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  1. Bouncer walked into the mining town of Phandalin, the snowcapped mountains overseeing the mining town before her. She sighed with relief at the smell of the smoke from the forty to fifty small houses, warmth was here. Mountains were already tough, but in the winter with not enough equipment. She was surprised she had survived where she could find a town before freezing to death. Walking down the dirt road, Bouncer noticed among all the newly made houses and shops were crumbling stone ruins, signs that a much larger settlement was here beforehand. Bouncer noted how the town was small but bustling with activity, shop keepers giving her a smile to speculate how much coin she had to spend. The cheery busy workers, each one had a weapon that was easy to grab, which she found intriguing by the lack of walls or soldiers. They had a desire to protect themselves from something, but what? Bouncer looked down at her own rags that were barely keeping her warm in the mountains and her empty satchel, at least with the current coin she could find some new equipment and get some warm rest as she figured out what the new town had held before her. Quest of the week: One needs to make sure they have enough rest to be able to explore a quaint town. This week I am focusing on getting enough sleep, because I know I am fatigued. My desire is to start my bedtime routine at 7 pm, This has been a goal I’ve been working on forever, and I need to make it strong enough so it's a thing I do not a “ifs, butts and coconuts” thing I do. The result of getting more rest, the more Bouncer can get to know Phandalin. 0 - wasn’t able to explore due to not resting well enough, you are starting to look suspicious to the local town folk. 1-7 days: Each day I sleep, I can explore one key establishment (5 is the goal), with extra wins Day 1: Stop at the Inn for needed rest (Day 1 is enough to bump into a new random party member) Day 2: Stop at Lionshield Coster for new armor and weapons Day 3: Visit Barthen’s Provisions for extra equipment and Gear (I get to know enough of the town to choose my NPC party member) Day 4-5: Visit the other points, and I can make a Custom Party member race with random stats Day 6: Get to know the town enough to make a Custom NPC I want to make (may have bunny members) Day 7: Surpassed my own expectations and my party member has a loyalty bonus and maybe with an extra coin just for me FYI for behind the scene goals that are strong: Going to the gym twice a week for Coach made strength training workouts (Tuesdays after work and Saturday mornings), trying to find ways to have extra movement every day (goal is 15 mins a day.. This is meh). I meal prep every weekend, and eat a balanced plate. I’m also working on trying to make habits for cleaning my home with the Flylady system. Side goals I would like to get done this challenge: -Pickup my living room enough to move my table closer to the kitchen (unknown reward) -Do my taxes (1 gold piece reward) -I’ve joined a weekly group that requires me to show up Sunday (Add a new party member at the end of the challenge) -Going to my estranged family member's wedding shower in April... (reward Fairy trinket) Current life goals: -Get strong enough to have an easy move in June/July to upgrade my home for cats (also have a clean home to display for pre-move) -Get strong enough to enjoy a day at an amusement park with my long-legged brother (get a tad slimmer to enjoy the epic rides a bit better)
  2. I suggest you put this on your speakers while you're here Welcome to Glorantha, a heroic, mythic place of heroes and gods, where people hold allegiance to tribe, city, and cult, not to abstract alignments or ideologies. Although humanity is the dominant species, their dominance is due only to the quarrelling of the Elder Races, who still rule large parts of the world. In Glorantha, the gods and goddesses are real, and through their cults they play an important role in most major events. Would-be heroes of the age are known as adventurers, and each is tied to several of the Runes, cosmic powers that define Glorantha and are likewise manifested by the gods. Powerful deities are associated with the Sun, Earth, Air, Water, Darkness, and the Moon, as well as with Death, Life, Change, Stasis, Illusion, Truth, Disorder, and Harmony, and each has its Rune. Adventurers join the cults of their gods, from which they get magic and aid. Adventurers are participating and active members of society, whether clan, tribe, city, or other community. They have duties, loyalties, and conflicts beyond being mere freebooters, with ties to the world of Glorantha and the Runes as deep as they are profound. As adventurers advance within their cults, they strengthen their connection to the Runes, gaining power and questing towards becoming true Heroes. One of the most important places in all of Glorantha is Dragon Pass, located in the heart of the great continent of Genertela. It is a land beset by conflict and blessed with opportunity, an extremely magical place, center of many of the world’s great myths, and Dragon Pass is prophesied to be the site of the great, apocalyptic series of events called the Hero Wars. A recent revolution against the occupying Lunar Empire has left many of the cities of Dragon Pass in ruins. Nobles, cults, and clans vie for power and authority in their wake, and its liberators struggle to rebuild and reclaim that which was lost. Hello everyone and welcome to my new challenge. Featuring old goals, because I aced the previous one and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but also because I joined the 10lbs in 10 Weeks PvP at the start of January and calculated its end roughly coincides with the end of this challenge. What’s changing however is the theme and presentation, as last time I also did the challenge of reading a new RPG rulebook every day of January to finally get through my backlog of to-read books. No such thing will be done this round, however I will be using one of the characters I created for the narrative and setup of this challenge. More on this below, under my third challenge goal. Workouts: Last challenge I did Darebee's 30 days of HIIT Advanced program, which seemed to provide a structured sequence and pretty short (but intense) workouts I can do home with no equipment. I did it aiming for Level 2 (5 sets) in each workout, which provided some wiggle room to drop down to Level 1 if I was in pain or a hurry, or take it up to Level 3 if I wanted to push more. I completed the program and I’m quite satisfied, so after a Week Zero of physical recovery, for this challenge I will be re-doing it but aiming for Level 3 every time. There’s also a chance I might be able to join my Muay Thai school for some outdoor trainings, but with lockdown management being a raging dumpster fire, I have no security to work these into a proper and predictable challenge goal. Nutrition: I returned to the Zone Diet guidelines last challenge, and together with workouts it helped me drop from 96.9kg at the start to 93kg by the end. For those not familiar with the terms and science behind this, I'm basically 1) cutting out sugar and alcohol, 2) limiting grains and starchy vegetables, 3) putting together plates of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat, 4) having 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, with a minimum 4 hour gap between meals (or 2 if last meal was a snack). I will be logging, tracking and reporting my meals on a daily basis, plus Monday’s weigh-ins, which will also be reported to the PvP. RPG stuff: RuneQuest was one of the games that really struck me during the January character challenge and I really want to try it out. I’ll put the game and character summary/review from back then in a quote below for ease of reference. The company has made a quickstart guide for the latest edition of the game available online for free, complete with pre-generated characters for an introductory adventure. I will be more or less playing that one out using some of those characters and the one I created, as a test run to familiarize myself with the rules and hopefully run it for friends in the near future. I also plan to include non-narrative breaks, from dice rolls to context for the game’s world, to make it easier for anyone interested in following that part.
  3. Rules: - Everything is set inside the Manor. - Pick a character name. - Keep it realistic. - Pick one character's positive/advantage trait. Can be emotional or physical. Is first come, first serve. If someone picks a trait, it cant be repeated. Example: John - Charismatic / Strong - Pick one character's negative/disadvantage trait. Can Is first to come, first serve. If someone picks a trait, it cant be repeated. Example: John - Forgetful / Sickly - You can elaborate as much as you want but any post must be, at least, 5 sentences long. - The moderator (me) will be The Caretaker. The Caretaker is everywhere but has no direct impact on the story, just sets the pace and moves the plot. It can be addressed as he exists in the story. - As soon as everyone starts posting regularly, the total of characters will be set and those would be the players involved. Any other characters won't be included directly in the story and will be dying as casualties along the way. - I will choose a killer from the characters. The killer will be notified by private message and will be immune to death unless he gets discovered. - The plot will extend as much as need it so, keep it juicy. - Alliances can be made but, only if both agree. - If someone gets whacked, is out of the story. - The story ends at sunrise (possibly the duration of this challenge month). - There are 3 possible outcomes: The killer whacks everyone. The killer gets some characters and escapes. The killer gets caught. - No physical interactions will be made between characters unless approved by the moderator. - Any questions, place it in The trading post or PM. -Have fun-
  4. Hey, all! A new area of the NF forums I'm going to make my new main base! I had about a six-week break from the forums after having tried Heroes Rising. To see if it could help me sort out a new direction for goals. Found out that it wasn't a right fit for me right now. Learning how to juggle school, work, and extra stuff that can quickly fill it up too quickly while keeping on the upside of mental health. I've been very thankful for this site on teaching me on how to write out a plan and goals in a structure that do work for me. Finally seeing the foundation I made all of 2016 on this site. But as I noticed last year, my struggles fo starting, doing, and finishing any types of projects have been my weakness. Or at least very weak while not making myself sick with anxiety and depression... So for the of this forum. Is not just for "healthy habits" but for the ability of me able to think of a project, and follow the plan that I can make from start to finish. A biggie since I'm changing different parts of my life a bit. Okay now on to catch up time! What have I been up to the past 6 weeks? Spoilered, because it just isn't short. And my lack of attention span to add pics. So much writing in two hours... Needed to share it with you people! While also needing to get back in the loop of the site. 2 full hours of having something qualified to not call "procrastination" from finishing on putting away my laundry. Will now carry on. Tomorrow need to show up at work on time, do my job (smile while I'm at it), get home and work on a late paper while doing other things. NF goals: Get caught up with one friend and return here. Added on May 4, 2017 - Challenge Log (because all the cool cats do it) (a work in progress) -2015- -2016- -2017- May 22- Start of my RP Challenge
  5. With a new year, new goals, but the need for something new to help us along (and can't quite afford something shiny and new). @MichiruSedai and I are bravely starting up a new group to also find friends to make it fun! The new year brings everyone to the local tavern! All the parties have come to the end, and the cold is getting harsher. The tavern is the place to have long talks and drink your fill, of healthy hydration of course. With our glasses filled with water, and the desire for long talks. Long talks turn into conversations about a need of new adventure, our tongues could talk, but putting money where our mouth is a little difficult. Well with the influence of good ole hydration, why not have a little fun to start it off? Bouncer brings up in "We shall flood the washrooms of course!" fumbling laugh. Of course, two humans aren't able to just do it by ourselves. Okay so that was my first attempt at entering an intro of a group RP style xD Michi and I are chilling out at our table, figuring out how much water is needed to flood out the bathrooms for our monthly goal (the main goal will probably change as the amount of people join... a little liability of course for everyone). Though the fun doesn't stop there! Making friends with a prank is only half the fun! Especially how long the goal is! There is a secret password to be able to come to our table to join in the fun (since we don't want the bartender to know about our devious plans). You shall share what your own goals are! We all know that everyone in the world of NerdFitness is to better themselves, but what is your special goal (can either be new one for the new year or one you've had since you joined NF). And not only that, a daily trick shall do to keep the boredom at bay! A daily goal for everyone to hit! To start off this year right, everyone should share something fun for the day! May it be a joke or a painting of sorts to make everyone giggle! Maybe tomorrow you can be the one to make up the goal! Sum up above: Monthly goal: Hit the group goal of drinking enough water (simple enough right?) (Figuring out the amount will be here also) Weekly goal: Share us a long term goal to the group! May it be for the new year or something you've been working toward already. Daily Goal: For today, share something fun/funny (either in writing or pictures). The daily goals will change. Everday! If you're the first one on, and see no new goal give us a simple enough challenge! While also there is points! 1,000 points for everyone who joins us! Because what else would you do if you were under the influence of good ole hydration. Also please note, all this is for fun! If you can't hit a goal, join in the fun of the chat! Since this is a place for a good ole chat, RPing just makes it a bit more fun!
  6. Welcome do Dungeons and Dragons, the Doodlie version. Everyone is welcome to participate By participating you DON'T become a Doodlie, it's just that this game in this form has been invented by the doodlies. A short recap of how we play You start by copying the character sheet and fill it in (see rule book for details on this). After this you put a link to it in your signature, and put the link on the sign in sheet. The name of your character is the same as your name on the forums! This makes it so much easier for the DM's You've got 4 primary abilities. You can level these up infinitive by doing stuff in real life like doing cardio, strength training, meditate or learn stuff. Besides that you've got extra ability's you can choose to your liking, to shape your character. By choosing a specific race or class you gain bonuses for certain abilities, but you're not limited to them. The DM (doodlie master) tells a story. You tell the DM how you wish to react to the circumstances the DM described. He or she will determine, by rolling a dice and comparing the result with the ability that's applicable in that situation, if you're successful or not. For example: You wish to talk to a cute guy in a bar. Since you're a beautiful elf, the DM decides this shouldn't be too hard for you, so she uses a D4 (a dice with 4 sides). (Or the DM decides that this is very hard since you're an ugly ogre and she uses a D100 (a dice with 100 sides)). She looks at your psyche level, say you're level 3. With the D4 you'll succeed by a roll of 2, 3 or 4. (With the D100 by 98, 99 or 100.) The DM rolls the D4 and you get a 3. The cute guy is willing to talk to you. Say you roll a 4, since that is the highest role the cute guy comes to you and tells you everything you wan to know. Or you get a 1, and the cute guy slaps you in the face and leaves. We play from December 5th until December 31st If you want you can post a short introduction in this thread. If you have any questions, let me know. Links Rule book Character Sheet (copy it and fill it out, don't forget to alter the share settings so everyone can see it) Sign in sheet
  7. (( This post is meant to be in Roleplay - something I haven't typed in for ... oh... close to 20 years. I may use phrases and whatnot that are LONG outdated - like the double parentheses - those used to use used to denote a comment from someone's "mun" or "mundane" - the person behind the keyboard, and NOT the character in the story. Lines that start with a * are meant to denote actions, as this was what displayed on the screen when someone used the old /me command in IRC. Want to learn more about me, check out my character. Replies to NOT have to be In Character (IC) and I don't intend to reply to everyone IC either - no pressure, I just wanted to give my creative writing a little dust-off! )) * Lenore enters, a svelt high elf of undetermined age. She has long, light blond hair, and pale skin that seems to glow with life and health and perhaps a hint of magic. She may have green eyes, or are they blue? She wears green leather knee-high boots over simple leggings. An unadorned brown travelling robe completes the ensemble, seemingly too simple for the mystery she holds. * Lenore nods briefly and flashes a friendly smile to the room. She scans for a table and selects an empty one along a wall, where she waits for someone to take her order. "Mead, if you please." * Lenore drinks in silence for a while, contemplating her words. After finishing her drink, she drops a few coins on the table and clears her throat. She stands and addresses the room: "Greetings, patrons. I am looking for supportive friends, adventurous types, perhaps Monks or Druids, but I am not choosey. I am out-of-practice and need to train my body and rejuvenate my mind through Mindfulness or Meditation. I am recently "respawned", whatever that may mean, and am new to the area." * Lenore frowns slightly, "I wish to retire for the night, but please leave a reply with this barkeep, here, and I will seek you out." * Lenore nods to the room again, and moves toward the door, her steps purposeful and perhaps a little too quick. * With a slight pause at the door, Lenore takes a breath and exits. You realize she never removed her travelling robe. (( seeking Accountbilibudies and working through the Level Up Your Life book. I'd like to lose 25lb and become more confident and even-keeled, increase my meditation practice and become more Stoic in my actions ))
  8. And so I find myself wandering The Perilous Lands. What are the Perilous Lands, you ask? Lands. Lands that are Perilous. Long stretch of bleak wasteland that can change from one heartbeat to the next. One second you're wandering a desert and the next you're drowning in mud, then the wyverns show up, and the man-eating pheasant, and all in all it isn't the happiest place to be. So what's a young Ranger to do, eh? There are two options: 1. Keep going even though the waterskin is empty, the swords are all dull, we're out of arrows, the wyverns are circling, and the pheasants...we won't talk about the pheasants. 2. Keep spinning around, pulled one way then the next and at a loss for what to do. ...neither of those options sound like great fun, but at least with option one there's a glimmer of hope for making it out again. Which brings us to the, Perilous Lands Protocols A bad cloud has settled on me since Thursday and despite my efforts to shake free, I can't trust that most of the remaining Challenge days will spent in a Fully Functional Capacity. I'm operating at way less than full steam. Physical pain is persistent and varying from moderate to severe, and emotions are leaping out of nowhere to full-body tackle me with little to no warning. But I can't keep waiting for it to get better, so I'm relying on a plan that's rarely failed me before in order to maintain some level of productivity. Ye Olde Highly Specific List Each day, I'm going to have my Necessary Daily Tasks listed, to-do style, as well as a small number of goals specific to that day and that day alone. At the end, I'll look at the things crossed off and will only mark whether Most Of, A Few Of, None Of, or All Of the tasks were completed. At the end of the Challenge I'll consider the Challenge a Success if most of the time I managed to get everything done. I'm not going to go easy on myself but do recognize the need for some leeway at this point. Re-Starting now, my Day One is July 25th. For the Scoring, I won't bother posting the Necessary Daily Tasks, but only each day's Unique Goals on the score sheet, to minimize clutter.
  9. Howdy Nerds! New to Nerd Fitness. At a pretty low mental and physical point in my life. Been here before, but finding it hard to get energy, motivation, commit to change. You all know the drill. So I've got the usual goals and drives (lose weight, gain strength, gain flexibility, blah blah)... but I'm giving myself a very specific 'vanity' goal - I wanna be able to dress up in the costume of Flemeth as she appears in Dragon Age III. So badass. I'm seeing this as a more realistic goal than to turn into a dragon. Anyway, hello and howdy and I hope to get some help getting started and find some buddies to help with accountability. If you like larping, video games, roleplaying, Dragon Age, The Witcher, and Baldur's Gate, then we'll get on swell. Drop me a line. It'd be nice to have some buddies to keep me coming back to this site and help me keep the habit.
  10. First off a little about me for any newbies to my challenges. I am a 34 year old clinical psychologist from Chicago who used to be a very athletic and very flexible rock climber, dancer, and fencer. Now, I am extremely sedentary and working on losing a significant amount of weight while exploring flexibility and movement as a fat person. I have really struggled to finish challenges and to make changes in my life because of a very stressful job and the pressures of managing both my own mental illness and my wife's. I can't seem to stop trying though, and I find this community tremendously welcoming and supportive. Come along with me while I write about shapeshifters and try to change my life! --,--'--@ Main Quest: reduce my body size by 4% a loss of 15.46 lbs. Goal 1: Whole30. My eating needs a re set in the worst way. In order to get back to eating in a healthy primal manner I will begin by completing a strict whole 30, tracking all the food I eat, and using Melissa Joulwan's amazing meal planning and cook up system, I adore her paleo cookbooks and her general way of handling food. Goal 2: Continue to improve flexibility and strength by integrating in at least one more yoga video from my list of beginner videos that make me nervous. I would like to work up to the Goal 3: In addition to my daily yoga for my back pain, I want to add walking to my program. I am so ridiculously sedentary, and I want to improve my cardiovascular health so that I can do more things. I am starting this off by taking a 10 minute walk every day. I would prefer this to be outside, but it can also be on the elliptical if its bad weather. Lifestyle Goal: I want to be more creative by writing more. I used to love writing and I still do love to imagine things. I just need to let go of the critical voices in my head. I plan to do 4 big story updates and at least 8 smaller updates over the course of the challenge. In addition, I will journal daily about my food journey, and once weekly using ACT.
  11. Chapter 3- Phoenix Ascendant The curse ran rampant and the cleric, intrepid though she might be, fell to hew knees. Her body ached and her heart hurt. She sat there, not ready to bow but feeling so very, very heavy. Her mind reeled- what had she done wrong? What could she possibly do to make things right again? Her fellows, her confidantes, those she cheered on so gloriously had been abandoned in favor of disappearing. Running away when things became too hard; running because she (wrongfully) thought she could never change. "Coward," she spit, speaking words between tears, "you've always been a coward." You are no coward, dear cleric, a voice said, you did not run from them. Your friends, your allies, you did not run from them. "But I did, I ran from them and I turned my back on the gods. I have lost my patron's favor, my might is gone." Your might is not gone, your patrons have not abandoned you. You must try harder to truly lose the favor of the gods. "But I had given such inspiration, such encouragement to have faith in the path, what can I do now?" she sat up, dirt still on her hands and tears on her plain face. When she looked up she saw a bird, something haggard and molting. Something older than time, reaching its end- as all things end. How could she think herself as finding a new beginning when faced with something so haggard? I came because your patrons have faith in you. I came because the gods of our land know you, and know your strength and your worth- "But I no longer-" Shhh, she heard the voice say. The bird flapped its wings, hopping as if trying to fly only to fall again. It tried, but fell again. The cleric's heart sank and she crawled forward. She reached for the bird. She held it close. "Stop trying to fly, you can't," she whispered, her heart aching, "sometime things end and you can not fly. Accept it." The bird thrashed, wriggling itself out of her arms again. She tried to pick it up again but it flapped, it pushed away. "Please," she pleaded, "you'll hurt yourself, it's too long-" It flapped again and let out what the cleric presumed were its death throes. It fell, flapped its wings and struggled to its feet. The bird took to the air ever so precariously; it began to glow a golden warmth before that warmth became sweltering. The gold turned white and suddenly there was a pop, a sound- a sound of pure magic and it erupted into flames. The cleric only watched in awe and confusion and horror as the bird smoldered away into nothingness. Each feather consumed, each squawk consumed by the sound of something indescribable. It fell, all ashes, into a large pile. Nothingness, it seemed. Nothing but smoldering embers and remnants of what it had been. The cleric pulled her hands to her lips. "Why would the gods do such a thing," she asked the voice. Her tears were daring to come again- what was her patron telling her? She could not understand. Quietly, she heard a chirp, a sound like fire and magic. She scrambled forward to the source- the pile of ashes. Suddenly, a smaller, young hatchling hopped forth. Brilliant reds and ambers and golden flame. It took to the air, wings and tail and eyes blazing. Her crowed a victorious sound, invigorated with the sound of youth and vitality. She understood- a phoenix. The cleric had only thought them a myth, but she had witnessed one's rebirth, had witnessed something life-altering. Sometimes, dear cleric, we must fall. We must give ourselves to the fire so we may rise again. ~*~*~*~*~*~* ~~~<-@ ~*~*~*~*~*~ Hello, lovelies! I crashed pretty hard last challenge. It is in the past. It is an ashen, dirty past. A sordid past, one full of debauchery and- okay, I basically just had to do an extreme overhaul of the medications I take, so I was taken out by medical crud. That said, I am back, I am alive. I am a tiny fledgling bird that brings the might of elemental fire and I will rise into glory. Think Conchita Wurst- Rise Like a Phoenix. I'll post a link to the video when I get back home and have time to go do things. I am a little (a lot) late on this challenge, so I'm pulling a freshman here and carefully slipping in the back of the lecture hall and hoping my professors don't notice. Without further ado, I give you my challenges: Fitness Goal - Water World: Go swimming 3x per week I like swimming. I like water. I even bought a new, cute swimsuit that (I hope) looks good on me. I have purposefully avoided poking new and exciting holes in my body until swimming season is over. I will put my lack-of-piercing-having into good use and actually, you know, enjoy water. I don't anticipate doing laps terribly well, but I do like to piddle around in the water and generally stretch out a whole bunch. PASS: A : 3x per week B: 2x per week C: 1x per week FAIL: no swimming. BOOOOOOO! Reward: Armor upgrade: Buy yet another new swimsuit. Let's face it, I am like a dragon hoarding swimwear. I really like it, and I totally have a shopping problem that I'm not yet ready to admit to. Lifestyle Goal - My Spirit Animal is a Camel: drink 64oz water daily I did a challenge similar to this the first time I did this, but it was only 32oz. I did end up judging myself on the 64oz scale though, which is bad form. Even when I succeeded, I didn't succeed. Basically, I figured out a good way to make this work: 32oz at work, 32oz at home. Home bottle stays at home, work bottle stays at work. A: 64oz per day B: 46oz per day C: 32oz per day D: 18oz per day FAIL: no water whatsoever that day Reward: Potion bottles: No, seriously, I'm treating myself to another potion bottle if I do this. I freaking love potion bottles and they make me beyond elated. Lifestyle Goal - Foraging for food: 4 vegetables per day I live of cheese and bread. I basically live like a starving prisoner- I eat bread, I drink water, and I eat cheese. Sometimes, I eat yogurt. Sometimes. Basically, I load up on carbs and act surprised when I feel super bloated. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome- my body does not treat carbs nicely. Basically, if I can start putting some veggies in my body I will be a happy cleric. A: 4 veggies per day B: 3 veggies per day C: 2 veggies per day D: 1 veggie per day FAIL: You didn't try putting vegetables inside of you at all. Shame! Shaaaaaame! Reward: Swim the waters of mnemosyne: Go on a float trip! See if the room mate or the girlfriend want to come, but basically if I pass this challenge I am going to go out and have a freaking blast being out in nature and enjoying the fun of it. Nature is awesome, veggies are awesome, and I kinda want to reward myself with toasted marshmallows on a real fire. Personal Development Goal - Wearing the Woad: Wear makeup 3x per week A lot of people have some problems with makeup. A lot of people have the impression of "I don't have to wear makeup to feel beautiful. Screw society's beauty standards!" Well, I agree with you. You are right. You don't have to wear makeup to look beautiful or feel beautiful. I, however, like wearing makeup. I like wearing makeup because I like painting up my face and putting shimmery, sparklie colors on my eyelids or finding a new lipstick that is an absolutely gorgeous color of finally, finally experimenting with fake eyelashes. I also like faking bruises and making myself look like an old person. In short: makeup is fun for me. In shorter: makeup makes me feel good. I make all sorts of excuses as to why I don't wear makeup to work. I'm not trying to impress anyone. I don't owe anybody anything; I don't need to be held to some ridiculous ideal of women in the workplace while my coworkers just wear polos and khakis and they're considered work appropriate. Nobody is going to see me, so what is the point? The point is this: makeup makes me feel good. Makeup is fun for me. I am actively avoiding doing something that I enjoy, that is fun for me, and I can do every day to set the tone for the day. Usually, I avoid it because I don't want to get out of bed and I only make just enough allowances to put clothes on and go to work. When I look in the mirror, I see a person who is only minorly put together, who got to work/times with friends/dates with minimal effort. It impacts how I sit, how I work, and how I view myself through the lens of other people. I am afraid people see me as lazy or slovenly because that is how I see myself. I project my negative emotions about my appearance on other people. So, enough of that! We are not putting up with that crap any longer. This time, I'm wearing makeup because, gosh darn it, I like it. I spent a lot of money on this stuff (because this dwarf will shell out some cash if it's a good pigment) so I want to put it to good use! PASS: A : 3x per week B: 2x per week C: 1x per week FAIL: Not a single time this week. Not even a little eyeliner left over from last night. Reward: Sidhe's Blessing: Go play at the MAC counter! Get some new shimmer eyeshadow, a new blush, or maybe even see what the fuss is about this lipstick! Get the tools necessary to paint yourself up like you've been summoned to the courts of the fae.
  12. Hey dudes! (and I mean "dudes" in the non-gendered way, encompassing all people across the gender spectrum) You know what I love? Magic. I'm a huge fan of the game Mage the Ascension. It's an old school World of Darkness game that hinges on the idea of reality being subjective and characters gain power by having a seeking. A seeking is where the part of you that allows you to do magic (your avatar) takes you on some quest to prove that you're ready to wield greater power over the universe around you. Your avatar is part of you. You're born with it. Basically, you are proving to yourself that you are ready to go to the next level with your magic. You're that much closer to being capable of, literally, anything. I like the idea that your willpower and drive can help propel you forward. I like the idea that obtaining a self-mastery can help a person control circumstances that seem out of their control. I like magic. Basically, I've started looking at the life quests that we have as ways for our characters to learn magic. Basically, I wanted to post how I'm looking at my life quest line in alignment with my favorite role playing game. 1: You can do magic because your paradigm says you can do magic. Since this is a game, your paradigm gives you the reasons why you are capable of achieving any goal you set forth. Your paradigm is the framework under which you work your mojo. Your achieved goals have to fit within your paradigm. If you achieve a goal that doesn't fit into the framework that you thought you could achieve a goal, then you need to rethink how your personal reality works. As we grow and do more, our paradigms change. 2: Magic is made up of different things. There are nine spheres in MtA and each of them govern a different concept that you work with. The spheres are the tools you use to reach a goal. They're big, overarching concepts and how you control them. Correspondence: distance and spacial stuff Entropy: Fate, chaos, and probability Forces: The elements! Life: Living, breathing, growing things Matter: Physical stuff Mind: Exactly what it sounds like. Prime: This one's hard to translate into work out mechanics, but it's the guts of magic. The literal force there, so it could be considered your internal self mastery Spirit: Otherworldly not-on-this-physical-plane stuff. How that is defined is up to you You use these spheres to do magical effects. There is also more than one way to bake the proverbial potato. EXAMPLE MAGIC: I want to run and finish a 5K race. What are the things I know how to do that will help me run a 5K? Life/Prime: I'm going to use my physical training (Life) and my personal fortitude (Prime) to help me power through a race Correspondence/Mind: I know that 5K is just like walking to the grocery store and back. (Correspondence) If I think of this like walking to the grocery store and back, it won't be as scary(Mind) and I can finish this race. I want to do a presentation for class Entropy/Mind: I've thought about all the possibilities (Entropy) , and I have mentally prepared myself for them. (Mind) Knowing the possibilities makes me feel less scared about this exchange. I practiced my presentation and I feel very calm. Matter: I decided that speaking in front of a crowd wasn't my strongest suit, so I made a video for my classmates to watch. (Matter) This works to my advantage, because I am really good at making digital stuff. Since that fits within the assignment parameters, I can feel much more confident. 3: Learning Spheres Some magical effects can only be done using certain spheres. So, obviously, you are going to need to learn them. Want to master entropy? Try doing something spontaneous. Mind? Try and get in touch with your emotions by journalling. Pick up a crafty hobby if you want to learn matter. Read some self-empowerment books to up your prime or spirit scores. If you want to start a camp fire, you can't do it without forces. So, basically, you never to learn to use the skills you have, but don't be afraid to fill in the gaps. EXAMPLE: I want to grow an organic garden this year How will I learn how to grow an organic garden? Life/Forces/Prime/Matter: I'm super committed to the idea of growing an organic garden (Prime), so I used my knowledge of plants (Life) and the weather patterns in my area (Forces) to choose when to plant my stuff. I also took my time to learn about new and safe alternatives to using pesticide on my plants. (Matter+Life) Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks for reading!
  13. Background Hello! I come here through this post to share with you the Alchemy of Own Body. (not, I'm not crazy, I'm just playing my character) You can change body composition. In fact, unconsciously determine our daily body composition. Our body is the vessel and result of it all. The ingredients are water, food and medicines. In short, everything that is ingested and / or consumed by the owner of the body. The process is the action and rest. Exercise and sleep. And the body is receiving the influence of all of this and shows the result of all this. It is also, obviously, what practices the process. Thus there are three elements to consider: a) Body process c) the ingredients. My greatest difficulty lies in using the right ingredients. But I am determined to give up the ingredients that won´t result what i want. All sugar should be banned. All junk food should be banned. Except some specific supplements, but that in order to help. The excess, even of water, must be avoided. The igredientes should be observed as closely as possible. It's like a magic potion. If u expect a result, you should put the right ingredients. Any variation from the original recipe can mean a damn full, or even the opposite result. MAIN QUEST - TRANSFORM FAT TO MUSCLE I´m with 28% of BF. Want to get to 10%. Someday. Soon. 3 SPECIFIC DIRECTIONS I´m really working on ONE of these 3 (the first one). I´m just listing the other two only to fit the challenge. 1. SELECTING THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS I wanna go paleo. I´m doing it gradually this way: - week 1: 4 days with one cheat meal daily. Two days of full paleo. One hole cheat day. - week 2: 3 days with one cheat meal daily. Three days of full paleo. One hole cheat day. - week 3: 2 days wiht ond cheat meal daily. Four days of full paleo. One hole cheat day. - week 4: 2 days with one cheat meal daily. Four days of full paleo. One hole cheat day. - week 5: 1 day with one cheat meal daily. Five days of full paleo. One hole cheat day. - week 6: full paleo week. Cheers! 2, MIXING IT ALL TOGHETER I´m a gym guy. No problem with this. I´ll be fine lifting weights at least 3 times a week. 3. CLEANSE OF THE VESSEL I´ll do intermitent fasting (16 hours) once a week. Yes, it seams easy. But i think it is achievable and I plan to do gradual progress. MOTIVATION Not gonna lie. I want to look good naked, be self confident, attractive and feel like I´m a real male hunter. Not "that nice chubby guy". Thanks for reading and sorry 'bout the bad english (not my native language).
  14. So I don't know if many people have played Dungeons and Dragons, as it hasn't been very popular for a decade or three. But we deal a lot with our RP character-selves, including levels, stats, and abilities. I was thinking that if anyone here has ever been a decent Dungeon Master if we could get something like this going. Obviously there would be a lot of diversity between the characters and their respective abilities, but I think this could be a lot of fun. This could be done through the forums. There are plenty of websites out there offering similar games via forums, so why couldn't we make our own?
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