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Found 12 results

  1. Edit: dropping this thread as I have a squad to talk to. Weight: 280lb Height: 5' 10" Location: Britain Anatomy: Female Butt: Lazy I fly out to Menorca tomorrow for a week's holiday in the sun. Sounds like a terrible time to start a daily log! So let's do it! Calendar: 30 Aug 2018: this post 28 Sep 2018: re-think how the log is used
  2. For any newbies, welcome! I'm Annyshay (Shannon IRL), and I've been wandering around in the rebellion for quite some time now. For all my allies, welcome back! I'm never exactly sure where I fit... assassin, ranger, adventurer, druid. Lately, I've had a lot of life events that have brought me back to examine my identity. And like any millennial worth her salt, I took a bunch of online quizzes... Unfortunately... Your results were not clear. Tell me about it, quiz... wait a minute. I know what this means. I'm the friggen... Time to bust out of this stupid Iceberg... With a little help from my friends... (PS, that's you guys )
  3. Teirin

    Teirin - oct 2017

    Something along these lines: RH - do everything workout and care related. Ignore food missions if I wish. Get my workout room set up Read - anything Prep for my game - been very short on it lately Placeholder music: Not metal, fantastic work.
  4. Hi gang. Going to give it another try here. I hurt my back so I'm on a healthy dose of steroids right now and no lifting. Honestly should probably be on light duty at work so the next week should be interesting. Goal 1) This was supposed to be following the nifty new lifting program my new rugby s&c coach gave me. Instead for now it's going to be mobility work to loosen up the problem muscles in my back and hip. 3x per week. Once my back is happy again it will go back to lifting 3x per week. Goal 2) Follow the eating plan that goes with the new lifting program remembering that I'm focusing on progress not perfection. Goal 3) Keep up with the Rising Heroes missions a little bit better. There are some good ones for this week on mindfulness and positive thinking. Both areas I can improve on. I'm sure I'll be full of witty comments later but right now I'm just full of prednisone. Translation...my eyeballs feel hot. I will get around and check in with all of you soon as I'm feeling a bit better!
  5. Hello all :-) Joining Rising Heroes seems to have been the kick in the pants I needed. I'm getting back into things. Going to try a less basic challenge this round but I'll just add stuff as bonuses. I'll be happy if I finish the basic goals. Appropriate to my last challenge - kicking things off with one more storm tomorrow/night. Meh. 25 to 45 cm of snow expected. Physical Workout 3/week - whatever I want, just do it. Kickboxing is fun right now. Yoga Bodyweight training running at the track wall climbing? shoveling piles of snow (more of an extra) Bonus - Stretch and shoulder maintenance - at least 3/week. Preferably more. Mental Settle enough to get to sleep by midnight work nights 5/week Weekend nights are generally fine. Bonus - Get back to meditation - 3/week Fun/personal development things - yes, this is stacked up. I want to do more fun things. Guitar - 3/week - continue 30 day challenge with my division French - 1 duolingo lesson/day or substitute time with slow French news or watching a cartoon without subtitles Bonus - Videogames - 2/week instead of my usual 1/week. Logging in to do the hunt counts. Bonus - Watch TV on my own - 2 eps/week of whatever Deal with the chores - backslid a bit lately wash the floors clean the fridge wash the windows Finish the handwash pile Dust and sweep 2/week - allergies have been worse of late Food is not going to be a goal this time around as it's been good lately. I may still post about it. The most cheerful song about everyone dying in the end of the world. No meaning attached to this. I just like it.
  6. [So, since there doesn't seem to be a Rising Heroes-specific daily battle log, I'm starting a thread for myself specific to that quest/membership, in a more narrative fiction form. If an RH sub-forum is created, I'll migrate this over that-a-way. <3] ================= Galina squared her shoulders as she strode into the local coffee shop. Immortals did not *limp*. Or slouch. Although, she had to concede that this particular immortal had made a singularly bad decision to canvass the neighborhood in what had started out as comfortable heeled boots. She was fairly certain the latest communique's insistence on altitude had not meant fashionable footwear. And while Steve's message had indicated Colorado as a base, that didn't stop operatives from being everywhere - she noted more than a few suspicious figures among the crowd inside. Especially the one in the corner, looking like a college student, studiously tapping away on a keyboard, a website open on the screen. Except that the nearest college was miles away. And the coffee shop wi-fi wasn't working. Their eyes met as she stepped into line, and he closed his laptop, scooping up his backpack and striding out, an untouched coffee left behind on the low table. Hm. "What can I get you?" ... Galina looked down at the "skinny" latte she'd bought. She'd intended to ask for hot tea, which was cheaper and healthier. A weekend of very poor food choices had caught up with her, and she suspected she'd inadvertently eaten one of the shadow group's tainted packaged foods... But the woman in front of her had asked for a skinny latte, and Galina had repeated the request without thinking as she stewed over the stranger who had left in such a hurry. "Immortals don't limp," she muttered sternly to herself, heading out of the shop and back toward the office. Immortals also needed to pay bills. Capitalism sucked, Galina mused, sinking into her chair. After a morning full of mind-numbing busywork, the rest of the floor had vanished to a meeting to leave her with a blissful quiet for a short while. She should have gone to the meeting as well, but it was unlikely to be anything especially important, and if something big were to be announced, it would also be sent out via email later. Time to analyze the speech patterns in her latest Japanese feeds; the shadow organization might be hiding a hacker in Colorado, but the amount of packaged foods in Japanese convenience stores would be far too large a target to ignore. Her mind wandered as she listened to the language, absently noting when the subtitles did not match the spoken lines; perhaps artistic license, perhaps cultural differences, perhaps coded messages. She made a note to analyze the lines later, pausing the feed to stretch. Immortal, perhaps, but sore, and years of too many false starts and bad economics had left her in a body she didn't recognize. Sure, she knew she could pick up heavy items, solve household challenges, and - time and energy permitting - whip up a damn fine meal, but her conditioning was non-existent. The daily recon mission to the coffee shop seemed like enough of a challenge that getting in much more movement left her joints aching - even in proper footwear. And she couldn't blame the shadow organization for all of it, no matter how tempting. It sucked, feeling more like a prisoner in her own body than an immortal ready for any challenge. The phone at her desk rang, and she made a face before forcing a smile and picking up the receiver. Back to work.
  7. Lucky fire dragon flies like a Hero New year, new adventures! I've decided to up my game and become a Rising Hero taking true flight in all the awesomeness I got, let's spread those wings, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I have no idea yet what all awaits me on my Rising Hero journey, but that is part of the fun, and I do know it will make me stronger, healthier and I will surely meet even more awesome people - hopefully come across some of you guys from here So this challenge will have three parts plus a mystery part... Part 1 - Do the work and be FREE My first goal is this time a non-fitness goal as I have noticed how happy it makes me to be on top of some things and therefore frees me up for fun things like training. What often best reflects how on top I am in my job is my email inbox. Ergo the goal is to have it clear every single evening before I go to bed, no excuses. I'm starting with >20 in today still (at nearly 10pm), so that is what holidays do to me and it can't go on as it nags me at the back of my mind... from tomorrow on no more! Part 2 - Daily 10 for building STRENGTH Every big journey starts with small steps. Doing a short workout every single day for building strength and consistency. My current Daily 10 consist of 10 standard push ups 10 chin ups from standing 10 leg lifts (tuck lift, straighten and lower straight legs) 10 goblet squats with kg (currently 8kg, but hopefully more soon if my lovely neighbour borrows me a heavier one) Additional accountability for this comes thanks to beeminder - data should be visible there, too Part 3 - Dance and FLY Train on the pole and with yoga regularly, meaning attending a yoga and pole class each week, plus 1 home pole training. During week 0 it's home training only as we have school holidays and courses only start afterwards again Part 4 - MYSTERY ... to be determined by the Rising Hero tasks... Stealing from @annyshay (because us sneaky assassins are good at that ) I will have a pretty Triforce motive to color in for each of the first three parts for every day of the challenge. Image to follow here soon 2015 was an awesome challenge year for me with great progress and fun. 2016 not so much - I dropped most of my challenges and couldn't find any consistency at all. Now it's a great years turn again and this challenge I will follow though come hell or high water!!!! Will use all the stubborness I have Let's get the new year starting with a BOOM
  8. December was a pretty good month for me. I think I've established the gym habit and I'm ready to increase on it this month. January is the calm before the storm. Rugby practice starts back up in February with matches happening March and April. I've got 2 airport jobs this spring. Airports are always more difficult than they really need to be. I'm also working on setting up a rugby tournament for the summer. I haven't fully committed to this happening but I have some more preliminary work to do so I can decide whether to jump into it or not. This month, I really have to get my food and fitness ramped up. After January I will be pulled in a ton of directions so if I don't have the habits pretty solid, I will struggle. Goal 1) Gym 3 times per week. Both lifting and bjj count towards the 3. *I changed this from 4 to 3 for realism. I got 2 per week in December, why jump so much and make it harder to succeed? I need success more than I need lofty goals* Goal 2) Rehab. I have a big case of gluteal amnesia that I'm working on with a trainer. I've already made progress but I'm not doing the things I'm supposed to be doing at home. I've got some pretty simple exercises that I'm supposed to do 3 days a week. Goal 3) Food. I just have to do it. I'm committing to primal. It's hard for me to commit because I know I'm going to struggle and be somewhat less than perfect. My wife lives on grains alone (not really but so close to really) so I know it's going to be difficult/impossible for me to do this perfectly. But if I shoot for perfect and land at 60% I'm still so far ahead of where I am now. If I don't try then I'll never know what adjustments I can make for success. Goal 4) Mornings. I suck at mornings. My goal is to be at work by 8 am each day. Eventually I want it to be 7 but that's too much of a change in one go since I'm also adding a primal goal which will require breakfast at home and a packed lunch most days. The only way I'm going to succeed at mornings is to leave all the guesswork out of it. Each night before bed I will lay out my work clothes, make sure my gym bag is ready if it's gym day and have food prepped as much as possible for the next day. My life is pretty chaotic and I'm tired of it. Tired of quitting, tired of chaos and tired of being fat. That's sort of the motto that got me through December so I hope it will carry me forward in january.
  9. I joined Rising Heroes last week and have been sorted into Havik again I'll be working on gaining some points daily on there, as well as following: Battle the Rat King *cough* I mean the hacker I need to get back to Wednesday ballet classes as only having one Advanced class on a Saturday is getting me nowhere with learning this new stuff. The shadow organisation have been conspiring against me getting to that class since September so now I need to find a way to get past them (I'm now in a position to rearrange my shifts at work instead of those being set in stone). So the new plan is: Wednesday - Advanced Thursday - General class followed by Grade 8 Saturday - Advanced followed by pointe once my feet are up to it again 80%+ attendance and Nutcracker defeats the Rat King (Royal Ballet - Rat King from The Nutcracker) Check in with the flock Get in contact with my wing-squadron regularly to keep each other accountable and make sure that none of us end up just swanning around (English National Ballet - Swan Lake) Great Feet of Strength (or great strength of feet - still on theme, Men in Tights!) Daily work on feet so that I can both get the pointe shoes back on and get back to running as I've got a Mad-Eye Moody virtual 5k that isn't going to run itself. A combination of Kate Galliett's stuff and some ballet-specific exercises. Act 3 The final act, finish reading a book - yes, a whole one! I started reading The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson at the beginning of the month and I've set myself a Goodreads target of a book per month this year so that's the absolute minimum. I managed daily reading last month to make it a habit again so will be building on that and trying to speed up again.
  10. New (well, old, but you know what I mean) Agent of the Resistance checking in. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me! Check out this mission briefing I got. How can I say no though, amirite? The Resistance needs me. Lemme know any ways I can help, my fellow Agents! For the Rebellion!
  11. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Episode V A NEW HOPE It is a dark time for Starstuff. Seduced by the call of Dark Side, she has spent many months away from the REBELLION and her Jedi training. After a fearful encounter with the dark lord Darth Complacency, Starstuff realized the true price of the Dark Side of the Force and vowed to rid herself of its influence. Accompanied by her new companion, the canine FN-2187, Starstuff leaves the remote ice world of Sloth in search of her Rebel friends... It's been a while, but I'm back! Since I was last here, I acquired a new puppy (yes, we really did name him FN-2187, but he mostly goes by Finn), ran my first full marathon, and then used finishing my first marathon as an excuse to slack off on, well, basically everything for the past four months. Needless to say, I have not been progressing much toward my goals, health or otherwise, and in some cases I've made some serious negative progress. But the time for slacking has passed, and I'm ready to rejoin the ranks of the Rebellion. Goal 1: Attend Rebel mission briefings I decided to bite the bullet and try out Rising Heroes, so this goal is simply to complete all of my Rising Heroes missions every week during the challenge. Full credit for missions completed on time, 75% credit for missions completed after they expire. Goal 2: Perimeter patrol If you're going to have a successful rebellion, it's important to patrol your base for Imperial probe droids...or zombies. To that end, I will run three Zombies, Run! missions every week. Goal 3: Ration supplies Running a rebellion means using what few supplies you have to the greatest effect. I don't tend to make the best food choices in the moment, either health-wise or budget-wise, so my goal is to prep my lunches for the week every weekend, and then actually eat what I've prepped to take in-the-moment decision making out of the equation for the meal that gives me the most trouble in that regard. Life goal: Forge a holocron Holocrons are used to store information and Jedi teachings. They take a great deal of time and work to forge properly. Much like writing a novel! It will no doubt take me many challenges to complete my "holocron," but my goal for this challenge is to add 500 words to my novel every day. _____________________________________________________________ Updated with goals, but I'm keeping the picture of my pup because I love looking at his cute, fuzzy face.
  12. I just got my beta invite. Now I have to choose an allegiance. Hope the other supporters out there are getting geared up for this! I am Gruffydd the Fallen, a level 1 Ranger. Gruffydd is the name of the rightful lord of the Brenin of Gwenydd of the Kingdom of Wales. My title was taken from me by the invasion of the Saxon's in the 11th century. I'm pissed an want my land back, so I'm going to train and fight like hell for it.
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