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  1. My name is Wild Wolf and this is my Respawn challenge. With a new computer set-up, I’m able to get on the boards a little more often and wanted to get back to challenging myself physically and mentally. For the last 2 months it seems, I haven’t done much in the exercise/physical department. That includes going to Gaelic practice in over a month! Laziness? Maybe. Depression? Maybe. But either way, something needs to give. Depression you may ask? It’s a mild case, but I’ve let things get me down and throw off my normally positive mental state of mind. I attribute most of the way I fe
  2. Hi folks, I'm trying NF for a second time, it never quite stuck the last time (a few years ago). So, I am trying to be more involved and interactive to keep up the momentum this time. (It worked for my finances, so here's hoping!) Fitness Goals: 1. Walk around the park everyday (1km) 2. Try 1 new type of fitness per week Nutrition Goals: 1. Enter for in My Fitness Pal daily Level up Life Goals 1. Do one intentional activity to spend time with daughter per week 2. Go to bed at 9.45pm
  3. Heyyyyyy everyone!! This is a respawn for the accountability factor. I need to check in at least weekly to log my progress for this Challenge round. I did not do this last round as it would have been a horrible anxiety-stress trigger in the middle of so much life-crap going on, so I quietly did a re-run of my previous goals in a maintenance round. Spoiler Alert, the last 5 weeks had a lot of Crap... and Not Crap. This week is a mindset week and then I will be creating some kind of manageable goal list for this challenge. ENCOURAGEMENT IN TH
  4. Hey guys! First post here, but I have read a few so I think I get the idea. My goals this month are a little more broad, but I plan to get a little more specific in the future. Long story short, this month is a rough one for me. Last June, my brother (technically half brother, on my dads side, but we were brothers. Closer than most I would say) took his own life. Needless to say that was a HUGE devastation and shock to me and the whole family. My training and care for my wellbeing went away for quite a while. But, over the last couple of weeks I have been getting back in the gym, a
  5. WHAT UP MY RANGERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS??? via GIPHY You guys, I haven't done a challenge here in, like, two years. HI. SORRY. I'm here now! And diving in to respawn, re-invent myself a little bit, and dig into what I want the next level of my life to look like. Did some mind-mapping: As usual, I want to do ALL THE THINGS, and this barely scratches the surface... But I've dutifully selected ONLY FOUR things for this challenge. With a tiny bonus side goal that I couldn't resist including, even if I don't focus on it this month.
  6. So apparently I am almost two weeks late to the party. Lol. However, I plan on keeping this challenge going into the summer break, so that should make up for my tardiness. I've started a challenge or two in the passed. However, I maybe lasted three to four days tops, so I still feel like a complete newbie going into this. I know that one of the problems I had, other than my lack of consistency, was that I set too many daily tasks for myself. I was bound to give up before I even started. But no not this time.... This time I'm making things really simple f
  7. It’s been a difficult month. It had nice things, and events to be proud of -so many enjoyed concerts- but I’ve been sick and feeling withdrawn from everybody. I haven’t seen nor talked to any human being aside my boyfriend (and the occasional postman chat) for the last week. I thought I had caught a bad cold , but it has obviously been something else, because after two weeks I’m still coughing and feeling weak. -turned out it was bronchitis- Positive side is that I’ve been finding easier to meditate and to be with myself, and that my body has been asking for
  8. Wonder: n. a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. Respawn. In my head, this takes place as a horse-drawn wagon ambles along a mountain road. My wrists are bound and I think (again), 'who am I to be this time.' Are our lives driven by the gods or fate, or do we act as the architects of our destiny? Maybe both? Either way, I am here now and an entire unwritten tale calls to me. Calls me to become greater. So let us go then, you and I...and remember: do or
  9. I took a year to rest and recover with the Druids, and now I'm ready to come back to the Assassins! I'm ready to start working out again more regularly and more seriously. I miss the strength I gained and the visible muscles I had. I've made a lot of progress on getting more sleep on a regular basis, and that's helped a lot. I've been working on not snacking in the evenings, but it messes with my stomach, so a light nighttime snack is actually a good thing for me. Since sleep and food are good, they're not on the plan any more. Here's what I've got! THE PLAN Yoga: Mond
  10. In the last months I have been pretty much absent from the forums. I participated relatively frequently in the Facebook group, though. But after achieving my goal of 85 kg in November or so, I was absolutely clueless where to go next. I want to make sport/fitness a more active part of my life, but I'm unsure in which way. Right now I'm bouncing between 88 kg and 90 kg. That's okay; my size M shirts still fit nice nicely and I feel good. But I'd like to get back below 85 kg. And about five weeks ago I started to have back problems again. When I was on a walk with my girlfirend the p
  11. Hey all, just reseting for the second or third time now. I've been thinking about why I could make progress and quit mid progress. I think the key was I took everything too quickly. I would cold turkey, breads, pasta, soda, and start going to the gym daily. Now that I have my wife on board with the nerdfitness program (note not just supportive but actively participating with me) And we've been working toward financial peace, I see that I really should slowly go through and change my default habits. I still don't know what class I should be. I'm a huge character cr
  12. This makes the twentieth time I have started a challenge on the NerdFitness forums. They should all be linked below in my signature. Some of them went really well, some of them were total failures. Most were somewhere in the middle. Current overall mission (admittedly a little fuzzy): Lose weight and get physically prepared for a family trip to Disney World in early November 2017. Fitness Goals: Goal 1: It's now or never/ I ain't gonna live forever Avoid sugar, corn syrup, grains, potatoes, and snacks. Record daily and report here.
  13. ____________________________________________________________________________ "Fatigued with life, but loathe to part, yet on Hope, the soul relies, and every pang that rends the heart bids expectations r i s e. Hope, like the gleaming, tapered light, adorns and clears the way; and still, as darker grows the night, emits a brighter ray." The above is a somewhat modified version of a song that I discovered during research for a story. It...struck a major chord, and so is now saved to my book of favorite words. <3 There were several variations, so the modif
  14. Hello! My last challenge attempt was in January and, well it was quite a roller coaster of a few months family-wise so it didn't work out. We unfortunately lost my mother in law at the end of March and have been working to get things in order. One big focus is on restarting a healthier lifestyle, especially with the warm weather around the corner. My goals for this challenge: Increase my water consumption Remove one cup of coffee from my routine (down to 2 from 3) Do yoga every night before bed to help me relax Attend kickboxing once a week T
  15. OH HI. Some of you (probably not a lot) already know me but I'll introduce myself anyway: I'm Virago! I've been a Nerd Fitness reader for a loooong time, I went to CNF 2015, and I even used to post here sometimes - but I'm horrible at forums Anyway, since I'm also the Rebel Support Leader at Nerd Fitness, and since I'm going to be helping Spezzy out with the forums now that she's COACHING FULL TIME FOR NF (AAAAAAHHHH HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!?!), I'm going to take another crack at a battle log. I've always wanted one here, and just been too scared/overwhelmed to do it.
  16. Laidir here! I know I'm late for joining this challenge but I'm hoping to set myself up with some basic healthy habits before the next challenge! I'm finishing my Bachelor of Nursing next week (shameless brag!) and I need to start taking better care of myself. Stress has done a number on my body and I just discovered that I've gained 25 lbs throughout the program and am now technically a little bit overweight. Which is super weird because for the longest time, I could not gain weight no matter how hard I tried (I wanted boobs, what can I say :P). Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes all ru
  17. In the words of Bugs Bunny, "I should have taken a left at Albuquerque." A few months ago I gained a couple injuries and took some time off to recuperate, then I let that spiral out of control for 5 months of very little activity and negative progress towards improving my health. Well that changes now. In my constant efforts to not bite off more than I can chew I am going to change my training methods to remove potential excuses before they arise. My goals will be simple and revolve around a basic start in endurance, strength, and food. Endurance: As much as I w
  18. I'm back. So, the last five months or so weren't pretty. Long story short, got a year-long internship that I thought would be great and turned out to be hellish, had a bout with several months of serious depression/anxiety (a new and not-at-all fun experience for me), turned into a hermit, watched my health and fitness crash and burn. Great times. But, slowly, I've been recovering, thanks in part to the support of some good friends (h/t to @Treva and co.), and this month I've been on the upswing. Still, I really need to repair the damage that was done by th
  19. I can't remember who gave me this quote, but it will be with me all year: "Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels" Quest: lose 15lbs and enhance my mind 4am: Morning workouts, alternating between bodyweight days (from Academy workouts, likely Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays) and walking/cycling days (likely Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays) Stick to <1,500 calories and >180g protein, <50g carbs per day, adjusting fat as a lever if my activity levels merit more calories Quest: Master Prep Food: weekends most prep, then supplement Wednesday nights (will be trick
  20. Hi all, I'm Elliott, back at it again with the white Vans. Or at least, some kinda shoe. I'm back after a looooong hiatus. I messed up my leg and lower back in a major way with disc herniation, nerve damage, and what seems to be muscular atrophy back in November 2015, and I'm now to a point where I can walk relatively reliably again. I managed to recover without surgery, which wasn't exactly my idea, but my doctor and I got to a point where surgery actually increased the likelihood of further injury. Anyway, long story aside, I'm here, have frequent numbness in my leg, and am work
  21. Agnarr

    Agnarr: Respawn

    Hi! It's been a long long while. During summer vacation I derailed embarracingly, had a bazillion beers, ate whatever the heck I wanted, woke up every day feeling like I had lava on my guts and one of my friends was mistakenly taken into custody and had to spend 4 days locked up until we managed to get things straight and get the poor dude out. Good times... But now it's time to get back on track and shed the extra Kgs. I've already returned to CF and Krav Maga. I'm also officialy dieting, that is obsessively tracking macros and calories (especially calories) even on w
  22. I've been out of the NF loop for a while, but I'm back and ready to commit to a month of focused adventuring. Goal #1: Lose 10 pounds My weight has been sneaking up over the past year or so, mostly through neglect. Diet needs a bit of maintenance, mainly cutting down on starchy carbs (especially bread). The plan is to try one new vegetable a week, make sure I have at least some fruit and/or veggies every day, and exercise due diligence with high-glycemic foods (did I mention how much I love bread?) Going for more fibre, good-quality protein in reasonable serving sizes, and
  23. -Key-

    Key respawns

    After two semesters of butt kicking (and sitting way, way too much), I've got myself organized and sorted and I'm ready for Challenge 2. I'm keeping it simple for this challenge. I've made the mistake in the past of getting excited about a new start and setting incredibly optimistic goals that needed to be done by tomorrow in order for me to feel successful, and yeah. We've all been there, right? I tested this out last week during the rest and it worked out well. So my simple goals, and the steps I'm taking to set myself up for success: Food
  24. "For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again". Proverbs 24:16 I may not be very religious, but that passage speaks to me. Seven falls. Seven respawns. When I started the Nerd Fitness™ journey, I weighed around 275 lbs, and was already eating relatively well. The I went into a deep depressive episode that lasted for weeks. When I finally came out of it, I was 308 lbs., and my food choices were those of a man looking forward to his 1st heart attack. I have started walking up and down my staircase for 14 minutes a day, but I'm not consistent. I need
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