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Found 6 results

  1. Hello world! I'm Riviera16. I'm 19, she/her, and have been homeschooled most of my life. I've been following NerdFitness for several years and am excited to finally be officially joining the community! I'm generally a pretty creative person, though my hobbies are pretty varied. I love writing, drawing (including comics), 3D computer animation (though I've only done a little), fashion/costume design, and doing stage combat (how actors in movies do fight scenes), just to name a few. If I had three wishes, they would be 1) world peace and an end to suffering, 2) magic powers that let me bring the stories and ideas I have in my head into real life instantly, and 3) ...saving the last wish for if something goes wrong and someone really needs it. One day, I want to live in Hawaii because I can't stand the cold but love summer weather, beaches, swimming in the ocean, good seafood, and the possibility of working at a radio observatory. When it comes to fandoms, I'm really into fantasy and sci-fi. I particularly enjoy watching sci-fi shows and movies and thinking about how the science behind them works- or doesn't. Which isn't that surprising, given I'm also a huge space/physics geek. I tend to like just about any type action-adventure movies or shows, from Marvel to RWBY (That being said, I do have a certain leaning toward dystopian fiction...). I don't think I can pick a single #1 fandom, but some of my all-time favorites include Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, The Expanse, Lord of the Rings, & Game of Thrones. I also play D&D 3.5e and 5e and am currently playing in three different campaigns and helping run one more. When I first started working out over a year ago I was dealing with a number of unexplained joint injuries that simply refused to heal. It didn't make any sense, especially considering I'm an otherwise healthy older teen/young adult. We tested for all kinds of autoimmune conditions or underlying issues but got nothing. Eventually, with the help of some physical therapy and a personal trainer at the gym I joined it became clear the problem was coming from certain muscles being weaker than their neighbors or just all the muscles in a given area needing strengthening. I began working on strength training and as time passed things slowly got better. I've made a fair bit of progress since I first set out on this journey but I know I still have a ways to go. My fitness goal, in a nutshell, is to be a ninja action hero in real life. At the moment I'm focusing on strength training with a mix of bodyweight and weight-lifting exercises. I hope to keep building strength while eventually moving into learning parkour and martial arts and possibly even getting back into dance (I did ballet for many years when I was younger but stopped when things became too drill-focused; I never picked it up again and frankly still miss it.). Meanwhile, I look forward to being able to track my progress as I part of the rebellion and getting to meet some fellow rebels! My challenge: https://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/116492-battle-against-boredom/
  2. Hi, I'm Phil, and I've been lurking on/off for a few years. I used to use the dull and uninspired username of pgnoon, but I got bored. I set myself the target of completing one 'new' 4 week challenge, and getting to the 150 post limit set for changing username. I've done both. As a massive Terry Pratchett fan (particularly the Discworld books), I've settled on my new moniker. BLACKBOARD MONITOR. Like Death in the novels, BLACKBOARD MONITOR SPEAKS IN CAPITALS, AND WITHOUT SPEECH MARKS. MY WORDS TRANSCEND THE SOUNDWAVE/EAR RELATIONSHIP, AND TRAVEL STRAIGHT INTO YOUR BRAIN. I won't always do this, just for my challenge posts. I FEEL GREAT ANTICIPATION. I HOPE WE WILL BE FRIENDS. EDIT: Current measurements. There aren't any fitness-related numbers to record, because I don't really do anything at the moment. I'm like a beginner, except for the psychological baggage of knowing what I used to be able to do. Weight: 77.5 kg / 170.9 pounds Waist: 35 inches / 88.9 cm Average of 3 different body fat calculators - 22%
  3. Hello All! I'm very motivated to have joined Nerd Fitness finally. I read a few articles a while back, got really impressed, a little motivated and then really tired and totally lazy... but, I'm back! and for real this time - even paid a fee and everything. A bit about me: My name is Beth; I am 33 in November; I am an American living in Australia, and I am a SAHM with a soon to be 4 yo and triplets that just turned two. I am currently 87.9 kg on Day 1, with some fused vertebrae from a car accident ages ago and some military service, and a deep seated need to do this right this time, despite the fact that I have been a 'bare minimum' type of person my whole life. Why I'm doing this: I'm doing this because I'm tired of using my current life (a billion kids and no sleep) as a reason not to like myself. I want to feel attractive, be proud of what my body can do, and when my kids say they want to be like me, I want that to be a good thing. Who I am (my quest): I am somebody who will try a new type of physical activity at least once a month until I find something I love. I am somebody who weights less than 74 kg, and can do 10 pull ups, 50 push ups and the splits. How I'm going to do this: *drinking 4 cups of water per day (3 - 4 more cups that I drink on average) *flex training 10 minutes 3x per week *push ups/pull ups - one set of each 2x per week, gradually building larger sets *sleep by 10 pm (I can't control having to wake up heaps through out the night, freaking kids, but I can control when I start trying to sleep) *meditation for at least 5 minutes a day (I need to be more calm with myself and my family so I don't lose my motivation to be happy because of my anger) *Batcave chores for 1 hour per day (we are in a constant state of upheaval around here, and I'm fairly type A, so I need to tackle those big projects one bit at a time until they are done. It's good exercise and better for my mental health) Sorry that was so long, I wanted it out there, so I am held accountable by peer pressure but wish me luck!
  4. I guess I'll start here, hello everyone, my name is Knichtus. Do not let the masculine name fool you as it always does I am female (however I feel more comfortable with a male persona so he or she is fine though i really prefer he ) *cough* Anyhow. I am right now a student at University of Texas at Dallas (just turned 18 actually), my goal is to become a Design Engineer, double majoring in Engineering and Arts and Technology (yes i know, this is gonna take me like 8 years, I know.) However I strong with the one thing that every Monster Hunter needs: self-esteem. Monster hunter is my favorite game, I love the though of running around, gathering materials and beating up epic beasts on a daily basis, which is why it landed a spot as my favorite game. I love drawing, and placing ideas on papers. Sci-fi is my favorite genre and i hope to be able to create things for and from that. However for me to accomplish my goal I need confidence, I wanted to start getting healthier but just the thought of doing exercises fills me with anxiety to the point of panic attacking, judged for eating healthy makes me stop breathing from the stress, like the constant feeling of piercing glares watching my every decision. This effects me with everything, art, homework, trying to make a comment in class. I've been getting therapy for it but still its hard, I can only function minimally without feeling like I'm being watching doing anything. The only way to work out is for me to make it like a game, something like...I'm fighting or in a battle. (wielding weapons, I used to do Brazillian Jui Jitsu) I am right now 5'2" (shortie) at 163 lbs, instead of ogre I like to say I'm a were-american badger or bear (i love animals and have the temper and tenacity of both), my goal isn't necessarily to lose weight but I'd like to become stronger, I have uncontrollable strength already so I want to get more of handle on it and increase it. I hope to base my workout off play and monster hunter things, my body has to be completely involved to get interested and entirely focused. I asked as my christmas gift to get me a shot loadable sledgehammer and a tire. My goal is eventually to get a medicine ball or rope. I love biking, especially with my dog, however he's too small and lazy to keep up with me constantly so I'm hoping a larger dog I hope to be adopting will be ready to join me on my adventure. (Typically bikejoring and mountain biking) I hope while I'm here that I can build a good base and reach my goals, it is nice to meet everyone!
  5. Hi, everyone. I'm excited about joining the Rebellion (that sounds so cool). A little (or more) about me: From a very young age (let's go back to 1978), I remember wanting nothing more than to save the world from pain, suffering, and injustice. My dad and I had two special clubs we created. One was the Peace Club. That was awesome. Our charter said that we would never turn anyone away so long as he or she had an honest and good heart, even if letting them in meant we had to forgive them for something first. Anybody could join. Our vision statement was something along the lines of "The pursuit of world peace at all costs." And we were serious about the "at all costs" part. Our second club (which was a super secret, level 1 membership club) was the War Club. This club maintained exclusive membership rules. To date, the War Club has inducted only two members. I'm one. The other just turned 71 today (Happy Birthday, Dad!). Between the two of us, we have more than a century of War Club experience. We are kind of lethal, but not in a bad way. You know...in a "great power = great responsibility" kind of way. We maintained that war was and forever shall be a very last resort. Anything is possible through the art of negotiation until, of course, it's not. That's when war comes in. Growing up as a budding super hero, though, was not easy for me. You see...I was a fat kid. FAT. I can't really pinpoint when that happened, but I'd guess sometime after 1st grade. As much as I loved the idea of being a super-strong defender of justice, I loved the sensation of eating food. Chips and dips, sugary sodas, diet sodas (arguably worse), and pizza. My dad, a lawyer, was not exactly the sports and nutrition role model. My mom tried to help, but it's hard helping a kid hell-bent on eating everything in sight. Plus...I was kind of a cute fat kid. At some point, I figured out some basic "fitness" and "diet" rules and managed to lose a few pounds by my mid teens, but I never achieved that superhuman form I always dreamed of having. I played football, hockey, and baseball for years, but I never got good at any of them because I hadn't unearthed my inner athlete. I went off to college and forgot all about fitness and good nutrition (a unique story for sure). I gained twenty or so pounds, and dropped out after a year with nothing but a sad GPA to show for it. That's when I had my first, major life-defining moment. Not long after I turned 20, I finally got my chance to be a super hero for real. I decided to join the military. Unfortunately, for about 10 years, I totally blew the opportunity by doing only what the military required of me physically. At about the 11-year mark, I got serious. I got slimmer and stronger than I'd ever been. I looked incredible and felt unstoppable. No fad diet plans. No 30-day DVD series. Just me, the road, and lots of two-day split dumbbell workouts. I maintained it all for about 2 years. I was a beast! The only thing out of place was my long-term smoking habit (picked that up in high school). So I quit. Just like that. That was three years ago. That was 25 pounds ago. I'm still working out. I'm strong. I'm athletic. I've got loads of endurance. I'm a warrior to the core. I look sloppy, though, and I feel worse. My diet sucks, and my training consistency is, well...inconsistent. And so it's time for another life-defining moment, and this seems like the perfect place to kick off the journey. Yeah. I'm ready for something awesome. Thanks for letting me join the Rebellion Club. Oh...sorry, Steve. I mean, "the Rebellion." Best wishes, everyone! P.S. My Kryptonite: Pizza, and chips with salsa. Don't tell the bad guys!
  6. Hello! I'm a wife and a first time mom. I have a beautiful daughter who brings me so much joy .... and drives me kinda crazy... on a daily basis. Honestly I'm blessed to be able to stay home with her most of the time, but I work also. I work 2 or 3 12-hour overnight shifts a week as a nurse. I've never been teeny tiny, but my weight started bothering me enough for me to actually do something consistantly after my daughter was born. 2, 4, 6, 8, 9 months after her birth, and I had not lost any of the pregnancy weight keeping me at an unhealthy 210lbs. Just to be clear... I still weighed the same that I weighed fully pregnant at 40 weeks!!! So in January I decided it was really time for a change. I started working out and counting my calories. I've lost 12 lbs eating 1530-2100 calories a day and doing Turbo Jam (40 minutes) or Zumba (50 minutes) 4-6 times a week. Last week I had to stop my work-outs because my knee had begun to hurt. I felt kind of disgruntled with the whole thing and though I'd start something different to keep my momentum up. Part of my idea for this journey is not to spend a bunch of money (no gym membership, new bike, lots of new equipment etc) SO I had decided to try body weight circuits. I stumbled across Nerd Fitness and I was hooked!! I read the Basic Body Weight Circuit and really liked Steve's support of people working out at home. I decided to read some other articles, and I literally had to stop myself and go to bed!!! haha. After reading Staci's story I decided to jump in with both feet. She is what I've always wanted to look like!!! My Goals: -Basic Body Weight Routine MWF -Start eating Paleo by Monday 3/18 -Weigh weekly on Friday Morning. I'm hoping for a weight loss of 1 lb a week, but I anticipate a little delay as I figure out what works with my work-outs and Paleo -Measurements once monthly on the first Friday of every month starting in April - Figure out how cardio factors into my workouts in the next two weeks - Buy some calipers in the next two weeks to start measuring body fat Seems like a lot maybe, but if I'm gonna do this... I'm gonna do it.
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