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Found 2 results

  1. So... I fell off the wagon in 2017, rolled into a lake that went up in flames and was hit by an asteroid. Basically. It is now 2020 and the world is on fire. At least I'm fine now and ready to undo all that damage, lol. Previously, I would do some sort of story arc for my quest and that is something I will probably post in a later comment here, or just save once I'm out of the tutorial that is challenge 1. For now, my main goal is solely to hit my goals and stay consistent so as the long overdue reset my goals will be thus: 1. 1.4K cut-off -- log 1400 cals or less with a grace range of about 40 cals. I think my requirement is something like 1432 cals/dy but the number 1400 is easier. 2. Hit 5 min of strength OR 10 min of cardio at least 5 days/week -- this seems like a painfully low goal to me but my life has been filled with overdoing and overexerting myself until I wipe out GTA style. cue slow-mo desaturated footage and WASTED graphics... 3. 5 meals to eat out / week -- I may revise this goal due to the quarantine. This sounds like a lot but I was doing much worse just last month I assure you. Even still, I must be able to track this in order to hit goal #1 for my food log, so I can't go crazy. I found a hamburger + half-order fries at in-n-out is about as splurgy as i can go to stay in range. since pizza is my kryptonite i think i best steer clear if i cant get nutrition facts for it. most of the time tacos (real ones), salads, sushi and panda express are probably my best bet given what I tend to order. Life Goal: 4. write or draw 1 hr/day at least 5 days/week -- after 2 yrs of not drawing and wondering if i'd ever get out of creative burnout I got to explore a whole other side of myself. Part of that was accepting my limits and never forcing creativity. That's how I lost it in the first place. When I broke the block in Jan 2019 with writing, a brand new story came flooding out and whenever I could grab a spare 10 mins here and there I worked out a story more complete than anything I had previously done over the course of years. I now have a (albeit rough) skeleton story that just needs fleshing out. It wasn't until the end of July 2019 that I picked up a pencil again. In a matter of a few days, I was already drawing better after a 2-yr break than I ever had. While I'm still trying to lock the art for this project, writing is my current priority but I'm not blocking myself off to one or the other, just doing whatever I feel like doing each day as long as I do something. To expand the story, I just started focusing on short stories about characters and the universe. My bad this started getting way too wordy the further I went (lmao look at that progression...) I'll just stop here. There was a lot that went into my hiatus and the new things I'm struggling with just trying to get back on the wagon, but I'll add anything else necessary later and if anyone has any questions I'm an open book. Oh and lastly... I'm very glad to back.
  2. July 16, 2014 Hi guys! I'm back! Lots of things have been going on in my life in the year or so that I've been away, but I've already covered all of that in my profile. So just a brief snap shot: I got hurt. both shoulders and my left hip. I've spent the last year trying to overcome the pain and recover some of my range of motion and now I'm finally in a place where I can pick up from square one, assess my current abilities, set my goals, plan my path to success, and begin recovering lost ground. Goals, for now... Run 10k non-stop. Run 5k in 20 minutes or less. Freestanding Pistol Squat. 3 sets of 10 per leg. One arm push ups. 3 sets of 10 per arm. Freestanding handstand push ups. 3 sets of 10 Front/back body levers. 60 seconds, full extension. Muscle ups. 3 sets of 10. Injury proof, become Anti-Fragile, and improve mobility. The Plan Physical: Create, and do a bench mark workout in a controlled environment to get a progress point. Build a habit around consistent training and recording progress and stats on a weekly basis. Build a habit of stretching after every workout, and do lots of mobility work on cardio days. Be sure to log workouts daily, and do stats and pics every third week.Dietary Build a habit around tracking what I eat using MyFitnessPal. Incorporate my current line of supplements into an approximation of a paleo diet. While tracking my diet, it is more important to be full on good foods, than to hit a certain calorie goal and be hungry. Today I am super busy with errands and "I just got back from camp" stuff, so my next post, tomorrow, will include my workout plan and starting stats. See you then. -Church-
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