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  1. Recap! I am down 14# ! at the end of the challenge- week 4 you can see i started to fall off... lose steam... When I stepped on the Scale and saw '-14 lb' I freaked out a bit and couldn't believe it... I had been avoiding the scale if there was not change i would feel the work was not worth it- it has been a huge boost! Plan: The next Challenge: I have found a good audiobook helps be inactive be fun and not a chore. I finished Without Remorse (Jack Ryan Universe #1) Starring John kelly. https://goo.gl/TcWzSj The next book is Patriot Games (Jac
  2. Back from a hiatus that was both from giving up and too much going on. (Rambly update in my Daily Battle Log.) Anyway -- I'm back - again! -- and I think I'm going to respawn everything, including over on my Academy profile. I just haven't been active in so long. On the bright side, having (re-)joined WeightWatchers, their new Freestyle program brings a lot of nutrition goals in line with the NF Levels. Other than nonfat yogurt being 0 Points, I think most of the 0-Point food list is at this point totally paleo. Anyway, my goal right now is to start getting things ba
  3. Introduction: Hi all, I'm just your average MunckinLion (also Lil'Lion or just Lion) and this is my first challenge--after about two years I mean. I've lurked and munched away at snacks for far too long; I'm the laziest Lil'Lion in all the pride lands. I'm in college right now doing a Literature major ( so obviously I kind of like reading) but aside from that, I enjoy swimming and soccer.I'm trying to expand my interests! My ADHD brain makes me love trying new things, but makes me not so great at sticking with them. Main Quest: Lose 20lbs by June. I'm kinda doing a lot of f
  4. A wild Infinicca appears! Greetings and salutations, friends. My name is Infinicca, regenerating/respawning after several years off-site. I was formerly here under "Nicca", and was sort of a lurker/occasional contributor. In the time since, I've been up and down again. I had a bad illness which hospitalized me a couple of years ago, lost some weight, and then gained it all back and then some because I could eat again. I work from home and am also studying from home for my *gulp* law degree, and recently I've realized that I'm into the danger zone... I'm often tired, don't eat well,
  5. Ugh why do I keep falling off the bloody wagon?! Backstory - 125kgs (275lbs) in February 2013. 72kgs (160lbs) in November 2014. Engaged in October 2015, moved in with hubby to be. By September 2016 I was 90kg (198lbs). Got married in October 2017. Jumped on the scales this week after years of neglect and am back up to 102kgs (225lbs). I dont want want to get to 72kgs again, as I was severely restricting my eating and training twice a day five days a week. Looking for a happy mid point. Am comfortable and content between 78 a
  6. Hi there! I haven't been back on NF in a while. Mainly because I didn't think I needed the support on here to lose weight anymore. But boy was I wrong! I actually lost more weight being on here than I ever have by myself. So how have things been? Well I lost a lot of weight after my baby girl was born. But being a new mother proved to be a lot harder than I was expecting. Add that to being only married one year haha, and figuring out what being a wife meant. So all in all, my hormones had been bad before and after giving birth they ended up being worse and my weight sh
  7. Hi all, I have largely fallen off the wagon lately. I haven't been getting enough exercise, I've been eating rather too many sweets, and I'm wasting money on cabs more than strictly necessary. I'm not in bad shape, but I'm trending in a direction I shouldn't. Sticking to the basics this time, because I clearly need to relearn/rebuild them. Goal 1 - Do not be lazy (X/5) Walk to work unless the weather is awful or my lungs are in bad shape. Goal 2 - Limit sweets. (X/7) Do not eat anything not on my acceptable sweets list and eat those only in small portions.
  8. My Hero is Jack Ryan- I met him in Hunt for Red October. (yes I met him in the movie not the book) I did a little bit of the Tutorial quests and found out his story started in Without Remorse. A huge reason I am 'ranger' Jack is because the audio book is great to listen to while being active. I have done Huge- 'Smarter' Goals in the the past and 'burned out' To Kiss it: My '1st' challenge is 'Establish Habit' This will be accomplished by 'doing something for a month' Over this last week something has become 'Food log' with a stretch go
  9. Well... the good news is, I know why I was getting so sick and passing out when I worked out! My resting heart rate without medication is between 140-200 bpm, and when I would exercise, it could easily go over 400 bpm with very little effort on my part. I am medicated now, but it's still going to be a long haul, and I have to take it easier than I have in the past. It's been 5 years since I have been on this forum with any regularity. In the last two years, I have been in 5 car accidents, had 4 surgeries, went from one medication daily to 13+ medications a day, and I've gained 50-l
  10. Truthfully, It's been a more than a couple years since I've been on this website, so "soft reset" might be too generous of a term. Still, I'm the same person with the same issues---now I'm just working with different stats. I was at a big university, but struggling with my mental health a lot, so I'm at a community college for now. I've lost a lot of the healthy habits I built, and being at back at home now has made me less motivated in my physical health. Right now I'm planning to focus most on water intake and calorie tracking using MFP. I'm hoping this time around I can work o
  11. Hi all, So I've been here at NF for years, and did a challenge or two long ago, lurked a bit, and chime in on some posts from time to time throughout the years. Life sometimes gets in the way of our own betterment, but now is the time to begin again. Here are my goals for the upcoming 4 week challenge. 1) Cut out Soda’s 2) Clean Dirty dishes from the sinks 3) Excersize twice a week 4) Compile a list of all my bills to begin developing a budget. in more detail.... Cut out Soda's is a no brainer... I've done it before and went 3 months
  12. On Habitica, I came across this challenge: "10 Habits You Should Do Every Day" Welp, I need routine and everyday is kinda a routine thing to do. So here goes... Dailies Exercise: 10 squats, 10 pushups, Walk to the mail box, 5 minute stretch, except on Wednesdays when I run from Zombies Reading 1 Chapter a day Meditation 10 minutes of breathing and waking up at 8:00am Habits Project Time Two Hour Block on Wednesday and Thursday for animation/art projects Brain Buster Do a Sudoku every day Language Spend 30 minutes learning Sign Language M-F Podcast/TED Talk/University Lectu
  13. I have touched on this subject a time or two in my previous challenge titled "Birth of a Legend" but I am having problems fine-tuning our eating habits. I have been stuck in a rut trying to figure out a plan or menu per se that is affordable, caters to toddlers tastes and my dislike of pasta, and a hubby who prefers savory and rich meals that are super filling. This is where my problem is though. If we're going to start losing weight together we need to cut back on our caloric intake and burn more by exercising. But what is a good medium ground between the nutritional and caloric needs of a m
  14. And so another thread for whats probably the longest respawn ever (man what a lag ) I started my respawn the last challenge and it didn't worked at all (at least according to my challenge goals but more about that later. First what's going to be my accountability list throughout this year and my self choosen mantra for challenges and life in total: PMA! FIND REALISTIC WAYS TO IMPROVE WHILE KEEPING ALL THE POSITIVE THINGS IN MY LIFE IN MIND! My Overall Goals for 2018: Fitness: - Run a marathon in 4:30 (Status: Marathon booked f
  15. Hi NF! So, I was a regular way back in 2012-2013 but have since moved on to other fitness paths. But then I got an email about this great deal for the academy and guess what, I'm back! I'm now 29 (almost 30) and mom to a GREAT 17 month old boy (whom we named after a character from the Dune series. Talk about nerdy!). Unfortunately, I now have diastasis recti (BOO!!!) which means my core strength is not what it used to be AND I have to be really careful about certain exercises (no more crunches ever, but not sad about that Anything front loading that puts too much pressure
  16. Hey, I have finally decide that it is time to hit the reset button when it comes to my health, and well being. Had quit a few stumbles in the past year but slowly making progress towards smashing my goals once again.
  17. Steve's email today contained a revelation for me: My health and fitness are exactly like video game bosses. Each time I die in a video game boss fight, there is a moment of frustration that is soon followed by a new resolve to do things DIFFERENTLY until I find the strategy to win. With my health and fitness, though, I act like the kid who throws the controller across the room and pouts when the words 'GAME OVER' appear! (I cannot stand that kid!!). So, here I am, respawning with a new mindset and a new outlook on what 'failure' truly means. It doesn't mean that I'm a failure, lik
  18. So so so many down and depressed days. Made it through the holidays. January hit and I became an emotional wreck on the verge of becoming an alcoholic. it's taken three weeks to recover from the worst episode yet, and my husband has found a dog to adopt that will be acting as a companion for me. we are working to get me in therapy, but this requires answering a phone call to schedule appointments, which I don't do. My grades are also severely slipping and I'm likely to not make President's List again this semester even though I've made it the last two semesters. This respawn, I'm g
  19. Hello all, my name is Fluffy_Shark (or Fluffy for short) and this is probably my third time respawning. I am 22 years old. I struggle with depression and anxiety and currently go to school full-time while working part-time. Lately my stress has been through the roof and I've resorted to eating copious amounts of sugar, and drowning myself in the internet, all trying to escape from my stressful world. I have never liked how I look and I have always felt weak and unfit. I haven't worked out in nearly 4 months and I'm sick and tired of it. I have so many things I want to accomplish in life but I
  20. Hello there, I'm Sacculina and have been reading NF since 2010 or so, been part of the NFA since the beta testing for women only, and even started Rising Hero's during the first month, yet I have not made any lasting improvements to my health. I have found new friends through NF and even had the 20 seconds of courage to start my own group called the Nerd Scouts. I haven't been faithful to NF though. I started to read conflicting articles from The Greatist, MFP, etc which caused information overload. I had intense debates with other medical professionals which required
  21. ^^ Yep. _.-*-._.-*-._ Goal: Find balance between Twitch, Voice Acting, and Life This means: Stream M (12-7ish), Tu (10-4ish), Th (12-7ish), and F (1 start time) || Get in Gear for the Next Tier Tu after stream, W at 12, F before stream || Church Sunday Mornings Goal: Eat healthier and be healthier This means: No fast food unless with gift card, grocery shop every week for fresh fruits, and be in bed at 1:00am Goal: Work out like One Punch Wo-man This means: Do 10 pushups, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats, and walk to get the mail each and every day. Goal: Platinum LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
  22. You know when you load a game you haven’t played in forever, just to find out your game save was deleted/corrupted? That’s me right now. I joined NF a loooong time ago, before I was active military, weighed 165 and was squatting 180 with ease. Now after five years or so, getting my DD214 and being hit with crippling depression because of multiple deaths in the family, and being lost after ETSing, I’m back in the gym. My girlfriend keeps me motivated and, being my first time in the gym after a year, my body is sore and oooooh I miss it. Lets consider this a
  23. RESPAWN, this happened on 1st of January... Why so long to announce it well here my story.. So I looked at the date I first signed up its been 6 years and I'm no physically fitter or healthy. Oh I've done a few mini quests updated my profile but never kept it up. ive gained a few healthy habits from the years of Nerds Fitness, FOOD , I no longear go near the vending machine, or sweet pudding at work.. and at home I've got healthy cook book and ignore pasta, rice and potatoes .. Now juicing Exercise , I will cycle to work in better weather ,, it's icy and c
  24. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Episode VI RETURN OF THE JEDI After many months away, Starstuff has returned to the planet of Challengeooine in an attempt to free herself from the clutches of the vile gangster Melancholia the Butt. Little does Starstuff know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE has secretly begun construction on a new motivation-sapping space station even more powerful than the first dreaded Bleh Star. When completed, this weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of Rebels struggling to restore
  25. It's time to kick the bad habits... and become a Superhero. "Life doesn't give us purpose. We give life purpose." 100 Days x 3 Daily tasks = Superhero Training. Strength and Perfect Form Task one: 10 pushups per day. Back straight, arms 90 degrees Be Aware of Your Surroundings Task two: Eat Veggies and Fruits Do Your Best Task three: Finish Mum's Birthday Gift Record/Edit a chapter of HP1 everyday Bonuses: 3 Bottles of Water 1ch Reading 120 Minutes of 'Animation' "You're mu
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