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  1. Hello there friends. I have been gone a bit. In early September I ended up in the ER, thinking I was dying of a heart attack. Instead, it turns out I had advanced gallbladder disease that had been ignored for a decade, because every time I had sought treatment for the symptoms, it was dismissed as an anxiety/panic attack. I spent September thru December radically changing everything about my diet, and discovered that an aggressively low-fat, high-fiber diet is the best thing I could have done for myself in many ways. Wish I'd learned that years ago, really. I built myse
  2. Hey nerds, Jupiter here. So I'm a little late to this challenge. Work has been kicking my butt lately (more than usual), but I'm going to try to be here and do what I can. My list of goals: - Strength training - Yoga - Eat healthy breakfast/dinner - Revise my novel - Read - Meditate I should probably be more specific with them but honestly whatever I'm able to do I'm happy with. I just don't want to lose these good habits so even if I can only do one thing for five minutes, I will call it a win. Anyway, let's do this.
  3. Hi Nerds! I'm Merrin. I haven't done a proper challenge for over a year at least. It may look like I have a lot of goals, but all of these fall in line with my daily schedule. I was going to Culinary school but had to withdraw last April. I need structure to thrive, so putting my goals down along with writing a daily schedule with my partner is really going to be good for me. We just bought a house! We drove 1100 miles across the country to move into a house built in 1900 (yes it's 120 years old) and used to be a funeral parlor! It's old and spooky and sometimes bats get in. It ne
  4. Alright here I go, my first five weeks of 2021! Getting straight to the point, my 3 goals for this challenge are: 1. CONSISTENTLY consume 3L (96oz) of water each day. - I have already been doing this off and on. One time I had a one month streak! The goal here for me is consistency, habit, something I don't think about, I just do. - I believe getting enough water provides a natural cleanse and promotes weight loss which is something I'm also striving for. - I suffer with eczema, extremely dry skin, and inflammation and believe more water in my system may help with this - Curr
  5. In my last challenge, I had COVID. I made some progress, but I wasn’t able to fulfill all my fitness goals. It is time to press on. My Goals: 1. Lose 10 lbs. I will eat in a caloric deficit while intermittent fasting. I am tracking calories and macros on my phone using Macros and using a fasting program on the Zero app. Also, I am drinking a minimum of 3500 ml of water a day as part of my fasting regimen. I will monitor and adjust to avoid hyper-hydrolysis if necessary. 2. Continue push up challenge. I will do 100 push ups 3 days a week and
  6. Okay, now that we've finally flushed the giant turd that was 2020 (as my nephew so eloquently puts it), let's see if we can't get something good out of the remainder of this miserable cold season. Here are my three goals for the allotted time: 1) Get my bedroom in order. It is currently a pretty big mess. First step is to pick up and throw out all the actual garbage, then start sorting clothes. I'm hoping, by February, to not only have it clean, but also better organized, more visually appealing, and generally more conducive to rest and comfort. 2) Gradua
  7. So. I had my bell rung pretty hard last month, and it really didn't hit me until a couple of days before Christmas just how big a tailspin I was in, when I had that realisation I decided to do what I usually do whenever the room starts spinning: sit down, breathe, and take stock while reality settles down. Doesn't help that I started eating waaay too much of the wrong things because: self sabotage. I paid a pretty high price for not just taking two days to breathe and think things through, but now, it's a new year, things are moving again, and I'm going to end this year in a much better positi
  8. Hey there, this social interaction box thing is big and scary. I signed up for NF Prime 2 weeks ago on my 40th birthday. I have been doing whatever I wanted resulting in many aspects of my life not being what I -want- them to be. Not sure what evil wizardry made that happen but I am here to learn the ways of the old ones, and fight what ever needs fought to get things where I want them to be. I have set a ton of goals (ok its more like a dozen) for this year. Don't worry most of them are continuations of things I already do but want to be more consistent with. For this chall
  9. I'm baaaack! I feel like it has been forever, and given 2020, maybe it was. 'Course it's a little shorter than might be, given that I lost October to COVID. Downside of the virus (for me): miserable. Upside: lost 28 lbs. Downside: gained 16 of it back. I guess going a month without eating is all my body could handle. But I'd fallen off the NF wagon back in May, so I'm overdue for a re-spawn. I've been a rebel - just trying to be healthier - but after so long, I feel like a rookie. So here I am! Mind: Track my food intake. I know what to do, but I need to do i
  10. Jennifer Ocean is overweight, passive, and feeling stuck. Her life has thus far been unremarkable. Is life little more than drudgery followed by the shadow of the grave? It seems that it is so. Day follows dreary day, with her waking hours consumed by work and mindless entertainment. She waits, for surely something better will come along, someday. But one day, a new thought intrudes. The magical someday has not arrived to whisk her to riches and perfection. Is it possible...dare she even think...that the mysterious someday will never come? That in fact, without change, every day w
  11. So respawning again. But this time both my husband and my daughter are on board. We have a lot of work to do, mostly teaching them about various things I've learned while collecting underpants. Goal 1: Lose 10 lbs (~2lbs/week) Goal 2: #MBF 3 week program (1 complete and 2 weeks into second round) first with no to light weights depending on the exercise to focus on form, second round with increasing weights as necessary Goal 3: Follow 2B mindset - Water First, Veggies Most, The scale is our friend, Track Daily
  12. This is my fourth challenge since returning. My previous ones had... mixed success. This one will be better. Yeah, positive thinking, right? I’ve previously used a stat system for my challenges, which was fun. So I’m reviving that, more or less. The stats are Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Sanity, and Charisma. There are also points from doing the goals, which I can redeem for loot. Which I have listed in a wishlist. This challenge, I have four goals. Two are repeats from my last challenge (with a little tweaking). One is from my first. And one is a new goal. All of
  13. COVID-19 has been detected in your saliva sample. Please contact your primary care physician and inform him/her of your test results. That right there is the world's least surprising lab result. There are 5 people in this house, and 3 of them had already tested positive before I went to get my test Monday morning. I've had symptoms since last Wednesday, but if all that wasn't proof enough that i have it, losing my sense of smell last night really sealed the deal. A quick rundown of the cast of characters. I'm Whisper, 36 years old. I work as a maintena
  14. I'm continuing my efforts from my last challenge to become more myself again, also known as becoming purple. In order to reach that end I need to feel more in control of my world. I will seize control again! And hopefully rediscover some of my darkness along the way. Maybe I'll set up a goth metal workout playlist. I'm going forth with a refreshed attitude, ready to put in the effort and have fun too. Using my handy challenge journal, planner, and financial journal, I will TRACK ALL THE THINGS! Pretty basic stuff actually. Fitn
  15. December was very hard. I do mobile xray. I drive around with a portable X-ray machine and take X-rays of people who can’t get out. The job takes me in and out of several nursing homes every day. At the beginning of the shutdown, things were stressful because we didn’t know exactly what was going on or what we needed to do to keep our patients and ourselves safe. We figured it out and instituted protocols that have worked fairly well. The protocol for portable X-ray and phlebotomy is full contact isolation at all times. Mask, gown, gloves and face shield at all times whenever I enter
  16. [SOMEDAY IS TODAY] They drifted across a vast landscape. Directly below, stretching endlessly outwards in almost every direction, was a forest of the like they had never seen. Immense trees with impossibly thick, red barked trunks reached up towards the sky, deep green canopies spreading below the blazing might of two suns. Below, though not so far as to be called small, other canopies reached up with many hands. Some were broad leafed and fluttered in the light breeze, some were sharp, like needles, and some were narrow. It was impossible to put a name to every shade of green the
  17. In 2020, almost everything went different than planned. In 2020, my challenges didn't go well and I feel like my fitness has stagnated. In 2021, I'm going to do my challenges differently: I'm going to set myself some "milestone" goals for the year and relay my challenges to complete them. No more "do x training y times a week" goals, but "complete goal z this/next/later challenge". Hopefully it will give me more focus and make me feel more accomplished. I want to complete at least 1 milestone per challenge (8 or 9 total in 2021). Long list of possible milestones: For this fi
  18. Know that feeling where you are standing at the start of your journey? Your goal seems hefty, maybe a little bit overwhelming... Yet you are still cautiously optimistic and maybe even excited to start. That's what January feels like to me. This will be my 50lb year. I am going to lose 50lbs by Dec 31, 2021. Can I do it? Yes. Will I do it? I'm definitely going to give it my all. Afterall if I don't even try then it for sure won't happen 🤭 Challenge Quest: Lose 5lbs - 1700 calories daily - 2L water daily - 2 extra movements in addition to 3 horseback rides
  19. My backstory – married Mom to 2 human Agents of Chaos (Children (almost 13 and 17)), 3 Furry Cat agents ( Agent Black 3, Agent White 2 yo and Agent Twilight 1year old), 1 Dog Agent K9 (5) and might as well be mine Dog Agent Yappy (He’s been here since September, my mom can’t care for him 11 yo). My Dad died last year and my mom is not functioning. So the world here isn’t great. But part of me wonders if anywhere in the world is great now. I am trying to get back to a place where I am not always angry, but I also need to allow myself to be miserable and depressed. I have had depression s
  20. The core idea is a bit of shock treatment, making use of the New Year momentum while rapidly dropping the extra weight gained during this lockdown and the holidays. That should be January, then settling into less extreme and more sustainable measures come February. Workouts: Need something focused on rapid weight loss, so less strength training, more cardio. Since running or skip rope are out of the question due to winter and lockdown, HIIT will have to do instead. Darebee's 30 days of HIIT Advanced program ticks all those boxes, while providing a structured sequence and pretty short (but
  21. 2019 into 2020 I really started struggling. 2020 was the full blown meltdown. In 2021, there will still be many things out of my control. That being said, it's time to get back to setting myself up for success. I've never been that big of a New Years resolution type person. In 2018 though, that actually worked for me. I setup up the goals. I had some motivation knowing that most people fail to keep up with the resolutions over the years. It was like I was in competition with the world to know that I was going to be one of the few to stick to my goals. Yeah, I still had struggles, but overall
  22. To say that I am a long time lurker would be the understatement of the year, and that's saying something considering the year that it has been. I'm J, I've been an off-and-on NF lurker since about 2015, and I am finally ready to inch into the sunlight to make real changes to my lifestyle. I have been battling against my body and health for the last 5 years which has been a disheartening and frustrating journey. It felt like for every step forward, the chains around my ankles became heaver and heavier (literally...I am now at the heaviest BW that I have ever been). I am tired
  23. Tobbe has Nutrition and Fitness Goals I'm very cautious when it comes to food rules. Food rules were a major contributing factor to me developing an eating disorder that nearly killed me. Since I recovered from the eating disorder I've been doing Intuitive Eating. This has lead me to a point where a lot of my meals are vegan or vegetarian. And so I think I could benefit from getting some more protein in my diet. I know it's absolutely possible to get enough protein on a vegan diet. And I'm not really worried I'm not getting enough protein from a general health perspect
  24. Checking in for Zero Week! I'm an Aussie gal, 29 for now, and I usually hang out in Rebel. I'm in the process of breaking free of a serious slump, so I'm taking a slow and steady approach these days. My last challenge had really broad goals which allowed me a lot of flexibility, so I'll build on that a little. It wouldn't do me any good to set specific goals at this time because I just want to do everything. This morning I got up early, had a shower, did a half-hour walk, a 20-minute yoga session, five minutes of meditation, updated my bullet journal and drank a litre of water, all
  25. My brain is broken and I do better at sticking to goals when I'm doing stuff during challenge periods but not actually telling people what I'm doing. It's annoying but for now, it works. I'm switching it up a tiny bit this time though, and I'm going to use my thread to keep track of the water I'm drinking and whether or not I'm tracking my food. These aren't challenge goals but I do need to do better at both so we'll see what happens. General disclaimer: my current living/life situation is shitty but the only way it's changing is if someone dies. Other options have been considered
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