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  1. Orion Team- A highly secretive organization supported by the CIA but outside the Agency. Steering away from Absolver this challenge and getting back to my Sheepdog routes, I want to forge things this challenge. And by things, I mean: resiliency, strength, fortitude and creativity. How will I do that, though? How do I measure these things? By pushing myself. By burning my boat, pressing forward and never, ever quitting. I am here to rebuild the status quo and I think I have just the plan. Once, long ago, I was given a name. A name in which I earned: The Werespartan. Then, something happened. I broke. At the end of January 2016, I took a nasty fall playing RL Quidditch and separated my left shoulder. They diagnosed it as a Type 2 separation and this type of injury is one that never really "heals". The AC joint remains separated but I basically have full range and control over my shoulder. The next 6 months was spent rehabbing and getting back to a normal routine. It was tough, but I endured and remained positive. Now, I'm not limited to much. Just the past weekend, I went the Ninja Warrior gym near me with my two brothers and spent almost 2 hours there! (BTW, the 14 ft Warp Wall aint got nothing on the Wild Wolf . My brother is editing a video together and once it's complete, I'll post it on here for everyone.) I want to get back to being the Werespartan. Maybe even run another Spartan Race?? Firs things first.....my cardio base sucks ass right now. I haven't ran in a while and I'm out of practice, so, running is the first step to getting back to Werespartan status. If I could have it my way with running, it would be trail running, and I'm looking to hit up the trail this weekend and every weekend this challenge. I also need to diversify my workouts again. There's nothing wrong with what I've been doing but I feel like I'm becoming one dimensional and I don't like it one bit. I'm pulling out my Obstacle Dominator 12-week minimalist plan to help aid me over the next couple weeks. It will need to be scaled down which is fine, but it offers various degree of strength training, power, and running. An example workout: 400m repeat until you have a 4 second fall of from your first repetition- once you are finished rest 5 minutes and then complete a 400m lunge for time Yeah. Lol. Just cuz it said minimalist doesn't mean it meant "easy" lol. Since my gym doesn't have a rower, I going to subsitute with the stationary bike and jump rope, I'll just double the distance required for the row and perform that on the bike. It really sucks we don't have a rower cuz I love that thing! Now that you guys know my game plan, what does this have to do with Orion Team? Coming out this Friday is a movie called American Assassin. It's based off a book by Vince Flynn of the same name and is about a young 23-year old named Mitch Rapp and how he becomes one of the most deadly operatives to ever live. American Assassin is the....7th book in the Mitch Rapp series? but this book starts out when Mitch is young and how he becomes the worldly badass he's known to be in the early works of fiction. (I decided to start my reading here and not in chronological order due to the movie and wanting to start things from the very beginning.) Orion Team is the secret organization that Mitch is apart of that works outside of the Agency to fight terrorism and I liked the idea of myself being apart of this group. Running, push-ups and pull-ups will be apart of my regular routine and I will embrace the PT lifestyle + the Werespartan lifestyle to create something new and something fresh. What does it take to be apart of Orion Team? Resiliency Recovery is always overlooked in training and that is something I do not wish to do. I can train hard but I must rest hard as well. Bedtime has become a small issue for me and lack of sleep is just hurting me in the long run. During the week, especially on training days, get 8+ hours of sleep. Recovery also consists of eating clean and getting in adequate amounts of protein. Back off the fasting on training days and fast on non training days. Strength PT training + Obstacle Dominator. 3x a week minimum. Post workouts for accountability. Fortitude This goal is all about running and accumulating miles throughout the challenge. Let's say 40 miles total this challenge. Bonus: If I reach 50 miles on the challenge, I can reward myself. (Reward TBD) I also need to start using my training mask I bought like a year ago. I've hardly used it and it makes me sad it's collecting dust! Creativity Keep reading my Bible Chapters-Keep listening to audible-Keep sharpening my mind with creative writing. Dedicate 1 hour a week to creative writing. Also, apply for 3 jobs each week and finish polishing off my profile on Linked In. Thank you all for supporting me and journeying with me this challenge! I'm excited to get back on my running game and hit up the trails this challenge! Wolf
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