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  1. I'm taking inspiration from Doctor Who for my fitness training. Companion training Necessary abilities: running away, thinking quickly, throwing the occasional punch Fitness plan: Sprinting, Yoga, Beginner Body Weight Motivation: - To run with the Doctor - Depression is a thing and if I started exercising, maybe the endorphins would help me through that - My dad was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and I don't want that to be me Goals: Lose 2 inches on waist (or 10lbs) by Feb 15th The end of this challenge corresponds with the Gallifrey One convention and my River Song cosplay did not fit me so well at Comikaze. Alex Kingston will be at Gally this year and I'm so excited about the opportunity to meet her! It's seriously motivating me to want to look good for a photo op. Longer term goals: lose 5 inches total by June, lose 8 inches total by end of year (and keep it there). Measuring my goals in inches makes more sense to me because I care more about how clothes fit and I want to gain some muscle too. Currently 5'10" 190lbs 35in waist Known weaknesses: allergy/sinus problems (running can aggravate this, especially outdoors), money issues, getting lost on the interwebz, french fries Known strengths: swing dancing, flexibility, weight training, thriving with people/social activities =========== Since I'm posting late, here's what I did last week: Fitness - yoga class on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 1hr each Food - haven't sat down to create my food plan yet, but I took salads to work every day for lunch and snacked on almonds and cutie oranges while at the office. Breakfast and dinners followed Paleo 70% of the time I am currently using a Groupon for unlimited yoga classes that goes through the end of February and I have another Groupon for a month of martial arts classes that I need to activate by the end of January. I am going to do the Beginner Body Weight through this month and then switch it out for the martial arts training. Beginner body 3x week Yoga 2x week Sprint training in between Swing dancing nights may replace sprint training on occasion, as it's still an amazing cardio workout. And if I watch a Doctor Who episode, I have to follow this: I am going to slowly go into eating Paleo again. I did a full speed ahead Paleo diet a year ago with my sister's wedding as the goal and stuck with it for about six months. Because time and money got in the way, towards the end of that six months, I ended up eating chicken and broccoli for almost every meal. I got tired of making every single meal and wound up either not eating enough calories or binging on fast food. I'm looking at how I can do a weekly meal prepping as part of my schedule so I don't eat unhealthy things because I'm too hungry to wait to make something. I'm not entirely sure which class or profession I fit into yet, so we'll see.
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