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Found 16 results

  1. It's autumn. I need to do the things. And I need a bit of discipline and structure about it. But the supportive mentor variety. So I need to get the dojo mentality back into my life. This fire dude will do, cuz of all of them, he's the one who has his adulting game on point. Hopefully there will be autumnal moon cakes. (Of the inauthentic low-carb variety. This is Avatar, you're lucky they're not on fire.)
  2. I decided to reset this challenge. It's Week 0 and I'm struggling. Not because the challenge itself was hard, and I plan on keeping on with those goals. But I think it put me in a negative mindset and you know, Week 0 was hard. I don't think the rest of the challenge will be as hard as week 0, but I'm already so very tired. So the previous goals are in the spoilers and are still relevant, but it's time to bring out a fresh piece of paper and make some new marks. Taking Charge of my Time: wrapping up each week on Friday mornings. Paying bills, answering emails, filing,
  3. Suddenly the machine was wobbling... In a few hours the shops out there were expecting deliveries, and they weren't going to arrive. The government couldn't sit this one out. A city like Ankh-Morpork was only two meals away from chaos at the best of times. Every day, maybe a hundred cows died for Ankh-Morpork. So did a flock of sheep and a herd of pigs and the gods alone knew how many ducks, chickens and geese. Flour? He'd heard it was eighty tons, and about the same amount of potatoes and maybe twenty tons of herring. He didn't particularly want to know this
  4. I'm new and here for a place to describe what I'm doing, express my thoughts about it, get some feedback, and ideally participate in a community. Areas for exploration Physical Be consistently active, following my plan. Since I'm trying to do too much, figure out what's carved in stone and where I can be flexible. Dumbbell workouts three times a week will likely be foundational. See what happens when my planned hikes and weighted pack walks collide with my new jogging habit -- do I decrease my weekly urban hike? Kick jogging down the road? Leave the backpack behind? Take
  5. Hello everyone, first challenge here. Little bit about me, I am in my last semester of undergrad. Working towards a degree so I can become a usmc officer, I'm not in an rotc unit I'm going for the ocs route. Outside of my training, I enjoy cooking, video games, old movies (think 90s and earlier), and reading/writing fiction. Major goal 1: become master of martial arts. Major goal 2: become a more well rounded individual Small goals to work on: - Training, train martial arts at least 4 times a week. Two tkd classes, two independent sessions. -rest and recover
  6. Late to the party, whoops, but I did just return from vacation on Monday. I trailed off on the last challenge but don't feel terrible about it because it was insanely hectic - not the most stressed I've ever been, but definitely the most major events in a month. Plus at the beginning of the challenge I wasn't planning on the Italy work trip, and then that happened in the middle of everything. My healthy routines were thoroughly disrupted, but I still squeezed in a little exercise and some vegetables. I'm thrilled to be home, and in my own kitchen and bed again (not at the same time, obviously)
  7. The dapper necromancer, a man of questionable scruples and even more questionable magic, is tired of having to get his bodies from grave diggers and the like. They're never quite fresh enough and once you've made one old corpse rise from the dead, the novelty loses its value and the rot begins to stink up the place. So he's diversifying into corpse acquisitions! Of course, before he can start running and jumping across rooftops, he needs to start with some fundamentals. Oh and don't worry, he swears to only use what he learns on monsters. Though the thought of an undead minotaur should prob
  8. BlackTezca's BATTLE LOG Hola folks! BlackTezca is making a battle thread and just like my first challenge thread, it'll be filled with gifs and images and all sorts of silly crap as well as the continuation of my journey towards greatness. So some background behind my username. BlackTezca is essentially short for Black Tezcatlipoca (usually just known as Tezcatlipoca since White Tezcatlipoca is actually Quetzalcoatl...god damn these names sometimes). If you have the faintest knowledge of Aztec religion, then you know Tezcatlipoca as the Jaguar god, who also really likes it when the bes
  9. After four long years (which have actually gone by very fast), I am returning to his chosen art of Shotokan karate, in earnest. I feel I finally have all the tools I need to keep the only back injury at bay, to keep my priorities straight, to overall keep a balanced approach to my training and my life. To goal of my practice is simply that, to practice. Part I - Daily Meditation: As in previous challenges, I will continue my daily, early-morning meditation. I wake up at approximately 5:45 AM and immediately meditate for 12 minutes. +4 Wis Part II - Morning Workout: During the work-week (Mo
  10. Whoa, for the first time I'm actually late posting my challenge Anyway, welcome everyone - if you followed my last challenge, this is going to be quite similar, and for everyone else here's a brief introduction: I'm 25 from the UK, and I specialize in gymnastics, weightlifting and bodyweight skills of various styles (video: summer training sampler). I'm also a software engineer, mental calculation competitor and amateur composer. Goal #1: the list: yep, I'm having another list of goals and workouts, as this format seems to work well for me This time I'm adding in a few extra things tha
  11. Last time on the Rebellion My last challenge was officially a flop. I neglected the last 3 weeks of my challenge when the darkness within (aka my depression) decided to come roaring in for a visit. There are a number of factors contributing to why I am so exhausted and withdrawn from the things I love. Like lifting, yoga, friends. I don't remember the last time I touched my kettlebells or my pull-up bar. Luckily, I've been slowly recovering and taking care of myself and am ready to tackle a new challenge. I'm focusing on making some tiny changes to my current routine so I don't get overwh
  12. Hey all! I am just throwing up this thread as a resource for people looking for feedback and advice on fueling recovery. I can answer most any question about recovery and training so ask away. Here is a good video to kick it off and any feedback is helpful. www.youtube.com/watch?v=KasfvUnunt0
  13. So, I'm still losing fat after a successful last challenge. Unfortunately, the caloric restriction seems to aggravate minor injuries so I need to be vigilant in my approach. Post school and trying to get my feet on the ground means that finances are tight at the moment and what I probably really need is to train in a gym where I would have access to a variety of equipment that would allow me to have more options for a work around. Sadly, that probably won't happen so I need to work with what I have. So, the big problem. I did a few night shifts just picking up work but that has put me bac
  14. We all know how men train--they pick up some absurdly large weight, do 5-10 reps, then set it down and wait for a minute while they watch something on the gym TV. But if men get so muscular doing this, is it possible for women too? Or are women's bodies different? Is it that much more beneficial to do HIIT training or at the very least circuit training with short rest periods? To be honest, the former sounds more enjoyable. Any opinion is appreciated!
  15. Who knew Princesses weren't born with immunity to all harmful illness or disease? I certainly didn't. So enters the emergency surgery for an obstructed bowel that decided to come around on my break between challenges. Although, to be fair, my several weeks of discomfort in the last challenge's end were clearly indicative had I done something about them sooner. So here I am post surgery and another challenge has begun, clearly there will be no fitness goals to speak of, other than increase activity gradually as tolerated. But the diet...ohhhh the diet! After no food for 9 days, it seems logica
  16. I am a recent purchaser of the rebel strength guide, just starting Barbell Batallion, and i'm slightly sceptical / confused ... Firstly... I am 'skinny-fat'... slim, female, with 18% body fat. Also relatively fit, certainly not starting from ground zero with exercise. But I AM starting from ground zero with strength training. Its intimidating...! Would love to just build some strength and power, im tired of cardio making me tired without building my muscletone ! My first question - What are you all doing on your rest days? Surely not... nothing? Can i do interval running? Kickboxing? Or
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