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  1. The Wild Hunt “Join, hide or die. That’s all you can do when the Wild Hunt comes to call.†--Harry Dresden, Cold Days Thunder rolls. Or is that hoofbeats in the sky? Above the wailing wind, a hunting horn can be heard, and the baying of cruel hounds. The Wild Hunt roams the land and sea and sky, and most folk cower in their homes, for even the sight of it can bring disaster. (click any picture to enlarge) In the Dresden Files book series, the Wild Hunt is when the Fae go hunting in the mortal realm. When the Hunters sweep through, some individuals are given the option to join the Hunt or to flee as prey. Members of the Hunt can fly, traverse open water as if it were dry land, and run at freeway speeds. They are instinctively aware of the locations of the other Hunters. They wear a shadowy mask that hides who they were before joining the Hunt. The Wild Hunt can be called up and led by a number of beings of Faerie, including the king of the goblins. Not that Goblin King. The lord of the goblins, called the Erlking or Lord Herne. He is devious, cunning, strong, and swift. He also is the consummate hunter, selecting his game and then pursuing his quarry with joy and determination. Members of the Wild Hunt will have a similar (if less blood-thirsty) attitude. We will pursue our respective targets with enthusiasm and dedication, whether a particular 5K or a weight goal or getting our food choices under control. We will make the most of our brains and our bodies. We will also consistently let the other members of the team know how we are doing, so that we can help each other to capture success. And in the process we will probably talk a lot about the Dresden Files. And there will be spoilers, oh yes there will. The moment of choice has arrived. Join, hide or die? This team will be limited to eight members, because any more than that (as we are without magical aid) it starts to get hard keeping track of how everyone else is doing. If you are interested in joining a Dresden Files-themed group, but the Wild Hunt has already taken off (or you don’t like my theme, which is all right too) here are some suggestions: The Grey-cloaked Wardens (whose swords cut through all enchantments and also bad habits) The Fellowship of St. Giles (striving to control their own urges while fighting the predators) Chicago PD: Special Investigations (they might be regular people, but they stand up to the monsters anyway) The Alphas (using teamwork and tactics to overcome powerful enemies) Knights of the Sword/Knights of the Cross (maybe expand to more than three members?)
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