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  1. Hello there, I'm Sacculina and have been reading NF since 2010 or so, been part of the NFA since the beta testing for women only, and even started Rising Hero's during the first month, yet I have not made any lasting improvements to my health. I have found new friends through NF and even had the 20 seconds of courage to start my own group called the Nerd Scouts. I haven't been faithful to NF though. I started to read conflicting articles from The Greatist, MFP, etc which caused information overload. I had intense debates with other medical professionals which required
  2. ^^ Yep. _.-*-._.-*-._ Goal: Find balance between Twitch, Voice Acting, and Life This means: Stream M (12-7ish), Tu (10-4ish), Th (12-7ish), and F (1 start time) || Get in Gear for the Next Tier Tu after stream, W at 12, F before stream || Church Sunday Mornings Goal: Eat healthier and be healthier This means: No fast food unless with gift card, grocery shop every week for fresh fruits, and be in bed at 1:00am Goal: Work out like One Punch Wo-man This means: Do 10 pushups, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats, and walk to get the mail each and every day. Goal: Platinum LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
  3. You know when you load a game you haven’t played in forever, just to find out your game save was deleted/corrupted? That’s me right now. I joined NF a loooong time ago, before I was active military, weighed 165 and was squatting 180 with ease. Now after five years or so, getting my DD214 and being hit with crippling depression because of multiple deaths in the family, and being lost after ETSing, I’m back in the gym. My girlfriend keeps me motivated and, being my first time in the gym after a year, my body is sore and oooooh I miss it. Lets consider this a
  4. RESPAWN, this happened on 1st of January... Why so long to announce it well here my story.. So I looked at the date I first signed up its been 6 years and I'm no physically fitter or healthy. Oh I've done a few mini quests updated my profile but never kept it up. ive gained a few healthy habits from the years of Nerds Fitness, FOOD , I no longear go near the vending machine, or sweet pudding at work.. and at home I've got healthy cook book and ignore pasta, rice and potatoes .. Now juicing Exercise , I will cycle to work in better weather ,, it's icy and c
  5. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Episode VI RETURN OF THE JEDI After many months away, Starstuff has returned to the planet of Challengeooine in an attempt to free herself from the clutches of the vile gangster Melancholia the Butt. Little does Starstuff know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE has secretly begun construction on a new motivation-sapping space station even more powerful than the first dreaded Bleh Star. When completed, this weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of Rebels struggling to restore
  6. It's time to kick the bad habits... and become a Superhero. "Life doesn't give us purpose. We give life purpose." 100 Days x 3 Daily tasks = Superhero Training. Strength and Perfect Form Task one: 10 pushups per day. Back straight, arms 90 degrees Be Aware of Your Surroundings Task two: Eat Veggies and Fruits Do Your Best Task three: Finish Mum's Birthday Gift Record/Edit a chapter of HP1 everyday Bonuses: 3 Bottles of Water 1ch Reading 120 Minutes of 'Animation' "You're mu
  7. (note - I randomly signed in to my 750words account and had no idea what to write, so this is what happened. From there, I decided that I'm keeping a diary and will turn it into a daily log here.) I'm feeling kind of lost and confused, so I'm going to write to help myself figure it out. What do I want? I want to be healthier. I want to lose weight. I want to be strong. I want to look and feel sexy. I want to be better than I am. I feel like a lump right now. Kind of meaningless. That sounds super depressing. I don't think I'm depressed? I'm not
  8. I don't even know when was the last time I wrote on this board, nothing shows up in "what I follow" meaning it's been over a year and honestly that isn't too terrible surprising. I'm not 100% sure even when I joined. So I'm not 100% sure when I fell behind the promises I made to myself. I know I was getting on board with it back in 2016, to the point my body was rebelling! I was so sick most of the time! It was a nightmare, and sadly my employeers totally agreed and had to let me go. So while I gave into my body's want of junk food for comfort, I also got my old
  9. But rises again harder and stronger. This is my first GOT themed challenge! I'm at a low point of my life. I just got fired, which means I have to go back to the job I recently quit (if they'll take me back). Also, I'm running out of ways to deal with my anxiety, going out with someone new (which increases such anxiety) and with a lot of things in the air. I'll be focusing on respawning, and rising harder and stronger than ever. Goal 1: Rising Harder and Stronger I recently made an investment in myself. I signed up for a new gym, an expensive one
  10. Nascence: (Noun) A coming into being; a beginning. Introduction: I'm back. It's been a while, so allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Richard and I'm a newspaper editor who loves hip hop, board games and hiking. (For my origin, check out my battle log.) I'm a wordy person, so here's your spoiler warning that I tend to ramble quite a bit. I used to go by EternalJourno, but I renamed myself a while back as Rey of Light. Rey is Spanish for king and obviously a play on the word "ray." The idea was to rebrand myself as a being or force of light and positivity, which has been h
  11. Hi, I'm Brittany. I previously tried to complete challenges as a Rebel and quests as an Assassin and couldn't keep up with either. I was diagnosed as an adult with ADHD and hooboy, is it ever in charge. I'm floundering on day-to-day stuff and it seems like what I really need is to be able to better balance myself. There is a lot of data supporting mindfulness and meditation as a tool in the toolbox for controlling ADHD symptoms so I'm really hoping this works! A little about me: By day, I work in data analytics and by night, I wrangle a toddler, a husband and two cats. At 32, I st
  12. JessOfAllTrades Builds I believe the last time I was here was before the school year started (or had just started). So here I am, end of November and past the first marking period, and I feel like I'm still just getting started getting into the swing of work. This school year has been rough, to put it simply. I am holding up okay, but I know I need to do better if I am going to get through all of this nonsense with my physical and mental health intact. And truth be told I'm tired of being tired and sick all the time, because it leaves me with little energy or creative thought to wo
  13. Hi, everyone. I'm a couple of days late, but hoping to join in this challenge as a sort of first timer. I've been lurking on NFR for a while and have tried creating forums and participating, but...life issues always seem to get in the way, and I can't seem to make progress on my fitness. I want to change that. I don't want to dwell on all the problems, but I have a lot of family stuff that takes up time, a hostile workplace that I can't leave just yet, a really horrible battle with depression, and a habit of letting go of self-care when I am depressed, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed. I am
  14. Hello! I'm kuawen, and this is my first NF challenge. I'm new to NF:RH but I'm not new to diet and exercise. Ten years ago, I lost 100lbs through diet and exercise alone. The problem is, over the past year, I've gained it all back. What happened? Well, I'm not 100% sure. I've continued to exercise and eat right, but the weight keeps piling on. So, after seeing a number of doctors that couldn't give me any answers, my family and I moved to Los Angeles so that i can be seen by one of the country's top endocrinologist. In the meantime, while I wait for test results t
  15. I am Odinson_Rising, and I truly feel unworthy. The path is rocky and sometimes treacherous, but the challenges and obstacles in my way should provide opportunities for improvement. Should. Right now, I'm having trouble framing my challenges in that way. It's important for me to acknowledge that struggle to myself because I don't believe I'll otherwise be able to overcome it. I will overcome that struggle. Here's what I've been doing: I start with a decent breakfast, if I eat at all. Today's was 3 eggs w/ 2 sausage patties and some cinnamon stewed apples -
  16. My City of Ruins: A select few of you may remember me. I came, I did some challenges, I dropped some weight, and then life started life-ing me and I disappeared. In early 2015, I weighed 255 lbs. I joined a gym, started eating better, found NF, and in around 18 months, I'd just about scraped under 200 lbs, got myself a nice suit, and life was going... better. But interest started to flag, and a combination of work-related stress, family dramas, injuries, illness and dark depression took hold, and I went under the ice for a while. It started with some niggling aches and
  17. Yo Aloha Hola Oy! I am baaaaaack! I had a baby 6 weeks ago, and am feeling that it is time to respawn! I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting new ones as I work to get healthier and hopefully get some of this baby chub off. I hope to feel more like myself by the end of his challenge, since having a baby definitely changes your body and how you spend your time. Due to some health issues, I wasn't able to workout almost at all my last trimester of pregnancy and with all my food aversions returning the last few weeks, my nutrition wasn't all
  18. Well, I guess this is a respawn. I've generally been sliding a bit for the past few months, and then the last month hit me with end-of-school, convention prep, travel, and a nasty sickness that made working out extremely difficult, plus some bad nutrition advice that I didn't identify and stop in time. Went to the doctor's last week, and when they closed the door, the full-length mirror on the backside showed me sitting slumped in the chair looking way too out of shape and unhappy. So, time to respawn. The biggest problem I see is all the preconceptions I have from the past few yea
  19. (badelynge: collective noun for a group of ducks on the ground) I wandered off and has no good excuses. I let most things slide: the diet, the strength training, the mindfulness. The one thing I kept up with was running. And yesterday, October 7th, I ran a 5k. Granted, it took 39:25 but I did it! All of a sudden, I'm motivated again. Time to re-spawn. I'm not sure if I delete past entries or not. I'm not very proud of my half-assedness the first time around. But I'm feeling good and ready to fly, so here we go (again).
  20. Fu*ked up last few days, dad brought a meth junkie prostitute home to live here (im paying rent) told me his pill junkie pot head friend is moving into my room w me, and because I told the tweaker I knew she was on meth and knew she was doing a lot more than housework to pay the rent... ive got 3 weeks to find a new place when studios only come up 2x a month and they are 1,400+ to rent with 100 applicants going for each of em, and a bad root canal, and trouble at work, and a $400.00 speeding ticket... this last week just sucked, ofc I went off diet too. Im so on edge I'm snapping at friends, a
  21. Hi guys! It's been a long time... I'll make a quick recap of the last couple of months. First, CrossFit got way too expensive to be economically sustainable so I had to quit my box. I drifted aimlessly for a while, looking for a new gym that was close to the office and affordable. In the meanwhile I kept on training Krav Maga twice a week as usual. After a rather depressing month, I gave up on trying to find an affiliate with a reasonably affordable full pass (I work in a really expensive part of town). Just when I began looking for a regular gym, one of the Team Leaders at
  22. Hi guys! It's a new challenge, a new season of life, and a new opportunity to grow into myself. I know I have a lot of potential for cool things, and I'm owning that here in this challenge. I'm owning the fact that I'm not where I want to be; I'm owning the two sub-par jobs. I'm owning the nervousness about being done with college. I'm owning the bad choices I made before. I'm saying that I'm ok and the strength within me will always be greater than the challenge before me. I'm new to the Rangers and proud of myself! The theme for this challenge is strong starts and new beginnings.
  23. What happened? How did I get here? Well... ...well, I left my old working place, and got a better job. was not easy, but did it! my wife got her big promotion, and now is a big boss at work! we got a loan from the bank and have bought a french car. I call him Red. I started doing a lot of additional work in local community , teaching kids to role play. ... and I really really tried to have my own dojo, but it went bust. I put op the posters monthly, I invited people regularly, I made ads and stuff,
  24. *stumbles out of bushes, covered in leaves, and shakes off the black dog that's chewing on my leg* >.> Well. Uh. <.< Oops. Nothing's really up except that I got Lost™ and find myself back at square one again. Haven't been keeping up with anything, really. Got...pretty bad for a bit. But that's been enough and it's time to get going again. Admittedly I no longer- for a while now -have a big, clearly-defined "this is what I'm working toward" because from a purely realistic standpoint I don't know. None of what I used to want makes sense anymore for a bunch of
  25. Been on again off again here for years. Time to give it a go again. My goals for this go round are fairly simple: food, walking, and tracking. 1. Food. My husband and I are taking the kids to Disney World in October. We've been before and I've been getting fatter each trip. Last trip the rides were tight and I've put on about 25 lbs since then. Thus, I need to lose a bit of weight so I can fit on the rides. I've a friend who's going low carb keto and she says it's been working great for her, so I'm giving it a go. From now until October 14th (when we leave for our trip) I'm going t
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