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  1. Long backstory short: I was 500.5lbs in October of 2012. NF and some of the people I met here really helped me get on the right track and stay there. By July of this year I had lost 148lbs and was down to 352. My wife and I split in July and I fell off the fitness bandwagon. Hard. By Thanksgiving I was back up to 396. Have spent the last few weeks eating a ketogenic diet and lifting 3x/week and was 378 this morning. I'm back on track and ready to burn another 100lbs of fat and get STRONG. I will be starting a workout log with more details as to what I've gone through and what
  2. Hello Everyone! I've tried over and over again to get healthy, fit, and happy. But Usually it lasts a few days, then I kind of slip into my old habits. Being in college, my life is pretty crazy but I know that is no excuse to be unhealthy and to make time to work out. Honestly, I'm basically writing this so I WILL follow through this time. I've started logging my food, watching my carb content and doing pushups, squats and wall sits when I have a few minutes to spare. Anyone have any suggestions for a crazy busy college student? I also have Celiac so that makes going Paleo a little eas
  3. Well on 12/2, I got the Respawn email and honestly, it was at that point, I realized I'd died. Let me explain - no there is too much, let me sum up. This year I have been slipping back into old bad habits (a trip to Culver's here, a trip to Fritz's for a concrete with Reese's cups there). The only thing I have ENTIRELY given up and stayed true to for more than four years is "no soda/sweetened drinks of any kind". So there is a solid, long-term win. In the past four years I've kept off 55lbs and at one time, had lost as much as 70lbs. I'm clocking in about 225 right now and should weigh abo
  4. Ive been trying to get in good shape for a few years already. I wouldnt say im fat or out of shape, as I work out at least 3 times a week and 5 times on average. My BMI is okay (although thats not a reference imo) , but im kind of stuck. Having a history of eating disorders (which are sometimes still very present), suffering from hypoglycemia and hypotension and being intolerant to cow milk (not lactose!) and wheat, ive had difficulties. I was a vegetarian at first, but I felt I could barely eat a thing anymore if I cut that out as well. So I try to eat poultry or fish from time to time but i
  5. Well, I haven't made a post since June. Long time! I've had a great summer, started my first semester at my new college, have a 4.0, and finally have my last week next week! I've been thinking for such a long time about how I really need to get back into the swing of things - I have 5 weeks off so there's no excuse I could possibly throw myself. My goals are simple, and they're just to get back on the bandwagon, be active for at least 30 minutes a day, and be mindful of what I'm shoving in my mouth. I bought myself some stuff on black Friday to help me out and it should be coming in tomorro
  6. At first, I was going to type that I would *shyly wave hello and say, "I'm back, Nerds, to try this workout thing again." But, that's not me. Not anymore. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!!!! RAwR raWR rAWR rawr RRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! That's for the many, many times that I let myself fall and 'die' and not get back up. That's for the self-hatred slump I layed in. For the Quagmire of Bleh that I lived in for the past few months, this is for that. -Newme casts Phoneix Down- Since the middle of last month, there abouts, I have been just doing yoga stretches. That's it
  7. Dear awesome fellow NF-followers, It's been a while since I visited this forum (hence the respawn), but I'm very motivated to get back on track and kick some ass by working out and eating right. This year september, I've started at the university and therefore moving away from my parents' house and started living on my own. I've been eating quite ok, mostly Paleo-ish for dinner, I drink mostly water and I don't eat candy or cookies. Next to that some healthy snacking in the weekends (peanuts) and I've cut back on drinking beer. Also, I've joined an Ultimate Frisbee club, which is freakin'
  8. Hello Everyone, This is my first ever post on the nerd fitness forums. It may be a long one. I am from England and have just returned to the UK after having lived in Japan for 6 and a half years. At the start of this year in January, I had some problems with drinking. I was told by the doctor that I had to stop drinking for good as I had done some damage to my liver. I managed to stop and I also then managed to stop smoking in June, its been 6 months now and no cigarettes. I am pretty proud of myself! I then decided to move back to the UK after we discovered an illness
  9. I was doing pretty good over the summer. i went from 230-216. i'd never broken 218lb before that. then school hit, and stress was through the roof. also, my workout buddy was gone, and i felt lost. i knew what i had to do, what i wanted to do, but i couldnt find the motivation or energy to get up and do it. before i knew it i was eating orange chicken everyday and could no longer fit into my favorite suit vest. i was suddenly 240lbs and it hurt. it made me angry and sad, which pushed me to work out. then it hit me....i worked out over summer because i enjoyed it. i was no longer a chore. it wa
  10. Hi All - Melody here. 5'5'', 220 lbs. So I've been a part of Nerd Fitness for (I think) about 5 months now and I've been really slacking in the "being active on the forums" category... But fortunately this is the time I'm going to change that. Here's whats got me down in the dumps: Work is hectic I'm a graduate student in the physical sciences, so my work heavily revolves around whether or not I can get code to work or whether my lab equipment behaves as needed (not a lot of stuff I have control over). Right now the goals that my advisor have set for me are really vague because I'm the
  11. Work, life, etc. etc. etc. remained normal, I basically stopped playing the fitness portion of the game of life for a while. Well, Hello Boys, I'm BAAAACK! Back to basics, killing rats in the sewer. I don't have much in the way of goals, just the basics. Food diary Intermittent Fasting twice a week Workout 3x week - free weights, pullups, and sprints Walk dog 10x week (morning and evening everyday - all weather - keeps the dog happy) If I do that, I'm halfway to the next level. Might as well sign up for the next challenge when it goes live as well. Might as well Go Right aga
  12. Oh, the many reasons excuses I have for falling off the solar sailer. But alas, those no longer matter. Time to get back on it! It is ski season here and I need to get my legs going. Here is my plan for this week! Dawn patrol at least once this week (This means get up at an ungodly hour and hike up a mountain to ski down before going into work). My excuse is my backcountry buddy is currently unemployed and don't want to bother her to wake up so early...BUT seriously, she's stoked to go ski as I would be so this is happening!30+ minutes on bike trainer to keep cardio up for touring and
  13. I've had a bad 6 week challenge. I went in with determination, I started with a good plan, and I made smart goals. But I know there is not such thing as a perfect plan and I knew that I might not do so hot. But I'm owning up to my slip up and already said this on my daily battle log and 6 week challenge before Steve's respawn post. (I'm secretly psychic like that) There's a lot of reasons I failed so far. The Thanksgiving holiday is the main reason. I guessing thats why most people are here. Because of the holidays I'm having to take care of the family and my grandparents. Plus they have les
  14. ...the Vita-Chamber! I'm back, and sticking with the theme of my 6-week challenge, Bioshock =] And now to share my little story... The first two weeks were pretty average, meeting my fitness goal, but slacking on my diet. By the third week, my depression/anxiety--affectionately called "The Fear" by my friends and I--was kind of in full swing (or at least trying to get there), and I succumbed to the temptation of eating my feelings, something I've always struggled with. Certainly didn't help that that week was Thanksgiving, and I was cooking with and for people who don't make healthy e
  15. Hello all! I'm new to the rebellion, and I just completed my second beginners body weight workout tonight! But joining the rebellion is a re-spawn for me. My story is that back in Junior High (wow that was 12 years ago...) I ran track and was in pretty decent shape. That slipped away in high school because I didn't like the athletic crowd at my school, so I went and did theatre in my spare time instead. In college I tried to make use of the fitness center, but that rarely happened, even when I lived right across the street from it. Now I'm preparing for my wedding coming up in April and I
  16. I've respawned before. In the same spot....over and over and over...... APPARENTLY that doesn't work I fell off the wagon this time because I had some unexpected illness (boo stomach flu) and some unexpected family visiting (yay for people I barely get to see!!) Also, I have learned that I am trying to do too much at one time. I think, "I know how to cook, I know how to workout, I know how to sleep. I know how to do everything I need to do. I can totally make hummus from scratch all the time....and EVERYthing else." Well, I've decided that it's ok to just buy my healthy foods. If I just
  17. Greetings from a goofy fat dad in Alabama! I really was glad to see the respawn post today. This is my first post on this forum, and I really need the respawn!! I am a veteran, I used to stay in great shape, and, like many of you, life got in the way. I did manage to stay at a reasonable weight because I ran a lot, but my eating habits got worse and worse, and my running eventually slowed and stopped. I am a dad (duh!), to an adopted nine year old daughter who is a fit athlete and gymnast. In the 4th grade, she's able to do more pushups than I ever did in the Navy, and she's in great shape.
  18. In March I received my Fibromyalgia diagnosis, after two years of widespread muscle pain and spasms I finally got an answer to the cause. There are three medications that can be prescribed, but they only treat one of the symptoms, and the side effects are brutal. At this point, I'm declining the medication. The only "treatment" is to clean up my diet and exercise - I just have to do it. The irony is that my muscle pain increased significantly when I lost 50 pounds, oh the irony. In May I started my new job. I went from a relatively stress-free job into chaos, this hasn't helped my diet or ex
  19. I've come to realize that there is something about this time of year that I need a reboot. The last year I went through something very similar and I think part of it is that Seasonal Disorder. I used to think the idea of that was a joke but apparently the joke is on me because the similarities are well just too similar. Last year I had my last race of the season September 20th and then just quit exercising altogether until the following year. This year I had my last race of the season in September as well and I'm determined to not let the same thing happen. I know for a fact that when I
  20. When 2013 was ending, I declared (publicly) that 2014 was my year. Highlights of 2014: hospitalized with pneumoniadead grandmothertonsillectomy (and yes, I’m a little old for that)dead auntthyroid levels that still bounce around and make me insanefinding out that gluten free would probably help that (but is inconvenient)discovering that dairy free helps my breathing (but is also inconvenient)embarrassing myself in front of not one, but two, people I highly admire to the point that I’m terrified to talk to thema weird “something is stressing me out but my brain won’t tell me so hereâ€
  21. Heya rebels! So, I did join the NF secret santa, but other than that I've been inactive on the forums and not-as-active as I'd like in real life since... well, at least October (writing it down makes it sounds less horrible, haha... that's only two months, at most, but the decline has started before that). Some things I could partially blame: - New job (costs lots of energy) - Meds (for depression) - Winter coming along - Me HAVING to start work again without reallllly being ready to go back to work I gave myself some slack during the first month of work (3 times exercising a week AND s
  22. So...I've fallen off the gym wagon as it's gotten colder and I'm more reluctant to bike to the gym to lift. So tomorrow, I'm going to try the basic bodyweight workout at home. Next week, I want to try to do paleo to the best of my ability for five weekdays, to start. Baby steps.
  23. February, 2013 Unemployed, actively searching for work any where while simultaneously researching my interest in the human body, mind and well being. By some luck of the dice I came across what I would eventually call a new home. Nerd Fitness. It stuck to me. The name rang in my ears. I loved it. It fit. It was here I started my workout routines, starting at the Beginner Body Weight Workout. I followed this training for about 3 weeks before progressing to new challenges. I loved the way body weight workouts made me feel in control of myself. To truly push myself to my limits and beyond. It w
  24. Probably someone has used this song already lol Was so happy to see the respawn board in this AM's facebook post, cause if anyone's in need of an Angel's Wing, its me. Last December 9, I had a massive breakdown. Six months past that has been me on disability. Six months up to now is me on severance. This is what happens when you very much ignore what the 'verse, common sense, and everything else tells you, and regardless of it all stay in a career which had already triggered a breakdown so bad the work counselor walked me to the hospital. So, to make a long story short (too late), I've
  25. I'm glad I joined when I did! A 6-Week Challenge is JUST ABOUT TO START I've been one of those people that reads on the website from time to time and I've been meaning to sign onto the Forum, but school was so distracting. But it's summer now, so I have time to start! These goals are largely in line with my first Main Quest (which can be found in more detail on my Journal). Essentially, I'm trying to get back to where I was for my weight about the end of August 2013. I'm currently about where I was at the beginning of June of 2013. That is to say, I had made progress, and then it all disapp
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