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Found 7 results

  1. Not new to Nerd Fitness. Not new to the Academy. BRAND NEW to NFPrime and the forum. Respawned the day after (American) Thanksgiving. 1 year goal: Lose the last ~15lbs fat and gain muscle. Sleep better, feel better (energy, vibrance, etc), and gain confidence. Dragon(s) to Slay: Guinness World Record 5k (beat my PR of 37:11) Sept 2022 Challenge: Get the habits started to reach my 1 year goal. Maybe find inspiration for a new dragon or two to slay along the way to keep me going after 1 year. Habit 1, Nutrition: Never 2 bad meals in a row. Aim for vegetables at LEAST 1 meal a day, every day. Plan ahead where I can and be mindful when plans change suddenly (because I live with a bunch of spontaneous people). Slowly work to start skipping breakfast and having a larger lunch (goes hand in hand with progress on IF habit #3) Habit 2, Workout: Bodyweight workout to maintain (or maybe even gain?) muscle. Stick to the NFJourney BW Level 4 and then level up (or repeat) as necessary. If life gets in the way, DO IT THE NEXT DAY. No skipping. Minimum 3 workouts a week. Habit 3, IF: Get back into Intermittent fasting. I felt good on it before. NFJourney app has me at fasting 14 hours currently and building up. KEEP DOING THAT. Build up to 16+ hours!
  2. Hello fellow NF rebels! I'm respawning after a three-year gap -- and a number of unsuccessful non-NF attempts to become a healthier, fitter me in the intervening time. I have learned a lot during the journey, but so far none of my efforts have 'stuck' in the form of permanent changes in lifestyle. Sadly, I am weaker at this point in my life than I have ever been before now -- and that is very, very discouraging! So, as part of my respawning process, I have "taken a look at what didn't work last time" and realized that I consistently get hung up when dealing with two of the Academy's challenges: anything to do with sharing and customizing my Batcave. When I started digging into why these two missions are so consistently uncomfortable for me, I realized that they are actually symptoms of the same issue: I am deeply ashamed of myself! Because of my sense of shame, I want to hide my efforts to become healthier "just in case I fail again." I don't want to be accountable to the people in my life because I don't want to face the doubts and questions, and I definitely don't want to deal with the awkward conversations that happen after I "fall off the fitness wagon"! Similarly, I don't want to make changes in my environment, because they signal to the other people in my life that I'm "trying to get fit again" ...leading to the doubts, questions and discussions that I don't want to have. I know it's a self-defeating mindset -- but I'm still figuring out my plan to conquer it. I need to defeat Shame in my first Boss Battle -- or I'll never successfully reach any of the others! Wish me luck!! 🤞
  3. I'm alive. I'm here. Barely moving, but here. I had this great idea to improve my health years ago. I stumbled upon NF and made the investment to join. I started out reading all the material--so much material. (But I am a thorough kind of person. I like to know what is expected of me and the best way to succeed.) I got so lost in all the preparation and reading, I never made it out of the newbie stage in actually completing the challenges for the guild of my choice (that decision, also, took me far too long). Lesson learned: Read, but don't get stuck there. Don't get stuck on the minutia. You know the overall gist (speaking to myself here): eat real food, eliminate the junk, and have fun with the challenges. AND ENJOY THE RESULTS! I fell off the wagon so hard I actually went through the Earth's crust and just lived in the mantle for a bit, until now! So, here I am! Ready to start out with a 4 week challenge in the starter zone. My overarching goal is to be an accurate depiction of someone in the Assassin guild. First, I need to concur my challenge quests: Be that fit girl in size 9 jeans and a medium shirt, turning heads. Lose fat % (BMI) Gain muscle - beast up Gain energy Reduce inflammation (did I mention I have arthritis? ) I have those goals broken down into smaller goals on my worksheet, but basically it boils down to: Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes/day Options: Elliptical, walks, hiking, weight training, body weight training, following NF challenge Stretch 1-2 x per day (to improve mobility) Eat healthy (real food) Don't buy junk! Reduce/eliminate carbs (breads, pasta, sweets) Meal prep on Sundays for the week Drink ~124 oz water/day That's 3-4 refills of my 32 oz water bottle Alarms set for 7am, 10am, 1pm, and 4pm to refill So, that's it! It's that easy. Just have to stick to it! Hoping to turn my hobbling walk into a smooth confident stride--turning heads, breaking hearts, and--most importantly--feeling good about myself. I'm 35 now and a single mom to 3 older kids (8, 11, 13). I work full time to provide for my family with an hour to hour and a half commute each way (followed by sitting at a desk for 8-9 hours). I am excited about refocusing on my health (and how that translates to more time with my kiddos). I was able to complete my degree with this same schedule, so I know that the time is there somewhere. You just have to want it!
  4. Hi everyone, I was doing really well for a awhile and then I fell off the wagon: hard. What went wrong: 1. My big goal was to go back to being a competitive Highland Dancer after ankle surgery. After months and years of trying, my ankle is still not strong enough for me to dance without significant pain. So, instead of trying to find something else, I stopped doing anything. I figured if I couldn’t dance again, it didn’t matter and there was nothing I could do to make anything better so why bother. 2. Food: I stopped eating healthily and went extreme: food was bad. I tried to eat as little as possible. I lost some weight, but most of all, I just felt miserable and tired all the time. I didn’t have the energy to work out because I wasn’t fueling my body enough. 3. Inner demons: The inner demon got vicious. I wasn’t good enough, I didn’t make the right choices. If I hadn’t moved here, none of this would have happened, I would be better off moving back home where it’s safe. I could not make it in another country and I was stupid for even trying. I stopped carrying and felt more and more guilty about everything. I would only leave the house for work and volunteering. Otherwise I just stayed home and cried. 4. Going it alone - kind of. I posted in the forums sporadically and just kind of went through the motions. What will be different this time 1. I can do things! I can’t dance anymore, but I found that running doesn’t hurt my foot. I’m doing my third half marathon next weekend and I hope to eventually run a marathon. 2. Food is fuel. My body needs fuel to keep going. Some fuel is better than others, but it is fuel. 3. My inner demons can kindly F-off. I can do this and I will. If things start getting bad, I have a support network that I can turn to for help. 4. Support! It makes a huge difference. I have accountabuddies now who also want to get fit so we can keep each other on track. So, I started my first challenge and now I will see how this goes. ~Celticdancer
  5. Back again. So, I get in these slumps where I don't care about anything. I don't feel upset or sad or depressed or anything - I just don't care. Then one day I seem to wake up and go, "Wait ... where am I? What am I doing? How did I get here?" Last week I realized that the grass in my back yard was 9" high and I was having MnMs for breakfast. Seriously, I was sitting at the table, eating a bag of MnMs and a glass of milk and gazing blankly out at the back yard jungle and suddenly I came to my senses and realised what I was/had been doing. My progress toward health seems to be a spiral. I go forward ... and then loop back. Usually I end up going a little further forward than last time and then looping not quite as far back as I was, so the overall trend is forward progress. However, this time I seem to have gone back to start. The slinky of my life has become tangled. I need to get back to this so I can metaphorically flip my way happily down the stairs again. I've been trying all different kinds of goals and methods, but part of my problem is that I have no ultimate end goal. So I'm going with a single, simple long-term goal. As of this morning, I weighed 222 pounds. That is more than I should weigh. A good half of my relatives have diabetes. I do not want diabetes. Eating a healthful diet will assist me to both lose weight and avoid diabetes. Goal 1: Return to Whole30. It did good things for me, but I didn't stick with it long enough. Right now, rules are my friends. If I get in a don't-care slump, following pre-established rules is easier and more likely to happen than trying to vaguely "eat healthy". The long-term goal will be a Whole90. If I go off plan, I will restart at day 1. Reward: After every 30 days in a row, I will buy a book or movie from my hard-to-find book and movie list. Goal 2: Mobility/Flexibility. My mobility and flexibility are both really poor, which leads to injuries. Injuries make it hard to get exercise and accomplish everyday stuff. I used to do 20-30 minutes of stretches everyday (quite completely during my latest don't-care slump), but I never worked specifically on mobility. To ease into it, I'm going to start with 10 minutes of flexibiltiy and mobility work every day. I need to come up with specific exercises - I know Mark's Daily Apple has some good stuff. Reward: Not sure ... I'd like to come up with something small and simple that nonetheless feels "yay!" that I can do after finishing mobility/flexibility work. I'll have to think about it. Suggestions welcome. Life Goal: Make a list of things that really need to get done around the house (touch up paint, clean out cabinets, etc.) Accomplish four tasks a week. Reward: A clean and repaired house. That's it; keeping it simple. Not worrying about stats or anything this time around.
  6. ~Desanis slowly ,but surely crawls out of the cave she fell into and got stuck in for quite a few months. She had somehow found her way out of the Dark abyss of caves with some lucky tools she found. " geeezus what the hell! Note to self : Look where you are going" She got herself there by running off to the lovely smell of doughnuts. " evil sumbitccches ..never again >=/"~ Hello everyone! As you can tell I too have fallen off the wagon..well more like I fell into a deep dark maze of caves ( fast food, sleep ins and zero goal acheivements) Anyways I'm here to start fresh once again! >=D A few Lessons learned from my mistakes: 1.Prep my goshdamn meals! 2.Time management..but not too much. 3.If i have time to read/playgames/watch tv...I've got time to workout 4.Avoid the downward sprial that is fastfood. This week started off really good actually despite waking up rather late for work. I get up at 5:40 am or 6 to go to work 20mins away at 8:00am every week day. Started prepping my meals and planning to do so every 2 to 3 days. So far so good and sooo delicious. Really should've ate breakfast this morning because I was so busy with work I didn't eat my lunch, luckily I had baked some slices of squash and munched on those before I got off at 5:00 pm. Got home ate my lunch & had a small dinner. Goals for the week: Follow through with prepping my meals Clean and keep room clean - the main monster battle of this is just clothes! too much clothes! I plan to throw / donate most of my clothes until they stop appearing on the floor lolwake up on time! - for a work out or to atleast eat a good breakfast. Goals for the Month: lose atleast 5 pounds Release the feedbacks! Looking foward to it =] I have my other topic if anyone would like to check that out too! ~ Desanis drinks from the nearby pond and gains " Momentum " . She stands tall with her dusty tathered clothes ruined from the caves. She doesn't give a shit ! She moves foward into the woodlands with confidence .All that's left behind outside the dark abyss of the maze caves is the tiny burnt stick of "resilency" .~ Photo credit to my home : Guam's " Marbo Cave"
  7. Hello again - I joined this site several months ago, then kinda fell off. National Respawn Day is appropriate because that is what I need to do! I am back again, and continuing my journey, determined more than ever to finish! I will introduce myself again, because it's been so long. My name is Suzi, and I am 38 with just under 100 lbs to lose. I haven't fallen completely off the wagon since I joined but i definitely need a kick in the butt! I am giving myself that kick today, and hopefully I can start over my first quest, which I started on here, then wasn't able to complete. I am looking to lose fat and build muscle. I did start working wtih a personal trainer (who will also kick my butt) but lingering illness (gone now thank goodness) kept me from building any kind of regular routine. I am back and ready!
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