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Found 2 results

  1. I am doing this unlike most challenges I have ever started. I am writing this one off the cuff instead of writing something in word, over analyzing it and making sure it makes sense for a few days before posting. So if this makes no sense outside my head sorry. In mid December, I had knee surgery to supposedly help an injury I sustained in 2020. I knew I had arthritis and it was bad (3 of 4), but I was getting around finr and surprising my PT people on what I could do before surgery (crab walking anyone). After surgery, I have been no where near where I was in October (when surgery was determined) or before. Where I was walking long walks of 2-3 miles, I am just now doing okay with .5-.75 miles. The Dr put Gel in the knee to help lubricate the joint since steroid shots did not help. Gel is kinda my last option at this point. I am not in PT for my knee. The drs admitted that the PT I had before surgery didn't help, and that I lost strength and flexibility during PT. So I am kinda making up my own PT based on the Dr recommendation of "don't overdo it" which is funny when its me since I love to be hard and push myself. (Side not, why in the 9 realms are my neighbors lighting fireworks at 7:09 PM on a Tuesday night in Feb? See this is why I should not be doing this off the cuff) So my PT is use it a bit more at a time, don't hurt it too much, but keep trying. My work is a mess (long story short, its a HUGE mess and I am just doing what I need to) so that is not helping the BP issues or the "go walk" because I don't want to leave my office and my non-ergonomic desk. Oh and there are extended family issues I would love to ignore but can't. I have 2 Agents of Chaos, 2 dog agents (one is a year old basically today and is HUGE (almost 80 lbs) and all the energy), 3 cat agents plus Hubby. The human Agents and Hubby are great, and are helping where they can. but the big thing is I need to MOVE on a regular basis or everything hurts. I am at my highest weight in over 10 years. My depression and anxiety are a giant mess and more days than not, I am doing things, but more out of the "well, the world will be worse tomorrow if I don't" I sound positive, which is weird. I am not sure this will work. I need to be more than a worker, a mom, a mess. So I divide my life into groups, and from there do boxes of things I would like to improve on. I don't have to do everything, just enough of each category a day. More is good, I am always allowed to do more, but I need to not just do nothing. So I got lazy and decided not to post the boxes. If you really want to see them, let me know and I can add them. Here is the breakdown of the boxes and how many I need vs what is possible. 90% of my stuff is things I can do in 5-10 minutes since that is all I may have at a shot. Did I get all pts in: Needed Possible Strength 3 6 Flexibility 5 9 Life and Family 5 10 Future Me Favors 8 12 Daily Skirmishes against Chaos 4 7 Campaigns against Chaos 4 6 Walking 4 6 Fuel 5 8 Points earned for day 38 64 Welcome to the fight against chaos
  2. So I am around. I know I have been less active of late. My depression and anxiety have been bad. My uncertainty with my mom is wearing on me (Shes fine physically, I think, but the tension is getting hard). My knee has been getting worse and worse since October. I can't really walk at all right now, and it locks up now. And work is starting to freak out about me being gone for surgery. my weight is up, its all just a giant mess and I want to fast forward to January. The big thing this challenge is I will be getting my knee surgery (torn meniscus and fluid removal) in Dec on the 14th. So I am going in for repairs to get it taken care of so maybe, just maybe, I can get back to walking and things after the first of the year. So I have severely slimmed down my challenge this time. It is going to be focused on the barest of minimums with the focus on healing so I can hopefully get back to walking all the miles. Right now, I barely do one. I am going to also try to be here more besides surgery dates. I know I tend to focus more on the "Work on this" when I am here. Lately, I have not had the spoons. Goal Value Description Repairs List 1 Do one thing that needs done 1 Do second thing that needs done 1 Do not overdo 1 One Good thing 1 Time with Agents Walking 1 Walk 2 laps when can in house Fuel 1 Drink 30 oz Water 1 Eat Breakfast 1 Eat Lunch So here we go
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