12-hour overnight shifts a week as a nurse. I've never been teeny tiny, but my weight started bothering me enough for me to actually do something consistantly after my daughter was born. 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 months after her birth, and I had not lost any of the pregnancy weight keeping me at an unhealthy 210lbs. Just to be clear... I still weighed the
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