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  1. Hello Everybody! Here I am with Challenge number 8! I'm thinking of trying out something new with my scoring this time through, so let's check it out. MAIN CHALLENGE As for the past few challenges, I've been saying "Look awesome in a Kilt for my wedding day" I'm going to say that's still the goal but I want to be more specific. I hope to hit around 180 lbs by the wedding date of 09/20/2014. That's a weight loss of around 40 lbs, might be a bit much so I won't be devastated if I don't reach it, but that's the dream. (Copypasta is my friend...80P) MOTIVATION The motivation is the hope to see the looks and reactions of everyone when the see me in the best shape of my life standing up at the infamous altar. Not to mention the increase capability, improved emotional state, and other benefits from the healthier life. SUB-QUESTS Quest 1 - Dietary Destruction!: Avoid Cereal Grains, Dairy, and Potatoes (sweet/regular) [CON:4] Upgraded From the last challenge to include the potatoes, time to own it again. A+: No Cheats For All Six Weeks (Bonus 1 CON) A: 1 Cheat A Week For Four Weeks B: 2 Cheats a Week for Four Weeks C: 3 Cheats a Week for Four Weeks D: 3 Cheats a Week for Six Weeks F: >3 Cheats a Week Quest 2 - Sack the Snacks: Cut out the snacking again [CON:2] I cut out snacking in challenge 5, but allowed it back in 6. I think it's a big part of my current plateau, hoping that cutting them out will help going forward. A+: No Cheats For All Six Weeks (Bonus 1 CON) A: 1 Cheat A Week For Four Weeks B: 2 Cheats a Week for Four Weeks C: 3 Cheats a Week for Four Weeks D: 3 Cheats a Week for Six Weeks F: >3 Cheats a Week Quest 3 - Bodyweight Bonanza: Perform NF's Beginner Bodyweight Workout Routine at least 2x a week [STR: 2|STA:1] Continuing my attempts to get my exercise habit, heading back the beginner bodyweight routine that I tried many many challenges ago, hopefully it'll stick this time. A+: Exercise 3x a week for all 6 weeks (Bonus 1 STA) A: Exercise 2x a week for all 6 weeks B: Exercise 2x a week for 5 weeks C. Exercise 2x a week for 4 weeks D. Exercise 2x a week for 3 weeks F. Exercise 2x a week for >3 weeks SIDE QUEST Side Quest - Shivering Showers: Complete Cold Shower 30 Day Challenge [CON: 2] Attempt to do the 30 Day Cold Shower Challenge again, this has a few things behind it, and I did this successfully a few challenges ago, now I plan to make a return. A+: Cold Shower every day all 6 Weeks (Bonus 1 STA) A: Completed 30 Day Challenge B: 25 Days of Challenge Completed C. 20 Days of Challenge Completed D. 15 Days of Challenge Completed F. <15 Days of Challenge Completed MEASUREMENTS Red - Up | Green - Down | Blue - Same (vs end of last challenge) Height: 68" Weight: 212 lbs Waist: 40" Hips: 39.75" Chest: 40" Neck: 15" Thigh(Left): 22.25" Thigh(Right): 21.5" Bicep(Left): 12.75" Bicep(Right): 13.25" Body Fat %: 29% At first I was surprised that my weight had actually gone down between challenges, but after taking the measurements and thinking about it I figured that it's likely just muscle loss that helped me cut down the weight from the end of the last challenge, especially since the waist measurement is up an inch. As you can see I've opted to try something else for the start of this challenge, I usually let each challenge be it's own separate thing, generally unconnected to the previous, but now I want to compare directly to the previous one for the measurements, or at least view it as a continuation from there. So I've opted to add in the coloring to help track that. Also, sorry about the images...I had some settings a bit off on the camera, and it used a flash (which it hasn't done for this photos previously). MINI-QUESTS Mini-Quest #1: Distractia - Completed +1 WIS Mini-Quest #2: Distractia's Casino - Completed +1 DEX Mini-Quest #3: Distractia's Sneak Attack - Completed +1 CHA Mini-Quest #4: Fight Distraction - Completed +1 STR Mini-Quest #5: We're all Liars - Completed +1 WIS Mini-Quest #6: Slay Distractia - Completed +1 CON Bonus Mini-Quest: Looking Back - Completed +1 WIS So there we are, my current challenge, let me know your thoughts about the idea of bonus points and such (still sticking within the 15 points so I'm not giving myself extra), we'll see how it pans out!
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