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Found 2 results

  1. [Placeholder for goals to follow] I don't want to post my goals until after I get back from vacation or I will feel guilty about not following them while on vacation. Because that's how I roll. In the meantime.... (Soon) ETA: I want to really focus on slaying the sugar demon this challenge, especially because this is the last challenge before the holidays hit with a vengeance. I would like to be able to enjoy holiday treats with moderation. Last challenge, I made a small step in this direction by limiting (or attempting to limit) the size of the sweets I eat. This was not a co.plete success, but I think there was progress made here. I also made some observations about what factors contributed to fail days. This challenge will be addressing some of those challenges. Primary goal: Substitute fruit or yogurt for dessert 5 days a week. Desserts, when eaten, must be patisserie-sized. Hopefully allowing some treats will keep me from imploding, especially in the event of special events. Obstacle #1: Fatigue All too often I stay up much too late reading. It used to be less of an issue because as a homeschool mom, I set my own schedule and don't have to be up particularly early. Enter The Change™️. For no good reason whatsoever, I am now having difficulty staying asleep past 6:30 or so, no matter how much or little sleep I have acquired by this hour. The build up of fatigue tends to spill over into binging on food, especially sweets, to find energy to cope with the sleep deprivation. Therefore, I am setting a bedtime of 9:55 to help me get sufficient rest. Obstacle #2: Hydration I noticed a couple episodes last challenge when I felt compelled to eat, but the feeling went away if I had something to drink instead. I know that I chronically under-hydrate, so I want to set some goals to help me hydrate properly throughout the day. a) Drink 12oz of water every morning before coffee. Before coffee. b) Make a broth-based soup at least once a week. Stews, chilis, and other soup-adjacent dishes count as long as they are broth-based and not cream. I can eat cream soups, they just don't count for my scoring. This generally should result in eating soup 3-4 days a week, since I make a lot more than I can eat in one sitting. It also has the benefit of being quite satisfying for little calories, incorporate more veggies in my diet, and is hydrating! c) Enjoy a cup of herbal or spiced tea before bed, preferably outside as weather permits. I find it grounding to relax outside in the evening. It reduces stress and helps me avoid the general evening munchies tradition in my family. I was going to add more, but I think that's enough to start with. Too many moving parts tends to overwhelm. Happy challenge!
  2. So, challenge 3. I think I'm getting the hang of making good goals. Before my 1st challenge, I was jazzed. Before my second, I was excited and scared. Now as I start this one, I'm moderately jazzed and excited, and very determined! This is what I want and I'm done putting everyone ahead of me at the expense of my health and happiness. No more. I'm a Nerd Fitness Rebel now. There is no try, there is only do. HA! Here we go…. Good luck to all. GOAL #1 – Increase Lung Capacity (+ 3 STA) I run, jog, and briskly walk; and it's always my lungs that give out. My legs are rarely tired. So, I'm working out that which needs to get better! Balloon Blow Up 5x10 every day Breathing Exercises 1x10 everyday A = 37-42 days; B = 30 – 36 days; C = 19 – 29 days; D = 8 – 18 days Singing warm-up & 5 songs 3xweek Jogging/Walking 25 minutes min. 3xweek A = 16 – 18 days; B = 13 – 15 days; C = 8 – 12 days; D = 3-7 days Grade will be average of all grades A = 3 pts; B = 2.25 pts; C = 1.5 pts; D = .75 pts GOAL #2 – Progress to Real Push Ups (+3 STR) I know, I know, it's a lot, but I really want it. I'll be weight training and doing pushups to get there. The grade will be on the work put in, not the ability to do a regular push up. 3xweek Good Morning 3x5 25lbs : add 5# every week Goblet Squat 3x5 30lbs : add 5# every week Bench 3x5 35lbs : add #5 every week Lunge 3x5 assisted : progress up to no hands Incline Leg Lift 3x5 add twist around week 4 : increase to 3x8 Sit Up 3x5 add twist around week 4 : increase to 3x10 Hip Raise 1x5 hold for 15 secs : add 5 secs. every week Plank 1x3 hold for 10 secs : add 5 secs. every week Push Up 3x5 back of bench height : progress to knee, then regular Grading A = 16 – 18 days (3 pts); B = 13 – 15 days (2.25 pts); C = 8 – 12 days (1.5 pts); D = 3-7 days (.75 pts) GOAL #3 – Decreasing Sugar Intake (+2 CON, +2 STA) Last challenge, I started out well with eliminating packaged sugar items, but then I tried to eliminate other sugar items as well, instead of sticking to the plan. As a result, I bombed. So, whatever I decide my challenge is this time; it will NOT change, no matter how well I'm doing. I'm using the progression technique from my first challenge when I quit Dr Pepper. Sugar has been an addiction of mine for far too long now: Time to say thank you, sugar, for helping me survive and goodbye. By Week Two – no packaged desserts or candy By Week Four – no fresh-baked cookies, restaurant desserts, or bakery items with sugar By Week Six – no chocolate milk Grading A = 1 slip per week or less (4 pts); B = 6 slips, only one can be in week six (3 pts); C = 8 slips, only one can be in week six (2 pts); D = 10 slips, only two can be in week six (1 pt) GOAL #4 – Organize and Repair the Apartment to Level Up My Life (+2 DEX, +1 CHR) I have several projects concerning the apartment so I'd like to focus on those as summer gets closer (please ignore the fact that I'm sitting here in mere undergarments, because it's around 90 degrees out, and this is Vermont). I attempted to do the screen door last challenge, but with the sugar debacle it didn't happen. So, I'm making a list of items to choose from and I have to get 6 points to get an A for this goal. Screen Door – 2 points Fix Shower Head – 2 points Put Treads on Outside Stairs – 2 points Fix Bike – 1 point Scan Photos – 1 point (at least 50) Hang My Art – 1 point Scrub the Dickens Out of Any Floor – 1 point (2 max) Fix Rain Gutter – 2 points Remove Old Iron Pipes Sticking Up Out of the Driveway – 3 points Believe it or not, I do have a Landlord; He just doesn't do much Lording. Grading A = 6 pts (3 pts); B = 5 pts (2.25 pts); C = 4 pts (1.5 pts); D = 3 pts (.75 pts)
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