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Found 4 results

  1. Kuros, through passed down stories that have become nothing more than legend, is known to most as the "Knight Warrior of the Books of Excalibur," but few would know it upon meeting this unassuming hero. Less bulky warrior and more agile ranger, with a mind sharper than any blade (except Brightsword, of course), Kuros is a servant of light, far more humble than the picture this old keeper of lore will paint for you. Always cloaked and seldom seen, it would be easy to mistake him for an assassin (a poor one at that if he is indeed seen), or a scout. Alas, this is not the case. Jack of all trades, but a master of none, except maybe stillness of mind. The sum total of his attributes is what makes him a force to be reckoned with. Any obstacle or any foe can be conquered, and the only limiting factor is his force of will. With the proper application of blade and bow, mind and manners, Kuros can equally well disarm both the hound of Hades or the daughter of Zeus. Ironically though, given his tremendous capability and power to sway the forces of evil, Kuros has not been seen for many years, and as we approach our darkest hour, the world needs all the heroes she can get. Whispers on the wind have become widespread rumor, and these tell of a broken husk of a man that was once humankind’s staunchest advocate. It is said that he has withdrawn from the world, grieving for a loved one who has passed from this life. If Kuros happens to be reading this right now, know this. This world is merely a doorway to the next life. You will see your beloved again, but not yet… not yet. Take heart. There are many more beautiful lives to preserve and the darkness is ever encroaching. The bell has been rung and the hour is now. The time to reforge ourselves into something new, something stronger, is here. I call upon all the hesitant and all the eager heroes of the world. Our world is at your mercy. Will you not answer her call? Hello everyone and sorry for the over the top RPGing. I had serious fun with that. I'm really looking forward to this experience. Such a cool site and idea. Anyways, my real name is Mike, I'm 27 years old and I'm looking to get fitter than ever. How fit? Like Gimli and Legolas had a baby and that kid grew up in the wild raised by wolves and surrounded by orcs level of fit. I like to do a little bit of everything to be honest with you. Traditional strength routines, cross-fit style circuits, sprint workouts, distance running, and climbing. If anyone's in the Idaho Falls area (just about to move out there from Virginia), let me know if you're looking for a workout partner. Also, that list is by no means exhaustive. I also like to snowboard, play ultimate frisbee and competitive online video gaming. My xbox live gamertag is Terra Unu if anyone wants to add me. Right now I play Overwatch and Left 4 Dead 2 (yes I know it's old) mainly, but I also occasionally get on Battlefield 4, Halo 5, Destiny, Diablo III, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. My favorite games of all time are Rygar, Wizards and Warriors, Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye, Nightfire, Halo, Left 4 Dead, Jak and Daxter, Champions of Norrath, Fusion Frenzy, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike and the original Star Wars Battlefront games. This last part I'll end up posting in a more appropriate section of the forums, but I thought since I'm introducing myself, I might as well introduce another idea that I think would be great for the site (or terrible, not sure yet). What do you guys and gals think about all our character profiles and quests being accessible via a facebook-like network? I personally think it would be cool to check out and gain inspiration from other people's profiles and keep in touch with one another via a facebook-like interface, but in the style and format of this site with this specific community. Or should I just shut up and go use facebook? Ha, anyways thanks for reading and rebel on. Mike (AKA, Kuros) https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/191847
  2. To break the curse, to shed the stone For actions taken you must atone Free yourself from habits staid Run, walk, jump, dance, Fight with sharpened blade. A body reflects how we dine Whether mutton or breads, Sweet grasses, water, mead Or glowing elven wine. If a Halfling’s body you do seek Then with Halfling’s pride you must eat. "Hafling's pride Halfling's Pride... Do you think it refers to a specific food? my favorite food? A food that Dorashire trades in?" Noor paced the length of her cabin thinking. She knew that she had a fingerhold on some of the strings. Since vanquishing the fey and freeing Sovellis' mind, Noor had felt like her old self inside. It was time to make her body match her soul. She tugged the strings of magic through her fingers like yarn, tying and untying them as she moved. She spread her toes and stretched her arches, luxuriating in the feel of her bare feet no longer clad in magical stone. She knew that she was almost to a breakthrough, she cloud practically taste it. @--,--'-- What I have learned so far is that in order to properly balance my life, I need to make smaller goals that are easier to achieve. I am prone to pushing my body in ways that it doesn't want to be pushed.That never works, it always just leads to injury, pain, and unachieved goals. So I am going to take a page from Noor and model my goals after the rhyme that she has almost solved. I think this challenge might be a big one for Noor's curse breaking and for my own milestones. 1) To and Fro: one of the things that Noor takes for granted is her ability to walk anywhere. I used to be able to walk anywhere too- Chicago is all about walking too and this is the time of year that is best for walking. Since the last challenge, I have gained back some of my ability to walk, or at least my memory of how good it can be to move and to get places under my own power. My goal for this challenge is to walk for 40 minutes 3 or more times a week. At the half way point, if I am successful, I will add a 4th day. +3 STA 16 or more workouts completed +2 STA14 or more workouts completed +1 STA 12 or more workouts completed 2) Springy is What Halflings Do: I need to get more mobility and flexibility. Adding yoga last challenge helped somewhat but I am stiff and sore a lot of the time now that I am moving more. Starting work next week is only going to make me more stiff due to long hours of sitting. I am going to make 90 minutes of stretching a week a goal for this challenge. That's 5 - 10 minutes 5 days a week and a yoga class on the weekend. +3 DEX 482 or more minutes of Stretching +2 DEX 432 or more minutes of Stretching +1 DEX 378 or more minutes of Stretching 3) What Halflings Eat: I have to track my food religiously. I have never lost weight in my life without doing this. Plus it will help me maintain paleo eating and help me stay mindful of food. Food is one of my pillars of health. I love cooking, I love eating, I love sharing food with others. In order to make this pillar a healthy one, I need to remember why I love food and stop looking at it as a chore. +3 CON 38 or more days tracked +2 CON 28 days or more tracked +1 CON 14 days or more tracked LIFE GOALS 4) To simulate Noor's magical studies, I am going to take on studying money management. I am not trying to become an accountant or anything, but I want to have a better understanding of financial planning and I want to get my own financial ducks in a row. In order to do this I am going to complete the following objectives: a. Call Vanguard and get instructions on how to reactivate my online account so that I can get access to my retirement fund. b. Order all 3 credit reports so I can see where I stand and begin to clean up my credit c. Read one article from Money Magazine weekly d. Reread The Money Book for the Young Fabulous and Broke over the course of the 6 weeks. Each completed objective is +1 WIS LONG TERM GOAL I lost 8 pounds last month! I also found out that my thyroid meds were still too low, so hopefully I will be able to do even better with this challenge. In order for Noor to crack her spell and get smaller, I need to lose some more of this 200 Lbs, so I am focusing on reduction until I hit my first major milestone of 50 Lbs. Only 48 more pounds to go. (one) (two) (three) (four) (five) (six)
  3. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/50932-booting-up-logos-88/
  4. In Which Devyn Gets Re-Kenderfied Hey, is that even a word? That's not even a gif, Devyn. What are you playing at? Pictured above is my hero, Tasslehoff Burrfoot. He's pretty much every kender's hero. Ask every kender you meet what their name is and one in every ten is going to say "Tasslehoff Burrfoot, named after Uncle Tas!" That's because Uncle Tas is a legend to all kender. Tas is what every kender wants to be. You can read about him in the sacred Dragonlance texts by the prophets Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Because Tasslehoff died before gifs were made, there are sadly no gifs of him. Yawn! That's great, but why are you telling me this? I have squats to do. You could do your boring squats or you can listen to my tale about kender. The reason I'm telling you this tale is because it's extremely relevant to my story. You see, a long time ago roughly three weeks or so... Wiggly Flashback Segue!! *DOOT DOODLOO DOOT DOODLOO DOOT DOODLOO* Why don't you sit and make yourself comfortable. This may take a while. The kender ninja clone matched me move for move. Why wouldn't she? She was me. Except she wasn't. She was alive. Either that or a figment of my imagination. After the long, trial-filled journey I had been undertaking the latter was very likely. Her alive-ness gave her an advantage over me. I was a dead zombie version of my former self and she was some badass version of me that I only dreamed I could be. Eventually, my tired and decaying limbs gave out and I became a punching bag for my other self. It did not end well. It ended kinda well because I did this cool thing where I flipped her over the cliff and she probably died or disappeared in an imaginary puff but I was not a pretty sight afterward. The happy thing is that I figured out the last puzzle on the artifact and used its magic which breathed life back into my withered, dead heart. Also, all my hair is gone. End of Flashback That was riveting. Really. But I still don't see where you're going with this? Is the story over already? Alright already. I can see you don't appreciate a good story when it's talking your ear off. I am alive now, but I don't seem to be very good at it. Bringing myself back to life is no easy task and neither is getting your ass kicked by your imaginary self in a ninja costume. I have been left half the kender I once was. My body is broken and my muscles are weak. My brain is mushy and I just don't feel like a kender anymore. I still feel like a sad, yucky kender. There was no way I could go out adventuring in this state. So, I took the quickest route I knew (that's a whole different story for a whole different time) back to Krynn (my home world) and set up camp in Hylo (my home town). Get to the point. I seriously have shit to do. Rude. Fine. The point is that I am now in Hylo, my home town. It also happens to be the hometown of my sorta kinda enemy Belladonna. Belladonna is the violently self appointed leader of Hylo. She's an afflicted kender which is very sad but it also makes her super annoying because she's paranoid about everything. So she has spent a lot of time, effort and probably tax money to capture me and force me to lead her army. I made a deal with Belladonna. I promised her that if she helped me recuperate, then I would help her in return. I hate giving in like that, but I'm sure it will all work out nicely. What could possibly go wrong? This is all very interesting and everything, but WTF is a kender? I'm so glad you asked, imaginary dialogue person. A kender is a halfling-like creature who is full of badassery and is the thing that every person in the universe should strive to be. All Awesome illustrations by Awesome Iket Notice the topknot of hair, the hoopak (slingshot/staff/spear weapon of awesome), and the expression of fun and joy. Kender are the epitome of carefree, awesome living. My goal this challenge is to get back to my awesome old self and be as kendery as I possibly can be. Kendery is not a word. I don't think kender is a word either. Kender is a word. You shut your mouth. Okay, okay. So, how do you become more kendery? My goals for this challenge will be based on the four main qualities of kender. These are... 1. Fearlessness Kender are known throughout the world as being fear free. Unless you are afflicted (poor you) then you get to live an awesome life doing things you love because you're not afraid to walk into a dragon's mouth to see how sharp its molars are (turns out they're pretty damn sharp.) My goal for fearlessness is: Writing (CHA +2, CON +2)I will write every day. Finish my NaNoWriMo, write poems, whatever it takes. I won't let fear of rejection and being the worse writer in the history of writing stand in the way of doing something I've always wanted to do. 2. Joie de Vivre Joy of living. Kender are happy and optimistic to the point of being annoying. They love life and hate boredom. Everything is new and exciting and wonderful to them. That's what life is all about. My goal for Joie de Vivre is: Parkour (DEX + 4, CHA +1)Parkour is something I've always wanted to do and now I have the ability to take regular classes. I must do parkour class at least once a week. 3. Kleptomania There are some people, LIARS I CALL THEM, who say that kender are thieves. They claim that we steal whatever isn't nailed down and have no concept of property. The worst thing you can call a kender is a thief. We are not thieves. We are curious. We see something that interests us and we just have to have it. We can't help it if you can't keep hold of your stuff. Stop blaming us. My goal for kleptomania is: Stea...I mean borrow ideas from other people. (DEX +4)Each week I will take an idea from someone else in the rebellion and make it mine. If it's interesting and it sounds fun, I will attempt to do it too. Is that your challenge in my pouch? You must have dropped it. 4. Wanderlust If anything defines a kender, it is wanderlust. All kender love travelling around and looking for adventure. Even the afflicted kender have itchy feet and dream of far off lands. We love meeting new people and seeing the world. My goal for wanderlust is: Running (CON +4)I have signed up for 2 races. A 5 mile race on Thanksgiving about halfway through the challenge and a 12k at the end of the challenge. Running is a good way to celebrate it NOT being a billion degrees outside and is a great way to travel and meet new people and find shiny objects at the end to add to my collection of awesome things. I also have a few background goals which include Whole30 diet the whole time. Except for Thanksgiving. So Whole51 and going to the gym. These are things that are already habits for me, but I feel like I need to include. Finally! We get to the actual challenge! Took long enough! Okay. I'm sorry. I wish you the best of luck. And your hair back. Thank you. I look forward to this challenge with as much gusto as a broken kender can manage. I will keep you updated... Goody... Like I said, I will keep you updated on what will happen on this adventure! May you always find a dragon to poke and may Uncle Tas always guide your way. Thanks? You're welcome. Now let's go!
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