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  1. So, here we are again. I should be sleeping, but I couldn't. I have let my last three challenges or so trail into the oblivion due to lots of different things. But mostly sloth. All things considered, 2020 was "good." My relationship survived, and even thrived in many ways thanks to extra time to be together; I taught in every different conceivable mode (virtual, in person, hybrid, synchronous, asynchronous, on zoom and in person at the same time) and only contemplated throwing in the towel a few times; both of us kept our jobs, and my family and his family are all healthy.
  2. All is quiet. A soft wind rustles the leaves of the forest. A young woman is crouched high in a tree, wrapped in a green cloak. Her eyes are trained on her target, several yards away. She grips the handles of her swords as her pointer and middle fingers poise themselves on the triggers of the ODM gear. The cloak stirs slightly with her breaths. They are even. She's working hard to keep them that way. The time has come. She takes a deep breath and leaps from the branch, hooks shooting from the holsters on her waist. They bury themselves deep in the wood of an adjacent tree and she swi
  3. Defining's Doggone Deeds | Ch. 1 AKA. Defining Does it Again, respawn 2021 Complete failure to reach literally any goal for 2020 (and no, I can't blame COVID for that since my lifestyle was more or less unaffected by the changes); respawn for 2021? Tasks for the 1st challenge of the year: - wake up with sun salutation (after feeding the dogs and letting them out to pee) - eat within 1hr of waking up - fill a 1L water bottle and consume every day - create new meal plan & grocery list for daily protein & veg goals - walk for at least 30m
  4. 1. Walk at least 15 min a day on the treadmill 2. Go up and down the stairs to the basement at least once a day 3. Journal in this thread as a mindfulness exercise It has been a year. A heck of a year. After all my good intentions at the start of last year I find myself respawning again, but it is what it is. So, teaspoons move mountains, I know this, I've done this-- time to do it again! I'm actually a bit pre-set for success as I'm actually on week 4 of a renewed treadmill gaming habit, so I have that going for me for #1. I've been doing some decluttering an
  5. It's been a few years, Rebels. In that time I've gained 100lbs, lost multiple jobs, moved back home, and have had my depression go haywire. Now it's time to get things back in order. But first, we need to strengthen the stronghold. \ Let's make it simple. Tracking my meals, Making small weekly goals for myself Working out with my weights at home and making the ultimate goal of bettering my health.
  6. Hello! I joined NF back in 2017, and really got into the Academy. It was a lot of fun, and I made some progress. I wasn't really active here, but lurked a lot. As time wore on, I also found myself re-spawning a lot. I changed my goals. I changed my name and character. I started over and quit a couple times. I moved on to other programs. Covid came. I was teaching students from home in the spring, and I remembered enjoying the NF Academy so I came back here and respawned. But I never did anything with that respawn. The Academy was still interesting, but too much work on
  7. Hi there. Been a hot minute. Time to get myself in order. 2020 was a bit whacky (for us as it has been for so many others), but I managed to square away some things which have been on my “to do” list forevvvvver. The good: graduated from my Masters, deadlifted 110kg, and secured full time, ongoing, well paid work. Mr completed his first year of TAFE, and is now working for a forge as a professional (apprentice) blacksmith. Huzzah! The bad: Unfortunately, we got in the very bad not good habit of ordering as much delivery food as we wanted (high score for that fail is a tie betw
  8. So. Here I am. Respawning... Again. The last time I posted on here was almost exactly a year ago. December 31, 2019. Another respawn. I was about to start a new job, I was committed to getting healthy and I thought I'd follow through this time. I was excited. Determined. Obviously that didn't happen. Boo hoo. Why, oh why, am I not surprised? This has been my pattern for years. I start something and never finish. Big whoop. This'll sound exactly the same, I'm going to start over and commit, blah blah blah. So why should I even bother? I
  9. So there I was in the wasteland, with like 2 HP left, and I keep getting murked by small critters that I've haven't been able to get any momentum going. Disappeared since challenge #89, and since then I've been sleeping on the couch because of water damage and mold infestation and the insurance agency being an insurance agency. The only reason I'm able to keep it together is I swallowed my pride and borrowed a large amount of money from my mother again because nodody will subscribe to my OnlyFans. Me trying my best every day: Anyway, I'm just here to get starte
  10. "The Band!" "The Band?" "The Band..." "The BAND!" Jesus H Tap Dancing Christ, I have seen the light! We're putting the band back together! It's been way too long, so @Endor and I are brushing off our running shoes (or just feet as it were) and getting back into our pre-COVID shapes. For me, this means forming proper habits again: Exercise every day. It can be 5 minutes, or an hour, but the goal is to get my heart rate up and move some muscle every single day. I'm tracking this with Habit Hub, and am
  11. BODY I just realized how out-of-shape I am when I was out of breath I was while I was cutting weeds in the yard. I almost passed out from the heat after mowing the lawn the other day, and I have to deal with what reminds me of the beginnings of an asthma attack from my youth. This is bad. I also recently did blood tests, and I have a horrendous cholesterol profile (high LDL, low HDL), high liver enzymes, terrible kidney health, constant borderline hypertension, and total Testosterone of like 300. Though it's tempting to "hack" my T levels to get teh gainz, I'm thinking the best way wou
  12. I know. Long time no see. *sigh* The tl;dr version is that I've spent the last 1.5 years not working out much aside from tons of walking, gaining weight (not the good kind), and feeling fatigued. Also, the whole family has been in a funk. So, thanks to covid and my husband getting 100% telecommute, we moved across the country 1.5 weeks ago. Our pod full of stuff arrives tomorrow! I'm hoping that a new location means a new start and a new lease on life. I'm also excited about the new Dune movies coming out. I'm a huge fan of the books and loved the Dune and Children of Dun
  13. It's a bit of a late start, but I'm here. I participated a few years back, but life got in the way and I stopped. I got sick. Thought I was getting better. Wasn't. Now I'm even worse off. Long story short: I suffer from iron deficient anemia. Last year I had to get IV iron to try to get me to reasonable levels. Turns out I'm allergic to IV iron. However, before the allergy showed itself we did manages to get enough iron into my system to put me at the lowest part of normal. Even with the iron in my system the side effects of low iron remained, depression, constant exhaustion, memor
  14. I used to compete at a decent level in powerlifting. After piddling around for the last decade or so and not really training, I have actually taken advantage of the quarantine, working out at home on a regular basis again. I have been a member of this site for a few years now, but have not fully utilized it. I'm hoping to change that now as I pursue consistency. With all that said, I have been putting weekly updates up on my personal blog. https://iamweez.com/category/fitness/ Follow along with me, please. I train alone. I don't mind that so much. But community goes a long wa
  15. So uh, man... lots of stuff happened last time and kind of threw me off. Basically it all comes back to a Sinus cyst I had to get surgically removed. Lots of limits, I couldn't even blow my nose for almost 2 weeks. Couldn't lift more than 15 lbs, no straining allowed, no breathing through nose, it was... a lot. I started back at work but I noticed that 2 weeks of being able to do p much nothin has not had a great effect on my str and sta stats. I feel like I got hit with an ability drain effect. So here we go in an effort to get back into shape! I'll be p much using the s
  16. Hey guys! I think it's about 3 years since my last ill-fated attempt at a challenge. But I shall embrace the spirit of resurrection embodied by this 10 Year Anniversary Challenge. I've been back on the fitness train, and the NF forums, for about a month or so, and it's going pretty well so far. I'm doing the things I want to do, and seeing the changes I want to see. So, the challenge is mostly going to be maintaining that momentum as I return to work in a few weeks. Looking back over the past decade... I'm in a very very different place. 10 years ago I was 28 and i
  17. So... uhm... Life went kinda bonkers for a while there. I was resettling slowly into routines, getting stuff done, then... ...poof. OT nonstop for a while, long story very short there were some personnel changes at my job and I was at first, training a new person to work with me, then doing most of the work period because... people, then became the only person in my position so trying to plan for things outside of work basically became impossible. Fast forward to now - I have a new person in the lab with me, who is so far doing fantastic, and while he's still in training now
  18. Hey there. I'm ShadowSilk. So I've been in and out of the Rebellion off and on several times. This isn't a "New Year, New YOU!" type thing, this is coming back to the hideout with little to show in my pouch but grim determination to get back to where I once was. I've given over my tools of the trade, my daggers, darts, and boot knives, to a friend; she'll hold them for me until I'm truly ShadowSilk again. I need accountability. I really do. So if you read this, and I amuse you, please head up to my Battle Log -- it's called Regaining My Self and My Tools. Thanks. I ap
  19. So I've been away from the forums for awhile...life & all that. I have been exercising (just started a plank challenge); but feel the need once again for a sense of community that I've only ever found in these forums. So I'm back & gearing up for the next challenge.
  20. REALLY fell off the wagon this summer when it came to food in general.... But today and every day is a new day to do it right... I have faith.... I will be worthy of Thor's Hammer yet!
  21. [Respawn sound and visual effects go here] Greetings fellow interwebs dwellers, I have returned to have a crack at this again! The plan is to finish it this time though and not just fall off the map again, I also feel much better prepared for this attempt. Backstory: Having done martial arts on and off for many years and discovering crossfit several years ago I have proven myself to be consistently inconsistent with fitness regimes. More recently this year I have actually been consistent with crossfit for 6 months now smashing PRs. Also back on the martial art
  22. I can’t seem to find my old posts. Probably archived because it’s been so long since I have posted. Even when I did, it was just a series of half ass posts saying “here I am again, but I’m series this time!” Smh. That should tell you how the last year of my life has been. A series of rocky, unproductive garbage days.  I would lose a little weight, then gain it, then feel good, then like shit. You know the story. Im just here to publicly say that I’m back. I’m so tired of feeling terrible, and waking up every day knowing I wasted the last. SUPER done with
  23. A year ago my husband and I were training to climb to Everest Base Camp. My husband was 70 and I was 61. Training was rigorous. Then I fell at work. I slid face first onto an outside porch and the crown of my head hit an exterior wall so hard it intented it. Concussion yes, TBI absolutely. A year of minimal exercise. Dreams postponed. Now at 62 and a whole lot of work my brain is functional but my body squishy and weak. I still want to climb. I still want to be healthy, trim, and energetic. Now my Everest is metaphorical and ok, maybe next spring real. My major
  24. Greetings Assassins, After 2-3 missed challenges, with my last challenge being terrible (no tracking or posting on the challenge) i feel ready to respawn and better my life again. Since its a respawn i'm going to "try" and keep it simple. Fitness Workout in the gym at least twice a week; Going to alternate Full Body workouts. I have one day that has Overhead Press, Chin-ups and Front Squats and another day that has Dips, Deadlifts and BW Squats (which im going to progress to Pistol Squats) Every morning "30 Days of Yoga" by Darebee; I used to
  25. Look who decided to show her face again. *bullies laughing evilly and cracking their knuckles* (jk) So long story short, I got wracked with guilt the other day because my dad kept falling and we couldn't get him up and I am like the most useless thing ever when it comes to strength and stuff. My dad is in a wheelchair now but still stands up to do some things like putting on a belt (I'm going to convince him to switch to suspenders) or going to the bathroom or switching between chairs. But he still falls and we're powerless to help him and too stubborn to call for help (because we'
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