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  1. Main Goal I've had a bad 2020. (I know I'm not alone, Social Media seems to believe 2020 should be cancelled like a bad sitcom and also like every race I signed up for so far this year.) I am out of shape. My arthritis is flaring. My fiance went to Florida for a scheduled six weeks this winter to escape the cold, and then due to COVID-19 restrictions and the fact that TSA agents at the airport I would have flown into to retrieve her were testing positive for COVID, wound up staying there for three months. She's now been back a month and things are... tense. My kids just now finished distance learning school and mostly not successfully. She is constantly cold and unhappy unless it is warm and she is outside, and she has preferred to sit in a lawn chair in the warmest spot close enough to WIFI to matter, which is smack dab in the middle of my shop/garage, where she does her nails because her nail salon has not yet opened. Everything about that has just not been conducive to me getting healthy. Then, during Memorial Day weekend - when she had been home for just a week - this bad dramedy of a year jumped the shark and the plot changed from zombie plague to worldwide rioting with a heaping dose of police brutality smothered on top. Over the course of a week, the neighborhood where I grew up was looted and burned. Since then, my kids and I have been running a donation point out here in the 'burbs to get needed supplies to people in the City where the anarchists and white supremacists ransacked, looted and burned all the shopping, grocery, and pharmacies in non-white neighborhoods while skipping over the gentrified, white parts of the city to go continue inflicting chaos on brown people. We started collecting clothing for a houseless (they're not "homeless", they're not "a blight on this city", they're people who need the safety and stability of somewhere to live) community that was established in a hotel a block away from the riots that saved the building and the owner's business. We expanded to personal care items and other stuff that the individual supply sites in the City were requesting. We volunteered to deliver meals from a volunteer kitchen in a restaurant shuttered by COVID-19. Everything has been a whirlwind of "we're too overwhelmed and busy to catch our breath". I'm going to be clear: there is definitely "sides" in all this, and I need everyone to know which side I'm on. (Hint: it's not the systemically racist, fascist Police-Military industrial complex.) Seriously. People were protesting police brutality and the unjust policing and killing of black people and cops everywhere pretty much went "Hold my beer." I'll wait for those of you who thought that maybe a middle-aged white man from the suburbs who has espoused the Jedi way and who for years has been serving a multicultural youth group that includes a great group of African American kids might be on the other side of this to slowly back away, and probably for good. Okay, for all both of the rest of you, here we go. My family and I are going to be on the right side of history. My youngest monstie and I attended a Black Lives Matter protest together. My middle child was pepper sprayed and my eldest was tear-gassed, both of them at protests in Seattle that turned violent when the highly-militarized police force decided that Stormtroopers gonna Stormtroop. This is the beginning. We are now part of a ragtag band of galactic Rebel Scum, a role for which I have been preparing my entire life. I'm gonna need to get in shape before some fascist jackboot in military cosplay cracks open my skull and steps over me while I lie unconscious, bleeding from the head on the pavement. My gym has finally opened, but classes are running with very limited space and I'm going to need to use the stuff I made back in April to get back to being strong enough to stick it to the man, and also in good enough cardio condition to not be the slowest one trying to flee from an unjust tear-gassing. Goals: If you know me, you know the drill. Run, Lift, Boot Camp, don't eat like an asshole. I've decided that I'm not tracking macros for a while. But I need to make sure I'm not housing burgers and fries on the regular. Lockdown life has actually been pretty good here for the last few months: lots of chicken and steak and vegetables, along with a daily breakfast of two slices of pumpernickel rye bread, three scrambled eggs, and four small, thin slices of bacon. If I were working out regularly, I would probably have lost weight. Resistance training for the Resistance. Dig it. As this challenge starts, I'm refurbishing my existing deck and building an 8-foot extensions while helping deliver the remaining clothing for those in need and trying to coordinate COVID-safe youth mission efforts to help my city rebuild over the coming months. I will probably be happy to get in 2 runs during the first week, and I will be really happy if one non-deck-building workout happens, but not doing it is not an option. I'm fighting against a fascist police state while helping my friends and neighbors rebuild and I need to be my best self to do it.
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