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  1. So I've been on hiatus for most of a year for a variety of reasons (good and bad). But it's time for a respawn, so I'm reaching out again to the support networks I have (the forums here, Connect on the WeightWatchers app, etc) to try and maintain accountability and get regular feedback on things. Yet to do: re-write my Life at Level 50 mission statement/goals (Work changed, and with it, the driving need to drown my frustrations in food and shopping). The previous battle log is here, if anyone wants to visit the unpleasant swamp of the past: https://rebellion.nerdfit
  2. Chris Tarly's Battle Log -- since 1/1/2020 have been on the NF forums since July 2013 (6+ years). Battles have been won, some have been lost, knowledge and experience have been gained. Now it's time to start over. I decided to respawn in 2020 by starting the Nerd Fitness Academy (NFA). I'll be tracking progress starting with the basics. This time around I want to get things organized from the start and maintain a clean and well organized battle log to track my progress and notes as I go. BIG DISCLAIMER: To followers and would be commentors, in the spirit of
  3. Hi everyone. This is a placeholder for my challenge, which will show up soon. Much later: Well - that was no fun... So the last few weeks have been eventful... Good Stuff: Ms. Moros and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. We had a lovely nerdy week off We fixed up our bedroom, which has been neglected for a long time Bad Stuff: My plantar fasciitis reappeared, and I had to take fun-filled drugs and wear an air cast. Work is a wee bit overwhelming - a lot of deadlines hit at once. So, ob
  4. I am a 36 year old genderqueer person who lives in Chicago . I am a clinical psychologist who loves fantasy novels, table top role playing games, and fiber crafts. I used to be extremely active, but between schooling and working, the active hobbies have fallen by the wayside. I hope to move to commuting ot work by public transportation and walking in the spring and as such, I need to be able to walk a mile comfortably. I need to be able to move my body and do so with confidence and without hurting myself. I also miss cute clothes and having a style that better matches my gender. It is rea
  5. Hey ya all! Whimsy here. Been a member since 2017 but have never joined a challenge until now. Was active at the start, accomplishing quest after quest then ultimately ran out of steam and just stopped. ^^' This time I decided to join the challenge to give myself a sense of accountability and a feeling of friendly competitiveness. As for the title of my post, it is my mantra this year. Self-Awareness. I know I am overweight and I have formed bad habits. Self-Acceptance. I accept those as simply facts about myself. Facts that are not gonna go away or disappear magi
  6. "You have to give it a name." The words were a gentle tug, but she couldn't bring herself to open her eyes yet. She wasn't sure where she was, how she got here, even who she was… The Voice seemed to sense this, somehow, and continued speaking. "Yours is Shaar Al-Khatabi." Ah. That sounded familiar. She mouthed the words slowly, 'al-khatabi', as if pronouncing them for the first time. But they were hers, through and through. Shaar Al-Khatabi continued taking slow metered breaths, the air brisk and cold in her lungs and equally heavy in scent,
  7. ShadowSilk's goals for this Challenge: 1. Stick to the MFP plan 2. Walk for 20 minutes a day, five days a week 3. Do the strength training plan Shaar made for me 3x a week 4. Get back to knitting. I like knitting. 5. Write 500 to 1,000 words a week on any one of my multiple sundry projects -- it doesn't matter whether it's OW or FF, just WRITE. 6. Do my affirmations EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  8. h3r0

    H3r0. A New Year

    Hiro, hero for hire. Ruthless, intelligent, efficient. You have an impossible problem, then he's the man to call. Slim, trim, white button up shirt, cocky grin, completely self contained and self assured. He stays in peak physical condition through resistance training and daily activity. His home is very warm, cozy, and inviting. His days are spent working, solving problems with planning and calm efficiency. His nights are spent with his loving family and in his various pursuits and adventures. Level 1 (again) 2019 a new year and a new me. I w
  9. Happy New Year Everyone! So, I'm finally back, and glad to be here. I am ready to reboot like a ranger: Ms. Moros is back to normal, and I can reboot my workout program. For a while, her situation was like this: Now, she's better, and I have been rebuilding quietly. Now, I am ready to get back into it. My goals are pretty simple: 1. Continue with my sleep and morning exercise goals 2. Create a healthy way to wind down in the evening, and better prepare for the morning 3. Focus on food - the 80% of the ba
  10. Introduction I've never been big on New Year's Resolutions (he types on New Year's Eve), but I've been feeling the itch to get real about taking care of myself for a couple months now, but the timing hasn't been right. I'm an amature musician for my church, playing violin in a small ensemble and playing with a bell choir, and between extra practices and performances, December was not the right time to try and make major changes; so this isn't New Year's but Post-Christmas Resolutions! I've been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember. I crossed the 300 lb mark
  11. THE SILVER ARCHER: BOOK THREE Chapter 4: Chrysalis There was frost on the etched glass of the window where I sat, my arms wrapped around my knees, watching students hurrying through the light cold rain to classes. My stiff new uniform vest dug into the soft skin under my arms, but I didn't move, because I didn't mind. This uniform had been tailored just for me, as opposed to the straight-cut, hand-me-down uniform I was wearing; and once it softened up with use, it would be much more comfortable than what I had before. My fingers came up to touch the sil
  12. Hi Everybody, I chose to skip the last challenge period because of outside events. A number of my family members are in crisis right now and I made the choice to focus on them and some work-related issues. Now, I would like to get back to getting healthier, bendier, stronger, and making weight loss a focus. I really need to get back into healthier routines. This week is a little crazy - a grant runs out of money at the end of the week and I need to spend as much of the money as I can before the week ends. This reminds me of the old game shows where people would thro
  13. Hey, to everyone here. As the progress one I am trying to maintain the focus on things that I tried to do in the past but failed a see through to the end. One of those things is my health and focus on journey to become a better version of myself. With that being said I am ready to be more focused on this challenge than before. So here are my Quest to complete during the next 4 weeks: Fitness/Health Quest Only have dessert one per week. I have realized that over the past few years I have indulged to much at work and with friend. Which has lead me to not work o
  14. Back from a hiatus that was both from giving up and too much going on. (Rambly update in my Daily Battle Log.) Anyway -- I'm back - again! -- and I think I'm going to respawn everything, including over on my Academy profile. I just haven't been active in so long. On the bright side, having (re-)joined WeightWatchers, their new Freestyle program brings a lot of nutrition goals in line with the NF Levels. Other than nonfat yogurt being 0 Points, I think most of the 0-Point food list is at this point totally paleo. Anyway, my goal right now is to start getting things ba
  15. Hi all, The goal of this thread is to show myself and others that just because you have a family doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy with your fitness and how your clothes fit. I have some goals for myself in 2018 and if I meet all of them I get to spend some money on myself for something I wouldnt normally spend money on. I haven’t decided quite yet so I’ll keep quiet for now, but they are awesome! Here are my goals ~ run 5 miles without stopping(not on a treadmill) ~10 body weight pull-ups ~deadlift my body weight ~have my waist 30”or under (or a four pack) ~w
  16. Sooooo, this is kind of a reboot, well okay it's a complete reboot. I've been off the challenge boards for .... a long time (has it been a year? or even longer??) and I wish I could say I kept fit in the meanwhile but I didn't I did well in many other ways, got independant in my work and love it, even though it means temporarily less income. Deepened my meditation practice and love it, both in my work as well as personally. In consequence dropped a lot of stress, tension and short temper with kids, I guess my whole family loves that At the same time I got lazy though in
  17. Bows, hides amongst the new students...... slightly mortified by gi straining at the seams. Yep, another reboot attempt. Life has been fun lately, all good except for excessive consumption, and inadequate exercise. Yup, the ever expanding Lou_be_Lou needs to do some decreasing. More to the point is that I'm unfit enough for it to be affecting day to day living. Big reason for action = wanting to be fit enough and strong enough for music and life things. Plus, I'm feeling like a lapsed martial artist, and nope, I say no to lapsing. Goals for the chal
  18. HAPPY NEW YEAR PEACHES! It's back to basics for me this year. I need to be ACTIONABLE and ACCOUNTABLE. I know I know, that's what my GOALS are supposed to be. but it's not about them, this is about ME. I need a firm reboot and a hard reset and I need to get my head back into the game and out of the clouds and some other silly analogies etc etc etc. I have too many I WANT TO DO'S and not enough THIS IS WHAT I AM DOING, and I need to get back on to a plan before I can start to really attempt the millions of shiny that I want to chase. So,
  19. So, Moros is back with a Kiss challenge. Not this kind of KISS: More like this: I often sabotage my challenges by making them over complicated. So this one really has two parts: First - do what is already working each week. Next - add back in the other components that I want to do, one at a time, until they are solid habits again. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 until I have a balanced program again. Of course, some other person already mentioned this concept in a post: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/motiv
  20. I suppose my signature says it all, doesn't it? For a TL;DR, I was losing weight and feeling great, then I wasn't, then I was hiding from the world, then I spent a lot of time with doctors, finding out that I have diabetes, MS, and at least one heart condition. FUN So I am rebooting and keeping it simple, going from a newbie's standpoint. I just want to re-establish healthy habits and get my brain back into the swing of things. Level One Challenge Eat a vegetable with one meal every day Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 1x a
  21. Greetings! Sassyfrassy here. You could call me the artist formerly known as roseofmay, kelliestrasza, and other monikers. It has been quite some time since I've participated in a challenge, but the amazing @shaar made sure to poke me to start the new year right. So, here I am to do just that! I'm starting off small since I'm getting back into things. regrowth - establishing & learning I'm going to get back into tracking my food intake on a daily basis. I'll be able to see what I'm eating, what I'm not eating, and assess my mood and feeli
  22. Hello Everybody - Back for another challenge. I chose to step out last challenge because of the big project I had at work. To make a long story short - I had to do in 11 days a project that took me six weeks last time. I got it done, but it wasn't pretty. I also spent the next few weeks recovery. I did some yoga, and some walking but that's about it. So, this challenge is about rebuilding the good habits I had going before the project. Details are below the fold:
  23. Hello guys. Rhia Wolfe here. I have not been doing well with my fitness. Fitness has taken a backseat to so much of my life. I need to turn this around and remember that it needs to be a high priority on my list. i'm working with Stacy with NF Private Coaching. One of the things she told me today is what I'm going to focus on for this challenge. I know I'm a week late, but I want to return to the message boards. Miss you guys. So, what Stacy told me that seems to ring true is that yes, nutrition is more important than the working out. You can't outrun your fork and di
  24. “My name is WantMy$2. For four weeks I was stranded on an island at home after open brain surgery with only two goals: survive and thrive. But to do that, I can't be the lazy, doing it half a$$ed, person I once was. To be who I want to be and there for my family, I must be someone else. I must be something else. I must be a Ranger.” Hello there. After giving in to my son a while back and starting to watch the first couple seasons of Arrow, as well as a recent interest in Crossfit type training, I had considered switching to the Ranger guild. I don’t find myself to be locked into one
  25. Law school is everything I hoped it would be and I love it but... it's a lot of work. WHO KNEW??? Anyhow - going to keep this challenge short, sweet, and to the point because I still have a legal memo to write and contracts to read tonight. Maybe more flare will go into it later, but... who knows. Quick update on what I've been doing: Nothing. No working out, no watching my eating, nada. All studying, sleeping, and trying to settle back in to the student life. Goals: 1) Walk the doggo every day. (Sidenote - I live with my pupper again!)
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