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  1. First of all - Hello Warriors! May I join your training grounds for some time? I realized my training fits here way more than with Rangers since I gave up on running. Not the best way to start a new year with an injury, but shit happens and this time it happened to me. On Nov. 28th I botched a turkish get-up attempt with 40kg kettlebell, dropping it on my left index finger. Luckily bones were mostly intact, but I spent almost three weeks wearing a splint due to soft tissue damage. Right now I regained about 30% of finger mobility, and I guess about 10% gripp
  2. Annyshay blinked in shock as the outline of the Old Man faded into blue flames that disappeared just as suddenly as he had done. Who on earth was this Old Man that had been guiding her around the Great Plateau? She shook her head, half expecting to hear an answer from the strange disembodied voice that had started her on this journey by urging her to pick up the Sheikah Slate that hung from her hip. No answer was forth coming, so she was left alone with her thoughts. The Old Man had told her to head to the point where lines through the shrines that she had found would intersect. Looking at the
  3. As some of you remember from various drops and hints, I'll be travelling to Antarctica in early February for two weeks on a National Geographic cruise. It's going to be AMAZING. A big part of why I want to go is to see as many penguins as I possibly can, so I figured what better way to theme the challenge leading up to my epic adventure. Let's find some penguins!!!
  4. For the uninitiated: I’m a dabbler in climbing, handstands, flexibility, pole and basically anything that gets me upside down. Currently injured, boooo, but learning new things! This challenge is going to be a mix of fun goals from the previous challenge and some hard, but important, goals. New goals Be kind like Baymax I started a bit of work on Intuitive Eating last challenge, but only on good days. This challenge I’m going give it a real honest attempt. Doesn’t mean I have to do it well, but it does mean I have to try to be kind to myself and g
  5. Last challenge was lovely but rather wishy washy and I didn't really challenge myself. I got into a pretty good headspace though with plenty of outdoor time and mindful chill time. This challenge however is about getting shit done and taking action on some of the things that have been on my ignored epic quest list for the longest time! ||| Physical ||| I've been using my elbow injury as a poor excuse to not train much lately, even though I could've done plenty enough really. Honestly I've just been enjoying all the down time and feeling recovered
  6. As many of you know, I attempted my first 50k run at the end of last month and had to DNF 13 miles in due to injury. Recent trips to a physiotherapist uncovered an issue with the tendon in my left glute and a minor issue with my IT band. Due to the nature of the injury, I've got a lot of restrictions on what I can do right now. I'm not going to lie, I've been dealing with a lot of frustrations and emotions because of this and I've also struggled to find the motivation to do the things I can do. But what better way to get motivated than a new challenge! And to paraphrase Lisa S
  7. Yep I have no shame, it's Europe to the rescue! Bust out the big hair, we're headed for Venus!! Summary I set out on Jan 1st this year to drop 20kg, there are 4.4kg remaining. This challenge will be focused on cutting the final 4.4kg to get me under 80kg. Goals: 1. No alcohol until I'm sub 80kg. (2 exceptions allowed, this Saturday is my friend's 60th and 28 March I have a work lunch) 2. 4 x F45 challenge sessions a week 3. Eat 100% to the F45 meal plans for the first 2 weeks and 80% after that. 4. 2 x 6km walks a week 5. Rehab
  8. Yay! Back on NF after a long absence. My long-term physical goals are still to improve my ninja-weasel shenanigans in the woods, and I remain an assassin at heart, but I've been experimenting with simple barbell workouts lately. My goal with the lifts is to feel comfortable with the form, get my numbers to the benchmark the coach describes as "sufficient to support vigorous recreational activity", and then focus on more interesting activities that put that strength to use. PRIMARY GOALS: Get my form right for the barbell squat. I’ve been screwing around with this stuff for
  9. Okay so I had it all worked out... then I went back and re read one of my favorite bloggers posts: You Manage What You Measure-Fitness Edition and stumbled accross this article from Inc: 12 Things People Regret Most Before They Die Largely I know what I need to do to get to where I want to be. I know I need to care more about what I eat, I need to gain strength (in injured areas and over all) and I need to start doing things because they matter to me, they're things I want to do and not care so much about what everyone else thinks! Also 2017 was a year of not feeling gr
  10. HAHAHAHAHA. It was worth tendonitis just to get that challenge title. So, for those folks who’ve lost track at home, I’ve been having some tendonitis issues in my left knee for a few months, and mid-August I tweaked it really badly and I think it’s developed into ITB syndrome, so I’m spending this challenge doing rehab work and not inflicting any more damage. While I’m at the knee rehab, I have a couple of other nagging issues that need fixing, so I’m going to go for the three-pointer and include those in THE REHAB CHALLENGE. My twelve-step program:
  11. Joining the rebels this challenge from spending the last year+ with the monks. Trying to keep things simple, and just stick around for the full challenge. I've been rehab-ing a knee injury since March with very slow progress. Will probably gif this later... 1- move 5 days a week. No particular days, no particular activities. walking, swim and yoga will be my 3 go to's. A sub goal of doing yoga at least once a week. 2- Do PT rehab- stretching daily, exercises min 3 days a week Stretch hamstrings at least 2 times a day (3 preferred) C
  12. Have you ever seen those movies where the hero or heroin is at the bottom of low, trapped in some dirty wet prison being tortured, and the moment of escape has finally arrived. They put all of their last energy into getting free, climbing out of the hole in the ground. They are dirty and broken both physically and mentally. Beyond exhausted..... Sometimes I feel like that is where I have been. My world is noting but first world problems, but I was trapped in a psychological prison of my own making. I've been working really hard to break free from the fog of my misperceptions
  13. A lot of uncertainty in this challenge. This Friday 7/11 I go see my orthopedic for the results of my MRI & see the nutritionist. What I find out from them will probably largely shape what my challenge looks like, but going to have some things that I focus on each week, some things to focus on for the whole challenge Quest 1: Find the time Headspace Just with my record last challenge, I would like to meditate 5 days during the week. Each week I do this I will set aside a little money from my spending money to help create a space to make mediation more easy in.
  14. Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. I'll quit being a slacker, and actually *do* a challenge. This hype train ain't gonna build and run itself, now, is it? This is step 1 in a multi-part challenge where I: brace for impact but hurry up and wait, (temporarily) lose my DH, jettison 99% of the shit I own, pack my dog and myself up and move halfway across the globe, reunite with DH, and adjust to a whooooooooooole other level of "new normal". I thought this last year was a kick in the butt? Well, I haven't seen anything yet.
  15. So I finally got checked out by the orthopedic surgeon and the results are tendonitis in the right bicep and rotator cuff, sciatica in the right leg, and yes, it seems that my right elbow is just deeply bruised - they found no chips or fractures. AND I AM FUCKING THRILLED No tears, no breaks, just physical therapy, and some meds for < a week. So the tendonitis, I feel pretty confident about what it's from - probably has origins with my arms-every-day program starting back after the comp in Feb. It's compounded over the last few months since starting w
  16. Rolling Stoney changes her shape This challenge is all about change for me. 2017 was going to be a big year, but it happened in a way I didn't quite expect. My plan was to cross-train hard, eat well, do the derby, work hard, buy a house... but literally none of those things happened. I broke my ankle. Derby, cross training, working, and being able to cook my own food all went out the window. My partner got made redundant so our house loan got canned. And my boss is selling her cafe so I may not even have a job in a few months. But as of last month I can walk without a limp aga
  17. Woo, new challenge. Last challenge I needed something to focus on to keep myself from falling into a slump while waiting for my non-weight-bearing period for my broken ankle to end. It did, and I am now cleared to weight bear as tolerated. I am not yet cleared to drive so I'm still house bound, but I have a physio appointment this Thursday so depending on what they say I may alter my goals slightly. My long-term goals currently stand like this; Walk without moon boot, crutches or limp. Be cleared to drive again. Be cleared to skate again. Re-Pass my Minimu
  18. 44 days ago today I broke my right ankle in two places while skating backwards up a slight incline at the skatepark with a friend. After an ambulance ride, a constant stream of drugs, surgery to attach 8 screws and a plate to my ankle breaks, and 6 weeks of no-weight-bearing house-arrest thumb-twiddling mind-numbing boredom, I got the A-Okay from my surgeon today to start weight-bearing as much as I can handle. This means I either have to walk in my moon boot or with crutches assisting my step. It's a small step back in the direction of being a completely independent and able-bodied human bein
  19. I might be lumbar-CHALLENGED but I'm not staying down. I'm not sure what this challenge will involve fitness-wise yet, except to say that there will be steps/walking and Whatever The Doc Says On Friday. That, therefore, will not be the focus. Goal: Stay positive, stay productive, and (Lack of whining not guaranteed.) Diet No focus on protein or intake, since I am not supporting any weight training or activity at the moment and don't know the future just yet on that. Suffice to say I'll separately track for maintenance on both, increasing wit
  20. Hello boys and girls! I’m happy to be back home with the Rangers and I’ve missed you all! My time with the Warriors was well spent and I made some awesome nerd friends while I was hanging out with them I didn’t get to bestow much of the warrior I wanted to be due to a nagging groin injury, but I did learn a lot, which in my book, is always a win. 2017 is upon us and there’s no better time to recharge the goals and recharge the motivation. This year, like the years before, I will better myself in some fashion. Whether that be physically, by achieving a PR or not having
  21. Hello everyone, it's been a while. I stopped logging onto NF after being here for nearly 2 years - all the things it taught me about creating a healthy lifestyle had well and truly sunk in. I was putting in time at the gym, getting better at my chosen sport of Roller Derby - passing my skills and becoming a fully-fledged bouting skater, something no one thought I had the guts to do - and was managing somehow to eat healthy and balance my 40-hour-a-week job as a waitress with all of the above and somehow not dying of exhaustion (although I'm sure I came close a few times!)
  22. Hey guys and gals-welcome back to the wacky world of Wild Wolf! With this being the last challenge of the year, I really want to push myself and make this a worthy end to 2016, which, IMO, has been one of the craziest, most swanky years of my life. So. Much. Has. Happened. SO many epic NF meetups, so many new sports, new friends and new opportunities. It’s just hard to sum it all up into words but this year has changed me for the better. Right now, I’m dealing with a new injury: my groin/abductor. I strained or pulled it while going too deep in my squats and an issue with my form. I
  23. Intro: I had a productive first year in NF, and then the wheels came off. Amidst the perfect storm of mental and physical burnout, injuries and illness, family and work stresses, I went into a bit of a dark place. I went back to bad habits of eating like crap, making excuses not to exercise and isolating myself from everyone. It took longer than it should have for me to recognise and confront those issues, but I started to do that last challenge. This is somewhat of an extension of that as I continue to rehab my body, mind and spirit. QUEST 1: See a Grown Man Cry Try t
  24. Technically I suppose this is my third challenge... but the thing is, in April I crashed my moped. With a fractured C7 and a fractured scapula, I was in a neck brace for a month and out of the workout game for 4 months. I dropped 9% of my BW, which I'm sure was all muscle (116 to 106) and am now significantly weaker - my right rotator cuff was messed up really badly and I sustained traction damage to nerves reaching my infraspinatus and teres minor - the nerves will regenerate but I currently have almost no connection/response in those muscles. This isn't a sob story, it is a respa
  25. A month ago, I was planning on hitting the parkour training really hard. Instead, while working on rail walking pivots, I took a hard fall and dislocated my elbow. Thankfully, rehab is going really well, and I should be cleared for everything quite soon. Since this challenge will be a whirlwind of working on schooling related stuff with the kids, rehabbing my elbow, taking a 1.5 week vacation, and otherwise trying to stay in shape, I'm incorporating all of that into this challenge. Goal 1: Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, and other schoolwork - I've now
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