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Found 2 results

  1. So I was thinking about a 6 million dollar man thread title but then thought it was a little pretentious so went instead for Bob the Builder He's not as cool as the 6 million dollar man but neither am I. After the previous challenge I definitely need some fixing. I want to run and i want to run longer distances than I ever have before but I am currently at a point where I am walking without a limp for the first time in about 2 1/2 weeks so I need to start from scratch and get myself right this time. 1. Stretch and Roll When I went to the Osteopath last week she asked if I ever stretched. I laughed and said no and she said good I wanted to see if you were going to lie! She told me that I need to do a lot of foam rolling. This isn't even related to the injury I went to see her about but apparently my legs are knotted up enough that she saw great mirth in the idea that I might "keep on running." It was a pretty good reality check so I propose that I stretch/roll for 10 minutes minimum 5 days per week. I need to do some research to establish what to focus on but I was able to find stretches for the ligament in my ankle once I knew what the injury was so general running leg and back stretches should be a piece of cake to source. 2. Just add Veggies I don't hide from vegetables and have been going crazy for brussel sprouts over the past month but tonight I made a vegetarian dish that was amazing (photos to follow). It made me realise that I rely on meat far too much to flesh (snigger) out a meal. So I intend to incorporate at least 1 new vegetarian meal into our diet every week. 3. Early Riser I have challenged myself over several challenges to get to bed earlier. About the best I have done is a 50% success rate so far. I pondered how to do this in a different way and came up with the idea of getting up earlier in the morning. Then I'm not focusing on lights out to just beat the clock I am making my decision to go to bed earlier based on the fact that I am getting up earlier. So the ranking for this will be based on getting out of bed at 6:30 or earlier 5 times per week. 4. Target Weight Loss I have lost a lot of weight over the past 2 years but I have hit a plateau over the past 3 months for reasons that are more mental than physical. Mentally I am in a period of great stability so I want to take advantage of that and try to avoid a lot of emotional eating and a heavy reliance on chocolate to finish my day. By the end of the challenge I want to hit 85.0kg. I am currently around 88kg depending on which part of the week we are in and my goal is somewhere between 80kg and 83kg so this is a good stepping stone to aim for. 5. Train like an Athlete I need to create a program that goes beyond stretching and rolling. I need a focus on strength training and running. I wont allow myself to run for another 2 weeks, at least, so in the interim I want to work on strength for running. Following on from that I want to continue with strength training as well as incorporating a planned and measured schedule for running. I really want to run either the 10km or Half in the Melbourne Marathon in October but I am not sure that I will be ready in time. This task is as much mental as it is physical. I need to acquire patience and wisdom in order to get on track, stay on track and not injure myself again. I will figure out the parameters for the successful completion of this task over the next few days. 5 tasks within a challenge seems like a lot but they are all related to at least one other aspect so I definitely don't think I am spreading myself to thin. Prepare to be foodporned by what I have spent my weekend making
  2. Okay... how the f do you do a pk roll?! I had martial arts class years ago... and the instructors there failed to teach me to roll over my shoulder Basically what happens is that instead of rolling... I sorta flop down on my side... Comes down to... I just hurt my right shoulder and right hip. http://learnmoreparkour.com/parkour-training-day-1-458391/ Any of those options... non work. With one knee up I can't get into a roll at all. I'm probably too scared... but I just can't figure out how to get this down. Anyone any tips??? Any exercises or whatever that I can do to work up to it... or anything?! I feel like such a failure for not even being able to do something so basic.
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