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Found 13 results

  1. Edit: dropping this thread as I have a squad to talk to. Weight: 280lb Height: 5' 10" Location: Britain Anatomy: Female Butt: Lazy I fly out to Menorca tomorrow for a week's holiday in the sun. Sounds like a terrible time to start a daily log! So let's do it! Calendar: 30 Aug 2018: this post 28 Sep 2018: re-think how the log is used
  2. For any newbies, welcome! I'm Annyshay (Shannon IRL), and I've been wandering around in the rebellion for quite some time now. For all my allies, welcome back! I'm never exactly sure where I fit... assassin, ranger, adventurer, druid. Lately, I've had a lot of life events that have brought me back to examine my identity. And like any millennial worth her salt, I took a bunch of online quizzes... Unfortunately... Your results were not clear. Tell me about it, quiz... wait a minute. I know what this means. I'm the friggen...
  3. Teirin

    Teirin - oct 2017

    Something along these lines: RH - do everything workout and care related. Ignore food missions if I wish. Get my workout room set up Read - anything Prep for my game - been very short on it lately Placeholder music: Not metal, fantastic work.
  4. ok so I checked out the "rising heroes" website and it looked fun/cool so I signed up, when I did it gave me the option of joining the academy for 70 bucks, now I'm getting quests and missions and both are similar, are they supposed to be used together? Am I supposed to complete one before the other? I don't get it...
  5. Hi gang. Going to give it another try here. I hurt my back so I'm on a healthy dose of steroids right now and no lifting. Honestly should probably be on light duty at work so the next week should be interesting. Goal 1) This was supposed to be following the nifty new lifting program my new rugby s&c coach gave me. Instead for now it's going to be mobility work to loosen up the problem muscles in my back and hip. 3x per week. Once my back is happy again it will go back to lifting 3x per week. Goal 2) Follow the eating plan that goes with the new lifting program reme
  6. Hello all :-) Joining Rising Heroes seems to have been the kick in the pants I needed. I'm getting back into things. Going to try a less basic challenge this round but I'll just add stuff as bonuses. I'll be happy if I finish the basic goals. Appropriate to my last challenge - kicking things off with one more storm tomorrow/night. Meh. 25 to 45 cm of snow expected. Physical Workout 3/week - whatever I want, just do it. Kickboxing is fun right now. Yoga Bodyweight training running at the track wall climbi
  7. [So, since there doesn't seem to be a Rising Heroes-specific daily battle log, I'm starting a thread for myself specific to that quest/membership, in a more narrative fiction form. If an RH sub-forum is created, I'll migrate this over that-a-way. <3] ================= Galina squared her shoulders as she strode into the local coffee shop. Immortals did not *limp*. Or slouch. Although, she had to concede that this particular immortal had made a singularly bad decision to canvass the neighborhood in what had started out as comfortable heeled boots. She was fairly certain t
  8. Lucky fire dragon flies like a Hero New year, new adventures! I've decided to up my game and become a Rising Hero taking true flight in all the awesomeness I got, let's spread those wings, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I have no idea yet what all awaits me on my Rising Hero journey, but that is part of the fun, and I do know it will make me stronger, healthier and I will surely meet even more awesome people - hopefully come across some of you guys from here So this challenge will have three parts plus a mystery part... Part
  9. December was a pretty good month for me. I think I've established the gym habit and I'm ready to increase on it this month. January is the calm before the storm. Rugby practice starts back up in February with matches happening March and April. I've got 2 airport jobs this spring. Airports are always more difficult than they really need to be. I'm also working on setting up a rugby tournament for the summer. I haven't fully committed to this happening but I have some more preliminary work to do so I can decide whether to jump into it or not. This month, I really have t
  10. I joined Rising Heroes last week and have been sorted into Havik again I'll be working on gaining some points daily on there, as well as following: Battle the Rat King *cough* I mean the hacker I need to get back to Wednesday ballet classes as only having one Advanced class on a Saturday is getting me nowhere with learning this new stuff. The shadow organisation have been conspiring against me getting to that class since September so now I need to find a way to get past them (I'm now in a position to rearrange my shifts at work instead of those being set in stone). So the new
  11. New (well, old, but you know what I mean) Agent of the Resistance checking in. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me! Check out this mission briefing I got. How can I say no though, amirite? The Resistance needs me. Lemme know any ways I can help, my fellow Agents! For the Rebellion!
  12. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Episode V A NEW HOPE It is a dark time for Starstuff. Seduced by the call of Dark Side, she has spent many months away from the REBELLION and her Jedi training. After a fearful encounter with the dark lord Darth Complacency, Starstuff realized the true price of the Dark Side of the Force and vowed to rid herself of its influence. Accompanied by her new companion, the canine FN-2187, Starstuff leaves the remote ice world of Sloth in search of her Rebel friends... It'
  13. I just got my beta invite. Now I have to choose an allegiance. Hope the other supporters out there are getting geared up for this! I am Gruffydd the Fallen, a level 1 Ranger. Gruffydd is the name of the rightful lord of the Brenin of Gwenydd of the Kingdom of Wales. My title was taken from me by the invasion of the Saxon's in the 11th century. I'm pissed an want my land back, so I'm going to train and fight like hell for it.
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