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Found 2 results

  1. So... uhm... Life went kinda bonkers for a while there. I was resettling slowly into routines, getting stuff done, then... ...poof. OT nonstop for a while, long story very short there were some personnel changes at my job and I was at first, training a new person to work with me, then doing most of the work period because... people, then became the only person in my position so trying to plan for things outside of work basically became impossible. Fast forward to now - I have a new person in the lab with me, who is so far doing fantastic, and while he's still in training now I'm starting to be able to take a step back and breathe again, I've been able to use my bullet journal again for things beyond just "write this down because otherwise it will get forgotten in 3 months when you have a moment to think again and look back." I'm able to plan ahead, at least a bit, cook meals (Mom got me an Instant Pot for Christmas that's been helping with that a lot!) and overall start working towards general self improvement instead of just having to double down on work itself. Don't get me wrong, the paycecks have been nice, but I have other priorities that I need to start looking after. I won't hop into the middle of this current challenge, but I think I should be able to hop into the next one. I do think I'm going to have at least my first challenge spread between 2-3 5 week spreads though, because I'm going to be picking myself off the ground floor. Again. But hopefully things won't go as pear-shaped this time, and even if things start to derail I'll be able to readjust and continue rather than having to drop everything for what, 7 months again?
  2. Hey there. I'm ShadowSilk. So I've been in and out of the Rebellion off and on several times. This isn't a "New Year, New YOU!" type thing, this is coming back to the hideout with little to show in my pouch but grim determination to get back to where I once was. I've given over my tools of the trade, my daggers, darts, and boot knives, to a friend; she'll hold them for me until I'm truly ShadowSilk again. I need accountability. I really do. So if you read this, and I amuse you, please head up to my Battle Log -- it's called Regaining My Self and My Tools. Thanks. I appreciate it. For this challenge, I will: FITNESS GOALS 1. Get back on track with MFP 2. Walk at least 20 consecutive minutes four times a week 3. Get and hook up a new DVD player so I can start using my friggin' DDPY DVDs again, at least 3 times a week I can't find the replacement DVD I ordered from DDPY to replace the very 1st DVD, and I promise y'all I can't do the second DVD. AT ALL. And Dally doesn't put entire workouts on YouTube. New plan; beginner's yoga/pilates workouts from YouTube at least 3 times a week. 4. Use my Total Gym at least three times a week PERSONAL GOALS 1. Finish the hat I'm knitting for my husband 2. Order and read UnF*ck Your Life 3. Reread, slowly, & possibly journal about or work through, one chapter a day of You Are A BadAss 4. Meet my deadlines 5. Keep journaling, do my Morning Pages, and my written affirmations 6. Get out of the house to do something I like at least once a week CURRENT ASSESSMENT 1. 234 lbs (Not horrible for me! I was all the way up to 260 last year at this time!) 2. Flexibility (What's that?) is horrible 3. Strength is horrible 4. I'll be 43 in three months 5. Really going through a period of rediscovery and am enjoying it.