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  1. So, all...I've recently turned 58 and hit my highest weight ever for my 5'10" frame (265lbs). I've been struggling with high blood pressure, visceral fat and a stalled metabolism. I'm out of breath walking up a moderate 100 foot hill to my morning meeting. My current physical state has me overwhelmed, feeling very vulnerable, struggling with self esteem, and caring less and less about the way I look. The bloating and heart-burn I experience lately disgust me, and I have zero motivation to work out. Somewhere along the way, I got lost. Recent efforts this past summer to exercise and
  2. Kuros, through passed down stories that have become nothing more than legend, is known to most as the "Knight Warrior of the Books of Excalibur," but few would know it upon meeting this unassuming hero. Less bulky warrior and more agile ranger, with a mind sharper than any blade (except Brightsword, of course), Kuros is a servant of light, far more humble than the picture this old keeper of lore will paint for you. Always cloaked and seldom seen, it would be easy to mistake him for an assassin (a poor one at that if he is indeed seen), or a scout. Alas, this is not the case. Jack of all trades
  3. Time to turn my back on The Empire once again! I need to get my nutrition in order, so this challenge will be all about sorting out my diet, which is in terrible shape at the moment. Goals: 1. Get help to setup a nutrition plan and execute it 2. Cold turkey on video games for this challenge at least. That's it for now, it will involves sub goals I expect which I'll update later once I have the plan. I'm going to setup a session with a nutritionist and ask for a 4 week food plan.Hopefully I can get a session sorted out this week.
  4. OK somehow I posted my new challenge to the old forum so am copying and pasting to the correct forum Posted 13 September 2015 - 05:25 PM I've been away from the challenges for a couple of months and now I'm rested and rejuvinated it's time to respawn. My goal for this challenge is simply to climb back on the NF wagon gently by making life as easy and stress-free as I can. This will involve: 1. Walk! STA+2 CON+2 CHA+1 Fairly simple to explain, I'll just strap on my pedometer, get up and walk around. A = 221k steps and over B = 211k - 220k steps C = 200k - 210k steps F = Under 200k steps
  5. I've been away from the challenges for a couple of months and now I'm rested and rejuvinated it's time to respawn. My goal for this challenge is simply to climb back on the NF wagon gently by making life as easy and stress-free as I can. This will involve: 1. Walk! STA+2 CON+2 CHA+1 Fairly simple to explain, I'll just strap on my pedometer, get up and walk around. A = 221k steps and over B = 211k - 220k steps C = 200k - 210k steps F = Under 200k steps 2. Organise! DEX+1 CON+1 WIS+2 CHA+1 Using a blend of the techniques described in Marie Kondo's book, The life changing magic of tidy
  6. I'm a little late to the party... My husband and I wanted to join the 6-week challenge, but we were really busy finishing half marathon training! Now that the race is over, we can focus 100% on this challenge! This is my first time posting on Nerd Fitness and my first time being excited about joining a "program" to get healthy. A little backstory: I live in Ohio with my husband and 2 cats. I'm in my mid-20's, and right now I'm going to school part-time for music therapy and working part time for a before/after school program at an elementary school. I'm running around most of the day, and
  7. Hey everybody Rogue Squadron's back! As always this post will be updated with members and their threads. Be sure to sign up on the sign-up sheet. We also have a Facebook Group, check it out! Usual tips apply, be sure to subscribe to this thread, to your own thread, and to the thread of other Rogue's. Hoping to do some challenges and Google Hangouts this time through. MEMBERS RogueWelkin - RogueWelkin References Kilts In A Clever Thread Name (Challenge 9) Annie1120 - Me vs Myself Part II ScoutSays - Scoutsays... ain't it fun... Living in the real world... Challenge 6 Wovercast - Wovercast Gr
  8. Hi all! I've joined the chat a couple times and really enjoyed meeting a couple of the regulars in there - Ratchetz (sp?), Catspaw, that other one who changes her name based on what she's doing..., spezzy, and that's just from memory. I can tell that The Rebellion is going to suit me just fine. Lessee... I'm 27, been married for a year. I was in the best shape of my life before my long distance boyfriend moved in--but, as they say, love causes weight gain! I was on track for a while, and even did numerous 5k, including the Warrior Dash, then I had a major set-back. I developed a ba
  9. Hey all, Rogue Squadron is back yet again. As Always this post will be updated with members and links to their current challenges. Rogue Squadron is mostly about showing support for our members (and non-members) out on their own topics, but we're always open for conversation in here as well. As always make sure you follow this topic, your topic, and the topics of each of our members in order to get the most out of the group. Good Luck this challenge! MEMBER LIST Rogue Welkin: Kilty Kilty Om Nom Nom - RogueWelkin Challenge 7 Wovercast: Wovercast Breaks Down the Macros Mangostrike: A New Hop
  10. So, hi! I'm posting three days officially after the challenge started, but I've been officially into the challenge since the 14th. I'm not a forum person and (insert other excuses)... Writing makes everything official. Short story long: I've been struggling with weight all my life. Genetics, anyone? Diabetes on one side, morbid obesity on the other. On my worst days I got to 90Kg, best ones 65 (when I was a teen and I made a mad diet which was probably illegal). Three years ago I was 85kg and had been around there for a while. After six hard months dieting I got to 71kg. I went slowly up.. t
  11. This isn’t going to be long or fancy. I’m a sword fighter – not a belly dancer… Main Quest: Achieve 20% Body Fat - Goal 1: Substitute healthy foods for sugar cravings (I have an addiction) - Goal 2: Consume sugar only once every seven days (still too much, I know) - Goal 3: Eliminate all grains except some rice (basically paleo) Life Quest: Have a violin or Spanish lesson daily. I guess I’m not allowed to have side quests yet. Motivation: I have discovered TRUTH about food/fitness/weight management and want to LIVE by it – not just know it –
  12. Hey everybody, Rogue Squadron is back in action. As always member list will be placed here in the OP, and be regularly updated as we gain members. Members: RogueWelkin: RogueWelkin: Episode IV - A New Hope KingLeeroy: KingLeeroy's Castle of Grind, Challenge 4. Wovercast: Wovercast Survives the Holiday Gauntlet Tateman: Tateman's Challenge #4 - "Run, Fatboy, Run... To Spartan Race!" SirHammerlock: Hammerlock's fourth time JohnnyShoes: Johnny Shoes can do all the things!! BruceHeat: Bruce is going to hit those numbers challenge! Kort: Kort's Conquering of the Never Ending Wedding Season D
  13. Hey all, Rogue Squadron is back for another challenge. All are welcome. Hoping to see some familiar faces again and help everyone stay motivated and keep in the challenge. As always this post will be updated with a list of members and a link to their current challenge. Stay on Target! RogueWelkin - Journey of a Moisture Farmer - Royal Discovery Tateman - Tateman Round 3: Ready to Form Voltron dhert - dhert challenge 4: "Nothing is true; Everything is permitted" redwrecker - Redwrecker really wants a pull up! Aria - "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power..." Aria [Chapter 1] Madddogg - M
  14. Why, hello there. My name is Adam and this is my first post on the NF forums. I am 18 years of age, currently finishing up my last year of high school, and love sports, playing piano, video games, and nature. I would currently classify myself as an ogre/warrior, as I am 5'11", 210 lbs., and around 16% body fat, with a heavy genetic predisposition for gaining weight (whether that be fat or muscle). I have decent muscular development, and definitely need to drop some body fat and maybe gain some lean muscle mass. I am excited to begin my first challenge, as it marks the inception of a great, l
  15. I was laying in bed, awake, the other night, completely hopped up on too much coffee (and not able to sleep anyway because my sleeping pattern is all over the board due to vacation) when I had an idea for getting myself healthy again. I became so excited about this idea that I couldn't sleep for another hour while I processed everything through my head. The next day, I wrote about it in my journal and my idea sounded ridiculous, so I pitched it to my husband and the response I got was not inspiring. It was something like "hrms?" - granted, he was playing wolfpack on ACIII, and he really li
  16. Obviously, I'm new to Nerd Fitness. Hi. Call me Tigera. I found NF while trawling through other weight-loss sites. I don't even remember exactly how I found it, but I do know that I spent the next few hours after that reading articles. I'm trying not to sound too cheesy here, but it sounded pretty much perfect. I mean, a website dedicated to nerds who want to get in shape? How could there be something this perfect out there that I'd never heard of? I'm young and female, 5'8" and 160 pounds. I have been asked out exactly once in my life, and don't anticipate it happening again anytime soon. Mo
  17. My name is Travis. I'm an old Gothic kid of 20 years old. I'm married and in a rut. In order to deal with this, I've chosen to kick the bad habits and try to get in shape. I have Crohn's Disease and I'm trying everything I can to beat it WITHOUT meds! I weigh 140 pounds, 5'5" and mostly fat. I'm taking a guess that my body fat is between 22%-25%. I want to get down to 8%-12%. I have started, and certainly enjoy, the paleo diet. I am currently working out with the beginner's bodyweight routine. It's kicking my butt, but I push to do better every time I do it! I eventually want to do more pullup
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