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Found 8 results

  1. I'm back! Here's to the third challenge of the year! *cheers!* This challenge I want to work on something I did not do so well last challenge, with slight modifications. Goal 1 Make vegetables my friend For this challenge, I would like to focus on eating vegetables three times per day, five three times per week. I will track this with MFP. I plan on having enough vegetables available for me to eat three times per day. Grades A: 18-20 times B: 14-17 times C: 10-13 times D: Less than 9 times Goal 2 Eat more of the good stuff The good stuff I am referring to is protein. This challenge
  2. Welcome! I'm back for the second challenge of 2016. Working off my last challenge, I decided I needed to get a little bit real about my goals and aspirations. My long term goal is to run the International Marathon here in Sacramento as a relay run with my brother. That means we will each run a half marathon that will be split into two runs each. This is happening in December, but I want to start prepping my pretties (legs) for it. What I do from here on out, will be focusing on that master goal. Without further delay, let's get on our way Goal 1: Run, baby run! For this goal, I will ru
  3. We are here! At our first 2016 challenge! I am excited to start off the year with the rebellion and see where the year takes us all. Since this is a leap year and leap years are full of awesomeness and an extra day, my spirit animal shall be the Unicorn. I will let it guide me through this year with all its glittery splendor. Let's get this pony unicorn on the road! Goal #1: Eat the Rainbow, Be the Rainbow For this goal, I would like to eat a vegetable rainbow per day. This includes frozen, canned and fresh vegetables. I will track with pictures what my daily intake of colorful veggies is
  4. Hey everyone, Oh my god. It's been a good 20 months or so since I was back here. I had a baby in December 2014, she's now 11 months old. Here we are I am still the weight I was when I had her- no lie. Probably a few pounds off, but not much. My life has changed quite a bit, to say the least. And now I want to focus on losing some weight. I am trying to watch my caloric intake. I am not at the point of a complete diet overhaul because I am breastfeeding. I am going to start slow, so here we go! Goals: 1. Log at least 5 days per week into MyFitnessPal (raraohlala, if you want to friend m
  5. I'm back! Back for the 2nd 2014 NF 6-week Challenge and my 6th 6-week challenge overall. The lowdown: Epic Quest: I have signed up for a 10k on April 6th, 2014, the RockNRoll half-marathon on May 19, 2014 and the Portland half-marathon on October 5th, 2014. I would like to finish the half-marathons in 2h30 or less and would really, really like to finish the 10k at about 60min. Currently my average mile is between 11:15-11:30, which means I have 6 weeks to cut close to 90s from my mile in order to accomplish the 10k in 60min. Doable? Let's hope so! This challenge I want to focus on fle
  6. I have invited myself to the party My name is rogaecia and this is my 4th challenge. For the last 3 challenges I have played with the adventurers and I think it is now time to spice up my life/challenges and getting to know another guild. Hello everyone MAIN QUEST: HULK SMASH For this challenge (and beyond) I would like to focus on getting stronger, better and faster. Motivation: SIDE QUEST 1: FOOD! I plan on being whole 30 compliant with the exception of 15 meals/snacks throughout the challenge. That will give me some breathing room especially during Thanksgiving. Success Scale
  7. I proudly announce: rogaecia's 3rd! Hello everyone- I'm back for my third challenge. I have to admit, I cannot believe last week went by so fast. I am dipping a little low energy wise starting out this challenge. My hope is to rev up as the challenge winds down. My main quest: Shrink my Circumference Currently my waist measures 38" at the smallest point and 44.5" at my belly button. I haven't been much to complain about particular parts of my body because it all needs work. Lately I have been feeling pretty good about my arms and even my butt- something I never thought would happen! Howev
  8. Hello Adventurers! I'm back for a second go at the 6 week challenge. I am once again pretty excited about continuing on my route to healthier living and excited to be part of this group. MOTIVATION: LOVE THYSELF. My motivation is to love myself. That encompasses being able to genuinely and lovingly celebrate my successes, embrace my faults and not give up on the person that has been there 100% of the time along the way: Me. My self-esteem is in the dumps due to a lot of things and I'm done feeling so poorly about myself. This is for me. This quest, the desire to be better, stronger, health
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