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Found 5 results

  1. Introduction: I've been struggling a lot lately and things nearly boiled over yesterday. I had a major mental meltdown. I wanted to quit my quest and just go back to the way things used to be. I went into full panic mode and ended the night with no workout and a burger and fries. I've made a lot of progress in the past few months, but yesterday it all felt pointless. I felt like I haven't made any improvements below the surface. I still feel like the fat guy. I still feel lonely and hopeless too often. But after letting the storm rage for a few hours, I suddenly felt better. A few episodes of
  2. So I was going through the classes the other night, as I am kinda new, and thought.. hmm.. I'm kind of a warrior, but strength training won't be my only focus.. I'm kind of a Ranger, but also kind of a Scout.. Somewhere in between is where I really fit.. I hate running, but everything else? Love it... Here's my idea: A class that focuses on other outdoor sports but not running.. maybe sprinkle a little in there occasionally for those that do like it, but skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cycling, rollerblading, hiking (backpacking too) We could be called Juggernauts. We are hardcore a
  3. Not sure if The Woot Room is the best/right/most suitable place to put this. But in a way it felt right, at least more so than just making a post in my current challenge thread. Anyway, here's a look back at my first year of challenges here on Nerd Fitness. On May 30th, 2013 I decided to start off with a challenge. It definitely got modified a little bit during the time, but that was the beginnings. I had been a reader of the Nerd Fitness blog for many years, and had previously had some false starts that were inspired by the writings of Steve Kamb. I was definitely aware of the Challenges fo
  4. Hey all, Rogue Squadron is back yet again. As Always this post will be updated with members and links to their current challenges. Rogue Squadron is mostly about showing support for our members (and non-members) out on their own topics, but we're always open for conversation in here as well. As always make sure you follow this topic, your topic, and the topics of each of our members in order to get the most out of the group. Good Luck this challenge! MEMBER LIST Rogue Welkin: Kilty Kilty Om Nom Nom - RogueWelkin Challenge 7 Wovercast: Wovercast Breaks Down the Macros Mangostrike: A New Hop
  5. Hey all, Rogue Squadron is back for another challenge. All are welcome. Hoping to see some familiar faces again and help everyone stay motivated and keep in the challenge. As always this post will be updated with a list of members and a link to their current challenge. Stay on Target! RogueWelkin - Journey of a Moisture Farmer - Royal Discovery Tateman - Tateman Round 3: Ready to Form Voltron dhert - dhert challenge 4: "Nothing is true; Everything is permitted" redwrecker - Redwrecker really wants a pull up! Aria - "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power..." Aria [Chapter 1] Madddogg - M
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