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  1. A little about me and my character: I do not have a name for my character yet, but she is definitely a Druid. No question. She's been called to spirituality all her life, so that calling guides her every decision. Although timid and tentative at first, once she is comfortable, the real miracle is getting her to shut up again. She's vivacious, sparkling, and a joy. Oh wait... that may just be me. Starting off simple: Main Quest: Rocking my birthday in style! I'm going to hit a major weight loss goal by January 22nd and keep that momentum going as we wrap up the newbie challenge. I want to be ready with a GREAT challenge starting in the bigkid forums early February. Goal 1: Drink no calories and start bulking up the protein at breakfast. Upon looking at the nutrition guide, I'm solid in the middle of level 3 on the nutrition scale. I want to start moving into level 4 by the end of this challenge. To do this, I will: Goal 2: Make an exercise plan each week and execute that plan. For someone who hasn't exercised before, I'm learning this through Nerd Fitness. For example, so far this week, I planned: M - Walk through the Museum all day, T - BW circuits, W - Go for a walk at lunch, Th - Break day, F - BW circuits, S - Yoga, S - Hike through canyon. It's Wednesday and I have executed each day so far this week.
  2. Hi all! I've tried this before and while I usually did great for the first 3 weeks, I'd then fizzle out. The six-week challenge was just too long for me. So I'm hoping this year I have success with the shorter format. I'm part of the NF Academy and have been more active on the Women's FB page recently. I'm hoping that with support from here and the tricerasisters from the NFA group I'll kick ass in 2016. I'm also blogging about my year wth a focus on my health and weight loss journey and organizing. With old school paper planners. Main Quest: Adult Better Quest 1: To track my food and drink input each day in my paper planner (28 days total) A=22-28 days B=15-21days C=8-14 days D=1-7 days Quest 2: To do the NFA weight workout 3 times each week and track in my paper planner (12 times total) A=10-12 times B=7-9 times C=4-6 times D=1-3 times Quest 3: To do a cardio workout 1 time a week and track in my paper planner (4 times total) A=4 workouts B=3 workouts C=2 workouts D=1 workout Life Quest: To complete my January Declutter Challenge and track in my paper planner (see here) A=16-20 challenges B=11-15 challenges C=6-10 challenges D=1-5 challenges
  3. I am starting a battle log because I want 2014 to be a year where things change. I want to be able to journal through times I just can't get myself out the door and celebrate the successes I plan to make. I want a place to track what I am doing right, wrong, and in between. I will post new progress photos each month on the last day of the month. Here are my starting photos: Entries will start on January 1st. January Start: Waist 33.5 Hips 42.5 Thighs 24 Arms 12.75 Weight: 171 February Start: Waist 32.5 Hips 41 Thighs 24 Arms 12.5 Weight: 169 July End: Waist 30.5 Hips 36 Thighs 22.5 Arms 12 Weight: 153
  4. This will be a reversed New Years Resolution. Instead of dreaming on New Years Eve about what we want to achieve next year let's achieve one awesome thing by New Years Eve: the ability to handstand (better). Goal: Improve your handstand Mode: Open for everyone. How to take part in the PvP / Grading: Work on your handstand ability everday for 5 minutes (including rests). Since this is mostly a skill and adjustment thing, everyday practice is possible (and recommendable) here.The Grading will be on consistency, every day of handstand practice will be worth 1 point. Winner will be the one with most points, obviously... You can report you progress here (thanks to Hatter). How to join: Post a description of your current ability in the thread now (and at least one other on December 31st or thereabout quoting you first post with the count of your workout days and a description of your handstand ability by then) and I'll add you to the list of participants. List of Participants: -Waldgeist -Mad Hatter -Abtacha -Elastigirl -Batwoman -Melyssa -Mdowning -Cavilie -iatetheyeti -badwolf1138 -Windcatcher -Harika -18ck -Mathieu *Gamer unleashed* -Gneiss Assassin -quietmuse -Lindsey_M -MaxCurtis -MyLittlePony -klaymates -Zebarah -Paradigm -BlackWidowEowyn -Haevyn -QuirkyDM -Ignis Fatuus -
  5. Hi there, everyone. I'm new here. I'm really excited and also slightly overwhelmed by the thought of changing my life for the better. However, after a year of futzing around and making excuses, I finally started tracking what I was eating and going to the gym more regularly. Last week, while I was looking up articles on women's weight training, I stumbled across NF and spent the next several hours reading through the articles, poking around on the message boards, and making plans. Since I do better when there are specific measurable goals, I figured NF and the challenge system was the perfect way for me to start the new year. Starting Point: I'm 5'2" and 178 pounds. My fitness starting points are a little fuzzy right now. Although I've been great about tracking food, I haven't tracked my workouts as well. I'm headed to the gym tomorrow and will update this thread with my starting points throughout the week as I get through workouts. I'll also be updating this thread with my starting measurements. So, without further ado, here are my goals for this challenge: Fitness: When I read Spezzy's story and the description of the Warrior guild, I felt like I had found my people after wandering around in the woods for like, ever. Seriously. I tried running. I tried to convince myself I liked it but I really suck at lying to myself. I have terrible feet and this body? Not built for speed. However, I'm really good at picking up heavy things. I also really enjoy picking up heavy things. Again, I'm really excited that I found this group. FG1: Complete the Rank 1 Dumbbell Division workout. 4 day split. I'm already going to the gym three times a week and have a set of adjustable weight dumbbells that have been gathering dust in my basement. I moved them up to my living room to ensure that I will do the workout even if I don't want to drag my butt to the gym. (+3 STR, +2 CON) FG2: One. Freaking. Pull Up. - I do assisted pull ups but I want to get to the point where I can do them on my own. This past Christmas, I introduced my wife's kid brother to BSG.* I remembered how much I admired Starbuck's incredible physique. I was able to do a pull up once...just once. I'd like to get back to that. I read Steve's article "How to finally do a pull up" and feel confident that I can get through Level 2 in the next six weeks. (+2 STR) FG3: 75 second planks. I'm currently at 45 seconds. I can safely add 5 seconds per week. (+3 STA) Diet: I love food. If I've had a rough day, I love walking into the kitchen and spending the night cooking. My grandmother was a Sicilian immigrant who worked in a bakery in the Bronx and cooked enough food for a small army even if 4-year-old Lil Hit was the only one joining her. It is one of my top coping mechanisms. DG1: Drink more water - specifically, 90 ounces per day. I have placed large glasses in several strategic places to ensure success: there's a glass next to my bed so I can drink 16 oz first thing in the morning, I've got 32 oz cup at my desk at work, and reusable water bottles in my gym bag, work bag, and car. (+1 CON) DG2: Increase amount of fruits/vegetables consumption to 8 servings per day. I'm averaging about 6 per day currently but I know my body is much happier when I have my more green (and orange and yellow and red) stuff in my diet. (+2 CON) L...on second thought, I'm going to hold off on setting more goals. I've gotten myself into trouble before by setting nine thousand goals, in seven hundred different areas. About three weeks in, I realize I'm doing most of them poorly, drop 8,999 of them to the wayside and beat myself up for it. That's not gonna happen this year. How do you eat an elephant?** One bite at a time. I've got a long to do list that I could type up for 2013 but I'm a lot more comfortable with a series of six week resolutions. This is my year. *We watched most of the first season during his 3 day visit and he decided to use some of his Christmas money to buy the first two seasons. **I haven't downloaded the app yet...does anyone know if an elephant is paleo?
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