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  1. Jumping straight into this so I don't lose all the good progress I made with my respawn last challenge. I feel like the warriors are a good fit for me at the moment as I play a full contact sport and am lifting once more. No other class is really ringing my bell right now Respawn Recap: TL;DR - I play roller derby, weight train as cross training, have some anxiety/depression Motivation issues, and really like food. New office job clashing with old brain habits. Previous Challenge Recap; This challenge I will just be following on from the l
  2. Hi, my name is Stoney and I’m a serial quitter and shiny-thing chaser. This is my umpteenth respawn here in the forums but fuck it, why not try again? I play roller derby* for my local team in a southern western Australian country town and while that’s been great for my general physical and mental health, I’ve hit a bit of a plateau. And I’m a total perfectionist so I always want to be the best at everything I do. Yay self improvement! That does mean however that I get unmotivated much too quickly and get distracted trying the Cool New Thing™️ t
  3. Right now, this is mostly just a placeholder while I collect my thoughts. First thought is that I'm only doing 3 weeks this challenge. There is going to be WAY too much crazy the week before Christmas to try to keep up with stuff. Second thought is whatever I do will need to be pretty simple. Primary goal is going to be hitting my macros. We've got our toughest game of the season so far coming up, and we want to win! Which means I need my diet, and exercise, to be on point. But somehow I need to not let the rest of my life fall apart as well. Back later with details. But Crush is goin
  4. tl;dr - I play roller derby, we had an awards night last night, I won two awards for being part of the league. #validation So last night my roller derby league had our first end of year dinner / awards night. Historically I was never the sporty type until starting derby and so I wasn't going in to dinner expecting much. The only sporting award I ever got was 2 participation awards for tee-ball when I was like, 6, or 8, or something. only like, 20 years ago. But I've really found a love for roller derby and the people I've met doing it. I've also never felt much drive to be an
  5. Hullo. Me again. Doesn't matter if you don't know who I am. I've been back and forth on the Rebellion forums for years and it has always done me good to keep my life in balance. I haven't been around for a while because life's been crazy and I found myself "accidentally" ignoring the forums and my challenge goals. Other things to do. But now I feel like I need the structure of the challenges again to reboot the end of my year and stop this little funk I've been in for the last month or so. Stuff about me in general:
  6. It's been a long time... Too much has happened in the last...18 months to even try to condense it all. To sum it up; put on 10kg, became sedentary, have a very stressful job. Time to fix things! Quest One: Lose weight - My final goal is to get to 60kg. I'm currently at 72.4kg having lost 2kg since rejoining this site - Whole30 Weekly shopping lists & meal plans - I want to make Wednesday a shopping day and food prep day because it's my day off Practice a Whole30 diet 5 out of 7 days, to keep it sustainable longer term
  7. I have been MIA from here for around 18 months! The last time I took part in a challenge I had just become a pharmacist, so I was working 60 hours/week, plus trying to plan my wedding, my dad was having health scare after health scare and I'd just moved house. Since then my job has settled down, I'm comfortable at home and everything is okay with my family. I've also put on 10kg since my wedding. I'm ready to re-boot, and be accountable. I've been a part of Noom coaching for around 8 weeks now, so I'm half way through, I've also got a new gym buddy (though
  8. Edit: now with theme! Last challenge went ok. Still got room for improvement, but, as always, I identified some changes I can make to help me succeed. I am still super tired from the weekend travel, so I'm really not in a creative mood right now, and thus will be adding my fancy theme later. I had an awesome trip, though. My league came in 4th in the adults and 3rd in the juniors! Given our lack of practice space AND not having a track available to practice on, I think we did really well! Watching the teams that came in first and second, I could see that we have the raw mater
  9. [posting from my phone so forgive my typos & grammar] Life story; CURRENT GOALS 1. Get out of bed when your body wakes up. When I'm on work time I generally need to be out of bed by 6am to have enough time to cruise through my morning routine, but I've often woken up earlier then my alarm and tried to sleep more and made myself feel worse when I do finally get up. I'm going to make a point of hauling ass out of bed when I wake up if it's within a few hours or so of my alarm going off. 2. No screens in the morning before work. This is we
  10. Edit: Added theme coolness Last challenge went ok. Not super well, but not terrible, especially when you consider how much of it either I or someone in my family was sick for. It did point out to me how much I need to work on improving my sleep, though! Which brings me to this challenge : I'm a Space Marine! I moved from Aspirant to Neophyte in February, and very soon (most likely in the middle of May), I will get promoted to full Battle Brother. Assuming I can impress the Sergeants enough, that is (there's 4 of them thinking about taking me for their
  11. Rolling Stoney changes her shape This challenge is all about change for me. 2017 was going to be a big year, but it happened in a way I didn't quite expect. My plan was to cross-train hard, eat well, do the derby, work hard, buy a house... but literally none of those things happened. I broke my ankle. Derby, cross training, working, and being able to cook my own food all went out the window. My partner got made redundant so our house loan got canned. And my boss is selling her cafe so I may not even have a job in a few months. But as of last month I can walk without a limp aga
  12. Hey. I started with the Academy last fall, and was doing really well with both it and posting here. I tested into level 2, worked on that for a couple months and then beat the boss on the first try. I was excited to start level 3, right up until I saw that pull-ups are a huge part of that level, and the ones above it. I rent, and I simply do not trust the door frames in my apartment to hold my weight without cracking. My gym didn't have any sort of pull-up area either. I hit the wall and just let it knock me out. In the past month, I've paid off my car and gotten a promotion.
  13. Woo, new challenge. Last challenge I needed something to focus on to keep myself from falling into a slump while waiting for my non-weight-bearing period for my broken ankle to end. It did, and I am now cleared to weight bear as tolerated. I am not yet cleared to drive so I'm still house bound, but I have a physio appointment this Thursday so depending on what they say I may alter my goals slightly. My long-term goals currently stand like this; Walk without moon boot, crutches or limp. Be cleared to drive again. Be cleared to skate again. Re-Pass my Minimu
  14. 44 days ago today I broke my right ankle in two places while skating backwards up a slight incline at the skatepark with a friend. After an ambulance ride, a constant stream of drugs, surgery to attach 8 screws and a plate to my ankle breaks, and 6 weeks of no-weight-bearing house-arrest thumb-twiddling mind-numbing boredom, I got the A-Okay from my surgeon today to start weight-bearing as much as I can handle. This means I either have to walk in my moon boot or with crutches assisting my step. It's a small step back in the direction of being a completely independent and able-bodied human bein
  15. After a year-long hiatus from the Rebellion, I've made it back here to start my fitness journey all over again. Not by choice. The long version of the hows and why's are here if you feel like a read. The short version; Aussie Roller Derby player / hospitality professional. Broke an ankle, am now housebound. Gone from SuperActive to CouchSurfer. Non-weight bearing for another month on my right leg. Then have to learn to walk and skate and play and work all over again. Without my usual routine I've lost everything that defines me and I want it back. Starting from the begi
  16. Hi Rangers! I'm Elennare. I've been on Nerd Fitness for a while now, and have spent that time with the Assassins. I had a hard time picking between there and the Rangers when I joined, but at the time the Rangers seemed to be focused a lot on running, which I was not into, so I went with Assassins. I think my real class is Waywatcher, which in my head at least is a hybrid class between the two. And now my training has most definitely shifted more to the Ranger side of things, so I'm going to come play with you for a bit. What I want to do: I play roller derby. My season is c
  17. --- Strength, flexibility, functionality. Assassins want it all. The only tool needed is you. --- It is the year 2217. Cybernetic technology has reached the public domain. Government and terrorists alike are scrabbling to buy up and use any and all technology in the fights against each other and to control and scare the general public into submission. The general public are sick of having their lives thrown around between the higher authorities and have taken matters into their own hands; creating private armies and training to fight for the underdogs and people un
  18. Hi everyone I used to be on the forum as Kingclumsy, a level three ranger/roller knight but I've created this account as my old user name didnt seem very appropriate given I've since come out as transgender! I also wanted a fresh start as my health and excercise has changed a lot tl;dr I'm limited to walking with a stick and have since aquired a handcycle (hand powered tricycle) and am limited to upper pody workouts Please check out my battle log in my sig for more information. I hope to get to know you awesome nerds again as I get on with my plan
  19. Apparently 2017 is the year I start off with "re"doing things. I seem to not remember how to play this game as well as I thought I did. Husband is doing great, but I kept screwing up and barely made it through the first level. I did it, though, but didn't get enough XP or items to actually level up. Which brings us to the start of level 2! I have a new plan. I am going to focus only on my diet, and make sure I stick with my goal/plan no matter what happens. Yay power-leveling! I figure once I get this down, I'll be on a roll and can keep doing great the
  20. CW: Loss, death, cancer, Some of this is cross-posted from blunder-bolt.tumblr.com I have had an account here under the name "Kingclumsy" but combo of forgetting my password and coming out as transgender meant I wanted to change my user name. Bolt451 comes from my roller derby name "Blunderbolt" and my derby number. I used to skate with roller derby teams but a series of deep vein thromboses (bloody clots) left me with mobility problems and unable to skate, let alone take part in contact sports. I’ve got a plan for fitness and I hope I don’t set myself up f
  21. I'm going to keep the legend thing going until I am one. Just so you know. And then I'll be The Legend of Hellda. And that will be cool...but I suspect never enough. In here I'll keep a log of my training; lifting, derby, gym or otherwise and probably some general day to day musings. I'm not an avid food log keeper because of a long history of eating disorders but I guess there will be some mention of food etc in here too. Oh, and self care stuff, because that's important! Anyway...today was a rest day, I have killer DOMS after the training session with Special Sundae yesterday, I've felt grot
  22. Good morning all! I'm staring 2017 in the face with cup of reheated coffee, cello music on Pandora and the knowledge that today is a good day to do something. My name is Vaereyes. I am best described as a veteran on the rocks with a twist of LGBTQ+ and a dash of Leather. (Sarcasm available free of charge.) I want to start better habits, and being an absolute geek I found Nerd Fitness a few months ago. I toyed with the idea of joining, but ultimately decided I wasn't ready. I've come back once more, with some small goals in mind. I've been playing rugby for about 2
  23. The last several months of 2016 were crazy busy for me, and my everything kinda fell apart. To the point where I decided to take December "off," as a recovery challenge. That went spectacularly, and I am now ready to jump back into things! Husband is jumping with me this time, which is awesome. Let's get to it! Goal One: Exercise every day! Doesn't matter what, or for how long, just do something. Priority is habit building, but getting in a good workout is great too. I've got derby twice a week, so there's 2 days taken care of. Husband and I are planning to do NF Academy wo
  24. Hello again, wonderful rebellion. Gosh, it's been a while since I was here! My name is Stoney and I need help. Mostly, a kick up the pants so I don't fall into a mental abyss of doing-nothingness. I left the rebellion last year after I finally felt comfortable in the real world, keeping up a healthy lifestyle and balancing being on the local Roller Derby team, going to the gym a few days a week, and working 40 hours a week on my feet in one of the local cafes. I was meal prepping, being awesome at my job, finally getting better as a derby player, getting enough sleep an
  25. Hello everyone, it's been a while. I stopped logging onto NF after being here for nearly 2 years - all the things it taught me about creating a healthy lifestyle had well and truly sunk in. I was putting in time at the gym, getting better at my chosen sport of Roller Derby - passing my skills and becoming a fully-fledged bouting skater, something no one thought I had the guts to do - and was managing somehow to eat healthy and balance my 40-hour-a-week job as a waitress with all of the above and somehow not dying of exhaustion (although I'm sure I came close a few times!)
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