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  1. I think I might battle-log it up this round. I’d like to go rock climbing more, or do some other intentional physical activity besides softball, maybe once a week or so; but, who knows. My mental health is on a downswing, so everything is hard right now. But I still want to try and be here, even if it’s sporadic. I kinda love you guys.
  2. I'm learning an uncomfortable truth: though my mood is loads better, all the other symptoms of depression still remain. Low energy, difficulty focusing, little interest in things. My improved mood is a godsend, cos I would not survive if I still felt as bad as last fall. But now, among other things, I need to cultivate some self-discipline, cos I've never really learned to do that... And now is the time when I really need it, while I'm trying to succeed in school instead of just scraping by AND trying to put some distance between myself and that terrifying darkness. So, no matter
  3. “Let’s start from the beginning, one last time...” Have you guys seen Into the Spider-Verse? Cos if you haven’t, how dare you. It’s the best animated movie I’ve seen in a hot minute. And so, it’s the theme of this challenge! I was on a bit of a Spider-Man kick before, but then I saw the movie and, well. Here we are. I’ll do my best to post movie references and inspirational quotes without accidentally spoiling anything. And I’ll post other Spider-Man stuff too, not just from ItSV. Spider-Man (plus a dose of Assassin’s Creed) has hardcore reignited my desire to be stron
  4. 2017. The hike to here has been a long one, but I have arrived. As I follow the path, I seek to find a class with which to align myself. For now, like others have before me, I seek respite in the knowledge and the community of the druids. With your guidance and support, I believe that I can reach the goals set for this cycle. I typically develop a theme for my challenges, but fail to complete them due to their complexity. This time, I will keep things simple so that my focus can shift from the story to the goals themselves. For this challenge, I will focus on building strength
  5. Hi. I am llw. I am a monk. I used to hit things but now I climb things. This is my challenge. These are my goals: Climb 3x per week. Or do a supplementary work out, but primarily climb. Eat vegetables. 4 cups per day. Yoga 1 hour per week. I purchased a yoga program for climbers. There are 9 routines, I will be completing and repeating the set focused on shoulders and core for this challenge. Read 30 minutes everyday. Either a book I am working through or a published scientific study for a paper I hope to publish, or for prospecting graduate sch
  6. Hi friends, It's basically been two years since I've been on the forums... kind of fell off the wagon (not with fitness quite as much as with posting, but there's been some of both) what with college graduation, moving to a new city, starting an Adult Job (sort of), commuting, and trying to find a new routine... But anyway, after being in New York for just over a year now, I finally feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, I had to choose between my rock climbing gym that I loved and the boxing/mma gym I joined a few months ago because of cost
  7. Okay, nerds. This wandering Monk is swingin with the Adventurers this round - I've fallen in love with climbing and it'll probably be all I talk about in here (next to food). In addition to my challenge, I'm also going to try to lift and attend yoga, but Imma also try to keep things simple... So... Goals: 1. Rock climb and boulder at least 3x/week. Currently the hardest wall I can send is a 5.7, and I still can't cover any of the bouldering routes at my gym 2. Estimate and track daily calories, aim for 2400/day. I'll be taking screenshots of MFP at the end of e
  8. While backpacking this weekend I had an epiphany: My backpack probably weighs 20lbs.... and that's probably about how much weight I need to lose. Damn, 20lbs is heavy! I'm sick of carrying this around. My problem (and please don't take this the wrong way, everybody has a different body and a different idea of what is healthy for them)... but my frame can hold an additional 20 lbs pretty easily. I gain weight evenly all over my body, and most people wouldn't call me fat. Some people wouldn't even call me over weight. But at 5'4" and 165 lbs I know that I'm not as lean as I would lik
  9. Arrr.. . I felt like sticking with pirates, but I'm branching out and recruiting a bunch of famous pirates to help me with my quests. This will be a 5WC, since I prefer just continuing along with things, so the points are intended to encompass that. Main Quest: Parkour all of the things!!! Climb all of the things!!! Balance in mind-bending ways! Play with weapons! Sail to new horizons! Loot, pillage, plunder. Pirate #1: Edward Kenway (parkour)- Naturally, I'm turning to Assassin's Creed and the Pirate Edward Kenway to help me with my parkour. My goals
  10. Hi Rebels, I would like your thoughts on something. I have been following a fairly regular regime for the past year. It looks like this: Monday and Wednesday - 6-7am Strength training - 8-9:30pm Krav Maga class Friday - 6-7am Strength and heavy bag training Now I've added archery lessons on Saturday 9-11:30am. It's not much of a workout but I do use my muscles so I count it as training. My conflict is, I would like to start rock climbing. I've done the math and with some tweaks on my work schedule I could do it Tuesdays and Thursdays for a couple of hours in the afternoon. My workplace
  11. Part I of the challenge (last challenge) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTTTy0bQ6VI Like Lara Croft, parkour, climbing, combat, and outdoors exploration are all totally my jam. I even have a passing interest in ancient civilizations, and will be scrambling around some Mayan Ruins in March. Main Quest: Parkour all of the things!!! Climb all of the things!!! Balance in mind-bending ways! Play with weapons! Look like someone who could compete on ANW. 2016 goals This challenge, I'm going to really focus on the parkour and what I need to do to rank up in my school system as we
  12. EDIT: Here is my challenge plan. tinkerer continues base building Goal 1: Don't waste my week: Do something active every day I'm traveling for work and Post goals for the challenge I'm writing this slightly after the fact but my goal was to actually use the running shoes I always bring traveling and to keep up my routine despite being in a hotel for most of a week. Goal 2: Aerobic Training Run or hike at a Zone 1 Pace for the following time each week: Week 1: 2:20 or 3:15 - depending on sniffles* Week 2: 3:15 Week 3: 4:10 Week 2: 2:05 Climb a steep hill for 45 or more minutes every week. (
  13. Jericho's Pilgrimage - Assassins are Adventurers Hello everyone and welcome to my challenge. It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these but I feel more refreshed than I have in a long time and I feel really excited to dominate February. First just a quick head’s up, I’m a bard (according to the occupations?) and by that I mean I’m a writer and that’s the form my challenge posts take. I tell a story that relates to my challenge and is hopefully fun to engage in as well. So if you’re into heavy role-playing like this by all means, read my story. If, however, you don’t r
  14. Main goal: Climb all of the things! Parkour all of the things! Thumb my nose at gravity! Make and post videos of all of the things! My schedule is already really full, so I'm not biting off too much this challenge, fitness-wise. I already spend a lot of time doing parkour, rock climbing, and yoga. When I can manage to squeeze it in, I also like hand balancing, playing with weapons, hiking, rucking, and playground workouts. I'm also trying hard to remember that rest days are important, too. Even if I don't have so many direct fitness goals, I tend to log and talk incessantly about th
  15. The mountains constantly call to me. The quotes people post from John Muir make me long to wander the untouched ridges and meadows of the high-country. And yet, I also love the company of friends and the comfort of a good meal and the dogs laying around the house. After a few months of adventures, my mind drifts toward the projects I have left unfinished and the holidays to come. This has been a summer of dreams, I've climbed in the alpine wilderness, kayaked in canyons few have seen, and slept under the stars miles from the nearest road. But the chill in the air reminds me of the winter to
  16. Got a question for you guys. Can you think of anything else I can add to these different sections? Just a heads up, I am a rock climber, so I don't really want to bulk up, but at the same time, I want to do a Spartan race next year, so I need to be in shape for that. Here is the schedule I am planning on doing this challenge. Any input is welcome. Monday: Chest/Arms/Back -100 pushups -50 pullups Tuesday: -Stretch and Climb Wednesday: Core -200 bicycle points -50 situps -50 swim kicks Thursday: -Stretch and Climb Friday: Legs -150 Lunge Walks -50 Jumping squats Saturday: Rest Sund
  17. I'm chronically overbooked with my fitness stuff, and this challenge is going to be more about scaling back a little bit and addressing the non-glamorous, not-so-fun foundational work that I'm always neglecting. I'll still be doing 2-3 parkour classes/week, 2 or so climbing sessions/week, and filling in around that with yoga, hand balancing, swimming, hiking, playground workouts, and a little extra strength training, because that's what I always do. And I'll still log all of that, post videos, etc. in this thread, because that's also how things run around here. This challenge is also coi
  18. I took an entire challenge off to interact with the real world. Things were good. Sorry I wasn't around to say encouraging things to everyone else. Things that happened: I coached a high school frisbee team. I had JV girls, and I definitely erred on the side of making it fun, not having them do a lot of conditioning, and not drilling the fundamentals as much as I should have. I expect most of them back next year though, so I'll just make them run then. [insert evil laughter here] But in all seriousness, this is something I really loved and really want to continue to do. Our rec softball tea
  19. As always, I'll be logging all of my parkour classes, rock climbing sessions, hand balancing, yoga, swimming, and all of the stuff I normally do. But, the main focus of this challenge is actually controlling my headspace, not being too much of a perfectionist, and just taking joy in all of the fun stuff that I'm doing. 1. Be mighty like Thor and the Hulk - If I ever want to be able to do large sets of pull ups or even reach a muscle up one day, I need to give my pull ups a little more care and attention. For the most part, I've been just getting my pull exercise through climbing, parko
  20. Hi, I'm Nymeria, and I generally suffer from do-too-much-itis. I've been rock climbing for a few years, I do a lot of yoga hand balancing and animal flow stuff, I still fool around a lot with martial arts and martial arts weapons (I'm kind of an ex practitioner. It's complicated), and I recently started taking parkour classes twice/week. This has also led to a struggle not to keep my body healthy, functioning, and keep my life in balance. For this challenge, I'm going to turn to one of my favorite anime characters and a fellow hot-headed, nerdy, often physically busted, do-too-much-er,
  21. Well hello there, Are you ready for another 6 weeks of fun? Good, me too. So there is some scheduling fun going on for me this challenge, the last 2 weeks of this challenge I will be on travel for work and out of 6 weekends I will only be home for half of them, with one of those 3 weekends hosting house guests. So weekends might be quiet around here. I'm ready to pounce on this challenge, and adjust as needed with the hectic schedule Last challenge I went for the make, do, learn approach. I really liked it so I will be using that template again Quest 1: Make a Mile Counting Lock box
  22. These are my fingers after rock climbing today. Blood blisters from slipping off of a tiny, sharp hold. Typing isn't really fun at the moment. I'll be out of town for the weekend (hopefully) so I want to get this posted this week. I'm at a bit of a tricky spot where my fitness goals are really to put my training to work. I want to continue working out but I'm really more excited for some activities instead of more workouts. I've been really enjoying tracking things over that last few months and look forward to more of that. The attribute points aren't really doing much for me so I am going
  23. Lol so many cool people have already joined the teams!! Woot!! Ok so my name is Brianne. I have signed up for Nerd fitness 2 or 3 times, but always found excuses to get out. NO MORE!!! My Main Quest is to lose 15 pounds. I have a wedding coming up (May 9th)!! I kept pretending like I was going to be fine, but I have decided I want to look WAY good in that dress, and I want to be able to go on more adventures with my future husband To do this, my goals are to 1-work out 4 days a wekk for at least 1 hr. 2- Eat at least 2 real meals a day (no more Cadbury eggs for lunch. Even scrambled, th
  24. For this challenge, I'm going to focus on fully living in the present, rather than dwelling on the past ("before my knee blowout, I could do whatever thing but now I can't") or punting things toward the future ("It would be really nice if I could do...") without taking the steps right now to have any realistic hope of achieving that. As always, I will be doing and logging my usual rock climbing/bouldering, playground parkour, yoga, hand balancing, weapons, hooping, etc. 1. (Fitness)Respect the progressions: There are several yoga moves I'd love to do, but I'm not quite flexible enough. Th
  25. Overall Objective: Short version: Survive engineering PhD with health and sanity intact. Previous Challenge Recap: Last challenge, I decided that I wanted to be less of a zombie, which involved sleeping at night and working during the day on a somewhat regular and human schedule. I would say this was pretty successful. (Tangentially, if I was furniture, I'd be a coat tree or a wheel-y office chair.) This is basically the same challenge as last time, but I'm actually going to keep score this time. Hooray. Attribute points are still too much effort though, so I'll just have a challenge GPA?
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