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Found 8 results

  1. Hello and welcome to the latest installment of the weird and wonderful Kyliewyotie show! First thing first; yes, I want you to punish me. I'm not a masochist, but I do know that it would be a good way to stay on track. Background: last challenge I instituted a checklist system. It would provide me an acceptable mandatory minimum level of fitness and productivity. ​The reason this was implemented was because my life situation has began to provide me with less and less free time. Promotion, that takes more time. My wife is 38 weeks pregnant, so baby incoming. All of my free time is spent on our home, remodeling fixing etc. I was using that as an excuse to not get work outs in, to blow chores, and generally be a fat lazy slob. My System: I wanted to keep it simple, and I use check lists a lot during my job. So it made sense to make a relatively short list of things that I have to do each day, no matter what. I use a app on my phone to prompt me at 9pm to check off what has been done. I will keep my self accountable by the day. I wanted to ensure I kept moving forward in each area of my life, so my check list picks items in areas I want to ensure don't slip away. I used this system as a test last challenge, and in hopes of building them into habits over that previous 6 weeks. ​I completed the challenge with a 82% success rate over all. Pretty good but I want better. That is where you come in, having the looming fear of public punishment from my NF friends should help my not blow off items. If it does great, I will rock these 6 weeks, if it don'st my public punishments should provide you with some entertainment. I know this doesn't fit the idea of 3 fitness goals, and one life goal etc. But hey were rebels after all, so screw it. My checklist: 1. walk at least 7500 steps each day -I usually complete this just from my job, but if I don't I will walk laps at the park at night. Steps being counted using my vivosmart band. (been using it for a while now, accuracy is acceptable.) 2. Daily PT - Short session of body weight exercises, 2 sets done as fast as possible. each set has 45 jj's, 15 squats, 10 push ups, 3 pull ups, 12 legs lifts, 60 arm circles. I will allow for substitutes on that plan if I need to increase difficulty or if I away from home and pull ups are too hard to complete. 3. Wizerscises! - Every time I take a bathroom break, I do 10 squats. 4. Take my vitamins - Take my vitamins everyday, Doc said I should, so I should. 5. Eat under 2k calories - I have a meal delivery service, that gives me good tasting, healthy fresh food daily. Pre portioned to hit the calorie goal of my choice. All I have to do is not cheat, (the hard part.) 6. Stretch - I know it will help my not hurt myself at work, and it will be nice to be more bendy. I can't touch my toes, and I would like to. 7. Chores - Do one each day. I want to make sure I don't come home from work and shit on the couch all night. Punishment plan: I may not report in each day that I did all my items, but If I don't I will check in with the bad news. I think the simple answer is one punishment for each check missed. I'm pretty open to what ever people pick, as long as it isn't crazy like getting tattoos or jumping off a roof. I will retain the option of saying no, but with the spirit of things I don't think I will. I will post when I fail, and first come first served when dishing out punishments. TLDR: I have a checklist plan to stay fit,healthy, and productive when time is short I used it last challenge to build habits If I fail, I am looking for punishments. Thanks everyone, and good luck on your challenges.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a few days late but I'm here. I worked hard last challenge on improving my time management. I made great progress, and want to continue on this idea. I plan to establish a minimum level of fitness for everyday. So if work/school/family etc get in the way and my whole day goes to hell I can always hit at least my minimum. I want a preflight checklist of sorts, that needs to have every box checked before bed. So my goals this time will all be towards that end. Lets raise up those stats 1a. walk 7.5k steps ( My minimum.) I usually beat that before I leave work, but tend to not walk as much on weekends. This my minimum and if I can't check it off at night, I will have to go for a walk. Keeping track using habit app 1b. Minimum PT I want to do a short session of calisthenics at the moment I plan to do air squats, push ups, pull ups, leg lifts, and jumping jacks. I am thinking this will be a 5-10 min thing done whenever the day permits. If I can't check the box before bed, get it done... Tracking using a habit app 1c. Wizerscises while at work, with a sprinkle of stairs Simplified this means I will do 10 air squats for each restroom break while at work. Along the same lines, I won't take elevators at work. I will be tracking these on my phone using a habit tracking app that will allow me to keep track of them as I go. 2. Eat under 2k calories + vitamins If I stick to my planned food this will be easy. Take my vitamin D and multi. I will also use the app to track this info as well 3. Stretch at work Start my work days with stretching, simple 5-10 min session. Again tracked with a habit app. Life goal: Complete one house chore each day. I have been gaining a lot of momentum lately doing things through the week, which has freed up more of my weekends for fun. I want to keep it up and do at least one thing each day. Will track using my habit tracker as well. This plan is my fail safe, sorta speak. If I can make these items a no questions asked habit, then even days when I can't do anything above and beyond I would still maintain minimum level of fitness, nutrition, and productivity that I would be happy with. Above and beyond I would like to get more serious work outs in, my lifting mainly. So that is my plan, raise up my worst days to increase my overall average sorta speak.
  3. Hello and welcome to another installment of the Kyliewyotie show. In this episode you will watch as Kyliewyotie learns to better manage his time, prepare for the addition to the family, lose weight, all while getting stronger! Insert obligatory gif here Goal 1: Manage my time better. I have been good about forcing myself to do my workouts, but lately I have been getting home from work late, taking care of the dogs later, and working out even later, leaving dinner and bedtime for really late. And leaving no time for chores, fun, or other needed activities. I have decided to try and adjust my life schedule to allow for more effective use of my time. I im the process of wokring into a promotion at work, which means even more hours at work, and with a baby on the way I know this current path is not sustainable. Something needs to change and this is my plan. A. Work out in the mornings, this means getting up at 5 am but means that when work is over I am free for other activities. I have taken my normal work out and spread it over 5 days instead of 3, so I won't be cutting anything out, but makes everydays work about 45 mins long. My wife (Heathbar) will be joining me for 3 days in the morning. Were collaborating. B.Use work and walking the dogs to get my needed steps in, aiming for 10.5k. Instead of planning walks while watching videos in the park. C. Fully commit to using my electronic planner, I do so for work, but planning out my chores, and other activities at home will allow me to better use my time. D. Continue to do my wizerscices, getting in bonus exercises is a win all around. Goal 2: Lose Weight Lets keep it simple and say I will lose 6 lbs, that is one lb a week. Starting point to be determined tomorrow morning. My plan of action is to track calories using Myfitness pal, and come in under 2k calories with the allowance of one cheat day. I am collaborating with the Heathbar on goal also. Goal 3: Get Stronger I have been doing the morning workouts for just over a week now, and well its kinda sucks. In all honesty I got really into increasing numbers, and my workouts were were becoming so strenuous, that I just couldn't do them first thing in the morning. So I made the decision to drop 25% and rebuild my lifts. I will post my new starting points and I will aim for a 10% increase, since last time 5% came fairly easy. I am still rocking my body weight routine as well and I may adjust my exercises for more difficult varieties. I will see how that goes through the challenge. My wife is doing the body weight stuff with me and I am solo on my stronglifts. Life Goal: Prepare for Baby Makayla The main goal here is to swap our office (fancy sounding video game room) into a nursery. My wife is awesome, and agreed to a star wars themed room, so that great! It will require a lot of demo and most likely a bunch of drywall work. Flooring will also need to be swapped, paint, trim, etc. the list is pretty long and may not be finished in 6 weeks, but it will have to be done in the next 3-4 months to hit a deadline I am unable to move. Pics before after and during should be expected. I will also be having a baby shower soon, and my wife has told me I need to go pick out baby stuffs with her. So I need to make that happen as well. TL;DR: 1. Not enough time, find more 2. Fight the fat kid, fight dirty if needed 3. lift moar weight 4. baby coming, OMG preps need doing I'm super stoked to be part of NF again. It really helps me to keep my fitness and nutrition in mind while life keeps plotting along.
  4. Hey Everybody. I am currently out of town for work, its going to be a rough one. Some of you may remember that not to long ago I was working long days with only 1 day off for about 3 months. Well I had some time back to normal, and got sent off to help out a different facility. I'm in jersey, doing 16 hour days for 10 days. Ok so my gripping is done, please forgive my complaining lol. I will be home on Tuesday the 24th, and plan that to be the real start of my challenge. In the mean time I am just trying to make sure I don't loose the marbles I have left. (I do have a plan so I don't stray to far while on my trip) As the tittle hints to, my goals deal with the number 5, why? Because I love old Kung Fu movies, and 5 Deadly Venoms is one of my favorites, and because its as high as I can count without using 2 hands. But mostly because I will have 5 active weeks of this challenge. Goal 1 - Lose 5 lbs Method: Eat less than 13510 calories a week. That works out to 1930 a day. I plan to measure weekly, so that if I want to splurge on the weekend I can earn it during the week. I went over my dailies on the weekends last time, and I think this method will hold me accountable to make that up. I have had success using myfitness pal, I used it to calculate how much I need to eat to lose 1lb a week. I didn't input exercise, so that will be bonus towards the loss. Goal 2 - Increase lifts by 5% Method: I have been using a modified strong lifts program, I plan to stick to it. My buddy Tinkerer did over 30% last challenge, I like the idea of gaining a %! I don't think I could manage more than 5% the numbers start to get very high. Here is the white board I use to track my progress. Squat + 12lb (going to have to make that 12.5) Bench + 8.5 (10) Rows + 7 (7.5) Press + 5.75 (7.5) DL + 13.5 (15) Also for good measure I will be upping my daily step goal by 5% ---> 10500 I feel these are realistic. Goal 3 - 5 sessions of cardio (yuck) My Stamina is my lowest stat for a reason.... I got a heart rate monitor, and as a step in the right direction I want to complete 5 sessions of cardio where I keep my heart rate in my target zone for > 20 mins. Life Goal - Lean video editing I have some cool hobbies, and I own a gopro, and all my videos looks like crap... I would like to learn some of the basics of video editing, cutting scenes together, music, etc. Any pointers would be a great help here guys. I have yet to even googled the subject. Its just something I have always wished I knew, so lets go learn it! or as much as possible in 5 weeks. I will post a video at the end, expect it to have guns, jeeps, and dogs in it. You know all the cool stuff. I wrote this whole thing in 2-4 min chunks, in between crane lifts so hopefully it is somewhat coherent. Thanks also to Tink for reminding me to get my challenge posted!
  5. I want to say thank you to everyone that helped encourage me last time, and everyone that will follow along this time. It really helps. My life atm is a bit chaotic, I have 2 more weeks of 14+ hour days. Then I should be back to a more normal schedule. My last challenge was all about maintaining some resemblance of fitness in the midst of this work schedule. I did that by incorporating some activities into my daily activity. I like that and plan to carry some over. Paint by numbers, were always fun as a kid. I also like the idea of tracking numbers ( as long as it doesn't get overly complicated.) So my goals will all be based on numbers I want to hit, stay under, or overcome. 1. Lift + body weight 3 times a week. I started lifting heavy weight 2 challenges ago and I like it. I will also use my time tested body weight routine after. I like both, and want to continue using both. Simple to judge I either do it 3 times a week or I don't. 2. Walk 10k steps everyday. I started this last challenge and I like it, so I will continue it. My phone keeps track of this for me. Again simple to judge, I did it or I didn't. 3. For F^*k sake just eat right dummy, stay under 2k calories. This is my goal from last time "This is regularly a goal for me, and I have had off and on success. I traditionally gain quite a bit of weight in Jan/feb because of my work. The plant always has an incrediable amount of junky food around since were all here so long. last challenge I stayed even. I want to eat in a deficit this time. This boils down to a will power item. I have set my self up for success with delivered meals etc. I just need to not eat junk food! Wish me luck!" Well again I have not gained or lost weight, so that is a fail last time. I plan to weigh in weekly and post it! I can't keep it a secret, someone will hold my feet to the fire I will track my food using my fitness pal, and weigh in weekly. My starting weight is 214.7lb For grading purposes, I will keep my daily food consumption to under 2k, and the weight in is just to hold me accountable. I don't want to look like a failure to all my NF buddy's. Life Goal Have fun at least 1 time a week! Work has been overly taxing. Long days, working weekends etc. I am stressed out, and tired, and bored. I will be making time to have organized fun at least once week. Go shooting, off roading, knife throwing with my buddies, watching super hero movies, card games, etc. I have lots of and interesting hobbies/friends, and I feel very disconnected from them. I want more pictures of me smiling doing what I love. TLDR; 1. lift 3 times a week 2. walk 10k steps daily 3. Eat less than 2k calories 4. Have organized fun at least once a week Again thanks for the comradely, good luck to everyone. And now for my obligatory Wile E Coyote Gif of awesome
  6. I want to start off by saying happy new year to everyone. January brings 14ish hour days, 6 days a week. So I will be working with limited free time. I hope that this challenge serves as a good reminder that I have fitness goals to attain! That said this challenge may come across somewhat bland, but it will hopefully serve its purpose for me. I have never had a load of followers anyway, so its not like I need to worry about letting people down. That said, I fear this all getting placed very far on the back burner so I plan to keep things simple. 1. Lift + body weight 3 times a week. I started lifting heavy weight last challenge and I like it. I progressed very fast, and to be honest my joints were starting to hurt. So my plan for this time is to do slightly less weight, where it is still a challenge, but not complete exhaustion. I will then use my time tested body weight routine after. I hope this will allow my joints to "catch up" while i still lift and my body weight helps my smaller muscles/ balance. Simple to judge I either do it 3 times a week or I don't. 2. Use work as exercise. I work at a power plant, the facility is very large and has many stairs. My phone tracks my steps so I want to hit 10k steps every day. My job requires more desk time as I keep getting promotions, but if I want I can get up and inspect many things. This is one thing I can do while at work, getting payed to work out I also want to add "piss ups" while it is a crude name (I work at a power plant we have colorful language) it should help keep the fitness ball moving while being stuck here at work. The idea is to do 10 push ups and 10 air squats whenever I go to the restroom. Last in group is to ALWAYS take the stairs. To judge I either hit 10k steps or I don't. Piss ups and piss squats ( I need a new name for these) relief ups and relief squats ? do them or don't stairs use them 3. For F^*k sake just eat right dummy This is regularly a goal for me, and I have had off and on success. I traditionally gain quite a bit of weight in Jan because of my work. The plant always has an incrediable amount of junky food around since were all here so long. last challenge I stayed even. I want to eat in a deficit this time. This boils down to a will power item. I have set my self up for success with delivered meals etc. I just need to not eat junk food! Wish me luck! Just eat right stupid Life Goal Some of you know I love shooting sports. from pistols to archery to throwing knives, to tactical shooting, to competitions. I have always hoped my wife would gain interest in these so we could enjoy them together, this has had limited success. She likes to shoot pistols once in a while, and wanted to know how to safely handle and use all the styles of firearms ( Which I think is a good idea.) Anyway long story short we had a chance to go to a very upscale gun club which had long range ranges (up to 500 yards.) I have never tried that before (south Florida doesn't have many places where there isn't buildings in the way for 500 yards.) I failed! And it excited me! I now have a drive to get better! and my wife loved it! I have been saving funds for a new purchase maybe for the jeep, but now it will go towards a decent bolt action rifle and practice. By the end of the 6 weeks I hope to have my rifle, have a scope mounted, and sighted in with at least one practice session in. I will likely be devouring books, and tutorial vids on the subject along the way. No challenge would be complete without at least one picture of Wile E coyote. Good luck everyone
  7. Hi Everybody, I came back last challenge, after a long break. I succeeded; in the last challenge, rebuilding my healthy habits that I had let decay. I started my vitamins (everyday) again. I made strength training (3 X a week) a priority. I also made sure to eat right (paleo, and in a calorie deficit.) I am very excited to participate in this challenge and keep the momentum going. Goal: 1 Eat Right​This is absolutely critical to my success. I want to get into the 1XX's for my weight this time, and eating right is 80% of my weight loss. So I signed up a food delivery program, that delivers food to me that is paleo, and portioned out for me. Each meal is between 400-600 calories. I eat one for lunch and one for dinner. I supplement that with an apple for lunch and dinner, and for desert I eat a frozen banana dipped in dark chocolate (130cal.) This keeps me in the 1600 calorie range which is great for me to lose weight. If I eat extra food, or cheat I will come here and tell on myself. TL;DR eat my delivered food, don't be dumb. Goal: 2 Strength Training This has been a really enjoyable thing for me, It gives me incredible motivation. I started doing Strong Lifts (weight lifting program) last challenge and I love seeing the weight increase as I progress. I plan to continue that and I am still doing my circuit body weight work (after my strong lifts.) My body weight work is 10 Bulgarian split squats, 10 push ups, 5 pull ups, 15 leg raises, 10 back hyperextensions, I also throw 5 dumbbell curls (35lb) in. I then rest for a min and then repeat 3 times. I plan to increase intensity as it gets easier. I can add dumbbells to the split squats, do close push ups, increase reps etc. TL;DR Pick up heavy stuff and put it down. Goal: 3 Mobility This one is important My Dex is tied for my lowest stat for a reason. I have a hard time getting a proper squat grip on a barbell, and to be honest I'm just not flexible at all. I would like to change this, I know it can help prevent injuries and help remove some pain. I will do some mobility exercises I learned from the Mobility WOD website (which has become a paysite, anyone have an alternative?) I will also do some of my own stretching and mobility exercises to focus on the areas that I think will be most beneficial. TL;DR Become more like a rubber band Life Goal: Learn New Skills So yeah, I'm very happily married. Not looking for any girls, but I love the idea of learning skills. I haven't made a list of skills, I kinda want it to flow naturally from whatever is interesting to me that week. I plan to make them something I haven't tried before, and I want something tangible I can show after. Examples would be a new dance move, with video evidence or, locking picking successfully picking a lock, something of that nature. New things are usually scary to me, so hooray for getting out of my comfort zone. TL;DR try new things and learn stuff So that's the plan, now all I have to do is follow through.
  8. Hi Everybody, Its been a long time since I have posted a challenge here for myself, but I recently started using a food service that reminded me of Nuala. So I dropped in to say thanks to her, and it made me want to rejoin the rebellion. Current Stats: Name: Kyliewyotie Age: 31 Height: 5'9 Weight: 211lbs Profession: Engineer at a Power plant Main Quest: -Rebuild my lost healthy habits. Background: I took place in 7 challenges here at nerd fitness, 1 as an adventurer, and 6 as an assassin. During those I made ,huge progress in my strength, flexibility, stamina, even tweaked a few life items for the better. I went from 225lbs to 183, I was eating mostly paleo, tracking calories, and exercising on a regular basis. I felt great, physically, and it helped to push me to try new things, and many things i used to be afraid to do. I slowly stopped checking nerd fitness, I stopped taking my vitamins, I stated to allow more cheat days, I started to skip exercise days, I started taking the elevator at work. I slowly started to unravel all the healthy habits I had put in place. The effect of this is that I weigh 211lbs, can't wear my size 34 clothes, I am shying away from physical activities because I am out of shape, and generally feel like crap. I am honestly embarrassed, and don't like it. I have made a comeback attempt once before, but it only lasted for about month, until I allowed myself to fall into the same routine again. But like Wile E Coyote, I wont give up. TL:DR - Got fat, Hate it, Want to change it. I am aiming to rebuild my healthy habits so the goals I have for this challenge are meant to rebuild my habits. Goals: -Strength train 3 times a week, this will be a mix of weights and body weight. ( I will be doing a preliminary work out today to find where i stand after my slacking.) -Eat right! I signed up for a food service that delivers me portioned quality (paleo) food, I will be eating that for lunch and dinner. I skip breakfast. -Take my vitamins, Doc said I should. It also serves as the first step in a healthy direction for the day. Life Goal: -Keeping with the theme of building good habits, I will be making and tracking a budget. I have never really had issues with debt or money problem, but I can always be wiser about where I spend. I will be using a app for this and it syncs with my wife's phone so we can see how were doing as a family. My motivation: Started purely based on vane reasons, I recently attended a shooting competition and a professional photographer was there. When I got the images from him I was embarrassed by my gut. I have noticed that I feel worse, do less outside activities, don't fit in some of my clothes, but seeing the picture really smacked me in the face. I have a plan, now to make it happen I'm glad to be back, and look forward to meeting all the wonderful Assassins.
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