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  1. As promised, I am back for my second challenge and this time I'm coming into it a bit more prepared. Since my first challenge I have let myself continue to go back out of control and I am highly disappointed in myself for it. Because of my lack of vigilance I have begun to show signs of exposure to the deadly toxins of the "Standard North American Diet" or SNAD-virus. These signs include increased appetite and mindless eating, headaches, lethargy, acne, poor sleep, bloating, weight gain and digestion issues. My husband has also shown some of these symptoms as well as respiratory problems due to exposure. If treated immediately the effects are reversible but left unchecked, full infection is imminent. A 6-week Detoxification Protocol and Strength Training Regimen has been recommended for full recovery. Detoxification Protocol Dietary Restrictions: -Subject is to eat following the normal restrictions as outlined in the Paleo diet. -Subject is to limit consumption of caffeine, nuts, seeds, fruit and permissible dairy. -Subject is to follow the 6-week Operation Slim Down Meal Guide with minimal modification. Drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins from the body. Rest. Proper sleep is necessary for the body's recovery during the detoxification process. Failing to follow these recommendations will result in the failure to reverse the effects of exposure and possible full infection. Training Schedule Monday: Recreational Activity Tuesday: Dumbbell Division Workout Wednesday: Rest Thursday: Hapkido/ HIIT Friday: Dumbbell Division Workout Saturday: Rest Sunday: Dumbbell Division Workout Activities should include: frisbee, swimming, cycling, indoor wall climbing, kayaking and other activities designed to get the heart rate up while having fun. On rest days it is further recommended to remain active with stretching and moving frequently at a moderate pace. It is also a good time to practice combat techniques so that subject will be fit for battle once the healing process is complete. Subject is to report here on 07.28.13 at 20:00 for initial evaluation and every Sunday at the same time for re-evaluation. Main Quest: RecoveryFrom the articles I have read recently in desperation to regain control, my main problem seems to be leptin resistance. My main goal for the next six weeks will be getting my leptin back in order by taking the advice of this article. Now, we all know there's no underpants collecting here! I'll be taking action with the following missions: Eat 100% Paleo for the entire 6 weeks. It sounds hard but nothing worth doing is easy. I really want to make my main goal possible and this is the best fix there is. The primary reward for mission completion will be +5 Constitution. Do strength training 3 times a week. I've had dumbbells around for a while now and have yet to start using them seriously. I've mostly stuck to body weight exercises because of my familiarity with them. I've fallen off of my good workout habits in general and this is my way to level up training. Full completion of this mission will be rewarded with +4 Strength, +2 Stamina and +2 Agility. Keep a log. I know my logs are usually quite detailed and I tend not to leave anything out of them. I haven't logged anything since the last challenge ended and that's part of where I fell off the wagon. I am adopting Zuel's simple and clean logging style this time and forgoing the extra work of inputting everything I eat and do into MFP. I tend to obsess over macro nutrients and calories too much when I use that method and I am not very pleasant to be around when all my downtime is used up with the inputting and obsessing. Mission reward will be +2 Charisma for being less anal and more relaxed. Life Quest: Replace Retail Therapy with Recreation We have about $8000 in credit card debt to pay off before we can start saving for our first house and move out of the parent's basement. (Embarrassing at our age, I know.) I am very bad for using retail therapy when I am feeling down on myself or to fight boredom when I'm trying to keep my mind off of eating. Meanwhile, my reading list isn't getting any shorter and I have all these unfinished projects and ideas sitting around that would do just as well to keep me entertained while possibly even supplementing my income. I've been lazy here and going for the quick fix instead of taking the longer, more fulfilling path. As a side note my husband is also unhappy with the weight he's gained in the last few months and is going to be my silent partner for my challenge. He'll be attempting to go Paleo and join my strength training for the next 6 weeks with me. His added support will help keep me accountable and we tend to push each other harder when working together. With him as my wing-man, we will survive this outbreak and take some zombies down! Parameters set. Initiating program...
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