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Found 8 results

  1. BRIEFING Hey everybody, I'm back! The infamous wedding took up too much of my time towards the end of my last challenge, and the start of the previous challenge here. By the time I started to get back into it the challenge was well underway and I opted not to jump in, though I know I should have. Anyway, for those wondering how I did with the "look awesome in a kilt for the wedding"..well... There it is... I did awesome! Of course since then I haven't done as awesome, so I totally get to play catch up again. Yay! MAIN CHALLENGE In April I'm going out to Celebration in Anahei
  2. MAIN CHALLENGE As for the past few challenges, I've been saying "Look awesome in a Kilt for my wedding day" I'm going to say that's still the goal but I want to be more specific. I hope to hit around 180 lbs by the wedding date of 09/20/2014. It's been the same for the past few challenges, but this means a weight loss of 28 lbs in under two months, while some people have had that kind of loss I'm doubtful that it'll be legitimately possible, but I'm still going to try! (Healthily) MOTIVATION The motivation is the hope to see the looks and reactions of everyone when the see me in the best
  3. Greetings, I'm RogueWelkin. I've been doing the NF challenges for over a year now, currently in my ninth challenge. For the past several challenges I've been acting as an Ambassador to the Level 1's from the Adventurer's Guild. My goal is to help Level 1's find success regardless of where they want to go. If you want to find other Level 1's or get some support from myself feel free to join this guild. Make sure you sign up using the spreadsheet, so we can keep track. Also make sure you click on the "Follow this topic" link at the top to make sure you know when there's posts here. This post wi
  4. Greetings everybody! RogueWelkin's back for his seventh foray into the Adventurers! Now to stop freaking you all out he'll stop referring to himself in the third person! So after the events of last challenge I decided that this one will be focused on dietary goals, since I didn't ace my Path to Paleo that'll be coming back this time. But I think focusing solely on dietary challenges will help get me to my main goal and get me past the slump I've been in the past few challenges, then the challenge after this can probably be more focused on exercise. MAIN CHALLENGE As for the past few challe
  5. Howdy all, it's your favorite future kilted groom all up in the hizouse! Obviously I haven't gotten any cooler during the challenges, but that's just all part of my charm. This time around will be continuing to attempt to build habits, tightening the belt, and getting myself focused. I'm going to try to be more strict this time around. I'm starting to run low on time and I need to start getting actual results going on, well...I got some results from the last challenge. I definitely feel stronger and notice more musculature, but I've not done much in the weight loss department...only having
  6. Howdy all, fourth challenge incoming. Decided to jump away from the "Journey of a Moisture Farmer" thread, and just start basing it off of movie titles for fun, that said there won't be much theme in the challenge itself. Main Quest Get into Healthy Shape by Wedding to look good in a Kilt Motivation To feel good about myself, gain self-confidence, and finally become the awesome person that lays within. Sub-Quests Perform at least 2 Different Exercises at least 3x a Week [STR:3|STA:2] Grading: A: Perform Exercises 3x a Week All Six Weeks B: Perform Exercises 3x a Week For F
  7. What Ho everybody, seems I got in my first challenge just in time to miss the rules update. But here I am for my second one, returning to the adventurers. As you can see I've got my quests all set up, I thought I'd try to theme this time (to go along with the themed challenge title since the RP thing fell flat for me the last time). I've done up Rogue Squadron again, so check that out, and I'll be sure to update my signature with the new tracking logs once those are up. Main Quest Destroy the Death Star (Lose Weight and get rid of the Belly) Motivation To feel good about myself, gain sel
  8. Howdy I've been a long time NF reader but haven't participated in the community until now. Around two years ago I was heavily focused for a few months and decreased my weight and increased my strength. I had never felt better in my life. However after some unexpected and fairly large life changes I lost my focus and fell hard. I'm still not at my all time worst, that was back in 2008/2009 right before I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and I've manage to keep myself primarily to just Water and Iced Tea for my drinks since that time. So with my introductions out of the way into the nitty gr
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