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Found 2 results

  1. Still figuring out specific goals for this next round. Please entertain yourself with this for now! NOW UPDATED! NOW WITH ACTUAL CHALLENGE GOALS!! It should be of little surprise to anyone who has followed me on here for any amount of time that I keep a full plate... PLATES!! of things to do at all times. Sometimes I end up feeling I have that one too many plates stacked and I get super stressed out and overwhelmed. An excellent example -- this week would have been nuts anyway, but then LIFE HAD TO GO AND HAPPEN and someone hit my parked car last week. That added stress off AAAH CAR MY BABY WAAAAAH and WHEN WILL I HAVE TIME TO FIX THIS on top of my already intentionally crazy schedule... this week has sucked. Hard. Inspired by this past week of ARGH AAAH SO MUCH TO DO AAAAAAH OVERWHELMED... the theme of this challenge will be maintaining my fitness schedule (albeit more moderate amount of exercise than I would like...) while making sure I fit in time for self care. The dance show I am working on is happening on Mother's Day weekend -- we are getting into super crunch time! So focusing on my sanity and self care are KEY!!! GOAL 1 - CHILL TIME - I need down time. Like bad. Clearly I don't get this if I don't plan for it. I would ideally love an actual full DAY of downtime at least once per week, but given rehearsal schedule I will settle for at least one solid chunk of 4 hours of no planned activities (including social activities!) once per week (no. sleeping does not count. Hahahaha.) GOAL 2 - MAINTENANCE - I am getting a TON of physical activity with craptons of dance rehearsals but I still need to make sure I fit in some dedicated strength training in there somewhere. At least twice per week work on strength training. It doesn't have to be all of these in each workout, but it'd be good to try and touch on each thing at least once per week -- PUSH, PULL, CORE, SQUATS. With my current level of stress and ACK I am keeping it to just these two things right now!
  2. I have my first ever aerial showcase coming up on September 26th and 27th. Since rehearsals and show prep will rule my life for the next three weeks (AND THEN CAMP CAMP CAMP YASSSSS) I am not going to make any specific goals other than to kick ass at rehearsal and show stuff! AKA SHOW TIME YA'LL! AKA TIME FOR PERFORMANCE INSPIRED GIFS! Other non-show goals coming after October 5th and to include getting a damn pull up and more push ups!!!! I am back from camp and performance is done! Now time for some non-show related goals! Woohoo!: GOALS Work push-ups at least 3x per week. I'd like to get to 30 in a row but I suspect that will take a few challenges. (This is inspired by my drunken push up fest at the Rubik's cube party. Will do push ups for a drink, thank you very much!)Work Pull-ups at least 3x per week. This goes right along with the pull ups PVP I'm working on. I'd like to get to getting 1 real pull up by the end of the challenge. I think I can do that AND more by then but these go notoriously slow in progression for me so we'll see!Work on pistol squats at least 3x per week. I took the advanced bodyweight class and got tons of different progression stuff for working on pistols. These will be mine! I have the mobility and just need a little more strength. I'm thinking silks assisted pistols are going to be a thing.Sub goal: rehab left hammy. I mildly strained my left hamstring in a drunken split contest with one of the instructors at camp (which I won, BTW!) It's not too angry and I can walk fine and I already have more I can do today without it hurting than I could yesterday. I'm going to baby it the rest of the week/ until it's back to 100%. Clearly this means ALL THE RIGHT LEGGED PISTOLS WOOOOWork on inverted straddle climbs at least 3x per week. I'm going to count both working on the actual climb as well as any inverted straddle work on other non-silk apparatus for this as well since it all helps. Especially if I do said work straight legged w/out the froggy up. I'd like to get to a solid single climb up on each side with good form. If I can get to 2 on each side and also being able to do the slack drop from this that would be extra cool!Work on ground inversions at least 1x per week. At camp I realize I totally do not work these enough. I would like to get a real, non-wall assisted handstand! (I did manage to press up to a headstand from tripod and I am sooo proud of that but yeaah handstand I do not have at all yet!)I should be able to work on all the arm stuff on my aerial days and then do pistol work and some running on off days between aerial days...so: M/W/ F or Sat = aerial, (push, pull, straddle climbs, ground inversions) T,R,Sun = pistol work, running/walking, also opportunity for ground inversions if I didn't squeeze it in on aerial days
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