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  1. Jumping straight into this so I don't lose all the good progress I made with my respawn last challenge. I feel like the warriors are a good fit for me at the moment as I play a full contact sport and am lifting once more. No other class is really ringing my bell right now Respawn Recap: TL;DR - I play roller derby, weight train as cross training, have some anxiety/depression Motivation issues, and really like food. New office job clashing with old brain habits. Previous Challenge Recap; This challenge I will just be following on from the last, working on some 6-month goals and making some new ones. 6-month goals: My goals this challenge are divided into pre-18th of August and post-18th of August as we have a derby bout on that night. Once it's over I don't have as many big derby things coming up, and I can focus more on other things. Like lifting, and jam skating. 1. WEIGHTLIFTING (Aim: get swole. Beat Bunbury. Squat an actual human. do a real pull up.) 2X week. 0 week will be the virtual comp. I'll smash that out probably tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday. After that I'll be sticking with 5x5 because it's working for me and I don't have to think hard to do it. Pre-18th of Aug -- lift a little lighter and do some Sumo squats and Deadlifts to work on my inner thigh strength. Better inner thighs - better derby plow stops. Post-18 of Aug -- 5x5 as usual. Bonus: Try out Simple & Sinister 1xweek. I am intrigued. This may happen, may not. Definitely not before 18th Aug. what? why? I have found the best success with lifting weights for my self-confidence and general fitness levels, especially relating to hitting and being hit on roller skates. 2. SKATING (Aim: be fancy. Beat bunbury. chain some dance moves together) 2x week. Pre-18th of Aug -- backwards skating footwork practice. Backwards crossovers, lateral movement on toestops, smarty-pants footwork, d-cuts, backwards plows. Post-18 of Aug -- Jam skating. 1 new move weekly. why? I can't always make training due to my whack work schedule so getting more time on skates helps me think less about my feet when trying to do the strategy thing playing a derby game. 3. FOOD (AIm: drop body fat. Feel physically better by not eating crap) 5/7 days compliance. (1x total cheat day, one day's leeway in case of fuck-ups.) a. Slow Carb food (no white carbs, sugar, dairy or fruit) b. Eat mindfully during meals (no playing on phones, computers, etc. Bonus points for finishing after partner!) what? why? I am a guts. eating mindlessly no doubt hinders my attempts at shedding some fat and if I slow down and eat then I should feel fuller and eat less. And my partner mocks me for it xD Dairy makes me a bit ill so cutting that out has had to happen sooner rather then later. I just overindulge in carbs and don't feel full so eating less should help. Fruit and sugar are just a follow-on from last challenge's low-sugar quest. I read Tim Ferriss' 4 hour body and like the idea of doing less for maximal results. Good thing I like beans and eggs. 4. SCHEDULE-FU (Aim: Be a functional human being despite mental health problems. Thanks for the quest-name inspiration Juni0r83!) Schedule your week in advance. Also called time-blocking.1x a week spend some time looking at work roster and work around it. Schedule these things weekly: 3x15 minutes of decluttering 2x loads of laundry, washed dried & put away 1x load of dishes 2x Gym Days 1x food shopping day 1x food prep day 2x jam skating days 1x side hustle / marketable skills practice Schedule these things in to be done at some point in the next month: Get yo' boobies checked (Who has two thumbs and is at high risk for breast cancer?) Book car service (my handbrake went twang the other day. I would be more worried if it had been working beforehand! Also my suspension is shocking and my brakes need some love.) Fix your full iCloud problem Bathe the dog and trim her fur and claws. Chiro appointment The points are scored for actually scheduling this stuff. Do it or don't. Whatevs. What? why? I have a nasty habit of putting crap off when my mood gets low. if I can make more things ingrained habits I will do them even when depressed.
  2. Hi, my name is Stoney and I’m a serial quitter and shiny-thing chaser. This is my umpteenth respawn here in the forums but fuck it, why not try again? I play roller derby* for my local team in a southern western Australian country town and while that’s been great for my general physical and mental health, I’ve hit a bit of a plateau. And I’m a total perfectionist so I always want to be the best at everything I do. Yay self improvement! That does mean however that I get unmotivated much too quickly and get distracted trying the Cool New Thing™️ that I think is going to help me reach my goals. Nerd Fitness has proven itself to me many times over to be a great place to sort my shit out and get back on track with the things I want to improve on so here I am! *jazz hands* I also fucking love food. That is a problem that is clashing with my new office job. So I’m back. Wheely shoes on and weight plates loaded. I’m gonna be skating and lifting and tracking some food and trying not to blow all my money on Cool New Things™️ - and I would really appreciate the support of this amazing forum. I have some goals planned for the next 6 months so once I get it typed up expect a contribution to the next 4-week challenge. *full contact sport on roller skates, bit like rugby on skates with a human as the ball
  3. Right now, this is mostly just a placeholder while I collect my thoughts. First thought is that I'm only doing 3 weeks this challenge. There is going to be WAY too much crazy the week before Christmas to try to keep up with stuff. Second thought is whatever I do will need to be pretty simple. Primary goal is going to be hitting my macros. We've got our toughest game of the season so far coming up, and we want to win! Which means I need my diet, and exercise, to be on point. But somehow I need to not let the rest of my life fall apart as well. Back later with details. But Crush is going down! Edit: Adding goals Food: Hit your macro goals. 25% carbs, 35% protein, 40% fat. Somewhere in the vicinity of 2000 calories. Follow the meal plan. Exercise: Do something every day, even if it's only 15 minutes of yoga. Something is better than nothing, but lifting and running are the best. Awesomeness is lifting twice a week (weeks 1 and 2 only - week 3 is bout week, and building the track and all the practices will be more than enough) and going running at least once. I'm not going to bother with points or anything this time around. Just going to post periodic updates of how it's going.
  4. tl;dr - I play roller derby, we had an awards night last night, I won two awards for being part of the league. #validation So last night my roller derby league had our first end of year dinner / awards night. Historically I was never the sporty type until starting derby and so I wasn't going in to dinner expecting much. The only sporting award I ever got was 2 participation awards for tee-ball when I was like, 6, or 8, or something. only like, 20 years ago. But I've really found a love for roller derby and the people I've met doing it. I've also never felt much drive to be an active member of the community or to be part of a team or anything like that. True Neutral Introvert. Yeahhh. BUT! Last night I was given an award for being the best Act-Belong-Commit volunteer person in the league (I am the fundraising organiser but still) AND I won the award for Comeback Kid 2017 - the award for the best comeback from injury. There were only two contenders - me and another girl - but I'm really touched that my league-mates voted for me. I fully intend not to win that award next year though. No more broken limbs for me. (I broke my ankle in two places and got back on the team within 4 months so that's pretty cool.) And despite all my end of year angst and lack of self confidence people believed in me. And when my teammates believe in me I believe in me more. I was having real mental struggles for the last few months of our season and being validated by my teammates reminds me why I put so much of myself into the sport and has given me some fuel to come back awesome next year. Go Sports!
  5. Hullo. Me again. Doesn't matter if you don't know who I am. I've been back and forth on the Rebellion forums for years and it has always done me good to keep my life in balance. I haven't been around for a while because life's been crazy and I found myself "accidentally" ignoring the forums and my challenge goals. Other things to do. But now I feel like I need the structure of the challenges again to reboot the end of my year and stop this little funk I've been in for the last month or so. Stuff about me in general: I live in Australia. I identify as female. Roller derby is my team sport of choice. My fitness journey has so far gone like this: Yoga --> BW --> NF --> more BW --> Roller derby --> gym --> Lifting --> Roller derby --> broken ankle --> sedentary --> rehab --> skatey --> gym rehab --> moar derby --> meltdown --> little to no cross-training --> now. I'm at work and my brain is starting to turn to jello. Long Story: TL;DR Life. Madness. Had some panic attacks, been in a funk. Haven't been cross-training or eating like I should. Also decided I should really address my self-esteem issues. Gonna do it. Get better. Be awesome. Kick ass. etc. Long Term Goals (very vague I know) Food prep every week, eat less snacks, fuel body for athleticism Cross-train in equal amounts to derby practice. Win an MVP award in a derby game next year Be able to clean my house without getting all angsty about it Stop being so mean to myself. Challenge Goals! This challenge is all about the hinge habits. Small habits I need to work on so that they can lead to bigger and better things. Like fitness, and a clean house. My motivator is monetary this time around. It's not very druid-y to be motivated by money I know - but heck, the warm fuzzy feeling of a clean house isn't doing it for me so I've gotta try something. My challenge will be scored in $1's. Every time I achieve something, $1 is added to my score. At the end of the challenge I'm going to use the total I've earned to buy something nice for the new house I've moved into. 1. Stop Pity Eating. Replace bought snacks and soft drinks with alternatives. Chocolate. There is always a fundraising box of chocolate bars at work which I have been snacking on WAY too often. it's time to stop that. They aren't even as good as I think they're gonna be. Instead I can bring a snack to entertain myself while at work. $1 for every time I go to buy a chocolate bar but have an alternative, or resist. I have to consciously think about buying the chocolate and reason myself out of it though. No just counting the amount of times I walk past the box. Soft Drinks. Not gonna lie, my partner and I played the McDonalds monopoly game hard. I know fast food is bad for me, so that's why I usually eat much less of it. But to begin with I'm going to work on cutting out the sugary soft drink part of it. $1 every time I have the chance to buy a soft drink and choose an alternative. Like water. Or tea. 2. Just do some damn exercise. I know I should cross-train. It makes me a better derby player. I've just lost the motivation. And now that I've moved house I don't drive directly past any gyms so I can't even guilt trip myself into stopping by on the way home from work like I used to. So I'm going to start with the basics. Push ups and single leg squats on alternating days, with one run on the weekend. Following the 50 pull ups system for the bodyweight exercises so I do the form and work my way up. And following the C25K system for the run so I can work on my cardio endurance from the ground up again. $2 earned for every push up I can do at the end of the challenge. $2 earned for every controlled negative pistol squat I can do at the end of the challenge - that's just the going down part. Asking myself to do a full pistol in a month is probably asking a bit much. We'll see. $5 for every km I can run non-stop at the end of the challenge. Bigger bribes here because I really, really, really want to get better at roller derby. 3. Keep the house sparkly. We bought a house. It's brand new. An ex-display home. No one has ever lived in it. You know those cartoons where they clean a room and the whole thing literally sparkles? that's what it's like. It's absolutely beautiful. And I want to keep it that way. Working sort of off the Flylady system of house cleaning, I'm going to focus on keeping one area of the house spotless every week. Week 1: Master Bedroom/bathroom/walk-in robe Week 2: Living space and dining room Week 3: Entrance and outdoors Week 4: Kitchen $1 for every day I clean something in the right zone. Maybe bonus points for doing extra. I dunno yet. $1 for every box of stuff I unpack during the challenge. Right now I feel like I'm camping in someone else's house. 4. Brain Train. Toot toot. That's the sound of me tooting my own horn. Read those Sport Psychology books you fucking downloaded for fucks sake. After my meltdown one of my teammates suggested a sports spychologist* psychologist might be able to help me work on my lack of self esteem. And being that I live in a small country town, there is no sport psychologist. So I googled it. Found some books. Downloaded some books. Read one and it really resonated with me so I started another one. But I've stopped reading them lately. No time? that's a bad excuse I know. Books to work through: The Brave Athlete: Calm the Fuck Down and Rise to the Occasion (currently half way through) - by Simon Marshall & Lesley Paterson The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck - by Mark Manson. Read the sample and sounded real good. Unf*ck yourself: Get out of your head and into your life (re-read) - by Gary Johnn Bishop. If I finish the others I would like to read this one again. I'm sensing a theme. $1 for every night you spend some time reading about your brain. *it's late. my typos are getting bad but that was too funny to delete. what do you think a spychologist does? Like I said. total $$$ scored is how much I get to spend on house stuff. There;s already a list of things I want and will probably buy but if I see something I just want just 'cos, that will be my goal. I like to track my challenges on a spreadsheet so I can see how many days I've skipped. Also excel does the math for me. yay.
  6. It's been a long time... Too much has happened in the last...18 months to even try to condense it all. To sum it up; put on 10kg, became sedentary, have a very stressful job. Time to fix things! Quest One: Lose weight - My final goal is to get to 60kg. I'm currently at 72.4kg having lost 2kg since rejoining this site - Whole30 Weekly shopping lists & meal plans - I want to make Wednesday a shopping day and food prep day because it's my day off Practice a Whole30 diet 5 out of 7 days, to keep it sustainable longer term Quest Two: Make time for me - I often feel switched on at all times, like I don't have any down time, I need to make more time for me! - Cycle to my parents Linking in to weight loss too, I'm a big cyclist; mountain biking and road cycling! It takes me 30 minutes to cycle to my parents, I should do it more often, and give myself an hour to just be mindful Quest Three: Remove work stress - I'm a pharmacist, with my own branch. I have a manager, but I feel lately our roles overlapping, it's too much for me right now. - Stop getting involved in patient conversations unless asked! - Learn to delegate - Stop answering the phone! I feel like my quests overlap a lot, the cycling will not only help me take time for myself but it will help with my fitness too! I'm going to keep cycling in general, plus going to the gym at least once a week, but they don't make up part of my main goals for these four weeks
  7. I have been MIA from here for around 18 months! The last time I took part in a challenge I had just become a pharmacist, so I was working 60 hours/week, plus trying to plan my wedding, my dad was having health scare after health scare and I'd just moved house. Since then my job has settled down, I'm comfortable at home and everything is okay with my family. I've also put on 10kg since my wedding. I'm ready to re-boot, and be accountable. I've been a part of Noom coaching for around 8 weeks now, so I'm half way through, I've also got a new gym buddy (though she's working at Glastonbury festival right now), and I'm rediscovering whole30 Going shopping tomorrow using my Whole30 list, then I'm going to post my meal plan for the week here! Also going to post about workouts I get in, and weekly weigh ins If I can keep up with this, then I might have a go at the next challenge after my holiday in July
  8. Edit: now with theme! Last challenge went ok. Still got room for improvement, but, as always, I identified some changes I can make to help me succeed. I am still super tired from the weekend travel, so I'm really not in a creative mood right now, and thus will be adding my fancy theme later. I had an awesome trip, though. My league came in 4th in the adults and 3rd in the juniors! Given our lack of practice space AND not having a track available to practice on, I think we did really well! Watching the teams that came in first and second, I could see that we have the raw materials to do that, just not the ability to execute on it right now. Once we have our track back, I think we'll be right up there with them. Anyone got an empty warehouse in the Seattle area? Building on last challenge... Elennare prepares for battle! Or, the one where I become a roller girl for realz! Like the awesome Wrath and Demi, pictured above. I have a bout on June 17th. My very first bout, in fact. Sure, I've scrimmaged before, but not on the banked track. And, it's always different when you're playing for real. So, my theme this challenge, such as it is, is going to be roller derby! Mostly getting inspiration from the awesome ladies I skate with. And yes, these are all pictures of my league. Some of them are kind of old, but they are awesome pictures, so whatever. On to my goals! Sleep! I needs it. Sleeping on the track is unacceptable, right Wolfie? Doing better, but still got work to do. In bed by 9:30 on non-derby nights, as soon as possible on derby nights. Practice! So I can be super awesome like our junior skaters, the Peeps. Seriously. Do not underestimate junior derby girls. They are tiny, but they will mess you up. The bout where we lost, and took 3rd in the tournament was the best bout of the whole weekend. Better than the adults, in fact! This went really well last challenge. Going to up my goal to 7 practices over the course of the challenge. This number might change in June, because I think there are extra practices scheduled before the bout so we can get on the track before the game, but I haven't seen them posted yet. I should probably check the calendar... The idea is a goal of one less practice than is offered over the challenge period. Edit: I checked the calendar. I have 12 possible practices/scrimmages/bouts over the course of the challenge, assuming I don't get invited to any team practices. So, the goal is 11! Workout! I need to step up my fitness game. That was one of the big things I learned from watching Battle on the Bank. Also, some of the falls that happen on the bank are a bit gnarlier than the flat. For example: (she's not jumping, she's falling. Probably because Cattie knocked her out of the way.) I need to improve my flexibility to help not get hurt when I fall (not if, it will happen, and probably lots because I am not used to the track). Goals: lift weights at least once a week, go running at least once a week, work on flexibility. Might be yoga, but I'm also seriously considering picking up Focused Flexibility from GMB. Anyone have any experience with that program? Move! Hey look, I'm in this one! Smack is about to pass me, because she moves more than I do. The work exercise challenge is still going on. It ends on June 25th, so just a couple days longer than the NF challenge. Goal: maintain 13k+/day steps average. This includes exercise converted to steps. Trying to get 9k/day from walking turned out to be a bit much, but I think I can hit 8k. That is a bonus goal, though. As long as I maintain the average, I'm on track (it's currently a tad over 16k. I've been slacking a bit. ) Handy dandy progress tracker: Sleep! 0/28 days to bed on time Practice! 0/11 practices attended Workout! 0/4 weeks goal met Move! 0/4 weeks 13k+ average maintained
  9. [posting from my phone so forgive my typos & grammar] Life story; CURRENT GOALS 1. Get out of bed when your body wakes up. When I'm on work time I generally need to be out of bed by 6am to have enough time to cruise through my morning routine, but I've often woken up earlier then my alarm and tried to sleep more and made myself feel worse when I do finally get up. I'm going to make a point of hauling ass out of bed when I wake up if it's within a few hours or so of my alarm going off. 2. No screens in the morning before work. This is well-known to be counter-productive. I try to lose myself in social media or pinterest to avoid thinking/getting anxious about going to work and then I feel like shit physically and mentally. I can do anything else with this time; read, write, draw, crochet, exercise, etc... I'm constantly feeling guilty for not spending time on any of my many hobbies and the morning time is supposed to be great for productivity. As a well-known night owl, we shall see. 3. Track food; Stay within +-500cals of 2000calorie target and aim for 100g of protein. I've neglected my food tracking because I was stuck on the couch for 3 months and feeling sorry for myself. And the last two weeks I've been on holidays; no one needs that sort of stress on holidays. For those interested in how I decided on 2000cals; 4. Burpees in the morning. I have not historically loved burpees. But they work literally everything. And if I can get through burpees before doing anything else I can tackle anything else that the day throws me. Thats the plan. And I need to work on cardio and strength for derby. I still have my gym membership so I still plan to use it, but I need a baseline of exercise to focus on. I am late to this one but better that then not starting at all. I plan on starting this on Tuesday the 6th because I won't be home until then. *hi fives self* Go team!
  10. Edit: Added theme coolness Last challenge went ok. Not super well, but not terrible, especially when you consider how much of it either I or someone in my family was sick for. It did point out to me how much I need to work on improving my sleep, though! Which brings me to this challenge : I'm a Space Marine! I moved from Aspirant to Neophyte in February, and very soon (most likely in the middle of May), I will get promoted to full Battle Brother. Assuming I can impress the Sergeants enough, that is (there's 4 of them thinking about taking me for their squads). If I'm going to impress anyone, though, I've got to make sure I keep up my training. So. On to my challenge goals! Goal the first: A space marine can go for two weeks without sleeping, but we also know we need to take good care of ourselves when we're not out on a mission. If I want to do well at the trials, I need to make sure I'm well rested. So, I will get to bed by 9:30 every night I don't have derby. Get to bed ASAP every derby night. Goal the second: Train for battle. I have an evaluation of my progress soon, and a real mission shortly thereafter. After that brush with the Nurgle cultists, I really need to spend more time training. Get to practice! 6 practices/scrimmages over the course of the challenge. Also, keep working with the trainer. 4 workouts over the course of the challenge. Goal the third: The endurance of a space marine is legendary. Mine...is not. This is unacceptable. Get a minimum of 13k steps /steps equivalent exercise per day. Aim to have at least 9k of that be from walking/running, and try to go run intervals twice a week. Bonus for meeting this goal through the end of June: $100 gift card (thanks employer!). (To explain in real-world words what I've got going on, last February I passed evals for my roller derby league to become eligible to be drafted onto one of our home teams (we have 4). They decided to hold off on the draft until after the next evals. Which are on May 14th. On June 17th, we are starting our season, and I will be skating in my first real bout. I am equal parts excited and terrified. Also, my place of employment does a yearly exercise challenge that runs for 2 months, which will be starting on May 1. We can win gift cards if we meet the goal. There are 3 levels, and I want to get the top one.) Handy dandy progress tracker: To bed on time: 0/28 Practices: 0/6 Trainer Workouts: 0/4 Step goal met: 0/28 Times gone running: 0 Also, I highly doubt I need to say this here, so apologies in advance if it seems rude (and in that case, it's almost certainly not directed at you), but I've run into too many ass-hats, both in person and on-line to risk not saying it. If you have an issue with the idea of female space marines, I don't want to hear about it. I'm not going to discuss it, period. Go somewhere else.
  11. Rolling Stoney changes her shape This challenge is all about change for me. 2017 was going to be a big year, but it happened in a way I didn't quite expect. My plan was to cross-train hard, eat well, do the derby, work hard, buy a house... but literally none of those things happened. I broke my ankle. Derby, cross training, working, and being able to cook my own food all went out the window. My partner got made redundant so our house loan got canned. And my boss is selling her cafe so I may not even have a job in a few months. But as of last month I can walk without a limp again and I'm so close to getting back to derby training that I can at least throw most of my focus that way and still feel like I am moving forwards in life. My long term goals look like this; Walk again sans limp. completed 23/3 Be cleared to skate again. (planned 19/4) Skate a whole 3hr training session. (planned early May) Re-Pass my Minimum Skills. (planned June) Play a full Roller Derby Bout. (planned August) Find a new job. My goals this challenge are focussed on adapting to the change that I'm currently experiencing in many parts of life while still trying to complete my current long-term goals. I need to prepare my physical form for my triumphant return to roller derby by cross-training what I can and eating well to fuel said training increase. So going to the gym is a thing. Between working and training I burn energy like a wildfire so I need to prep food accordingly so I don't eat like shit at work when I can't be fucked getting something rounded and healthy. I need to prepare my resume and a portfolio for if or when my job goes kaput so I am ready to attempt to jump into a new job. As a teenager and an adult I've always been a design oriented person and I loved jewellery design. There are two in-house jewellery studios in town that I aim to approach for training and hopefully a job, but I can't do that without a portfolio. And finally I need to keep myself accountable and organised so I'm trying out this whole bullet journal thingo. It's working good, even if mine aren't pretty like the ones on instagram. Change of Body Gym 3x week. (Lower body, Upper body, Core, Cardio & Yoga) I had great plans at the start of the year to continue the cross-training I had been doing in my derby off-season, but that plan got de-railed after I broke my ankle. After 3 months of being immobile I have to start back at the start, but that's okay. I have a gym membership and a plan. I had to split my workouts into upper, lower and core because I was spending too long at once at the gym and it made me reluctant to go more then once a week. My lower body workout it pretty short right now because of my limited ankle strength and mobility, but I need the habit to be there. Yoga can be done at home. Change of Job Work on jewellery/design portfolio, post daily My job is on tenterhooks right now. Potentially my boss may sell her business and the new owners may or may not keep me on. With that and my partner's recent redundancy I have found myself needing a change. After having 3 months off work I realise that hospitality is no longer what I want to do. I cannot do the work for so little thanks anymore. Back in school I was really passionate with design and specifically designing and making jewellery. I don't know what it was about melting bits of metal together but I loved it. There are no jobs available right now but I plan on getting together a portfolio of sorts and approaching the two local studios in town and seeing about a job. I figure I can't do that without some substance so I'm going to use this month to work on some designs. I will post the designs as evidence. If I happen to not want to draw jewellery specifically I can draw anything else and it still counts. Change of Food Meal prep 1x weekly Meal prepping healthy meals was another thing I was getting really good at before I broke my ankle, and sticking to the food I planned to eat was also working really well for my energy levels. When I broke I wasn't totally in control of what I could eat and as I didn't have to leave the house I just ate what I could carry with one hand. Going back to exercising and work means I need all the energy I can get and I can't keep grazing on whatever I can find at work because it inevitably ends up being cake or pancakes or just coffee. It makes me sluggish and bloated and I am perfectly capable of prepping food to take with me. Change of Habit Bullet Journal Daily I'm testing out the whole bullet journal thing, and I think so far it's working for me. While I do tend to drool over the beautiful instagram ones, I don't have the handwriting or the patience or the funds to pay for all the beautiful stickers and many pens to make it beautiful. Thankfully it's also a functional thing so I'm going with that. I'll work on my penmanship later. I need to update my journal every day and use it for anything I can think of. Adding in to-do jobs, writing down my gym sessions, planning meal prep... So far it's working really well for everything and I want to continue feeling organised. It's something I've struggled with my whole life.
  12. Hey. I started with the Academy last fall, and was doing really well with both it and posting here. I tested into level 2, worked on that for a couple months and then beat the boss on the first try. I was excited to start level 3, right up until I saw that pull-ups are a huge part of that level, and the ones above it. I rent, and I simply do not trust the door frames in my apartment to hold my weight without cracking. My gym didn't have any sort of pull-up area either. I hit the wall and just let it knock me out. In the past month, I've paid off my car and gotten a promotion. With the new budget space, I can afford a more equipped gym. I signed up for a place that I drive past on my way to and from work. They've got a pool, and a stupidly huge general workout area. There are free classes, which is also a plus. All that should help me get back on the gym horse. My diet had only made moderate progress in the fall, but I started intentionally eating my feelings a couple months ago to deal with some real life stress. My FIL decided, with much encouragement from my SIL, to move from his house in Florida to an apartment in an assisted living facility in Milwaukee. April was consumed with logistics and support for my SIL, who did almost all the emotional and physical heavy lifting. Last week, my spouse and I flew to Florida and then drove FIL up to Milwaukee. It sucked, but thankfully not as much as I was fearing. Now we have a new responsibility to him (visits, grocery trips, etc.), but the worst is past. With real life going back to normal amounts of stress, I'm going to work on getting my diet back to where it was a few months ago. My goals there are simple - eat more veggies and fruit, ease off on the snacking and fast food. This week will be working out numbers and stuff, and then starting a challenge to cover me through June. It's intimidating, but I know it's all doable. Even in the midst of backsliding, I hit one of my big goals. I skated my first OPR doubleheader as a roller derby ref in April, and have done two more since. Now I'd like to work on being able to JR, which requires much more burst speed and a very different sort of endurance. I got this.
  13. Woo, new challenge. Last challenge I needed something to focus on to keep myself from falling into a slump while waiting for my non-weight-bearing period for my broken ankle to end. It did, and I am now cleared to weight bear as tolerated. I am not yet cleared to drive so I'm still house bound, but I have a physio appointment this Thursday so depending on what they say I may alter my goals slightly. My long-term goals currently stand like this; Walk without moon boot, crutches or limp. Be cleared to drive again. Be cleared to skate again. Re-Pass my Minimum Skills Test. Play a whole derby bout. My quests for this challenge focus mostly on the first three goals - being able to walk, and then drive my car and eventually skate again all rely on me strengthening and stretching my weakened right ankle. Passing my MST and playing derby will come in a few months when I can skate again without fear of re-injuring myself. QUEST 1 - CLEARED FOR SKATING Part 1 - CARDIO. 3x a week; Planned for M/W/F I need to keep this up because otherwise I will die when I get back on skates. I will be using the stationary exercise bike I own and doing intervals on that as it is currently the only form of cardio I can do that is low-impact and also good for my ankle. I have started with 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off and I will increase the intervals weekly. I want to work up to cycling for 2 minutes with a 30 second break because that is the longest one derby jam can go for. If my breathing can keep up that long I can survive most derby stuff. Week 1: 45/15, Week 2: 60/20, Week 3: 75/30, Week 4: 90/30 Part 2 - REHAB. Daily. Once my physio tells me what to do I will be doing that. I also have some derby ankle strengthening exercises I can do as well if I feel like it. If I have to take a rest day and just stretch and ice my ankle, then that will count. Rest is rehab too. Physio has prescribed theraband exercises (working on all the different ranges of motion my foot struggles with) and one-leg balancing. I need to do it at least once a day, but three times is optimal. Part 3 - WALK IT OFF. Daily. For this quest I am just wearing my pedometer everywhere and logging the steps. I will aim to increase my steps weekly by a small amount. Being able to walk again is crucial to my returning to work and me feeling like an able bodied human again. QUEST 2 - MIND YOUR HEAD Part 1 - MEDITATE. Daily. I find myself often trying to burn up any free time I have with being on social media, especially before bed in the evenings and before getting up in the morning. I plan to stop that and focus on nothing but my breathing either in the morning or the evening. Just for a minute or two. In the morning I can set positive intentions for the day and in the evening I can look back over anything I was grateful for and things I did well. QUEST 3 - TALK ABOUT IT Part 1 - WRITE. Daily. I have a sci-fi story that I am working on that I'd love to get more of done, and I can also journal about my day or something I need to vent about if I don't feel like writing sci fi. I aim to do this directly after meditating in the morning or just before bed in the evening. I will log the word count and try and increase it weekly.
  14. 44 days ago today I broke my right ankle in two places while skating backwards up a slight incline at the skatepark with a friend. After an ambulance ride, a constant stream of drugs, surgery to attach 8 screws and a plate to my ankle breaks, and 6 weeks of no-weight-bearing house-arrest thumb-twiddling mind-numbing boredom, I got the A-Okay from my surgeon today to start weight-bearing as much as I can handle. This means I either have to walk in my moon boot or with crutches assisting my step. It's a small step back in the direction of being a completely independent and able-bodied human being; two things I took completely for granted before the break. I miss roller derby. I miss driving. I miss working (never thought I'd say that!) And I miss going to the gym. Today I got a teeny weeny bit closer to getting all of those things back! Yay!
  15. After a year-long hiatus from the Rebellion, I've made it back here to start my fitness journey all over again. Not by choice. The long version of the hows and why's are here if you feel like a read. The short version; Aussie Roller Derby player / hospitality professional. Broke an ankle, am now housebound. Gone from SuperActive to CouchSurfer. Non-weight bearing for another month on my right leg. Then have to learn to walk and skate and play and work all over again. Without my usual routine I've lost everything that defines me and I want it back. Starting from the beginning because if I have to sit on the couch like a sloth for another month I'm gonna lose it. Long Term Goals; Walk again sans limp. completed 23/3 Be cleared to skate again. completed 19/4 Skate a whole training session. Again, preferably without too much pain. Re-Pass my Minimum Skills. All of the skills a roller derby player needs in one simple test. Play a full Roller Derby Bout. I'm aiming for September for this to become a reality. The long weekend in September is the state tournament for all the teams and I wanna play. I feel this also gives me more then ample recovery time to rehab my broken ankle and be able to skate safely on it without fear of re-injuring it or anyone else. Find a new job that I am excited for. Not hospitality. If further study is a thing then so be it. Not hospitality. Can't do it anymore. Feb 2017 Goals. Mar 2017 Goals Apr 2017 Goals Gym 3x Daily Meal Prep 1x Weekly Design Daily Journal Daily
  16. Hi Rangers! I'm Elennare. I've been on Nerd Fitness for a while now, and have spent that time with the Assassins. I had a hard time picking between there and the Rangers when I joined, but at the time the Rangers seemed to be focused a lot on running, which I was not into, so I went with Assassins. I think my real class is Waywatcher, which in my head at least is a hybrid class between the two. And now my training has most definitely shifted more to the Ranger side of things, so I'm going to come play with you for a bit. What I want to do: I play roller derby. My season is coming up soonish. Slightly less soon than originally thought, as our "fun" bout in May got cancelled, but we start in about 4 months. I am currently eligible to get drafted to a team, and that will hopefully happen prior to the season starting (the next draft is most likely in May). I need to get in better shape before the season starts, and that will also help my chances of getting drafted. I would also love to reduce my body fat %, but I've decided to focus more on improving my sport performance for now. How I'm going to do it: Roller Derby: Attend at least 6 practices and/or scrimmages over the course of the challenge. They can be any combination of league practices, league scrimmages, team practices, and PFM (Potential Fresh Meat - a non-competitive derby club) practices. Weight Lifting: One session of weight lifting and/or other conditioning exercises with my trainer per week. Diet: Track what you eat. Bonus points for staying mostly paleo or for recording calories. Bonus goals: Run or do yoga on non-practice or weight lifting days. These will probably become "normal" goals next challenge, depending on how this one goes.
  17. --- Strength, flexibility, functionality. Assassins want it all. The only tool needed is you. --- It is the year 2217. Cybernetic technology has reached the public domain. Government and terrorists alike are scrabbling to buy up and use any and all technology in the fights against each other and to control and scare the general public into submission. The general public are sick of having their lives thrown around between the higher authorities and have taken matters into their own hands; creating private armies and training to fight for the underdogs and people unable to fight for themselves. Friends of mine were part of these armies but I had no intent on joining. Not until we were walking down the street one day and attacked out of the shadows. My friend and her superior fighting skills was fine but I was hurt. I woke up 6 days later to find they had upgraded my badly damaged right leg with the very same cybernetic equipment that had started this war in the first place. I would be back stronger then ever they said... Once the technology was fully fused with my human body. It would take weeks before I was ready. Once I was, I would be working for the very same Private Military as my friend. They were the ones who paid the cost of the still-rather-expensive technology now holding my shattered ankle together... And I would be working to pay that debt off. Cyborg Assassin Wannabe Step 1. Hand-to-hand combat training. While I'm waiting for my new leg to heal I gotta get up to speed with my basic training skills. QUEST 1: Bodyweights Erry Day. After surgery with 8 screws and a plate added into my leg, I am 4 weeks into 6 weeks of no weight bearing, and started doing some basic fitness on the 1st of February. If I can't use my legs I might as well catch up my upper body and core strength up a little bit. All strength will be helpful upon my glorious return to fighting the government roller derby. Do +1 push up, tricep dip, clamshell every day. Do +5 seconds of Superman hold and V-Up hold every day. Step 2. Stay Limber Simple enough. Assassins gotta be ready for anything. Having cold muscles is the best way to get beaten in combat. QUEST 2: Warmup before each exercise session. Do a dynamic full-body warmup before doing exercise. I'll be using the one we do at training before skating. It moves the whole body and is great. Bonus points for doing it more then once, during the day, between technology sessions. Step 3. Know Thy Enemy If I'm going back into battle I have to know what I'm up against. Knowledge is power? QUEST 3: Be one with the Derby I also don't want to lose touch with my teammates and the sport I love so my next goal is to watch a few games of roller derby on the internet every week, taking notes if I like, to see how the pros play the game and what I can incorporate into my practice when I do finally get back. I will also try to go to training despite being unable to skate, because I can help the others and observe any new stuff they might learn. Bonus points for taking notes while watching games / watching training. Watch 2 games of Roller Derby weekly. (Preferably on Monday & Thursday, before training) Bonus points for taking notes at any time, or watching extra games. Step 4. Be ready at all times. Assassins always have to be ready to jump up and go somewhere, just in case. QUEST 4: Be a responsible technology user Most of my couch-surfing activities will inevitably involve the TV, Xbox or my computer, so if I'm going to be staring at screens for the next 3 weeks I need to do so in a responsible manner. This means no all-day marathons without eating or moving because that's just not healthy. 10 minute breaks every 1 hour of technology. So far it seems to be quite effective. I am forced to get up and do things like eat, or do my body weights exercises; things I could / would put off for "one more quest." Bonus points here for any extra self-care I might do while I'm stuck at home. Might as well spoil myself a bit with this forced holiday of mine. 10 minutes of break for every 1 hour of technology use. Bonus points for extra self care done. Doing nails, face scrubbing, meditating, etc. --- Strong, functional, and flexible - I was all of those things. At the end of 2016, my body was (becoming) a weapon! 2017 was going to be my year of kicking ass and taking names in Roller Derby and life and 11 days into January I had to go and break my ankle. Phooey. So I've had to take a step back* and figure out how to continue getting stronger and better while I can't actually walk. Or work. Or drive, or skate or even leave the house without help. Being at home is terribly unmotivating for me so I've returned to the rebellion for the goal-setting and motivation that I need to actually do something, instead of just sitting on the couch bingeing on Dr. Who and not moving for 6 weeks. *haha! It's funny because that's how I broke my ankle. Near the end of this challenge (on the 27th) will be my 6-week post-op appointment with the surgeon that operated on my ankle. He will hopefully say I can start weight-bearing with the moonboot on and doing some basic ankle exercises. I completely underestimated just how much I enjoyed being as active as I was, so this challenge is all about keeping up some sliver of exercise without stressing my ankle. I need it to recover so I can get back to skating and working and going to the gym!!
  18. Hi everyone I used to be on the forum as Kingclumsy, a level three ranger/roller knight but I've created this account as my old user name didnt seem very appropriate given I've since come out as transgender! I also wanted a fresh start as my health and excercise has changed a lot tl;dr I'm limited to walking with a stick and have since aquired a handcycle (hand powered tricycle) and am limited to upper pody workouts Please check out my battle log in my sig for more information. I hope to get to know you awesome nerds again as I get on with my plan
  19. Apparently 2017 is the year I start off with "re"doing things. I seem to not remember how to play this game as well as I thought I did. Husband is doing great, but I kept screwing up and barely made it through the first level. I did it, though, but didn't get enough XP or items to actually level up. Which brings us to the start of level 2! I have a new plan. I am going to focus only on my diet, and make sure I stick with my goal/plan no matter what happens. Yay power-leveling! I figure once I get this down, I'll be on a roll and can keep doing great the rest of the year (and beyond). So, what does this plan actually look like? I'm going to follow the Blogilates 28-day reset, which is more or less a Whole30, but only 28 days long and not quite as restrictive. Actually, my plan lands somewhere in between the two, because I still want to try to be paleo and the Blogilates plan isn't paleo, but I don't think I'll be able to stick to all the restrictions of the Whole30 right now. No grains, no dairy, no added sugar, no processed foods. Will try for no soy or beans, but not going to stress those too much. Ditto for rice and quinoa. I'd say no alcohol as well, but I consume that so rarely I don't see much point mentioning it. Also, I will be drinking at least 8 cups of water every day (flavored with fruit is ok). Also also, track everything in my fancy planner. I'm also going to be doing roller derby, and hopefully I'll level up at evals on the 19th. If not, I'm really not going to feel too bad about it because schedules have been weird the last couple months and I haven't gotten as much practice as I'd really like. I do feel like I've made some improvements in some areas that were lacking, though, so here's hoping. I'm also going to try to do at lease a little bit of exercise every day, but since it's not a focus for my challenge, I'm not going to stress that either. Let's do this!
  20. CW: Loss, death, cancer, Some of this is cross-posted from blunder-bolt.tumblr.com I have had an account here under the name "Kingclumsy" but combo of forgetting my password and coming out as transgender meant I wanted to change my user name. Bolt451 comes from my roller derby name "Blunderbolt" and my derby number. I used to skate with roller derby teams but a series of deep vein thromboses (bloody clots) left me with mobility problems and unable to skate, let alone take part in contact sports. I’ve got a plan for fitness and I hope I don’t set myself up for a fall and don’t follow through with this. If anyone reads this I’d be grateful if you pestered me into keeping up to this. I’m mostly writing this for myself to poke myself into doing this. Quick explanation for people who don’t know me that well and it starts on a massive downer. I lost my brother, Ian to cancer last year year, in the space of seven months he went from diagnosis to passing away. It’s been just about six months and it still effing hurts sometimes. I’ve set my mind to do something positive out of this in the grand tradition of raising money for charity and in Ian’s tradition of doing something epic with probably minimal preparation. A few years ago Ian tried to enter a charity London to Paris cycle ride but didn’t get a place on it. I can’t remember if he missed the deadline or didn’t raise enough money or just didn’t get a place but still wanting to raise money he instead cycled from his then house in Feltham, Greater London to my parents’ house in Dursley, Gloucestershire. He did this in a day. A quick google maps tells me this is approximately 110 miles and nine and a half hours of cycling. This was a relatively easy trip up the Thames valley and then cross the far harder Cotswold Hills. Apparently he got to mum and dad’s and pretty much slept for 24 hours. So in honour of the big bearded one that was my brother. I’m going to do the return trip. Dursley to Feltham. Hopefully in a day, but I’ll settle for two. There’s only one major flaw to this. Medically speaking: my legs are knackered. Again, apologies to people who know me well. Owing to an abnormality in my circulatory system I have a problem called post-thrombotic syndrome in both my legs. It means I can’t walk that well or for that far, I can’t run and I definitely can’t ride a normal bike! Instead I have a reyhatri handcycle. So I’ll use that My upper body strength is and always has been atrocious. Hills are really evil on this bike as it’s big, heavy and awkward and a quick google looks like there’s either several ranges of hills in the way or a big detour. The date I’had set myself for this big trip is around the sixteenth of May. It would’ve been Ian’s thirty sixth birthday but this has been delayed to to health problems. I’m going to self indulgently blog about this. Feel free to pester me into doing this, or follow me on any of the following, or here. I’ll try and keep this up to date with my training and other thoughts. Twitter: @bolt_451 Instagram: bolt451 Myfitnesspal: Blunder_bolt
  21. I'm going to keep the legend thing going until I am one. Just so you know. And then I'll be The Legend of Hellda. And that will be cool...but I suspect never enough. In here I'll keep a log of my training; lifting, derby, gym or otherwise and probably some general day to day musings. I'm not an avid food log keeper because of a long history of eating disorders but I guess there will be some mention of food etc in here too. Oh, and self care stuff, because that's important! Anyway...today was a rest day, I have killer DOMS after the training session with Special Sundae yesterday, I've felt grotty all day and it was my nephew's birthday party. Tomorrow is Sunday. On Sunday's we skate This is from yesterdays session:
  22. Good morning all! I'm staring 2017 in the face with cup of reheated coffee, cello music on Pandora and the knowledge that today is a good day to do something. My name is Vaereyes. I am best described as a veteran on the rocks with a twist of LGBTQ+ and a dash of Leather. (Sarcasm available free of charge.) I want to start better habits, and being an absolute geek I found Nerd Fitness a few months ago. I toyed with the idea of joining, but ultimately decided I wasn't ready. I've come back once more, with some small goals in mind. I've been playing rugby for about 2 years consistently, and I'm not strong enough to make a tackle or keep on a ball carriers heels as they make it to the try zone. This is due, in large part, to my give a damn being busted. (I'm so lazy, y'all. You don't even know.) I decided that this year I'm going to make that hit, and take someone to ground; and I'm going to channel my inner air elemental and beat that bitch down the field to do it all over again! I also started roller derby boot camp in July of 2016, and I want be proficient enough to make the team. My two epic quests, I suppose, are sports related. My side quests and minor plot points all revolve around establishing good habits. Once I get into a routine it's pretty easy to keep it, but it's the getting into a routine that takes effort! I'm looking to incorporate yoga for flexibility, sprints for endurance (I HATE DISTANCE RUNNING), and weight lifting for power. I think all of these things are going to be complimentary for my needs. I look forward to meeting all of you lovely NF humans! (I leave you with this gif of the fantastic Sam Riegel from my favorite show, Critical Role.)
  23. The last several months of 2016 were crazy busy for me, and my everything kinda fell apart. To the point where I decided to take December "off," as a recovery challenge. That went spectacularly, and I am now ready to jump back into things! Husband is jumping with me this time, which is awesome. Let's get to it! Goal One: Exercise every day! Doesn't matter what, or for how long, just do something. Priority is habit building, but getting in a good workout is great too. I've got derby twice a week, so there's 2 days taken care of. Husband and I are planning to do NF Academy workouts twice a week (starting with Level 2), which brings us up to 4 days accounted for. I'll probably fill in the other 3 days with yoga, pilates, or general stretching. And, because I'm nuts, I'm doing two Instagram challenges in the (super slim) hopes of winning some fun workout gear. One is planks every day, and one is yoga poses. I'm @elfchickgetsfit if anyone wants to join me, or just snoop on my antics. Goal Two: Eat better! Going to be slightly vague with this goal, but we're trying to eat paleo. I think to get started we're going to focus mostly on cooking stuff for dinners. I'm going to try to be "paleoish" for the other meals as well. Also included with this one is drinking 8 cups of water/unsweetened tea each day. Goal Three: Sleep! Get to bed by 10 each night (edit: or as soon as possible on nights with practice). That won't quite give me 8 hours before my alarm goes off for work, but it'll be more than I was getting, and I'm trying to make this an attainable goal. Also, get up when your alarm goes off. No snooze button! Life goal: Get better at derby! I've got until the middle of February to improve my ability to play derby. That's when the next evals are, and I really want to level up. Especially since at the moment it looks like we'll still be on the flat track (the probably warehouse fell through, so no banked track yet). I'm going to try a lot harder to make it to every practice and scrimmage. Especially scrimmages, because that's what I need the most improvement on. Ready Player One? Ready Player Two? Go!
  24. Hello again, wonderful rebellion. Gosh, it's been a while since I was here! My name is Stoney and I need help. Mostly, a kick up the pants so I don't fall into a mental abyss of doing-nothingness. I left the rebellion last year after I finally felt comfortable in the real world, keeping up a healthy lifestyle and balancing being on the local Roller Derby team, going to the gym a few days a week, and working 40 hours a week on my feet in one of the local cafes. I was meal prepping, being awesome at my job, finally getting better as a derby player, getting enough sleep and generally kicking butt. So why am I back? Well, I broke my ankle. 11 days into January this year I stacked it at the skate park rolling backwards up a slight incline and snapped it in two places. Talk about ticking things off the bucket list! First skate park visit, first bone break, first hospital visit, first surgery... It was a fun week in hospital. Being forced to keep weight off one of my legs for 6 weeks basically took away all of the things that made me, well, me. No more working, no more derby, no more gym. Can't even drive a car (right ankle broken) so unless someone takes pity on me I am housebound. Going from that amount of activity to doing sweet FA has really thrown me for a loop. Coupled with the inability to sleep properly thanks to a moonboot strapped to my leg and I have completely lost my carefully crafted routine. I was really starting to enjoy my routine! For the first week at home I moped. To be fair I was also in a bit of pain and on some hard drugs for the pain of having 8 screws and a metal plate inserted into my leg so there's that... Plenty of napping and not a lot else. Week 2 and I gained a knee scooter so I am now a bit more mobile, but it doesn't help my wanting to go do things, like food shopping or drive my car or go to the gym. And I still can't weight bear so most exercises are out of the question. Doing basic household tasks are 12x harder then they should be. I ended up with a gym membership originally because being at the gym motivated me to do exercise more then being at home, knowing I could do stuff but choosing not to. But now I have no choice. After my 2-week post-op appointment and I got to see my leg for the first time since the break I knew I had to do something. My calf was deflated, bruised, and swollen all at once. I've already lost an inch off my immobile right calf and as a roller derby player who loves her legs it scares the crap out of me. I can't let the rest of my body deflate like that so it's exercise at home or turn into custard. This is where you guys come in. Because I have a bad track record of motivating myself and keeping up new habits like this I'm back on the forums to set some goals and hopefully stop the rest of my mind and body turning to jelly while I'm stuck at home twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my ankle to heal. My plan for now is to start right back at the beginning and work up. I've picked 5 basic bodyweight exercises I can do without the use of my right leg, and I'm going to do them every day. I started yesterday, on the 1st of February, with 1 rep of 1-leg pushups, tricep dips, and clamshells. I'm also throwing in a few core holds in 5 second increments - supermans and v-ups. Every day I'm gonna add a rep / time. It won't take very long for the first week or so, and it will get me back into the habit. I hope. If I fail a number of reps I'll take a rest day the next day and continue after that. My other plan is to generally look after myself while I'm here at home doing nothing. Might as well enjoy the break (haha) from everything while it lasts. I'm not doing much else but play video games and be on the computer, so I need to do so responsibly. 10 minutes break for every hour of technologising. And stretching / warming up before every exercise routine. My long-term goals right now are to walk like a normal person again, get back on skates and skate a full training session, get back into the gym, get back on my derby team and play a full bout. If I can do those things then I'll be as close to back-to-normal as I can possibly be. My surgeon said I might never get 100% movement back in my ankle so it's going to be a long road back to the derby track, but I reckon I can do it. I just need a kick up the pants occasionally. TL;DR; Roller Derby player, broke ankle, went from very physically active to non-weight-bearing and housebound. Hate it. Gonna do exercise. Help me.
  25. Hello everyone, it's been a while. I stopped logging onto NF after being here for nearly 2 years - all the things it taught me about creating a healthy lifestyle had well and truly sunk in. I was putting in time at the gym, getting better at my chosen sport of Roller Derby - passing my skills and becoming a fully-fledged bouting skater, something no one thought I had the guts to do - and was managing somehow to eat healthy and balance my 40-hour-a-week job as a waitress with all of the above and somehow not dying of exhaustion (although I'm sure I came close a few times!) 10 days into 2017 and I was kicking its butt. Meal prepping every Sunday, doing all those things, feeling good. On the 11th day I had a day off from work. It was a beautiful day, so I went for a skate with a teammate. Our plan was Skate park --> Beach Skate --> Pub. Awesome way to spend a day off, right? It would have been, had I not rolled slowly backwards up the slight incline that is the skatepark bowl, lost my balance, and crumpled into a heap right on top of my right ankle. I knew as soon as I landed that it felt wrong, so after a green whistle, an ambulance trip to the hospital, some x-rays, and a phone call to my mother, I learnt that I'd snapped my ankle in two places. All my well-laid plans to have a kick-ass 2017 shattered in front of me. Like my ankle. Haha. After an interesting cocktail of drugs and (the longest) 6-days in hospital, including surgery on my ankle to install 8 screws and a plate to hold the bones together, I was sent home and told to stay off it for 6 weeks, with at least another 6 weeks of re-learning how to walk and re-strengthen the muscles in my leg. From being on my feet 40 hours a week + going to the gym + skating 5 hours a week, being non-weight-bearing and stuck at home was NOT IDEAL. After two weeks I went into my first post-op appointment with the Orthopaedic surgeon and everything was looking great, bone and wound-healing wise. I however, was shocked and saddened; my once strong roller-derby-crafted calf was deflated and bruised all over. The bruises I can handle, the soon-to-be scars I can handle, but how quickly my leg had deteriorated after only two weeks had really got to me. I love my legs, they literally hold me up through all parts of my life. It doesn't look like my leg anymore. I want my old leg back. I am 16 days into my non-weight-bearing recovery period and I'm bored. Mentally, I'm sort of enjoying it. Dr. Who marathons and catching up on all the video games I've only half-played (Witcher 3, I'm looking at you) are great, but I miss the endorphins from exercising, roller skating, hell, I even miss the challenge of being at work, busting out coffees and doing a hundred things at once like only good waitresses can do. I really miss roller skating. I've lost my routine, my sleeping pattern (thanks for that, uncomfortable moonboot) my ability to leave the house, and all my reasons to get up in the morning. So I've come back to the rebellion to give myself some goals that I can aim for, some semblance of a routine that I can follow, something I can look forward too that I can do at home while I'm stuck here passing the time. I can't have the rest of my body wither away like my right leg is. My plan is to start small. Doing a few basic bodyweight exercises daily, starting at one rep, and adding one daily. I was never great at committing to exercise at home, hence I ended up with a gym membership, but now I have literally no choice. I have to stick to things I can do without the use of my right leg, so for now I'm going to limit myself to core and upper body workouts. I also need to stay involved with my Derby league community if I ever hope to get back to my old level of skills, which means I'll be going to training despite the fact I can't skate. As a fully cleared skater I can help the newbies, take notes on things the coaches are teaching the veterans, and get my social fix with my teammates while I'm there. I'm also a committee member of the league so while sitting at home I have no excuse not to get things done that I can do while sitting in front of my computer (filling in grant applications, making phone calls, etc.) And I need to look after myself while I am healing. This means warming up before exercising, taking rest days in between bodyweight days if I plateau or can't hit the reps I am up to, taking breaks while marathoning video games or netflix or being on the computer (and going for a "walk" or getting outside or doing housework) and eating home-cooked food most of the time (even if it is like an episode of cutthroat kitchen while cooking on a knee scooter) Come the February challenge I am going to knuckle down on all of these things, but as it's Feb 1 today I'm not going to wait three days. Today is the day to do the things. I will be able to walk again. I will get back to bouting skater level. I will get back to the gym and lifting weights. I will get back to working at my fullest capacity. But it is going to take time.
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