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  1. So, for those who don't know, I ended last July by finding out I'd been walking around (and lifting, and climbing mountains) with a knee injury I'd failed to notice, and in doing so had worsened it incredibly, basically shredding the cartilage behind both kneecaps over the course of we think months. Because I'm pain resistant, I didn't know I had a problem until I started falling down without warning as my knees finally gave out. Since then, it's been five months of careful rehab and sitting on my butt trying to let my knees heal. I've lost a ton of muscle and gained quite a bit of fat. I'
  2. This is RIDICULOUSLY late in the challenge. However, I needed to post it here so that I can start it and continue for when the next challenge starts. I have to start now or else I just won't do it. These are goals and attributes I want to enhance or gain. - Rogue Strength - Goal: Complete 5,10,15 routine as found on Pinterest. - Kitty Pride - Goal: Complete the challenge. Even if it's just till the 31st. - Dark Phoenix Empowerment - Goal: Audition, email, or read about career M-F. - Jubilee Gamer - Goal: Continue towards P
  3. Having to do a respawn. It has been 18 months. I got a new job that is very stressful and it comes with a hour long commute one way. This is my excuse for falling off the wagon. But no more. Time to get in shape.
  4. - I'm back from slumber!?!.........Rawr!...... This is so embarrassing guys. So I have been dead for a year and I have no excuse but Life kinda happen! Te he he~ - So to update from my challenge year ago. My body have recover from the rehab state, and nearly finish my college only just one more project and final and at last Freedom!! My 4 week challenge consist of: 1. Exercise: My usual workout routine: 10 min Mediation - 25 min Warm-up/Stretch - 40 min of either Cardio/Body Weight exercise (really up to my mood really) - 5 min Warm-down Gradi
  5. Lucky Fire Dragon's Daily Spin So I've been away for a while and it was all for good reasons - being on holiday, getting back into good work rhythm, spending plenty of time with kids for school and fun, rearranging the house and uncluttering a LOT, catching up work projects that I've been wanting to do for 2 years and never got around to,... all good things, so I feel it was healthy priority setting and am very glad I did. I missed you guys as you have become part of my larger family, too, of course, but I knew getting back on here would mean less time for the people around m
  6. Hey everyone, this is... what, my third serious attempt at this? This time I come back more beaten than usual. Normally at least something had stuck, but this time I have fell right back to square one - bad habits, weight and all. The only thing that I hold is the knowledge that I have done this before and can do it again, but the motivation is just so.. lacking. The excitement of the first time round is missing and I have got a lot less support than back then. So basically, I was doing well. Even after I had to stop posting on the forums, i was able to keep up with all my habits, workou
  7. Disclaimer: This has been a hell of a year!! Plus, keeping it positive here This is going to be a respawn of Intergalactic (and sometimes inter-dimensional) proportions I have been on a roller coaster of a year and with 40 right around the corner, it's time to really get back on the ball and get myself in shape in all ways. This is something I really need to commit to in a major way. So, without further ado (and with more fleshed out details coming very shortly), here comes the challenge!!! This challenge (and for several more to come afterwards) will be themed Star T
  8. "It’s been months now since I left the shaman’s hut. Disoriented and alone I wandered the forest for days. The pain of the work that the shaman did on my shoulder still lingers. Not fully disabling, but ever present in the background. I heard the sound of voices and meandered in that direction. As I broke through the tree line, I stumbled upon a crossroads in the middle of the forest. At the crossroads sat a small inn. The sounds were coming from inside. As I opened the door and step in I was greeted with the sweet malted smell of fresh ale. I pulled up a stool and sat at the bar. Wal
  9. Hey there, nerds. How long has it been since I've been around these parts? <checks old challenge threads> Let's not talk about that. We'll just say it's been a while. And now it's time to respawn. Almost five months ago, my wife and I began separation procedures. My entire life was turned upside down. We sold our house. On September 8, I packed the last of my possessions into my car, and I drove into America. I would not return to Ontario again for two months. Over the course of those two months, I visited 25 of the continental United States, a
  10. Today I walked for a whole before I left for work today. Might not sound like a huge deal, but five months ago, I couldn't do that. In July, I had a major back surgery. I have been slowly rebuilding since then. To be able to walk that long with no pain is so great.
  11. Ok, Due to a severe attack of brain weasels aka the black dog (depression) last challenge I ended up bowing out before the challenge was complete. This challenge I'm going to keep things very minimal. PERKELE!!!!!!!!! Goals: Not to have to buy larger pants for the holidays - i.e. I want to keep my average food consumption below my MFP app goal of 2200 calories a day and make sure I'm getting at least 2 servings of freggies a day MEDITATE - minimum 10 minutes a day. Yoga - nightly sleepy yoga. Tai Chi twice a day. There that's it. That
  12. Hi, everybody. It's been quite a while since I posted in the forums. I've been keeping up with working out and recently leveled up in that area, but I've been feeling like the rest of my health and fitness life is a bit out of whack. It's my birthday today and I'm a big believer in using random dates as motivators. So! Though nothing really went wrong, I feel like running through the Academy again will get my focus back and I think I'll learn some new tricks this time around. I've been a little...weird about altering my diet but I think I'm ready to work on that a
  13. I've been off of the forums since September and have not been doing well. I've hardly been training, my diets been horrid, I've been in one of the worst periods of depression in my life, and I lost my job last month. I have been doing basically nothing right for the past few months and that has to change. I figure getting back on here and getting some accountability is a good start. So I'm going to set a challenge for the next cycle, start eating somewhat healthy, and just try to get my life sorted out.
  14. So I've been on here before, and every time I'm on here I improve myself. And then something happens (I find excuses) and I drift away from here - broke my foot & got depressed, then moved to Florida & got busy. And once again I find myself back at the beginning of my quest. So I'm respawning at level 1, and I'm really hoping that you guys will be able to help me push on through to get some progress going again. (Really, though, I do markedly better when I actually get some response on here then when I get crickets... so please excuse me for being needy and help me out by dropping in o
  15. Battle-worn Assassin sneaking into Rebel camp (late) to heal and respawn.... I want to be the VERY best.... Reminding myself that the reason I started NF was to be the best version of myself that I can be. So, with the Pokemon theme song looping in my head I decided to join Ash Ketchum on an adventure to be the very best. SQUIRTLE: 3 cups of water a day/ 21 cups a week BULBASAUR: Vegetables 3x day/ 21 servings a week PIKACHU: Electric Sun Lamp 5x a week Ash: Walk 10k a week (hatch eggs using Pokemon Go) Brock: Beat the Roc
  16. Challenge 01 Goals: Quest 01: Strength - Three bodyweight workouts per week (using the Reddit routine). Reward: I'll get stronger? Or at least feel stronger? Maybe lose some weight? Those sound like likely rewards, right? Quest 02: Walk - Walk 5.25 hours a week with the strict purpose of exercise. This works out to 45 min a day. I set the metric based on a per week basis to account for inclement weather (this is late autumn in Canada). Walks must be done in blocks of at least 30 minutes. Regular old walking doesn't count, this has be walking carried
  17. And here I am again this morning. I just did my first workout since the last time I posted a workout. It was pretty short and minimal. But it was a workout. Just to document where I'm starting from today: 20 bodyweight squats 5 modified (knees) pushups 20 standing lunges (10 each side) 15 second plank 30 jumping jacks Maybe tomorrow I'll have the fortitude to step on the scale, but not today, so there's no starting weight. And this is just the workout post. There is so much more to repair than "lack of movement," but that is for anoth
  18. Hey everybody, I haven't been on here in a while. I went on vacation to Disney World in March when I got engaged. Since then, I've been eating like crap and actually put on 40lbs. I started at 347lbs 2 1/2 years ago, got down to 232lbs, then quit. I've tried a few times to get back into it, but haven't been successful yet. I suspect it's because I try to jump right back where I left off with the nutrition and exercise instead of approaching it like a new adventure. This time I want to make it stick. Goal 1: Workout at least 3x a week. Goal 2: Cut back eating out to
  19. Hey Rebels! This is a story that really began on October 19th, but of course that didn't line up with a challenge so...here I am now to fill you in on all the details. The TL:DR version is this: I looked in the mirror that night and really didnt like what I saw. Decided to set some new goals for myself and conveniently found out that I was exactly 100 days out from my next birthday! Its like this plan was meant to be. I'd like to consider it a rebellion respawn, but not quite a fitness respawn, just a re-dedication. You know, that sums up the back stor
  20. Seriously, how do normal people do it? Ever since I've started my second job in august and have been working full time for the first time in my life, I'm in awe of people who manage to work a regular job and still find time to work out, pursue their interests, socialize, learn new stuff... when I get back from work, I'm just exhausted. I've been sleeping more than ever these past few weeks (and I've always needed more sleep than other people) and feel like working 150% more than before requires 150% more energy than I have. There were days when I got home and lay down on the couch for a while
  21. It is time for me to commit to respawning. This summer I had back surgery, a fusion at L-3 through L-5. I spent most of two months barely able to walk and stayed with my family. I regained about 20 pounds of the 200 I lost. I feel like a failure. The time off of work for the surgery really wreaked havoc in my life by putting me in debt, getting behind in work, and worsening my anxiety. I finally was cleared to start exercising again and have moved back home so I can control my diet. It is time to respawn. Even though I am sad that I cannot go back to serious barbell training
  22. So, I completely failed a couple months ago. Ha! Therefore, a respawn is in order and I'm going back to my roots. I made my past challenges way too difficult and I ended up getting upset, overwhelmed, and just stopped everything. YouTube Binging was my poison. Still is! I'm going to make this challenge easy, measurable, and feel great about it! Haha. PLUS! If you haven't seen RWBY, I highly recommend it! Watch it here RooterTeeth.com. It's in his 4th season which just began a couple days ago. Yay!! RWBY HYPE. Team RWBY and Team JNPR Training Ruby Rose: Trophy
  23. Contained in the following pages are the epic quest of Neila, a wood elf who is very far from home. She is physically weak, but aspires to protect herself, without the help of her dedicated partner. She will update her quest daily, focusing on her physical activity and successes with her attempts to better herself. Long term goals: Be able to complete 10 handstand pushups. Weigh ~140 lbs. Be emotionally confidant, and comfortable in her body. She will be focusing on her diet, and completing NerdFitness Bodyweight workouts to begin t
  24. I keep setting up a challenge and loosing interest a few days in. I've been loosing my motivation in many areas lately and I need to do something about it. I need to really think about things and figure out what my motivation is. I plan to take this challenge to try and get back on track. Goal 1: More Water. I am going to give up all the cokes and root-beers I love so much for water. I'm not setting myself a glasses per day goal. but rather a drink water not coke goal. Goal 2: Take a walk. I used to love walking, I even managed to do 5Ks, and a half marathon, but then I stop
  25. Last month, I hit my one year anniversary with the Rebellion. Two respawns later, and I haven't progressed one bit with my goals to lose weight and become a healthier person. I'm still so freaking unhappy with myself. I'm still embarrassed to see myself in photos, because I know the person I see there isn't the person I could be. I need this respawn for myself. In my previous tries I always managed to start off well, and taper off. Sometimes, I was just feeling depressed or anxious, and skipped a workout or ate an unhealthy meal because I told myself I deserved a break. Other time
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