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Found 2 results

  1. Ahoy-hoy friends! Welcome to my first challenge of the new decade! Starting things off with a mix of every-day goals (teeth, bedtime) and by-the-end-of-the-challenge goals (ride my bike, pay off the credit card, chip away at subject readings for class), the last set of 'goals' are really more like 'get-back-to-pre-holiday-weirdness' (gymming twice a week, going to Auslan practice, DnD-ing). Extrapolation of the goals + GIFs!: Bedtime- go to bed at 10pm each night. Have a warning timer at 9.30 to remind me to take my meds and get myself sorted. Buddy-goal: charge my phone on the drawers, so I don't look at it in the night, and so when the alarm goes off I have to get up to turn it off. Ride- I have a new bike-to-work buddy. Ideally I would ride to/from work with her twice a week, but to start things off for success I am aiming for five rides total. These can be split into 'in' on one day and 'home' on a different day as I build up my leg muscles. I am fairly sure after my last ride that my brakes are actually constantly on, so I will check that tomorrow, if they are I may not be as unfit as I feel... I hope it's the brakes haha. Credit card- this was accidentally still linked to one of our food delivery services, and we managed to wrack up $220 in orders and interest before I figured it out. I've chipped away at it, but want to clear the remaining $120 before the end of this challenge. Teeth- now knowing that SLS is what makes toothpaste feel like it is fire, I will buy a brand of toothpaste that doesn't have it in the ingredients, and try again to build this habit. If that means I'm brushing with baby bubblegum toothpaste, so be it. Gym - twice a week. Git swole. 2020 goals are to drop bodyweight to 70kg, then lift: Deadlift 140, Squat 105, Bench 70 (2:1.5:1). This will only happen if I am consistent about going to the gym (holidays to America excepted). Sign/Auslan- this kicks back off next week after the holiday break. I did a little practice over the holidays, but it mainly consisted of watching the live news coverage of the bushfires and trying to follow along with the Auslan interpreter (beardy translator is my favourite, content warning for the faint of heart... our country is on fire) DnD- I haven't been throwing myself whole-heartedly into playing lately, and the reason is a bit silly... Duunack (my half-orc barbarian) made a deal with a devil, which (of course) has led to a bunch of chaos and put the party on the road to hell (literally, we're visiting Dis). I was carrying a lot of guilt about it IRL, in fact I cried about it yesterday while discussing it with Mr. After our chat I feel much better and am focusing on playing the game for the game, not to try and /win/ (oh hello, perfectionist). TLDR, here's my bujo~
  2. I'm not much chop on coming up with snazzy thread titles or terribly imaginative thematics for my challenges. I'm just glad to be turning up for every challenge and increasing my participation level each time. I am here to lose weight. I am losing weight while participating in the challenges as well as making changes to my daily life over and above the tenets of what I am laying out here. Well at least I did on the previous challenge so now I get to incorporate some of those changes into this challenge. Faster During the course of the previous challenge I began the 5:2 diet which is a type of intermittent fasting revolving around 5 "normal" days eating and 2 days of fasting (600 calories). I want to continue this and will rate myself thusly; 12/12 Fasts over the 6 week challenge = A 10/12 Fasts over the 6 week challenge = B <10/12 Fasts over the 6 week challenge = Fail Available Points Con 2 Wis 2 Longer I am a scout because I enjoy riding my bike for exercise and i enjoy riding it long distances. In the last challenge one goal that I had was to do a 50km ride within the 6 weeks. I didn't achieve that so I am back again. 3 X 50km rides = A 2 X 50km rides = B 1 X 50km rides = C 0 X 50km rides = Fail Available Points Str 1 Dex 1 Sta 2 Stronger In the previous challenge I set myself the goal of doing 1 bodyweight workout over the period of the challenge and while I achieved that goal it's probably fair to say that the bar was set pretty low. If I want to make real changes to the way I look, feel, move and think then I need to ask more of myself. 12 X BWW = A 9 X BWW = B 6 X BWW = C <6 X BWW = Fail Available Points Str 2 Meditaterer I want to do something in terms of resting, quieting, helping my mind so this is what I am going to try. I have downloaded a couple of apps that people have big upped elsewhere on here recently and will attempt to do 10 minutes meditating 5 times a week. I have done it previously in very short bursts so if I am able to do 30 sessions over the course of the challenge that would be awesome. 30 X 10 minute sessions = A 20-29 X 10 minute sessions = B 10-19 X 10 minute sessions = C <10 X 10 minute sessions = Fail Available points Wis 2 Life Quest Connect/Reconnect I am a terribly antisocial person, well antisocial these days means something a little different so let's say that I am a terribly non-social person. Much like my current girth this wasn't always the case. I had a large circle of friends through school and for a few years after school I maintained most of those friendships. Then I kind of stopped being open to new friendships and got very lazy in keeping in touch with existing friends. I haven't really garnered any new friends over the past 20 or so years. I do have people who I count as friends but they have come through my wife's associations rather than mine and nobody that I would call up and say lets go grab a beer type of thing. That all sounds a little tragic when you write it all down but it's not as grim as it looks or maybe it is but I am just used to it. Soooooooooooo anywayssssssss this is by far the hardest task I have set for myself in this or any of my other challenges. Make contact with a riding group and go for at least 1 group ride and or call up an old friend = A Cha 2 The last bit seems like a bit of an overshare but i am happy with the rest of it. Edited to add Bonus Points Read a book I'm halfway through the 5:2 book and would like to read a "fun" book once I am done with it. I haven't read a book all year and last year my reading was focused mainly on baby, daddy stuff so I hereby declare 1 Bonus Point available if I can get more than 50% of the way through a book during the next 6 weeks.
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