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  1. Sometimes, a hero is a hero because they choose something that makes them so. They're self-assured, confident, sure of themselves. People look up to heroes, they shine. They have an inner light. I was a hero once. I lost my way. I Lost that light, that spark, that confidence. I got injured. While it's not quite taking an arrow to the knee, my knee problems have always given me trouble since they started after the injury, sapped my confidence. My will. It's time I started getting that back. it's time I started gaining confidence and control of my life, so I can be that hero again. "There is a prison in a more ancient part of the world, a pit where men are thrown to suffer and die. But sometimes a man rises from the darkness." On Diet: At work: I'm a shameless snacker at work. There are quiet periods sometimes at work, during which I get bored. Heck, I even snack sometimes during busy periods, using the age old excuse of "I need the energy". It's an old habit, one I've tried and failed to break before. Last attempt was a year ago. Challenge: During work-hours, limit myself to a maximum of 2 snacks a day. Attempting to bring in healthier snacks to nom on is a sub-goal of this goal, but not a requirement for reaching it. Reward: +2 WIS Outside of work: I enjoy cooking a good meal, of enjoying every last part of it. Of using bread to soak up leftover gravy and sauce, scraping the bowl for that last bit of ice-cream, Hoovering everything off the plate so you can't even tell it needs washing sometimes. My grandmother, before she passed several years ago, said a gem that I've recently thought about: "If you leave something on your plate, You'll slowly reduce your portion sizes, you don't feel the need for as big a meal." Challenge: Listen to my grandmother's advice. (Put weight on that line how you will, even laugh.) Every meal, leave a bite worth of each group of things on the plate. Groups can include (but aren't limited to): Sides (Leave a couple of chips, leave a forkful of vegetables), Main part of Meal (Don't eat the whole steak, leave a bit behind), Sauces/Gravys (Stop hoovering the plate). Reward: +1 WIS, +1 CHA On Exercise: I've been really bad about maintaining exercise habits, since my injury. Every time I've tried, it's almost always come down to numbers: How many reps can you do, what weight, how far, how long. And then people comparing themselves, like it's some sort of competition between people. I've never aimed to win. I've always aimed to do *my* best. The numbers, such competition, it grates against me, so I start pulling back. So I'm not going to compete with physical fitness. I'm going to sidestep and move forward in the outside lane. Challenge: Once a day, three times a week, usually before bed ('cause that's usually the time I do physical exercise), Complete a set of "as many a I can in one set" reps of both Pushups and Situps. I won't keep count, I'll just keep going until I can't with each one. Reward: +1 STR, +1 CON On Socialising: A hero is seen by the world as a hero, they are among the crowd. When this challenge ends, I'll be on holiday. Travelling from tis wonderful land down under (I'm an Aussie) To the United States to visit friends, and als hang out at a great social event for a great community I'm also involved with. Usually, I'm quiet and nervous around new people. I'll be meeting a whole SMACKLOAD of new people on this trip. So I'm challenging myself to be more friendly rather than trying to retreat. Challenge: When meeting people on my trip abroad, stand, be friendly, be open, talk instead of falling quiet and listening. Open myself up, accept more people. Don't close myself off because it's new and unusual. Reward: +2 CHA
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