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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm going to make this easy on myself, and literally copy and paste from one of my previous challenges, what I would consider my most successful challenge. *** [The following content copied from here] Goals: Diet- Nothing is drastically changing here. I have a chart of foods to choose from, and each meal and snack is a combination of different foods from different groups. Simply put, I get a point for each food that falls under my plan, and a negative point for anything that is outside of the plan, as in extra food, sweets or alcohol. Unlimited non-starchy vegetables are allowed, so no worries about going hungry. My point goal for each day is between 11.5 - 12. The total points for the entire challenge will be 483-504 for a perfect score. Now, as long as I follow the plan 80% of the time, I will still pass the challenge. (CON 2 STA 1 WIS 1) Like I said, I've made up note cards and have the points all broken out so it will be easy to keep track of. And it's not that different from how I eat most of the time now anyway. Point goal for each day = 10. Total points for perfect challenge = 390. Fitness- Focus on strength training, while continuing my cardio to show results. As far as which workouts I will do, that I will not be including as part of the challenge, only because I plan on trying some new things soon. For the purpose of the challenge though, just making sure I do include strength training 3 times per week is what I want to focus on. I also plan on keeping a journal to track progress. (CHA 1) Strength training – 3x per week = 18 workouts (STR 2) If I manage 2x per week = 12 workouts (STR 1) Convict Conditioning Cardio – 5x per week goal, 3x per week pass = 18-30 cardio workouts (DEX 1, STA 2, CHA 1) Preparation – Planning is everything. I’ve found that how well my day goes, at least weekdays, depends almost entirely on how well I prepared for it the day before. So, point for every day that I make all necessary preparations for the next day. Total points = 42 39. (STA 1, CON 2, WIS 1) Life goal: Update more, and include more detail in my posts. *** *** I'm dealing with a different set of challenges this time around though. Well, I possibly am. Let me explain. I work a job, Monday - Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. That was what I was doing earlier this year when my challenges went fairly well and I was focused. Now, I work that job, but I have another job. Typically I work second job Wednesday - Saturdays, 5 or 6pm to anywhere from 10pm-2am. It's at a bar, hence the undetermined schedule. Suffice to say, this is difficult, even when I'm not trying to work out and eat well. I had decided on Saturday that I would quit, that the little bit of extra money I've been making has not been worth the physical and emotional exhaustion I feel almost constantly. But I'm not sure yet, and I'm still trying to make up my mind on that. I'd like to give this challenge a go either way, and I feel like whichever choice I make will definitely affect how well I do. I've been thinking non-stop about this today and yesterday and will continue to do so.
  2. DING! WeyrCat is now Level 6. Gains: 3Str, 2 Dex, 2 Sta, 2.9 Con, 2.6 Wis, 2.2 Cha. (=14.7 points spent). Last month my husband challenge me to start running again. I spent a long time "off" due to a combination of injury, the malaise that comes from thinking you might never better, and then re-injury from overdoing it. SO. I started really slow, at really short distances, but I'm running three times a week now! My challenge is largely centered around maintaining that. Run 3x, any distance, 2Sta/3Str. I put on some weight thanks to not running and getting close to the end of my bachelors. So, I'm also working on that. Calorie Deficit (weekly*500*7), 2Con/2Cha. I am, again, attempting this water goal. I do alright when I'm not at the computer, oddly. Unfortunately I spend a lot of time at the computer. Water 8x8 (daily), [Tea counts, coffee doesn't,] 2Con/1Sta/1Dex. These are what I'm really focused on. I probably won't add more quests for points, but am constantly trying to tweak little things too. I don't post as often as I should or want to, so I'm working on that. I'm a married Labrador-mommy, in college Full time+, and for the next couple weeks am a one-woman-show. Not sure if that will make things easier or harder (heh, less to clean but have to do ALL the dog-time). SO. On with the show! ---------------------------------------------------------- Updates: Goal Development Week: (May28-Jun02): IP: Run 3/3, H2O 4/4, Deficit 4/4. SCORE: 100 A *This week is 4 days long because I did not solidify the goals on the first day of Preweek. Week1 (Jun 03-09): Run 3/3 Deficit -6000/-3500 Water 7/7 100% A. Week2 (Jun 10-16): Run 3/3 Deficit -5500/-3500 Water 7/7 100% A. Week3 (Jun 17-23): Run 3/3 Deficit -3700/-3500 Water 7/7 100% A. Week4 (Jun 24-Jul 01): Run 3/3 Deficit -3550/-3500 Water 7/7 100% A-. Week5 (Jul 02-08): Week6 (Jul 09-15):
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